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Family Notices

Sara! Jut elL i g e 11 rr.


Sara! Jut elL i g e 11 rr. ABERDARE LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH.—On Friday last week the bi-monthly meeting of this board was held, Mr R. H. Rhys presiding. The committee appointed to consider the vacant office of collector of general district rates, a vacancy caused by the death of Mr B. Henton, recommended that the office of collector of water rates and collector of general district rates be kept distinct as heretofore, and that an advertisement be issued for a new collector. The Chairman, in moving its adoption, said the committee had come to the conclusion that no economy could be effected by amalgamating the two offices, and that it would be better to have two responsible men. Mr D. Davies aoconde j the proposition, and the report was adopted. It was agreed to make the appointment that day fortnight. The medical officer and inspector of nuisances reported twelve fresh cases of scarlet fever visited since the last meeting, a decrease of ten as compared with the previous fortnight. There were three deaths from the disease. A circular letter was received from the Association of Local Boards and other sanitary authorities asking the board to co-operate in petitioning Parliament in favour of Mr Chamberlain's Electric Light Bill. The board allowed the communication to lay on the table. The other business was of no general interest. BAZAAR AND FANCY FAIR.-We would remind our readers that the Bazaar and Fancy Fair. in aid of the funds of the Tabernacle Con- gregational Church, in this town, will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next, doors open at 2 p.m., each day. Preparations on an extensive scale have been going on for some months past amongst the ladies of the congregation in order to make the ievent a success. There will be no of lack articles, both useful and ornamental, on sale at the various stalls, and there will be numerous other attrac- tions in the shape ef vocai and instrumental music, &e. Tho Aberdare Orchestral Society and Volunteer Band will give their services on tijo occasion, and an united choir and several local amateurs will take part at each meeting. J. Lewi*, Esq., J.P., Plasdraw, has kindly oon- sented to open the Bazaar. It is to be hoped I the charitably disposed portion of the public will rally around the Tabernacle frinds on the occasion, and assist them in their efforts to clear the debt on the building. It will be seen that the prices of admission have been fixed at a very low rate. CHAIR EISTEDDFOD AT PONTYPRIDD.—»The fourth annual eisteddfod was held in the Market-hall on Whit Monday. In the unavoid- able absence of Mr G. Williams, Miskin Manlr, the chair was very kindly taken by the Rev. S. R. Jones, the respected vicar of Glyntaf. The adjudicators were -For poetry, &c., Dewi Wyn o Kssyltt; music, D. Francis, Morriston; reci- tation, &c the Vicar and the Itev J Davies (ap Dawi Wyn); conductor, Cam Elian; harpist, Mr J. Bryant (Alawydd Glan Taff); pianist, Mr T. Vincent Davies. The following were the competitions of the morning meeting:- Alto solo, Miss Bronwen M. Tnomas. Porth; Stauza to the Nightingale," Carn Elian; Eiiglish spelling—Mr James Lewis Jones Tre- cynon; reading music at first sight— vI r Jenkin Williams, Tylorstown; tenor solo—Mr J. A. Davies, Emporium, Ferndale, Welsh recitation — Mr David Evans, Bargoed; impromptu speech —subject The Pump," priz3 divided between Mr Evan Thomas, Treircy, and Mr P. Williams Cwmtwrch essay-prize divided between iVtr M. Thomas (Celynfryn,) Penygraig, and vl r J. Hughes, fCreigfran), Quaker's Yard. The afternoon meeting was opened by an address by the Chairman, in English and Welsh. Bass solo, Gwilym Dar, Troedyrhiw; Welsh spelling prize, divided between J. Criagfryn Hayes, Quaker's Yard, and T. Davies, Trehafod; stanzas to G Williams, 8sq Miskin," Ap Vlyfyr, Pontypridd; piano- forte playing for children, Miss Arnott; song to the "Caarphilly Railway," Cam Elian; Soprano solo — viiss James, Pontypridd. Im- promptu speech on "Jumbo"—prize between Evan rhomas and Craigfryn. Elegy—Mr T. D Thomas (Tydfilfab), Cwmyglo. Duet sing- ing—J. A. Davies, Emporium, Ferndale, and friend. Englsh