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Family Notices

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ABSciDAKS POLICE COURT. TUESDAY—(Before J. lihhop. R. H. Rh- D. A. Willi urn, and D. P. D ioies, Esqrs.) DRUNKBNNKSS. — David Watkjns, 011 the in- formation of P.O. Johns, wffcs fioed 10s aud costs for being drunk and disorderly in commercial- street, Aberdare.—Charles B Price, was charged with a like offence in High-street, Aberdare, ou 19th May. P.O. Phillips gave evidence ,b"iile,t 5s and costs.—Jam-is .Wilson,, for bnng drunk and riotous in Rneola-street, Penratwceibr, 0:1 the 28th November la^t was, on the information of P.C. Rees, Sued 10s and costs, or fourteen days. AN IRISa: Row AT MOUNTAIN ASH.—James Callaghan, Humphrey Leary, Patrick Gilla, William Cillaghan, William Hurley, Patrick Collins, Dctvid Fan-ell, and Cornelius Leary, all lusty looking Irishmen living at Mountain Ash, were brought up charged with disorderly behaviour aud with assaulting P.C. Jam^s James in the execution of his duty. The constable deposed: About 11 o'clock, on Satur- day night, I heard a great disturbance near the Barracks, Mountain Ash. I wont there and found a large crowd of people. Saw James Callaghan and Cornelius Leary fighting with each other. I took hold of both of them, and Sergt. Castle took Leary from m). James Callaghan. at once struck me on the neck. Wil- liam Callaghan (hIs brother) and Gila then took hold of ames Callaghan and told me to let him loose. I asked Callaghan for his name and address, aud his brother and Hurley toid him not to give it. and, using a fiithy ex- pression, said, We shall finish him (witness) to uight; he is coming down here too often." Both caught hoidofCallagban, and Karrellcameonand told me not to choke the man, but let him loose. I had hold of Callaghan t^ien by the collar of his coat. Farrell caught hold of me by tue arm aud, using an oath, said, James, if you don't loose that man, we shall finish you tl-uight." I told him to stand back, that it was not long since he was in trouble of this sort before. He said he would not st Ln 1 back. Then Petetr Collius came on, showed fight before me, put his fist into my face, and cilled out to the others, Now, boys. wire into him," and made use of threats if I did not let the <nan go. Tiiis man and the others took James Callaghan from me. i rushed through the crowd and caught hold of the man again. Then some one from the crowd struck me on the back with a stone (produced.) They sucsceded in releasing him a secoud time I caught hold of him the third time, when Humphrey Leary came on and said, "Let him free," and struck me in the face. After that Cornelius came on. and as I w'4ii batching hold of Humphrey, they dragged him cleaft away. Collius came back again and showed fight before me, and said, i he next time you come down to the Barracks we'll kill you." Another man said, Yes, let's finish him now." P.S. Castle them came on. but could not get through the crowd. W 3 sent for assistance, and P.O. itees afterwards c ime up. A good many had gone away by this time. • amey and YVillia.n Callaghan and Gilla ran i away. We ran after them but could net catch them. In company with PS. Johns, Castle, Evans, Beynon, and i Rees we arrested the prisoners in bed. I know them all well by sight. PS. Castle said: About half-past 11. last night. I was in com- pany with P.C. James, near the Barracks, Cardiff-road, Mountain igh, and, hearing a great row, we went down to it We found! from 150 to 200 people fighting right through each other P.U. James rushed in and caught hold of Leary and another. I took ornelius Leary from him and asked his name and address, but he rafused to give it. Then Patrick Collins and David Farrell came on and caught hold of the prisoaer. one pulliug one way and the other the other. I got his name and let him go About ten yards away there was a great crowd. 1 went on to James, and as I was pushing through the crowd I saw Humphrey Leary strike him ou the head with his fist. I pushed through the crowd and caught hold of Leary, but he got away I went to the assistance of James, but the prisoner he had h<>ld of was taken from him by the crowd. We advised them to go home, but they would not, stating that thev would kill James before they went away. We went and got assistance and by the time we caroe back a good many had gone. Two of the prisoners ran away but we failed to catch tha n. We afterwards got P.S. Johns' assistance and took thorn into custody. All the prisoners were there. I know them all by sight. Hurley, Collins, and Farrell expressed a wish to be dealt with sum- marily, the others requesting an adjournment for the purpose of calling witnesses. His Worship, addressing the three men, said it was quite clear- they were in this crowd and inter- fering with the police. Whether the latter were, right or wrong in taking a man into oustody. they (the prisoners) had no business to interfere and endeavour to effect a rescue. As however, they did not appear to have done any personal violence to the police, the Bench would impose a fine and not send them to prison with- out the option of a fine. They were etch fined 40s and costs, or one caleudar month's hard labour in default. William Callaghan also re- quested the Bench .to deal with his case, and he was also fined in a like;; auieunt. Before the court rose, the other four men wished the Bench to deal with thetr cases. James