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Sotal JixttUiflnu*. BICYCLE ACCIDENT.—On Monday afternoon last, opposite the Public Offices at the top of Canon-street, a bicyclist collided with another coming in an opposite direction, which resulted in a spill. They met unexpectedly on turnicg the corner, and as both were travelling at a good speed in the excitement of the moment both turn ed to the right side, the consequence was that the small wheel of one of the cyclists collided with the large wheel of the other and resulted in a bent handlebar of one machine and the left crank of the other met with the same fate. COMMERCIAL FAILURES. — According to Ktmp's Mercantile Gazette, the number of Failures in England and Wales gazetted during the five weeks ending Saturday, May 30th was 42G. The number in the corresponding fiive weeks of lust year was 21) showing an increase of 128, being a net increase, in 1885, to date, of 121. The number of Bills of Sale published in England and Wales for the five weeks ending Satnrday, May 30th, was- 1,295. The number in the corresponding five weeks of last year was L208, showing an iucrease of 87, being a net .increase, 1885, to date, of 124. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—The usual meeting took place at Merthyr on Saturday last, Mr R. H. Rhys presiding. — The Chairman having brought forward a motion to the effect that in future the school attendance committee should hold its meetings at Aberdare, instead of at Hirwain, as had hitherto been the case. The object of desiring a transfer WAS that all appli- cations should come before a constantly varying body of guardians.—A lengthy discussion took place on the subject. On being put to the vote, the motion was carrie 1 by a majority of 3, 14 voting for it, and 11 against. —This was all the business of public interest. SHOOTING MATCH.—On Saturday afternoon last, a competition took place between married and single members of the Aberdare Shooting Club. The number on each side was seven, the ranges being 200 and 600 yards, with seven shots at each. Appended is the score: MARRIED SINGLE Capt TUos. Phillips 55 Sergt. W. Oxenhum i5 Col-3ergt E. Shannon. 60 Pt. W. Arnold 56 Col-Sergt. 0. Walters. 19 Pt. J. II. James 54 Sergt. John James. 53 Pt. W. H. Jones 52 Ser^t. R. Lilwall 47 Pt J. Shannon 51 Serg't-Inst. Uoult 41 Pt. N. Kichards 44 Pt. A. Sutherland 33 Pt. Heitzman 40 l Total 311 ToUl 316 r INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION BILL FOR WALES. -The monthly meeting of the delegates of the Merthyr and Aberdare Miners'Association was held on Monday last at the Hutchers' Arms inn, Mountain Ash. There were over 8,000 miners represented, and the following resolutions (of which copies of those in reference to the Inter- mediate Education bill were ordered to be sent, by Mr D. vl organ, the agent, to Mr Gladstone, Mr Mundella, and the members for the borough of Merthyr) were passed :—While this meetiug highly appreciates the efforts of her Majesty's Government to fulfil the educational wants of the Welsh people by introducing the Inter- mediate Education Bill, yet they must express their disappioval of the clauses involving the powor to the county magistrates toselect members on the managinglcommlttee and also to the chair menjof the school boards. They believe that this mode of election is quite inconsistent with the spirit of the newly-passed People Representation Act; and this meeting is of the opinion that the selection of members for the county inter- mediate education committee should be left in the hands of the members of the school boards excepting the actual members of Parliament for Wales. That this meeting disapproves of the conscience cause in the bill, inasmuch as it in- volves an element of discord between the different denominations. That this meeting wishes to express its voice in favour of teaching the Welsh language in the elementary schools of Wales. ROYAL NATIONAL ErsTEDDFOD. —The Executive Committee met on Tuesday evening, at the Eisteddfod offices, the Vicar of Aberdare presiding. I here were also present the Hev. R. T. Howell, Messrs Thos. Phillips, D. M. Richards, J. W. MoEweti, Roderick, Reea Evans, H. Lewis, J. C. Fairbairn, E. Arnott, D. Grier, J. Griffiths, D. James, and the General Secretary. A letter was read Irom the Rev. R. T. Howell accepting the post of: conductor of the Kisteddfod on one of the meeting days. A similar letter was also received from the Rev. B. Hvarns. Mr Thos. Phillips drew attention to the fact that the work of the secretary was accumulating very rapidly, and thought the time had arrived when some assistance should be rendered to Mr Lewis. He therefore