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MUSICAL STUDENTS. Mr. Abraham Nehemiah James, fXF the Royal Academy of Music, and Ac- V. compainst of the Abei dare Choral Union, desires respectfully to inform the Gentry and the Public generally of Aberdare and its neigh- bourhood that he gives mstructibns in Harmony u mging, and lessons on th'e Pianoforte and narmomum. Pupil Teachers prepared for their Examina- tions in Harmony. tioJjeference to past pupils furnished on applica- bon. desirJd!8 Waite<i uPon at tlieir °wn residence, if guaraiiteed. Terms very moderate. Address-38, Bute Street, Aberdare N.D. Rirwain visited twice weekly. Mr A N. James would also draw the atten- hon of those connected with the management of Eisteddfods, Oratorio and Miscellaneous Con- certs, Festivals, and similar Entertainments that he is open to engagements as Accompanist on most reasonable terms. A li TI F I O i A L TEE T H P.JiilMSS DENTISTRY. Established 25 Years. With all the latest and most Modern Appliances. Messrs. G. POOL^ & SONS, CJEVEDON VILLA, STOKE'/CROFT HOAD, BRISTOL pATENTED System if A RTlFICIA L TEETH -i surpasses all others for t-conoaiy, dura- bility, mastication, articulation, and natural appearance, being indestructible. They never cbangH color or^decay. Every case guaranteed. A Set, from a Tooth from 5s. Enamel Stopping, 2s. 6d. and 5s. Dental Operations of every Description. A VACANCY FOR A PUPIL. Attendance at the Temperance Hall, Aberdare, every Tuesday, between the hours of 12,40 and 4.30 p.m. STIFF'S STARCH Is warranted FKEE FROM ADULTERATION. MESSRS. STIFF AND Co., however, cannot guarantee any Starch to be their manufacture. unless the Box or packet bears their Trade /Mark, "QUEEN BESiS." i. O *?«• ARTilUll4lILL HAS- Kt u 1)88 Atia'ysed our °%arch, and reported it to be fe3"S? «!! «.,c K ever examined." The JL curacy of this high testi monial is confirmed by the steadily increasing demand for our manufacture. STIFF & COMPy., 29, iiEDCLlFFE STRKET, BRISTOL. P"V'ft- 8- !John E. Keirby, PATENTEE AND MAKDPACTDBEE OF 'STfcAM PACKING, SWiMOJI. NEAR MANCHESTER, Square Platted Elastic Steam Packing FOR PISTON RODS, PISTONS, PUMPS, &c. FRENCH CHALK PACKING, HYDRAULIC PACKING, GLYCERINE PACKING, RED LEAD R 0 PEP A C KIN G for Man- Holes, CylinderCovers, Steam Joints. &c. WIRE GAUZE STEAM PACKING RINGS, And every description of Fac\iny, ROUND, SQUARE, AND FLAT. Sarnnles and Prices on Application. Under the distinguished Patronage of the Biitish Admiralty. The Honourable Corporation of Trinity House, London. ESTABLISHED 1864. i; N 1 TY I I C) IIS E SCHOOL ( CLASSICAL AND COMMERCIAL), HIGHLAND PLACE, AUERDARE. ESTABLISHED 1865. CONDUCTED BV REV. J. JOSEPH GEORGE 'I HE Schoolroom is New iid Capacious situated in one of the healthiest parts et the district. Education, d on sound principles, is eminently practical aud adapted to business purposes. Separate attention is given to each pupil. TERMS MODERATE. STAFFORDSHIRE BLUE BRICKS, COPINGS, QUARRIES, BIDGESJ/KOOFIKG TILES AND TERRA METALLIC PAVINGS, SUITABLE FOR STABLES, FOOTPATHS, HOUSES, PIGGERIES, imNNELS, COURTYARDS, V&c., &c. Five Gold and Silver Medals. First Class Awards London, Paris, and Brussels Ex- hibitions, First Class Award, Silver Medal, Paris, 1878 JOSEPH HAMBLET, West Bromwich. O HOTOG RA^HS. Statuary, Picture, i oti^fiit Scraps, sent for selec- tion. Catalogs JTree.—1\ Mitchell & Co., Sydenham, London, S.E. THE ABERDARE DOG, POULTRY, PIGEON, AND CAGE BIRD SOCIETY. President: RIGHT HON. LORD ABERDARE. IMPORTANT TO EXHIBITORS. OPEN TO ALL. -T H E S IH CON I) ANNUAL SHOW V WILL BE HELD IN THE MARKET HALL, ABERDARE, On WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, JULY mhandUtk, 1879. 1 Classes for Dogs 40, Poultry A3, Pigeons 20, Cage Birds 9. Entrance Fees Low. Nearly X,300 in prizes, besides a number of Silver Cups and IZCIS. Special Prizes. Judges: Logs, Lev. Grenville F. Hodson and W. Lort, Esq.; Poultry and Pigeons E* Hewitt, Esq. J ° PRIZE LISTS ON APPLICATION. LNTRIES CLOSE 5th JULY. W. SARVIS, HON. SEC. NOVELTIES FOR SPRING, 1879. MADAM, I purpose making my FIRST SHOW of NEW SPRING GOODS, In every Department, on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, APRIL 29th, APRIL 30th, MAY 1st, AND F O L f, 0 W I iV G » A Y$. The display for this Season embraces the latest and most choice pro- ductions of the ENGLISH, FRENCH, and GERMAN MARKETS. Special care has been given to the selecting of MILLINERY, STRAW HATS and I FEATHERS, MANTLES, FANCY DRESS QHOWRrlnM^ °ther FANCY GOODS. Hoping you will visit my SHOW-ROOMS on one of the above davs y 01 y I remain, yours most respectfully, HENRY LEWIS, 11, Commercial-place, Aberdare. T Whites London Cement, Plaster Paris. Mortar I-fail1, all of the best qualifv. at EVAN THOMAS & CO.'S, j Ironmongeis, aM^jKIiner's Lamp Manufacturers, .rfJ -IF Æ IS 1? .J is M P n ICE o i\ application WORTHY OF NOTICE. A. W. WHEI5LEH, 7, DEAN STREET, ABERDARE, I N P"1 P»t«rii»pe, A,irc8 inform the PUBLIC tl.