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"THE EDINBURGH Life Assurance…



JAMES BOURNE, BILL POSTER AND DISTRIBUTOR, 68, Napier Street, Mountain Ast. All orders "will be punctually attended V Bhert«ai notio«i AT YSGOLION SABBATHOL^' —r Newydd ei Gyhoeddi, Ail-argraffiad.<a E&WTDDOEIG O'R IAITH qYltltEIG, Y11 cynwys GWERSI HAWDD O'R YSpflYTHYRAU DDYSGU DARLLEN VSILLEBU, Prii Ic., neu 9c.jfrDdwsin. T\ LYFEAU o bob niath, yn Gymraeg a JLj Saesneg, at wasajiaeth Ysgolion Sabbothol ar werth gan r, ttomq A-'I MAB, STODDF^ir "ABERDARE TIMES, ommercial Place, Aberdare. QOF- SPECIALLY WRISTBANDS, SUITABLE FOR'BMHB&SH!RT FROHTS. &f &S ''rvtinr — Bookbinding! Bookbinding!! Bookbinding! A. G. CREED, 100, Gadlys Road, Aberdare, PRACTICAL BOOKBINDER, RULER, AND ACCOUNT BOOK MAKER. All kinds of Reading Books Bound in any style at the Lowest possible prices, with Neatness and Despatch. Veneered Tables Covered with real Leather and Designed in Q-old. —Please Note the Address :— 100, GUdlys ROAD, Aberdare. Aberdare Mineral and Aerated WATER WORKS. J. W. McEWEN, Wholesale Agent and Licensee for ZOEDONE. In Mineral Water Bottles at Lemonade prices, sold at Hotels, Inns, and other Licensed Houses. Highly recommended by "The British Medical Journal," Medical Times," Norman Kerr Esq, M.D., II. A. Allbutt, Esq., M.R.C.P., and other eminent authorities. ZOEDONE IN SPLITS. Ask for McEWEN'S Celebrated and fine flavoured Choice GINGER ALE. McEWEN'S AERATED HOREHOUND BEER, Invigorating Tonic and Nerve Hestorer. McEWEN'S Full Flavoured and Delicious Orange Champagne and Champagne Cyder. McEWEN'S MAXODONE, Excellent Nerve and Brain Restorative. Ask for McEWEN'S HOT TOM, So much in demand and appreciated during last Winter. Own special make. Ask for McEWEN'S SPARKLING GINGER BEER, Lemonade, and Soda Water. All made with Special Care and Best Materials. I Clifton Street, Aberdare. RGEON- -,I T A 6L.We ILLUSTRATED T7 7 MPHLHT, GRAT Free ONOC)N-, IT to fiwl^here prize medal teeth and workmanship Ml to Md generally v*i4 lor raotl inferior dentistry.* SINCLAiR'S-sSf 1" CaOCERS & OILMEN The Family ¥ 1 II I J saves TIME. TUEL. Wash with- 1AB0UR. out the misery of \kS A"T"PB3 The Magic a Steamy House, M I LIl Cleanser! Beware AP ^|L Imitation8! W Ask/or SINCLAIR'S." A lady m-rite., tQ I recommend it to ovcrr S^T housewife it saves time ana material; econnmi.sox fuel, aa '1\ tB the rojitire le" rub- p no hoiHn¡r." CLAIR, Southwark,London,S.R *4 WASHING (at Home).—Letter from a porchaRei of Bradford's1 Vowel' Al Machino, ^nV^jj^L VjH t>(tr<!V« Hlitd it,tip*ryltUv fo* Wrinfinf <rnd Matfjling, but I nXSI coiifru 1 MKT valurii it luilf its mw-M<u il until I read y,iur l'luiiry and I racticr ohout the tcathtny iHirt. h etT'u- h/.it 1; r> n: HT and WWiWi triorf mtttfuciory than jnMing tin 9 Washing Machines from £ 2 15s.. fclrHlWi^STr^l' W Ben* carriage free and free. B Mangles from £ 2 os., Laundry R^qni- Bifies of all kinds. See Catalogue pontaining 70 illustrations, and the '.•oninions of 500 purchasers. Box Chnrns, Barrel Churns, and Dairy Utensils of all R kinds. See Dair atalogne, free by post. Taos. Bradford c wid Co., HighyHolborn, London; Victoria Street, Muty* cheater; and^Bold Street, Liverpool. "S" IB I C Y alTE S. COVENTRY CYCLE 00.. j* uionv, jmRIAL WORKS, COVENTRY. "llluBtrated Lists oo Application. Liberal Terms to Agents. ^U^KlTRICYCLES. Bad LEGS The GREAT REMEDY!! Wonderful Cures throughout England 111 Innu- merable Testimonials (many from Minibters) sent. Easy 1 Terms. Describe case to Dr. Clarkson, Darley, Ripley, Yk". 