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SHAVINGS." Physical beauty has its province, be it in nature or in the masterwol-k-iiaaii. The beauty of scenery, the near and yet so far of creation. The winding valleys. the lowering hills, are each beautiful when at a distance, but when in the valley, or on the mountain top, the respective beauty of each is lost, indicating that to be amid beauty is to be lost to it. 'Tis distance lends enchantment to the view. Nearness, conformity, or continual harmony, are each displeasi g to the enjoyment of such. Variety and diversity are essentials to the appreciation of beauty. A mountain scaled is beauty lost to the scaler, or swallowed up in the new found beauty of the distant meads and far reaching plains. Physical beauty has its province, and I that is to coo [uer.^captivate, educe, the faculties possessing the degrees of sympathy, in man. Here beauty is more intricate, owing to the fondness and natural desire to see beauty in others than our own kind, and the, repugnance of enquiring for beauty within, arising from the fear of encountering moral blemishes and deformities, and consequently less appreciated The beauty of figure, form, and symmetry, are more or less appreciated by all but the inner beauty, the shekinah of man's higher nature, which occasionally flashes to the front with The playing of the s,.u: in tho eyes, the passion of the soul lingiug in the voice, or the .eloquence of:1:1 overawed, enraotuied. aud t:-nfranced soul sub luRd into silence by the greatness of it■< figures uuJ. revelation-. The meta^uysical beauty oftentimestransfigures the physic illy do formed, and unattractive cou it-mauce, by the irradiations of its heavmlv orgn The writer has see:, persons with expressions upon their faces in lifting, a:cc>diog t I the popular belief, day dreamers.' tha- tne ami is fixed on the far far away, an t lost in the mtiuite line of beauty, beautiful to them if not beatific. Milton's devout, and pensive nun, with her looks conversing with '•he heavens, her en- raptured soul beaming and reigning in her eyes. Taere are others who a* e not nuns, woo, acc ¡rd- ing to scriptural language, are full of the Holy G iost, aId see tho K'n! in Ills b >auty. Wordsworto's eyes at no time-! bright, lustrous or piercing, at times assume i a most soiemu and spiritual aspect, tin light in tnem was no supoyfteitd ti"ari>ie :t light, .t was h;;ht Shir !t -v .-»■ \v:i^ In ;> i.ii'l. a ght fr un tue sp.ri u d e; u'uai far b, ond So Wita others, not writers oi poetry iiko Words- worth, the glow of real aadtastim; beauty 11 has played, from within outwards, with such magtuticentsplettdour and Curisilike aureola, that we thought they were gating fdje to face, like the art at God, tu Authhrofali beauty —the fet'leot Himself It is said of lenuy Lind—her features neither remarkable nor regu'a" t iat usi.j alone, aud not wonderfully tra[figured her Lee, to it it beca oe a glonh «l one it, c.teu became vent ibly transpare it, and tne soul within shone brightly through the earthly veil in a most en- chanting manner. So we have seen persons, not great singers li^o Jenny Lin 1. whose lives were full of music Hnd its abstract -beauty murmuring some fondly loved strains of Christian melody and tueir features hallowed with unusual radieuce, which emauat^d from the ialla irtat c-park, and stione with refulgent rays, bathing tile faces with a sacred lustre as if the eternal non-setting sun u -d beamed upon them In hub it seemed as if Tue veil of the Temple was reut in twain from the top to the bottom." Iu life ani in dentil, often- times, this metaphysical, supernatural, or physical beauty is the companion of man. "hus we see that one predo uiuates over the other, the physical unattractive is Ust in tile nalo of the soul'? outshining, jfot t io b ith are related, not of uocess.ty, nut iu sympathy. The ancients set tortii Oeauty by the medium of several figures, such as tue following — Una leading tae Lion, that is, fragile, deli- cate beauty and strong be.,uty, the latter captivated by the form u-, and the former pro- tected by the latter. < he marriage of Ye.,us and Vulcan set fortn the u. iion of beauty aud art, beauty and work, the abstract anl tae concrete; the for aet being the rewird of t .e latter, her beuity for his labour, a; .4 her love for his care. Thus we see tnat t ere was, and is. union and sympathy befw-e.t beauty and strength. This same union and sympatuy exist between beiuty and the suriounduig universe, though in lower degrees. Tue voices )f HJ..ltUl'fj' d nursery of beauty are as various as the voices of man's soul; and wli -[I tue final, tao sum nit of perfection and beauty, is called for, the v,,i:c -tj of nature ring in unison t >ge aer super ios." and then the soul rests wita the beautiful, the Creator oi all, IOLD BACH.