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Tabernacle Congregational Church, ERDARB- PATRONS: The Right Hon. LORD ABERD \RE. HENRY KICHARD, Esq., MP. CHAS. H. JAMES. Esq" M.P. -At its. THOMAS, Ysguborwen. R. H. RHYS. Esq., J.P., Plasnewydd. JAMES LEWIS, Ksq., J.P., laadraw. D. E. WILLIAMS. Esq., J.P., Hirwain. THOS. WILLIAMS, Esq., J.P., Merthyr. W. POWELL, Esq., J.P, Hirwain. R. EDWARDS, Esq., J P., Vedwhir. D. P. DAVIES, Esq, J. P., Ynyslwyd. MAJOR POWELL, Aberdare. tUt. E. JONES. Tytnawr. W. THOMAS, Esq., Brynywel. E. RICHARDS, Esq., Cation-street. i BAZÃAR AND FANCY FAIR In aid of the extinction of the debt of the above Church will be held at the Temperance Hall, ABERDARE, On Tuesday, Wednesday g- Thursday, the 6th, Zth, Sf 15 th June Next. The Bazaar will be opened on TUESDAY, Jane th* 6th, at 2 pm., by J A3. LEWIS, Esq.. J.P., Plasdraw. Selections of Vocal and Instrumental Music will be rendered daily by tbe Aberdare Orchestral Society, the Volunteer Band, and an United Choir. ADMISSION: 2 to 6 p.m. 11; after 66d., each day. CA RDIFF. IMPORTANT BALE. GREAT UNRESERVED SALE OF TIMBER At the Bath and Vest of England Show Yard- Mr. H. A. FRY, Jun., Has been favoured with infractions from the Contractors, TO SELL BY/AUCTION, ON THE GflfoUND, OS WEDNESDAY & THUKSDAY, June 21st & 22nd, and THURSDAY July 27th, Commencing f^ch ,l)ay at 12 o'clook to the minute, the BUILDtXa MATERIALS, Used in the Erection of the SHOW YABD, comprising about .00,000 Feet Prime Dry Flooring Boords, 800,000 Feet Scantlings of all Sizes, 400.000 Feet Deals and Battens, large quantities of Log Timber, Roofing Felta, Tons of Firewood, &c.. &c. Catalogues tnay he had a few days previous to "'116 Sale, at the Contractors' Offices in the Show Yard, or the Auctioneer's Offices^ 9, Dorchester Sheet, Bath. Bath, May 29th, 1882. TO BUILDERS. ENDERS are inquired for the NEW -t CHURCH at eramao, near Aberdare. For further toartuwlars apply either to Mr. J. K«rBL, Aberamin Works, or to E. H. L BARKER, Esq., Architect,\jK Palace Yard. Hereford. SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS! T. WmTTY EVANS BEGSrtoinform the Public that he has just JD received an entirely NEW ST^CK of all kinds of GARDEN SEEDS from the best London Growers, viz., Giant Musselburgh* Leek, Lon- don Flag Leek. White Globe Ouiq6, I ripoli ditto. White Spanish ditto, Blood tted ditto, Taylor's Broad Windsor Beeris, Greet Windsor ditto, Long Pod ditto, Champion /of England Peas, Daniel O'Rorude ditto, Djarf Peas, Lettuce, Radish, Extra Curled Paquey, Mustard. Cress, Parsnips, Camus, Turn&s, Savoys, Broccoli, Couliflower, Celery, CujAitrlrber, Wheeler's Ira- Serial Cabbage, iButtoq^ Champion purple top wede, Mangolds\Stohllots, Potatoe Onions, Scarlet Runners, ^American White Seeded Banners, Dwarf Runners, Superphosphate Manure, &c., &c. All kinds of Garden Seeds at moderate prices, highly recommended by all purchasers of last Mason. An early call is respectfully solicited. NOTE THE ADDRESS:— T. WHITTY EVANS, Chemist and Seed Dealer, Commercial Street, Aberdare. FLOWER, VEGETABLE, AND FARM SEEDS. The Largest ind Best Stock in Town. ALL SEEDS GUARANTEED NEW. POTATOE SEEDS in prigfe condition, viz., • Magnum Bonum, School Master, Ashleaf, Climax, Beauty of Hebron .^American Rose. Shrubs, Spruce, Scoteb Fir, Quick's Fruit Trees, Roses, on the shortest notice from E. Williams, Nursery, Carmarthen. I have examined yeur New Stock of Flower, Vegetable, and FarmySeeds, and found them in good conditions of file quality and true to name. I have grown y\iW Seeds for years and found them to ray satisfaction at all times. lean highly recommend to any gentleman.