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MONTHLY COUNCIL MEETING. COLLAPSE OF THREATENED PINFOLD ACTION: COUNCIL VICTORIOUS. THE CONDITION OF MARINE ROAD: WHAT'S TO BE DONE ? The monthly meeting of the Council was held on Monday evening, when there were present: Messrs Thomas Jones (presiding), J. B. Linnell, T. J. Scott, Peter Ellis, T. B. Griffiths, A. Greenwood, Rev. F. Jewell, Messrs J. Williams, Thos. Hughes, T. Parry Williams, and John Pritchard the Town Clerk (Mr John Hughes) and the surveyor (Mr W. Thomas). EMPLOYMENT OFFERED. It was decided that any resident applicant who was out of employment should be found work at stone-breaking for the Council, the rate of pay to be 2/- per load of 25 cwt. SEPARATE ELECTORAL DIVISION. The Council had communicated with the Clerk to the County Council urging that Prestatyn be constituted a separate electoral division for county purposes. A reply had been received that the matter would be placed on the agenda for the next meeting of the County Council. THE NEW BRIDGE AND ROAD. This matter had been before the Road and Improvement Committee, and it was decided to defer the question. PENDRfi AVENUE. A letter had been received from Mr Jewell with reference to the taking over of Pendre Avenue, and it was resolved that the chairman and clerk interview Mr Jewell on the matter and report. Mr T. B. Griffiths asked if anything had been done. The Clerk replied that the matter was in abeyance for the present. THE PINFOLD. It had been resolved that the front wall of the Pinfold be taken down, and the place filled with macadam. This course was deemed necessary on account of the annoyance caused by Mrs Durran's agents. The Clerk reported at a committee meeting that on behalf of the Council he'had been served with a summons regarding this matter, Mrs Durrans claiming .£30 damages. It had been decided to engage Mr Gamlin for the defence. The Clerk now informed the Council that the other side had thrown up the sponge and withdrawn their action. The Council decided to claim all expenses incurred in the case. PUMPING STATION MACHINERY. A letter had been received from the Local Government Board enquiring the result of the consideration by the Council of the question of providing adequate pumping machinery at the sewage pumping station as per their letter of Feb. 10th last. After discussion it was resolved that the Clerk reply stating that the pumping mach- inery is now in a satisfactory state, the old boiler having been replaced by a new one. The duplicate pump is also in readiness in case of any breakdown of the present one. MORE LIGHT. It was decided to place a new lamp at or near the Post Office in High Street. COUNTY SCHOOL. The Clerk had been instructed to write to the County School Governors at Rhyl suggesting that the children attending from the country should be released earlier in the afternoons so as to enable them to leave by the 4-15 train from Hhvl. To Mr Greenwood's inquiry if a reply had been received, Mr Scott replied there had not yet been a meeting, but the Town Clerk stated that the scholars were now being released as requested. THE OBSTRUCTION ON A PUBLIC ROAD. Counsel's opinion had been received on the question as to whether the Council could allow a gate or fence to be placed on a public road. It reads as follows :— The District Council are not empowered to license anyone to erect an obstruction on a public road, indeed a duty is expressly imposed on the Council as a Highway Authority. On the facts stated the Council ought to see that the gate across the road leading to the pumping station is forthwith removed." After discussion it was resolved to respect- fully ask Mr Linnell, as agent to Lady McLaren, to take steps to remove the gate complained of. Mr Linnell acknowledged the Council's letter and stated the matter would be laid before Lady McLaren shortly. SPREADING THE HOLIDAYS. It was decided to support a resolution of the Llandudno Urban Council urging that, in the interest of the holiday-making public Parliamentary Sessions should commence in November and close in June. It was also decided to support a suggestion by the Colwyn Bay Council that school holidays should be re-arranged. RECONSTRUCTING MARINE ROAD: ANIMATED DISCUSSION. The Surveyor had been instructed to pre- pare a report regarding the re-construction of Marine Road, and also the apportionment of each owner of abutting land. The report had been before the committee, and the total cost for the work was estimated to be J6278 2/6. There had been considerable discussion in committee, and the Rev F. Jewell had pro- posed that instead of adopting the Surveyor's report and reconstructing the road,they should cover the dangerous parts with macadam at a cost of £10 or J612. By so doing he con- sidered they did not render themselves liable to adopt the road. An amendment proposed by Mr Parry Williams and seconded by Mr J. Williams (Roslyn) that the surveyor's report be adopted had been lost, and Mr Jewell's motion carried. Mr Parry Williams said he considered it was throwing away the ratepayers' money to spend J610 or £ 12 now. There was no com- parison between that amount and what they were asking the owners to spend on the road. He thought they were neglecting the roads on the north side of the railway, and this was the most populous part of the town. The roads in the south side were in good order, and why could they not do the same on the other side of the town. They had compelled owners in Victoria Avenue-—a-cul- de-sac—to make a good road, so that surely they ought to call upon owners of land abut- ting on a public road like this to put the road in proper order. They ought to take up the matter in earnest, and he proposed as an amendment that the matter be sent back to committee with a view of adopting the Sur- veyor's report. Mr John Williams (lloslyn) seconded the amendment. It might be said he was sup- porting the amendment because he had a deal at stake on the north side of the town. But there were other points that weighed with him. On that side of the railway they had the largest hotel in the town, they had two schools, in addition to several large houses. The children attending school had sometimes to wade through pools of water on account of the bad state of the road, and the Council would have no peace from him until some- thing was done. There was good revenue from this district. He himself contributed from J6100 to J6150 per annum to the rates. Mr Linnell said that if they wanted to make it a public highway it would take them 12 months to get through the formalities. The committee had spent hours in discussing the matter, and they thought it advisable to spend £10 or X12 now as it was necessary to do something at once. Mr Williams An old Councillor (Mr John Prichard) stated at the committee that Marine Road was an adopted street already. Mr Pritchard supported the committee, expressing similar views to Mr Linnell. Mr J. Williams It is not worth while spending JETO. Rev. F. Jewell said be moved the proposi- tion in committee for various reasons. One was that the Council was not in a position to have this road made properly at the present time. Nothing fresh had been brought forward that night, so he could not see why the committee's prosition could not stand. He was sorry that Mr J. Williams had referred to his own stake. He gave him credit for being silent in committee, and it would have been better had he remained so that night. They had to discuss the matter on its own merit, and not refer to their own stake. The Chairman, in defence of Mr Williams, said it was evident that gentleman was not considering his own interests, for by seconding the amendment he was courting considerable expense on himself. Personally he thought it would have been advisable to lay the Sur- veyor's report before the landowners, and let the result of that rule their action. j610 was a mere flea-bite to spend on a road like that, and he should like to see it deferred to com- mittee so that they could approach the owners. After further discussion the question was put to the meeting, when there voted for the amendment: Chairman, Messrs T. P. Williams, J. Williams, Peter Ellis, A. Greenwood 5. For the committee's recom- mendation :-Rev. F. Jewell, Messrs T. J. Scott, J. Pritchard, T. B. Griffith, Thomas Hughes, J. B. Linnell; 6. The recommen- dation of the committee was therefore declared carried. MISCELLANEOUS. The chairman was again elected to repre- sent the Council on the North Wales Univer- sity Board. Plans of a house for Mrs Letarche, to be erected near Woodlands on the hillside, were approved, the Council taking no responsibility regarding the cesspool. Plans of a pair of semi-detached villas to be erected on the Pendre Estate by Mr Morley Jones were approved after being amended. Other minor matters having been dealt with, the public proceedings closed..