recitation—A. Davies. Trehafod Odo to Faith"—the prize of three guineas, and the eisteddfod chair, was awarded to Obadiah," who proved to be Mr Cosslett (Carn Elian), who was invested by Vladam Gwenfil Davies. Choral competition —Two choirs entered the list, viz., Penuel. Pontypridd (leader Mr James Chick), and Porth (leader Mr Owen Lewis). The prize was awarded to the Porth choir. The usual vote of thanks brought the eisteddfod to a close. A concert was held in the evening, when Madam Gwenfil Davies, Miss Coslett, Blodwen Myrddin, etc., took part. SCHOOL BOARD. -00 Friday last week the bi-monthly meeting of this Board was held Mr R. H. Rhys in the chair. The committee ap- pointed to inquire into the teaching staff of the town boys' school reported having visited the school, and recommended the appointment of an assistant master. The recommendation was adopted, and the clerk was instructed to adver- tise for an assistant master at a salary of JE65 a year. A communication from the town-clerk of Swansea as to the proposed College for South Wales was reported to have been received. The board determined to take no action in the matter. The superintendent of schools reported the re- sults of examinations he had conducted in the Abernant and other schools. The boys' depart- ment of the Abernant Schools, he said, was much overcrowded, the accommodation being for 75, whilst from 100 to 110 were in attend- ance on the days he visited the school there were 115 and 117 present respectively. The board resclved that children liviug on the town side of the Abernant railway should be com- pelled to attend the town board schools. An interesting report was read by the superinten- dent of scnools (Mr Morris). It showed the in- come and expenditure of the several schools of the board for the year ended January 31st, 1882. The principal figures we give below: — Town Schools: Accommodation, 1,000 average attendance, 560; total income, £ S47 10s 2d; total expenditure, £837 Is 31; excess of income over expenditure, £ 10 8s lid. Park Schools: Accommodation, 673 average attendance. 501; income, £729 138 lid; expenditure, JE773 12s 2d; from rates. £43 18s 3d. Blaenewawr Schools: Accommodation, 670; average attendance, 492 income, £ 718 5s 3d expenditure, f688 13s 2d; excess of income, JE29 12s Id. Cwen- bach Schools: Accommodation, 495; average attendance, 332; income, £478 10s 7d expen- diture, JE437 lis lid; excess, JE38 18s 8d. Abernant: Accommodation, 300 average at- tendance, 228; income..E344 6s 2d; expendi- ture, £336 3s 2il; excess of income, £ 8 3s. Llwydcoed Accommodation, 300 average at- tendance, 142 income..6223 4s Id expendi- ture, JE292 19:3 7d; received from rates .£60 15s 6d. Cwmdare Accommodation, 240 average attendance, 150; income, £227; expenditure, JE259 13s; received from rates, JE32 13s. Kobertstown Schools: Accommodation, 200; average attendance, 106; incomo, JE144 17s; total expenditure, £198 5s 5d; received from rates, jE48 8s 5d. Capcoch: Accommodation, 100; average attendance, 95 income, £98 19s id; expenditure, £12:> 5s 3d; from rates, £ 24 6s 4d. Penywain: Accommodation, 100: average. 3J income, j642 Is 6d; expenditure, £õ7 Is 7d; from rates, JE15 Os Id. Hirwain Joint School: Accommodation, 705 average attendance, 478; income, £ 734 18s 9d; ex- penditure JE700 2s 6d; excess of income, JE34 16s 3d; total accommodation, 4,783; average attendance, 3,124 totil income, £4,589 6s 7d total expenditure, £ 4,701 9s 3d received from rates. £ 112 2s8d; excess of income over ex penditure in schools mentioned, £121 18s lid rate per child on the average attendance grant, 17s 4d, as against l..5s itd throughout England and Wales school fees received per child, lis 8jd; throughout Eugland and Wales, 10s 3jd total income per child, £ l 9s 4 £ d, against .£1 2s 9d throughout England and Wales; total expenditure, £1 10s Id per child, as compared withjE2 Is llfd, and received from rates Sid'1 as against 193 2'ld, throughout England and Wales —The Chairman, as the report was being read, pointed out that it was very satisfactory as regards the Town Schools, and unsatisfactory as regards the Park Schools.— Vlr John Wil- liams said it was equally so in the case of the Llwydcoed Schools.