1 >KICE S "RHEUMATIC "OILS give X Immediate Rbliejp and ULTIMATE Cure to the pr:itest suflorer from tOt dreadful pains of Rheumatism, IRB,,tiinatic Gout, 4o>Price 2,'U per bottle, of all chemÎlliS. in the world. Barclay A Sons, 95, Fnrrinplon Street. Lon- don, K.C.; or Messrs. Goodnll, Bnekhouse. & Co., LeecUt will forward shuttle, cariiags paid, on receipt of 8*. THB CBLBBRATBD OF" ;pp "I E-r 11« unriTt.'led fur Joinan', Qtf&tner* ForoBtera' rumm', asl amateur*' one. Sbarpcni TfHh a ipittl*. Ask yonr IroBmoocer to Sst 70a one; if he won^Oop me • note. Honourable Mention at Paris Exlubition. UBr, and Bronie Ifed&L London InUrnatiosal Exhibition, 188i #DHN O. MONTGOMEKIS, "Tam 0' IkanUt" £ >»lD9i*, X»rt>»lt0D S^.O^ Nettot. ON SOCIAL PURITY AND THE IN- FIRMITIES OF MAN. Addressed specially to young men, with advice on Health, and containing Recipes that will restore the nervous and debilitated to the full power of Manhood. Free for the benefit of all who desire safe and speedy cjufe, without the aid of Quacks Send one. stamp to prepay postage. Address Secret Institute of Anatomy, Hir- ingham. ——— NATIONAL PROVIDENT -YOR IIIUTUAL INSTITUTION Lt?ERtSWcE. I | FOUNDED 1835. kcCUMITLATED^FUND, £ 4,000,000. Cf.ilMS PAID IMMEDIATELY on PROOF of DEATH & TITLE. WdlKlNQEXPENSEMTJOUT'iPKn CENT.OFTHB INCOME. OtFICES—«, GRA^RCHURCH STREET, LONDON, B.C. feQKNXS WAJS^nSD WHERE NOT REPRESENTED. THE MANCHESTER Fire Assurance Company. ESTABLISHED 1824 I I apital, £ 1,000,000. Annual Income (1882), £ 270,000 j HEAD OFFlcE-Manobester. Midland and South Wales Branch Office, 16, Bennett's Hill, Birmingham. This Company Assures Buildings, Furniture Rent, Merchandise, Q-oodfi, Farming Stock Shipping, &c., in Great Britain, the Colonies and Foreign Countries. It possesses, in addition to the Paid-up Capital, (subscribed by a numerous and wealthy propeietary) large Reserve Funds, and thus offers to Insurers the most ample security. The Policies of this office extend to and cover losses by Fire occasioned by Lightning, and losses caused by explosion of gas oocurring in the building insured without extra charge. A GENTS IAT ABERDARE:— itat. CHARLES/M. LEWIS,London and Provin- cial Bank. G-EORGJS ABBAHAM, National Bank of y Wales. JONES, Aberdare Times Office. — Boars who wish to earn pocket money, on [Fridays and SaturdaySj by Belling News- Sfjlo? a^° aPP]y^t 4he Aberdare Timet M JONES, Aberdare Times Office. M Jo — Boars who wish to earn pocket money, on [Fridays and SaturdaySj by Belling News- Sfjlo? a^° aPP]y^t 4he Aberdare Timet BENSON'S NEW PATENT (No. 4658,) LUDGATE" WATCH, Silver Gold £5.5, £12.12 lee'. IS A "SPECIAL STRENGTH SILVER ENGLISH LEVER, My best London Make, WITH THREE-QJJAETER PLATE MOTMENT. JEWELLED THROUGHOUT. CHRONOMETER BALANCE, WITH DAMP AND DUST P^OOF PATENT RING BANDt AND EXTENDED BARREL^ IN STERLING SILVER DOME CASES WITH CHRYSTAL GLASS FRONT WINDS & SETS H ANDtS, OPENS AT BACK, MAKING IT A RETTRR WATCH THAN ANY £10 WATCH IN THE MARKET, ITS ADVANTAGES OVElt THE OLD AND FAULTY FULL PLATE BEING ENORMOUS. AS THE LUDGATE WATCH WILL LAST ONE HUNDRED YEARS, IT NEVER BREAKS, AS IT CANNOT BE OVERWOUND, AND NEVER NEEDS