Callaghan and Humphrey Leary were each sent to prison for one calendar month for assaulting the constable. The other two men, for attempting to rescue the prisoner, were fined 401 au3 costs each, or one calendar month in default. STONE THROWING. -Då.vid Davies, a lad 12 years of age, was summoned for assaulting another youngster named David Towell by striking him with a stone on the head. Mr Thos. Phillips appeared in defence. Complain ant stated that ou Monday week he was stand- ing by the house doing nothing, when a stone was thrown, which struck him on the head. In cross-examination he said he lived next door to defendant, who had two sisters smaller than himself. He did not hit one of them on the back, and they did not go awav screalniog. Naomi Powell, 23, Dowlais-street, mother of complainant, said she was a widow in receipt of parish relief. Defendant struck her little boy on the head with a stone when she was stand- ing at the door. Heard her boy quarreling with defendant's sister. The little giri went iuto the house and the brother came out and struck I her boy with a stone on the head. Her brother 1 »ave her money to take out a summons. Mrs J Margaret Ann Thomas, 24, Pi ice-street, said 3he saw complaiuaut thumping the little girls 1 with his fist. They cried and fetched thjir brother, who picked something np aud struck ] tbe other boy on the head. His Worship com- i nentad on the danger of stone throwing, and i aned defendant 6d aad thA oost of the summons, i William Quick and James Strange, la Is, svere summoned tor throwing stones in Cross- t street. PC. rhillips saw defendants on the I evening of the 19th u t, throwing stones at I jach other iu the above street. Some of tie e stones came into otation-street. When defend j mts saw him they ran away. Fined 2s 6d and h sosts each, or three days ia default. I DRUNK AND REFUSING TO QUIT.—David s Evans, John Joakins, William Perrott, and I 3avid Jenkins, colliers, were summoned for ( a being drunk at the Mountain Ash Inn and re- fusing to quit, on the 17th May Charles Rowlands, the landlord, said the defendants came into his house in their working clothes from 12 to 1 o'clock in the day, the worse for drink, and called fer some beer. He told them he could not supply them and advised to go home. There was another man with them in clean clothes, who was sober. He asked for drink and was supplied with a quart, and defendants had share of it They then wanted another, but he would not give it. Told them to leave several times. They, however, would not go, and he bad to send tor the police to put them out P.O. James said he had to turn Dd. Jenkins and Perrott out by force and they after wards kicked up a row in the street The other went out quietly. Dd. Jenkins and Perrott were fined 7s 6d and costs each, or ten days, and the other men were fined 58 and costs each or seven day. CAT AND DOG."—Robert Coombs, a lad, was summoned for playing "cat and dog" in H ill street, on the 11th ult. Henry Simmonds proved the case and stated that he had two panes of glass broken. the mother said she would only pay. for one, so he took out a summons. Fined Is and costs. TRESSPASS —Henry Chickley, a youth, was summoned by P.C. Whitney for tresspassing on Fforchauiau farm, on the 8th nit, the property of Mrs Kingsbury. Fiued Is, Id damage, and costs. RIVAL CABMEN.—John Thomas was sum- moned for assaulting Thomas Underhill, and there was a cross summons. Uuderhill said that on Saturday week defendant came on the cab stand opposite the Wslsa Hat p. abrnt a quarter 11 at night, and he asked him what business he had there there plying for hire, having no budge Thomas was standing by his father's cab, but his father was not there. Thomas told him to mind his own business With that a man came up and pushed him against Thomas's face. Thomas hit him in the mouth, and ran away According to Thomas's version of the affair it was alleged that Under- bill deliberately butted him his head. and he simply held both his hands out in self defence but struck no blow. Witnesses were called on both sides. The summonses were dismissed, each party to pay his own costs. YOUNG Tnmvua.-Charles Gardner, 14, and George Blizzard, 13. were charged with stealing 31 walking sticks, value 15s 61, the property of David Williams, hawker, at Mountain \sh fair, on the 23rd ult. Each of the prisoners pleaded guilty to taking one stick each. Blizzard, it appeared, sold his stick the sa:oe evening to another lad fur 2d, which he said he intended pufting towards a pint." His Worship said he would not send them to prison, but have them flogged well by a good strong sergeant of police—VJZ ten strokes each with a birch rod. That woull perhaps taach them not to steal sticks again. The parents might go down stairs and see it done. AFFILIATION. -John Williams, Cwmbach, was summoned by Margaret Davies late servant at the Star public-house, show to cause, &0. fae paternity wis denied rue case was adjourned for complainant to produce witnesses. THE EXPLOSIVES' Aor. —vlr Cnas Kenshole, (Linton aud Kenshole, j applied on benalf of the Powell's Dutfryn Steam Coal Company Limited, for a license to keep mixed explosives at Aber- aman. Mr Kenshole drew their Worships' attention to the different sections of the Explo- sives' Act, 1875, and called Mr E. vI. Harm, Who spoke as to the construction of the proposed building and the distance from the nearest buildings. Their Worships granted the liceuse.