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gotal Jtttelligence.


gotal Jtttelligence. o "UNCLE TOM'S CABIN."—Mr C. Hermann's well-known company appeared in the Temper- ance Hall, in this town, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before large audiences, when a dramatic represent of Mrs H. Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was rendered each evening. The company included a large number of genuine negroes, the plantation scene being particularly attractive and some excellent banio Dlavins: was introduced therein The performances were heartily appluaded and gave much satisfaction throughout. ABERDARE COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION.—On Friday night a public meeting in support of the candidature of Mr R. H. Rhys, J.P., was held in the vestry of Nebo Chapel, Cwmdare Mr Griffith Thomas presided, and stirring addresses were delivered by Mr David Duncan, Mr J. J. Thomas, Mr Rees Llewellyn, and others.—Major Thomas Phillips and the candidate having epito- mised the nature of the business to be transacted by the council, a vote of confidence in Mr Rhys was passed with unanimity.—On Wednesday evening last a meeting in support of the candi- dature of Sir W. T. Lewis was held at Ebenezer, Trecynon, under the presidency of Mr Thos. E opkin. The meeting was numerously attended and a very able address was delivered by the candidate explanatory of the duties of a councillor. He also refuted some false state- ments which had appeared in the Welsh press respecting his alleged refusal to grant a building site for a chapel at Hirwain. At the close a unanimous vote in support of Sir William's candidature was carried. "PUNCH'S" MERRIMENT AND MR PRITOHARD MORGAN.-The Melbourne Punch is about as humorous as our alleged comic organ of the same title. The issue of November 15th contains an allusion to the junior member for Merthyr, and it is written in that funny vein which characterises the London journal. This is what it says •—" William Pritchard Morgan, who is now a member of the British House of Commons, once stood for the constituency of Mount Perry in Queensland. He was so guyed and badly beaten on that occasion that he fled immediately after, and in his hurry to leave the scene of defeat far behind, he fell right over an outcrop of gold-bearing quartz away up in the North. He had the sense to pull up and stick there until he filled his pockets. Then he went on a visit to the Clan Morgan in Wild Wales, and now wears gloves and saya Mg Speaker" in St. Stephen's." ? COLLIERY OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION. — 4 numerously attended meeting of the members of this association was held at the Assembly Rooms of the Bush Hotel, Merthyr, on Satur- day night. Mr D. E. Davies (the president) took the chair, and there were present Messrs J. L. Thomas, secretary; William Hughes, treasurer; T. Phelps, vice-president, and about 15 others from the Aberdare Valley. There were also about 40 officials from the Merthyr Valley, including Messrs R. Snape, Merthyr Vale; J. Jones, Gyfarthan; and J. Eynon, Bodlinog.—The President said that the object of the meeeting was, in the first place, to ascertain whether the oolliery officials in the Merthyr Valley were anxious to become members of an association of that kind; and, if so, whether a scheme that had for its object the forming of one association of all the colliery officials in both valleys was feasible or not, or whether it would be better to form two associations, one in each valley.—After a very fair discussion, it was found that all the officials present were unanimously of opinion that it was better to form one association, and a resolution to that effect was carried without a dissentient vote. After this the code of rules that had been drawn out and adopted by the Aberdare meeting was read to the Merthyr officials, and they were all approved of and confirmed without a single objection. Thirty-four new members were enrolled and paid their subscriptions. ApERDARE ,SCHOOL BOARD.—A meeting of the above Boaid was held on Friday, the 28th ult., Mr D. P. Dayies, vice-chairman, presided. There were also present Messrs W. Charles, R. Wigley, D. Morgan, W. D. Wight, T. Thomas, Revs. T. Jones, B. Evans, W. James, and D. Griffiths. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. The finance committee re- commended the payment of accounts amounting to J1268 9a Id. Cheques were drawn for Hir- wain J oint Schools amounting to JE75 4s 8d, and Duffryn Joint Schools, C74 17s Id. The Super- intendent reported the number of children on the books of the various schools for the week ending December 21st to be 4309 number pre- sent at all, 3790 in average attendance, 3199 per oentage of number on books, 74*5 present at all, 84-4 amount due as fees, 246 lis lid received, X46 11s lid; received as poundage, JE10 12s; total received and paid to treasurer, JM7 3s lid; due from Board of Guardians, JE17 14s. An application was received from Mr John M. Dayies asking for the use of the Cwm- aman School for tfya purpose of holding a short- hand class. The application was granted on the usual terms. H.M. Inspector wjroto informing the Board that he had fixed the examinations of schools as follows: Blaengwawr, on the 8th, 9th, and 10th January; Cap Coch, 11th at 8.30 a.m., infants ditto, 14th; Cwmbach, 15th; Uwmdare, 16th; Abornant, 18th, at 8 a.m. Hirwain, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd; Llwydcoed, 23rd, and 24th Penywain, 25th Roberts Tovn, 29th Town, 30th. Mr T. Thomas drew attention tQ the early hour at which the examinations were proposed to be held, viz., 8 o'clock and 8.30 å.m: toy infants. How, he asked, could parents be expected to send their children to school at such an early hour' in winter? Mr Wight considered it a most un- reasonable thing to get children out of bed before daylight. Mr D. Morgan proposed that they make a representation to the Inspector not to held the examinations at such an early hour during ihe winter months, and, if possible, that auch alteration he rcade during the the ensuing examinations. This was unanimously agreed to. There was no other business of public interest,








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