EXTENSIVE REPAIRS. IS A BETTER TIMEKEEPER, IS A BETTER WATCH, AND IS BETTER VALUE THAN ANY OTHER WATCH SOLD FOR £ 10 IN TOWN OR COUNTRY. WILL STAND ROUGH USAGE OF ALL KINDS AND IS THEREFORE THE REST WATCH AND EQUALLY SUITED FOR WORKMEN, RULWAYMKN, MINERS, GENTLEMEN. BOYS, AND ALL WHO REQUIRE A PERFECT WATCH OF EXTRA STRENGTH FOR HO VI E, INjDIAN, OR COLONIAL US MADE IN TH18EE SIZES. (As sketch) MINERS, & RAII.WAYMEN'S, EXTRA LARGE SIZE. AND FOR GENERAL WEAR. MEDIUM q Z E. SEN. FREE AND SAFE AT OUR RISK TO ALL PARTS FOR X5 5. 0. CASH OR P.O.O., PAYABLE AT G.P.O. PRICE IN 18-CARAT GOLD | CHRYSTAL CiLASS CASES Twelve Guineas. S PEl TALL Y NO I E that Mr J. W Benson is the only maker of a Three-Quarter Plate English Watch for £5 os., and that our Patent "Ludgate" Watch cannot bo bad through, or of an\ Watchmaker in the Kingdom Any illfrillgemnlt of the Patent Rights will be proceeded against A Book explaining the advantages of this Watch over the Full Plate English Watches sold by all other makers, will be sent Post Free on application, to J. W. BENSON, WATCHMAKER 10 JIM. THE (JUEEX, THE STEAM FACTORY, 62 AND 64. LUDGATE HILL, E.C., AND 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. Illustrated Pamphlets of Watches from £ 2 to £500, Gold and Silver Jewellery, Clocks, (House, Chime and Turret), and Musical Boxes, Free,'n?> Application Club Associations.—Foi;EMk. "CIŒTAHIFS OF Fkiendey Societies, agents, and otheis iwill find their Incomes coiwderably increased Ov establishing < lubs, for the new Patent Jk^udgatey Watch, as it is worth from £ o to £ l(Nqiore/ than any English Watch sold and therefore bound to supersede all others in the M arket. ■ SCIENCE IN PENS.. ^r Writing made easy by the use of BATES WADE -AND CO.'S SCIENTIFIC TREBLE-GROUND PENS. AS SUPPLIED TO-HER MAJESTY'S FORCES DUR- ING TIIE EGYPTIAN CAMPAIGN. To be obtained of JONES & SON, Aberdora j?1' Times Office, Aberdare. .X — 62, High Street, Aberdare. W. PARKER, Monumental Mason and SculptjaV, H AVING REMOVED to the abo^ com- modious premises, has every ^icility for executing in Granite, Maible, ,ttnd Stone, Tombs, Monuments, Head Stones, Grave Crosses, etc with dispatch and at greatly le- duced prices, designs of whjflh can be had on application. W. P., in returning bts warmest thanks to the inhabitants generally of Aberdare and tieighbourhood for tho7liberal support accorded aim in the past, beg^to solicit a continuance o/ at support, assuming them that all orders en- t usted to him all be promptly attended to, and turned outof hand in a superior workman- like maline t very moderate charges. STRENGTH. figjTyffl energy INSURED THE GREAT SELF-RESTOHER, Dr. BELL'S Patent Voltaic Belts, pt £ Lznzt?r. K- v^our wi'AoutWau>\7' buTixs; $ £ 3?™ "s A, ,,c sent POSi Two SSrt.ap*. \Address, s.. V. Sec;, wry V. -nse. i75, Stree: ..■«i<5■ i Y?i6 cura'1^>8 nowevs of i ese Wie -it; ut i aro •toowmanpgnous.—lid< rim. ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILL^ is warranted to curt- all discharges from th< Urinary Ortrans, in either sex, acquired or constitu- ional Gravel, and Pains in the Back Sold ii Bojxes, 4s Cd each, by all Chemists and Paten; Medicine Vendors or sent to any address for Ii Wimps bv the Makers, The Lincoln & Midlan Counties' Drug Company, Lincoln."—Wholesal Agents, BARCLAY & SONS, Loudon, and all tl." Wholesale :r; r