—Yours faithfully, J. WILKINSON, Head Gardner, Aber- nant House, Aberdare." NOTE THE ADDRESS :— DANIEL TUDOR WILLIAMS, SEED MERCHANT, Xedical Hall, (kdlys-road, & WMtoombe St ABERDARE. To be Sold by Private Contract, THE following desirable LEASEHOLD HOUSES and PiiEMISEs, Nos. 5, 6, 7, and 8, Oxford-street. Aberdare. Nos. 6, 7, and 8, which are Private Houses produce an annual Rental of £7 16s. Od^each. No. f. which is a Shop, is now let to Mr. John Thomas Lewis. Grocer, at the annual. Rental of £ 13. All the above houses are substantially built and in good repair, considerable outlay having recently been made tbep6on, and being in the vicinity of the Gadlys Collieries, always com- mand good tenants. The property is tyfeld for the residue of a term of 99 yean^ at dn annual Giound Rent of £4 4s. 4d. W To suit the convenience of Purchasers, the premises will be sold eitner as a wholA of separ- ately. in which latter case the Gronnd Rent will be apportioned. A desirable opportunity now occurs for an artizan wishing to purchase a dwelling house for his own residence. For particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Evans, No. 6", Gadlys Terrace, or to Mr. R. Orton Gery, Solicitor, Aberdare. FOR BTSZHO AT BOMS. CRAWSH Am/ S Colours. /n Packet* 1d.,2d.,8d. &6d. qtch |>p^ Beat by post for one stamp »!«*. I 1 lr ■■■» ANYONE CAN HIE .FMCM. V I HNW Ribbons, yeatfcers, Neck He#, Dresses, tits., may %e made look equal to new. One Sixflrafiv Packet will Dye a Lady's Dress. £ Crawshaiv & Co., 80, Fann St., Aldersqate St., LONDON. I.E. AND Of ALL CHEMISTS. NEUVOUS AND ±>UY6iCAL L)ijlilLii'x' A gentleman, having tried in vain every advertised remedy, haar'disoovered a simple linearis of .self-cure. Htl will be happy to for- ward th<2 particulars tfallY suiferer ou receipt of a stamped Üoud:, di^cted envelope.—Address, Mlt. J. T. SKVKI^L/ Mayville, Hammersmith, London. W. IflPORTAlT SAJLIS. To Connoiisntrs of Antiques, China, and Curiosity Dealers, the Gentry and others. Mr. T. W. EYANS has been favoured with instructions from Mr. David Hart, who is leaving the neighbourhood (Lease of Premises having expired) to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION", on the Premises. 11, CANON STREET, Aberdare, on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, 14th and 15th JUNE, 18S2, and following days, the whole of his very Anti jue. Oak, aud Beautiful FURNITURE and the Entirety of his ESecta. among which will be foutid, fine old Oil Paintings byRubeus, Claurl, Morland, Whoverman, Mullear. and other old modern masters; English En- gravings, Oleographs and Chrooios; old Chelsea, Worcester, Bristol, Swansea, Ylajolioa, Oriental, and other antique China, and superior cut Glass; brilliant Plate Pier Glasses, 70 by .50, in massive gold frames; Mahogany Ward- robe, with Plate Glass Door. large size; Mahogany Duchess Dressing Tables, with large Mirrors attached, Mahogany Wash,-tands, with Marble Tops, Alexandra Chest of Drawers en suite Spanish Mahogany, Arabian/Bed Stead, Brass Rail Tops Bed Steads, Feather Beds, Palliasses, a very large size Oheval Glass. Plate 50 by 24, Walnut Drawing Room Suite, Rose- wood Card Table, Rosewood Whatnot, a lady's faucy Work Table, in cross grained Maple, very rare, a lady's very beautiful \fork Table, in- laid with 40,000 pieces of wood. This table was manufactured by Mr. Hart; it obtained a first-class silver medal wherever it was ex- hibited. Oak Cabinet, beaiitifully carved with large Allegorical figures supporting the upper part, and the doors of the lower part are carved, with Baskets of Fruit and Flowers, the centre Loo Table en suite extends, and will dine 30 people, the centre Pillow is magnificently catved, at the base of which are four carved Animals very fine English and French Clocks, Time Pieces, and Swiss Regulators. Ornamental articles of vertu and art, Brussels Carpets and Hearth Rugs, Fenders and Steel Fire Irons, Ivory balanced handle Knives, about 100 ozs. of Silver, very superior electro-plated Spirit Stands, Cruet Frames, Spoons, Prongs and other articles, a fine Dinner Service, a do., a Worcester Breakfast Service, richly A"lt and beautifully hand-painted, a do., a OhiraJDessert Service, pikk and gold beautifuljylatid-piiiitod, cut-glass Decanters. Port, Sherry, Champagne, and other Glasses, four doz. silver handle Knives in Mahogany Case, a large set of Ivory Chess Men, keaufifully carved, a very large Magic Lantertfr with slides complete, subjects Abyssinia and Zulu Wars, a superior Iron Safe, two drawers with duplicate keys, a small Library efBoeks, among which will be found a Welsh and Latin Grammar, a Welsh and Latin Dictionary printed in the fifteenth century, the first copies printed in Wales, a superior Kitchen Dresser with drawers and enclosed Cupboards, one do. do., a Sewing Machine by Howe, and an assemblage of interesting objects, Culniary Utensils, and a variety of useful miscellaneous effects, the whole of which will be sold. SALE TO COMMENCE AT 12 O'CLOCK EACH DAY. Tlp- The Auctioneer calls special notice to this Sale, it being one out of the common, and worthy the attention of collectors and general public. Private View on Monday and Tuesday, the 12th and 13th of June, 1882, by Catalogue only, to be obtained of the Auctioneer and on the Premises, 11, Canon Street. Offices, 14, Commercial Street May 10th, 1882. CHARLES HAJ&VEr, ENGINEER ANDJTORVEYOR, BUILDER AlDflOlTIl/LCTOa. 0. H- begs to inform the Owners of House and other Property, tVat he is prepared to offer Tenders for Privaw^Bfraiuage and Buildings of all kinds; also for the Preparations of Plans and Drawings of same, on the shortest notice and at very moderate charges. OffiCA: WEATHERALL STREET, ABERDARE. Aberdaro Local Board of Health. WANTED, A COLLECTOR OF GENERAL if DISTRICT RATES. Salary £100 per annum. Particulars of the Duties-may be learned on application to the undesigned. Applications to ba received on or belafe Thursday, the 8th June, 1882. v Security for JEPOO will be required. Canvassing th^ Members, either directly or indirectly, will disqualify any candidate. R. ORTON GERY, Clerk. Town Hall, Aberdare. MOFLLFLLY MASSE^MD PAIR. THE Lessees of the^Aberdare Market beg to announce that thCy have made arrange- IT aL y q, ments for holdiujg a MONTHLY MARKET and FAIR at the Abefcdjfre Vlarket, to take place on the Second Tuesday in every Month. The second will be held on Tuesday, June 13th. APARTMENTS^ANTED, with use of Piano djyjkfrmonium. State particulars, X.L, Aberdar^Tiraes Office. ACTIVE MEN, Aberdare and throughout the UNITED KINGDOM, having time to call on Shops, will' hear of a profitable AGENCY on writina^o M., 20, High Holborn, London. V

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