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JOTTfNGS BY THE WAY. It is interesting to note that local talent seemed to be to the fore in the band competition at Merthyr on Whit-Monday. The Mountain \sh Volunteer Band took a prize of £15, while the Aberdare Temperance Band came away with 12. The chairman of the Local Board of Health, showed a commendable spirit at the meecing on Friday week, in disapproving of a building that was at once inadequate and insignificant as a Post Office for such an important and populous town as Aberdare. If, at last, we are to have a better place-it seems almost too good to be true—let us by all means have one equal to our requirements. # # The eight young fellows who spent their valuable time, on Sunday afternoon last month, in the praiseworthy and refreshing occupation of damaging a notice-board belonging to the Great Western railway Company will, it is to be hoped, now seek sone other way of enjoying themselves. At all events, we don't think they will go at the notice-board again. It comes rather expensive, you know, to pay 5s each, damages, aud costs, for a harmless bit of fun like that. # The lad who was summoned at the police- court on Tuesday for stealing a half-sovereign from a shop-till seems to be a bright specimen of our rising youth. He ought to have lived in the days of Dick Turpin. To have such ex- perience in the art at the ago of twelve is not bad The worst of it is, that there is always a sequel to these littio tricks, and it is to be feared that young Mr Eynon will find that the Re- formatory is not a perfect haven of repose. # We wnre walking along the road on Sunday last when we noticed a young lady removing orange peel from the pavement with her umbrella. We remarked to her, with emotion, that she was a public benefactor, whereupon she said that she had had a few upsets herself through treading on orange peel, and that she thought it her duty to try to prevent others from moating with similar accidents. Now this young lady differed from a great many otners in being very sensible a.lcl thought- ful If everybody followed her example we should have much fewer accidents. But as it is to be feared that evorybody will not do so, we must fall back upon our old friends, the police, to see to this matter. We are really of opinion that they do not pay as much attention to it as they might. The pavements, of a Sunday, are literally covered with this abomin- able stuff. Surely some of those, who thus en- danger the lives of others, could be made to suffer for it j The writer of the letter which appeared in our columns last week was quite correct about the scarcity of gas-lamps in Elizabeth-street. For this very reason, however, it is a very favourite place of meeting with sweethearting couples. We therefore feel that our correspondent would be wanting in courtesy were he to push the matter any further. It is amusing to notice how many branches of trade one man goes in for now-a-days. You may go into some shops and, by merely ap- plying at different counters, obtain every article you may be in need of, from a grand piano down to a pound of sugar. It reminds us of the man in Cornwall who had a sign over his door-way, containing the following inscription — Benjamin Tremallock, boot and shoe .maker, blacksmith, barber, grocer and draper, rag and bone collector. All orders promptly attended to." It is a sad fact that Mr Tremallock, despite his energy, was not long in the trade before he came a bankrupt. Notwithstanding the miserable weather which we experienced on Whit-Monday, some fellows seemed to be spending a pretty jolly time of it. One man, who evidently was trying to make the best of the matter gave it out as his opinion, in a pretty loud voice, that The moon is out to- night, and the sun is shining bright." We don't know exactly what he meant by this rather extraordinary statement, but, at all events, it showed a praiseworthy disposition to be merry under adverse circumstances. # It is to be feared that the Conservative Club did not have a very happy time of it in their little trip to Pontneath-Yaughan. However, it will give them, and many others, an excellent excuse for getting up another outing before long. If Monday had been Tuesday, and Tuesday Mon- day, it would have suited many people a great deal better. CONTRIBUTED JOTTINGS. [Under this heading, we shall be pleased to insert any notes that our readers may choose to send in, provided they are not personal, and that with them are enclosed the writer's name and address.] Some young ladies are fond of displaying their vocal powers by shouting after young men who pass them in the street. The street leading to the new recreation ground" semed a very 1, happy hunting ground" for that purposS. Such conduct is unseemly for the gentle sex," but I trust they will aspire to something higher in future after receiving this gentle hint. V There are also some young ladies who are compelled to work overtime in connection with their occupation without receiving any remun eration for this extra labour." Now this is too utterly utter." Extra work should be accompanied by extra pay, I should think. In the Jottings of a previous issue I notice that a young lady had bogged the pardon of a lamp post which she had inadvertently walked against. Now, that was a foolish action but what I have to relate to you, Mr Editor, will I believe seem to be much more strange. A young lady of this town endeavoured to swallow a thimble; for what purpose I cannot imagine, unless it was to forco herself into notoriety by its being noised abroad that she had endeavour- ed to commit suicide by swallowing her trade mark. Young ladies seem to be most remark- ably foolish now-a-days.



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