—The Chaiiman said that as he would have it out, let them have the figures. The accommodation at the Park Schools was for 673, and the average attendance 501—172 short, whilst at Llwydcoed the average attend- ance last year was less than one-half the ac- commodation. — Subsequently, the Chairman said there was no school board within twenty miles around that could show like results.—The Kev. Dr. Price expressed thankfulness to Mr Morris for preparing the statement, and hoped due publicity would be given it. On the sug- gestion of Mr D. P. Davies, it was resolved that the statement should be priuted.—The Clerk said that on the 20th May there was to the credit of the board at the bank the sum of £1.313 3s 6d. THE REV. MR R. T. HOWELL.—We extract the following para^raphsf om the Malvern News of the 20th ult., relating to the departure of the Rev. R. T. Howell Malvern Link for Aberdare: SUlldal, School Services.—On_Sunday, at the Countess of Huntingdon's Chapol, Malvern Link, special services held to note the I progress made in tttes3 scnoils, and to afford the Rev. R. T. Howell to take his farewell of the. church over which he has laboured since 1878—laboured in love, and with a consider- able amount of succasa It was a pleasure to hear Mr Howell speak in such feeling terms f of the people among whom he had laboured so energetically, and who had assisted him iu so many ways And when he came to allude to the present they had so unexpectedly given him, the reverend gentleman was deeply affected. Mr Howell leaves with the good wishes of all who have been brougnt in cont ict with him aud every good wish of the people who attended that chapel was given to him on his departure. He left here on Wednesday for Aberdare, where a short time ago he was unanumously elected pastor over the Con»re»a- gational Church there. Good Templars "tutfie Meeting —The members of the Malvern Link lodge, held apublic uaeetiagjinthe BritishSchool- room, on Tuesday, when there was a large and very attentive audience. Mr W. Towudrow presided, and in his introductory remarks, spoke of the Rev R. T. Howell leaving them. 1 Mr. Howell would, that evening, give them a farewell temperance address. He paid a high] tribute to the good Mr Howell had done 1 during his ministry at Malvern Link, and raad an extract from the" Sword and Trowel" 1 which set forth the duty of all Christian s ministers and temperance workers, and which ( could be well applied to Mr Howell's case Mr » J. Jenkins, in a short address on behalf of e the lodge, gave a farwell to Mr Howell and it f appeared that the Congregation of the < Countess of Huntington's Chapel, of which Mr Howell was minister, had presented him with J a purse containing a sum of lDoney.14" J Howell then delivered a touching address* He spoke with diffidence as he felt very deeply the great kindness he had experienced while he had been at Malvern Link, aud which he great ly appreciated. He thank God he came there, and also that he joined the Good Templars, which if not the best was one of the best temperance organizations extant and was doing a great deal of good. Wheu he came to Malvern Link he was broken down in health but was now restorel. There are two things that bound him to the Liuk. One was that he had shares in the Coffee Tavern about to be opened in the neighbourhood, and the other was a little grave upon which some kind friend had that morning placed some beautiful flowers, and he hoped God's blessing would be upon them for that. He bade a pathetic farewell to the lo jge. Mr Biugham, in an appropriate address. eulogised Mr HoWJJI, whom he described as a manly, vigorous aud earnest worker, and, on behalf of the Good Templars, presented him with a set of four books ou tha Temperance Movement by standard authors, which was accompanied by au illuminated address, beauti- fully engrossed by Mr J S. Jenkins, to trie effect that the. books were presented to the i>ev. R ,T. Howell as a token of respect and estee n of his brothers aud sisters in the vial vera-Link Lodge, with a hope that in his new sphere he may be happy^aud useial in an eminent degree Mr Huwell returned his h ;artfelt thanks in a very feeling manner. During the evening a number of songs and odes were interspersed with the speeches, Miss .\1. A. Jones presiding at the pianoforte.