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JOTTINGS BY THE WAY. The Aberaman Brass Band played an ex- cellent selection of music in the Public Park, on Thursday afternoon last, much to the enjoy- ment of a large crowd of listeners. « We notice that men are busily engaged in laying down gas-pipes this side of Cap l'och for the purpose of taking gas to that village for the first time. We understand that the work will be completed during the course of the present week. We need hardly point out what a boon this will bo to the inhabitants of this place, and how they ought to appreciate the improvements thus effected in their behalf. The mains have already been laid along the Cwmbach road. It is, perhaps, not generally known that the pipes for the supply of the latter place were formerly laid across the valley, direct from the works. These, however, will now be taken up, and the new ones used in their stead. We are under the impression that Cwmdare i,4 also to be favoured with a supply of gas. Mr Yeo's contention, at the meeting of the Mountain Ash Local Board, on Monday last, that his Company was not at present fairly re- presented on the Board, was a very fair one. It stands to reason that when a gentleman has severed his connection with a firm, he has ceased to represent them. The lad John Evans, who was summoned at the police-court on Tuesday, for stealing fire- wood, is another bright specimen of our future men. It seems that he has been a companion of young Mr Eynon, who was redered conspicuous at last week's court. It is to be persumed that both these young gentlemen have a similar turn of mind; and if John Evans is not careful, their companionship will probably continue- in a Reformatory. # ♦ There is a scientific theory abroad that when persons have been drinking a little to freely some curious changes takes place in their powers of sight and sense. Thus, one man be- comes two one light becomes twenty every- body else is drunk; while the afflicted person is quite sure that he or she is perfectly sober all the street-doors become marvellously alike, making it necessary that the knockers of every one of them should be vigorously applied before the right door can be found; and so on. # A woman, who had reached this state, amply verified Ithe scientific theory above mentioned on Monday night by taking hold of her child by the leg, which she mistook for its arm. This was very inconvenient for the child, inasmuch a,, if persisted in, it would necessitate walking on one arm and one leg. It is a matter of wonder to us as to whether the new price lists, which the Licensed Victuallers have just issued, pending the in- creased duty upon spirits and beer, will make any difference in the consumption of those articles. It will be almost a pity if they will, because, as Dick Swiveller said, it will almost ruin the m&kers of pewter pots, pints, and glasses. There are many, however, who will not look at it in the same compassionate light as did Mr Swiveller. =II: I The delightful change which has taken place in the weather must be a source of great satis- faction to everybody. As the farmers put it, the weather-clerk has so far been very unkind. He has taken away at least one month from our summer and put it on to the winter, which we now trust has passed away. Most of our con- tractors and agriculturists have, up to the pre- sent, been forced to give hay to their horses and cattle, when, for the last month, they ought to have been able to graze them. We actually saw, on Tuesday morning last, some plants which had come into full blossom since the preceding Saturday; and this in a bleak and sterile locality. The crops, however, are in a sadly backward condition, and it will doubtless take all the warmth of the sun of the summer, which has yet to come, to bring them up to anything approaching what they would have been if we had experienced more genial weather. It is asserted that the cold winds from which we have been suffering are entirely due to the presence, in the Atlantic Ocean, of icebergs of an almost unprecedented size. Some of them, the report goes, are one thousand feet high, and only just beginning to melt. When we reflect that this is a size equal to some of our moun- tains, it does not surprise us that the weather has been so very cold. The wonder is that we have not had heavy frosts. CONTRIBUTED JOTTINGS. [Under this heading, we shall be pleased to insert any notes that our readers may choose to send in, provided they are not persona), and that with them are enclosed the writer's name and address.] One of the gentlemen that blows a horn in following his vocation, and who will accept all your cast off clothing from your hat down to your boots, the had, one of the wheels of his useful vehicle loosened and in danger of becoming detached, causing great damage by precipitating the miscellaneous contents upon the ground, to the amusement of the by- standers. A tradesman in the provision line opposite whose place of business the mishap occurred, who is of a mechanical turn of mind, and wishing to act the part of the good Samaritan, proferred his services with a view of replacing the wheel but he was repulsed very snappishly in the first instance. Upon second thought however, his :aid was accepted by the gentleman in question. What an ill-favoured mode of accepting kindness and help, offered gratuitously. Mr D. P. Davies deserves to be thanked for the commendable manner in which he brought into prominence the necessity of a more systematic method of flushing the sewers of the town; but from a perusal of your report it would :appear that the matter did not receive that consideration at the hands of the Board which it deserved, having regard to its practical importance. The obnoxious effluvia" emitted by the sewer in Canon-street on Satur- day last was the:common topic of conversation among the public, and, with the approaching warm weather and probable overcrowding which wll be occasioned by the forth- coming large local gatherings, it is apparent that unless something be done to abate the nuisance, disastrious results must follow. The burdens of lacal ratepayers are surely sufficiently heavy to justify them in pro. testing against,a continuance of the nuisance. and it is most unjust that the public should have their health jeopardised by the culpable negligence of those whose duty it is to attend to the matter. Let us hope that our well-paid officials will at once do what is necessary to put an end to this offensive phenomena. Are we under any obligation to invite disease ? # A certain young lady, the other evening, (ac- cording to her version), in her haste to be in time for service in Chapel, collided with a little child, knocking it over, and had not the "Christian feeling or good nature to wait to replace the poor little thing upon its feet, or even to enquire after its welfare, but hurried on to her destination, which, perhaps, was not the place mentioned. Some young ladies (at any rate who wish to be considered senate very foud of resorting to the corner of one of our squares, at the lower end of one of our streets named after an an ecclesi- astical dignitary, for the purpose of gossiping and passing remarks upon any young man who may happen to go by. Such conduct to say the least is very unseemly. It would also be more to their credit were they to envelope their upper extremity with some suitable headgear. I hope this hint will bo accepted favourably and acted upon.



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