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FOOTBALL NOTES. Denbigh v. Prestatyn. North Wales Junior Cup (1st Round). Played at Denbigh on Saturday last. Prestatyn were, with the exception of G. Glass, at full strength, whilst the newly- formed Denbigh club had their full team on the field. The homesters kicked off against the wind and at once made for the visitors' goal, but T. W. Ellis cleared. The Prestatyn forwards got away, D. W. Jones scoring five minutes from the start. Stung by this early reverse the Denbighites attacked, and but for their excitement must have scored, Glass, Williams, and Ellis each having to kick clear from right on the goal line. The game became fast, and both cus- todians had great difficulty in keeping their charges in tact. After about 40 minutes' play, a Denbigh man sent in a long shot which J. T. Williams, in attempting to clear, turned out of Glass' reach into the corner of the net, thus making the scores equal. Both teams made stren- uous efforts to gain a lead, but the interval arrived with the score one all. The second half opened even faster than the first, and excitement ran high when Denbigh were awarded a free kick close in, but Glass cleared, and Holbrook made a grand attempt to get through, Price clearing. H. Davies returned nicely into goal, Jack Jones rushing up planted the ball in the net. With the lead once more in their favour, the visitors attacked, and from a grand centre by Stone, D. Hughes almost scored, whilst a few minutes later R. Hughes sent in a terrific shot which struck the upright. Denbigh now. got away, and Glass was completely held up," but the homesters infringed the goalkeeper's rights, and from the free kick the visitois again attacked. E. Mostyn served his forwards well, and David Hughes sent in a grand shot which Price saved on the line. The visitors appealed for a goal, but Referee Jones would not allow one. After several attempts Denbigh were suc- cessful in scoring, Jones beating Glass with a grand drive. The excitement of the home spectators now knew no bounds, and once again the visitors' goal was in danger. But towards the close Prestatyn simply bombarded the home goal, and had hard lines in not scoring, the final whistle sounding with the result of Denbigh 2 goals, Prestatyn 2, so that the game will have to be fought over again at Prestatyn. The game was well contested throughout and a draw is a fitting result, although both sets of forwards missed many chances of scoring. Denbigh have a really good team, and what they lack in experience they more than make up in dash. With a little more practice and experience they will be a force to reckon with. The Prestatyn team was good to a man, although the forwards were inclined to leave too much to their half-backs. Glass in goal made some good saves. Ellis played well throughout, whilst J. T. Williams kicked with great vigour, and with a few more games will greatly strengthen the Prestatyn defence. Mostyn, J. Jones, and favies made a grand intermediate line, feeding their forwards well, and at the same time were always there to assist their backs. The forwards were geod, although th^re ip pleatjVd room for improve- ment. III tiosiii,,illriessot' the ground told on them. Holbrook made some good rushes but must play more with his partners. D. W. Jones and D. Hughes played well throughout, whilst Stone and It. Hughes were greatly handicapped by the smallness of the ground. In the re-play I think Prestatyn will win, and the game should be well worth watching, for the Denbigh team played a hard game. Rough play was conspicuous by its absence. Mr Jones of Holywell, the referee, gave satis- faction to both sides, and the way he handled the game was worthy of a John Lewis. The replay will take placa at Prestatyn on Saturday, October 21st, when it is to be hoped a good crowd will turn up to welcome the players for the first time this season. The Welsh Association have decided that the Cup for the Boxing Day Competition must be called The Prestatyn Football Club Challenge Cup and not The Aiston Chal- lenge Cup." Who will be the first to give a medal for this, the first Football Competition ever held at Prestatyn ? Full partic il to cost from the secretary. A Rhyl paper stated that the Rhyl Combi- nation were short of four of their regular players against Prestatyn's full strength. Who were they ? Ogilvy, Whitelock, and D. Owen, are the players I missed, whilst from the Prestatyn team, J. T. Williams, J. W. Jones, and Holbrook were absent, so that Rhyl had as full a team as Preatatyn. Printed and Published by J. T. BURROWS, High-si.,Pmtatyn, in the County of Flint.

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