proposed that an additional secretary be appointed; and as Hywel Cynon had taken a prominent part in starting the movement, he proposed that Hywel Cynon receive the ^appointment. Mr Rees Evans seconded the proposition. Rev. R. T. Howell suggested that the salary be X2 per week. Mr Phillips assented to add this to the resolution, remarking that whoever would be appointed must devote the whole of his time to the work. The Chairman observed that the two secretaries must decide amongst themselves as to what part of the duties they would under- take. Considerable diecussion ensued as to whether the whole of tne pavilion should be boarded under foot. It was ultimately decided that the first and second seats only should be boarded. The question of lighting the pavilion was olso discussed and it was decided to refer the matter to the pavilion committee, Mr Frame and Mr Harrison (Bwllfa) were elected members of the latter committee. Mr D. James alluded to the assiduous manner in which the Rev. R. T. Howell had assisted in various ways in promoting the success of the Eisteddfod, and suggested that thut gentleman be appointed Honorary Secretary. MrJ. Griffiths proposed that the suggestion be adopted. This was seconded by Mr McEwen and carried unani- mously. The proceedings then terminated. THE ABERDARE ^MINISTERS' UNION—.The ministers of all denominations in Aberdare meet on the first Tuesday in each month from October to June for prayer, the reading of papers, and the discussion of various subjects relating to their solemn vocation. The meet- ings were adjourned on Tuesday last to the first Tuesday in October next. Thanks were given to the Rev. Mr Jones, Carmel, Trecynon, the retiring chairman, and to the Rev. R. Morgan, Commercial-place, for the efficient manner in which they had discharged their duties. The Rev. R. T. Howell, of the Tabernacle, was unanimously elected chairman, and the Rev. Thos. Jones, Carmel Baptist minister consented to read a paper at the first meeting on The place and work of the Christian Minister." FUNERAL OERMON.—On Sunday evening last at Carmel English Baptist Chapel the funeral sermon of Miss E. Thomas, late a member of the congregation, was preached by the pastor, the Rev. T. Jones. The preacher took for his text Ecclessastics i. 12. (which verse was chosen by the deceased young lady with the earnest hope that it would become a means of spiritual benefit to the young people who might hear it enlarged upon.) During the sermon the preacher forcibly exhorted the young people before him to perform the duties enforced upon them by the sacred volume and now brought to their notice in so special a manner. Special hymns were also sung, viz Nos, 9 and and 35 of CI Sacred Songs and Solos," which were also chosen by the deceased. SAKER BROS. & WALTER MAPPIN'S FESTIVITY COMPANY.—On Monday, Tuesday, and Wed- nesday last the above Company gave three renderings of their novel.entertainment at the Temperance Hall. The proceedings opened by an Overture on the Pianoforte by Mr G. T. Jones, who rattled the ivories in an energetic manner. MissjAmina Fedora then appeared and displayed her vocal powers by singing a song in a somewhat restrained manner. On her re- appearance, however, she seemed more at home, the audience shewing their approval by cheer- ing vociferously. Mr Walter Mappin next pre- sented himself. His vocal efforts, together with his humorous and pathetic illustrations, in his rendering of "A Boy's best friend is his mother," were appreciated. He also made a decided hit in his delineation of a champion walking gentleman (Weston.) Messrs Sheridau and tJcanlau afterwards appeared in a humorous Irish character sketch, which elicited roars of laughter while their clog dancing drew forth marks of approval, their humorous modes of entrance and exit being veiy droll. Mr H. Haynes came next and rendered a national song in tne character of a "Middy" very effec- tively, which elicted an encore. The concluding section of the programme consisted of a comic singing act by the SakertBros, "Nancy Brown," which must be seen to be fully appreciated. The shoe dancing of the Brothers was remark- ably clever and evoked no little praise, their witticisms drew forth peals of laughter especially the commedion "What relation would I be were to marry your divorced wife?" Answer, "Why, her;step-husband." Then the intricate gyrations in which they placed their seemingly India rubber bodies, met with marked approval from the audience. In short the ^aker Bros. are a couple of talented artistes, their mirth provok- ing actions and humorous gesticulations and singing being of a high order.




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