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ABERDARE POLICE COURT. TUESDAY—(Before .I. Bishop R. Rhys, and D. P. Davies, JEsqs.) DRUNK AND ASSAULTING THE POLICE.— Henry Probyn, labourer, was charged with be- ing druuk whilst in charge of a horse, and also with assaulting the police. P.S. Cole said that about 8 o'clock, on Monday night, he was on duty at Cardiff-road, Aboraman, in company with P.C. Davies. Near the turnpike gate de- fendant, who was drunk, passed them on horse- back. After proceeding a short distance he fell off the horse's back. Witness told him he was not in a fit state to have charge of a horse and asked him to come to Aberdare. After proceed- ing about 50 yards, he struck witness with a stick. Witness drew him off the horse, and he again struck witness in the nose and mcuth. He was locked up. Mr Bishop said it was a very dangerous thing to the public for a drunken man to be in charge of a horse, and fined de- fendant 10s. for that offence, and 15s. and costs for the assault. DRUNKENNESS.—William Lewis (for whom his wife appeared) was summoned for being helplessly drunk in Canon-street, on the 23rd ult. P.S. T. Evans proved the case, and de. fendant was fined 7s 6d and costs, or ten days.- John Bowen was summoned for being drunk in Bwllfa-road, on Sunday week, and fined 5s and costs, or seven days.—Thomas Harris was sum- moned for being drunk and disorderly on the 26th ult., in Cardiff-street, Aberdare, and fined 20s. and costs, or a month in default. P.S. T. Evans gave evidence.—James Ryan was sum- moned for a similar offence in Cardiff-road, Mountain Ash, on the 19th ult. P.C. Coombs found him at 5 p.m. drunk and challenging to fight. He remained for some time before his friends took him away. Fined 5s and costs, or seven days.—William Hopkins and John Lewis were summoned for a similar offence in Glan- aman-road, Cwmaman, on the 19th ult. P.C. Whitney gave evidence. The Bench did not consider the case proved to their satisfaction, and they were discharged. OBSTRUCTING THE IHOROUGHFARE.—-Michael Conolly and David Meredith were summoned for obstructing Cardiff-street, Aberdare, on the 25th ult. P.C. J. B. Davies found defendants fighting in the street with a large crowd arouad. Meredith ran away. The other man complain- ed that Meredith struck him. Conolly said he was struck without any provocation, and he was only acting in self-defence when the con- stable came up. Conolly was discharged, while Meredith was fined as and costs. REFUSING TO QUIT.David Discoll was summoned for being drunk and refusing to quit the Creselly Inn, Mountain Ash, on the 19th ult. P.C. Coombs said that at 5.30 p.rn, he was called to the public house to turn defendant out. He refused to go on being requested to do so. Defendant was in drink. The landlord, Wm. Edwards, said defendant came in drunk and wanted beer, but he refnsed to supply him. He became very abusive and had to be put out by force. The Bench said the landlord behaved very properly and must be protected under such circumstances. Defendant was fined 158 and costs, or twenty-one days. STEALING FIREWOOD. —T anesm Hughes, who did not appear, and John Evans, a lad of 12 or 13, were charged with stealing firewood, value 2d., the property of John £ Nixon and others. P.C. Reed said that on the ISthult. he saw the boys leave the colliery yard with twelve blocks of firewood under their arms. When they saw him they threw the wood down and ran away. Witness said Evans was a companion to the lad Eynon who was sent to a reformatory a fort- night ago. The Bench remarked that Evans had already been flogged three times and they hardly knew what to do with him. If he came there again he would be sent to the reformatory. He was fined 10s, or seven days in default. ALLEGED POACHING.—John fowell was summoned for trepass in pursuit ot game. P.C. Whitney said that on the 22nd ult., he saw de- fendant on the side of Aberaman mountain with a greyhound. Saw the dog take hold of two lambs on the hind part. Defendant called the dog in, and begged of witness to say nothing about it. Mr Rhys advised defendant to get rid of the dog or he would probably get into trouble. The Bench, considering there was no evidence that defendant was in pursuit of game, dismissed him. AFFILIATION.—Thomas Thomas, farm labourer, appeared to an adjourned summons charging him with being the father of the illegitimate child of Sarah Ann Davies, servant at Nant- madarn farm, near Penderyn. Mr. D. James (in the absence of Mr Thos. Phillips),prosecuted. Two witnesses were called for the complainant, both of whom testified to seeing the parties together on various occasions. The Bench made an order upon defendant to contribute 2s. per week and the usual costs. AGGRAVATED ASSAULT.—Johanna Williams, a middle aged woman, was summoned for assault- ting James Williams, at Mountain Ash, on the 25th ult. Complainant alleged that his sister passed up Oxford-street, on the morning in question, when defendant came out and called her names. He (witness) was a short distance behind, and on his remonstrating with defend- ant for molesting his sister, she said, "Take that, squint," at the same time throwing a basinful of water over him. She afterwards used very bad language. Mrs Whitmarsh and Frank Schlew gave corroborative evidence as to the assault. Defendant, who set up a very lame defence, was fined 10s and costs or seven days. 1 tTREsPAss.-William Roach, Benjamin Oliver, and two other lads of the name of John Oliver were summoned for trespassing in a field near the Graig, in the occupation of Mr James Rosser, on Sunday, the 24th inst. P.S. T. Evans, who proved the case, said that defeud- ants got over a wall into a field near the Catholic Schools. The damage was set down at Id each Roach wr.s fined 2s 6d and the other boys Is each and costs.


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