« he i. vrepwed to A IS" U4I„- SH„ii. |,R 'Kb IT R,,LPT.MR" "1 L,IN? "V D"«"Ption. Table Cuvera, Carpets, and h'e^thrugs. &c f"»nu,es, including .Viuretns, Damatks, .od Kid Gloves and Felt Eats Cleaned and Dyed equal to New. ;Len Y9ú £ I. ask f'9'li: See that you get it! rp-J Awbacl qualities are often substituted. V ljie Genuine is used by the Laundresses of THE PROCESS OF WillES AND DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH. SELIG, SONNENTHAL, & CO., Manufacturers and Contractors for Railway and Engineers' Plant of Special AND GENERAL DESCRIPTION. !§'§!•; S § g" g- p t?- 2 | » s-ss:??8 g § L 2 3 a < n 1—' aj X- !P 3 ? op c 2. Ok- great varie^ Americai-i and other Tools. Prices on Application, Screwcutting Gap Treadle Lteah, 5 inch. 5 jt. Bed, E22 10packed, delivered in London. LAMBETH HILL, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET, LONDON, E.C. I CHEAP COFFINS! ISAAC THOMAS, UNDERTAKEN, 24 & 25, Seymour-street, Aberdare, DESIRES to inform tile Public tbat lie still continues to corryon the business as tisUhI. and Supplies Cofflcs of the best quality, at a lower rate any other in the Principality. ll<- also ui)de\akfes the sol? care of FL) ERALS, and HEARSES and MOURNING COACHES which cannot be surpassed in Wales. HEARSES and MOURNING COACH ES will be charged at a lower rate iu cases where he con- tracts to supply Collins. further, he will undertake the work of sup- plying Brick (iraves, white-limed and draped, for the low frun rof £ ? )0s. The fact of his having supplied 16,000 Coffins during the la*t Sixte< n Years, is a sufficient guarantee of the manner iu which he carries out his duties. ""E10R THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE."— Jt> See Deuteronomy, chap, xii., verse 23. rUÐmIQ WORLD FAMED nniiniiant'^ii!ii| Trade Mark,—" Blood Mixture." THE CREAT BLOOD PURIFIED & RESTORER 1 kovsands of Tcstimoajhls from all Parts. For cteaMingand oloarmg thv blood from all impurities oar not bo too hjq)11y recommended I 'u" For Scrofula, Scnrvy, S 'n Disenses, and sore of all kind it ie a never-tailing ana otrfnanent cure» It Qiires Old S6res Cures \1 lcarHted Sores on the neck L Cur R Ul rated Sore Lefrs Cures^fackheads, r Pimples on the Pace Cures Scurvy "ores Cures Cancerous nicer Cures nlood and Skin Diseases Cures G lan4u ¡" r "Jli n 1:8 <-lears the Blood from all impure Matter From whatever cause arising. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and war- ranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietos solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. Thousands of testimonials from all parts. Soid in Bottles, 2s. 6d. each, and in cases, con- taining six tunes the quantity, Us each-sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of ong standing cases,—bv ail Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the United Kingdom ifinr wT °,r Sent t0 111-v address on receipt of rfO or 132 stamps by 1 F. J. Cr-ARKE Chemist, Apothecaries Hall. Lincoln. Wholesale All Patent Medicine Houses. 'P ur fJ°adon DePGt iSO, Oxford Street. ^vans, 14, Commerical-street, Aherda; iiNP J. RICHARDS, 12 and 13, Cardiff-street, Aberdare. teii PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. Patronised by several eminent PhyticialU and Surntont, and UNIVNMALLY held in hitfh eiteem. A w Though you have suffersd and desrpaired for years and tried Remedies in vain, be agfturnd there is still a «i»fe aud speedy cure for you at a small coat by using PIEORGF/S PILK AND GRAVEL VT PIIJLS, which are nowA-ecofjnised by H11 as being tiie best Medicine vet discpTt-red for PILE AND U-R A VEL, as well as fori'the following pains, which, in Ninety-niue Casf-s out ql every Hundred, are caused by these painful Maladies/— PAIN IN THE BACK, FU/rULENOY,GRIPING, COLIC, A SENSE OF WEIGHT IN THE BACK AND LOINS, DARTING PAINS WTHE REGION OF THE HEART, LIVER, AND KIDNEYS, CONSTIPATION, PAINS IN THE THIGHS, SOMETIMES SHOOTING DOWN TO THE CALF OF THE LEG AND FOOT, SUPPRESSION AND RETENTION OF URINE, PAINS IN THE STOMACH, AND ALL LIVER COMPLAINTS. riionaanda ban been cured by th..e Pills, and many who bad been pronounced bopelcst hurt been thoroughly restored to health by the,, use. ONE BOX WII.L CONVINCE THE MOST SCEPTICAL OF THKIR KFKICACY. In to cuit all v> o may be tnfirrinq from ONE or BOTH of tn'ett Maladiei, the P'-OI¡Tt..tor ;>j-( Mjr.-i lhú Vegetable Remedy in the foho>omg form. No. I-GFORGEISPTLE & GRAVFLPILLS. No. 2 GEORGE'S GRAVEL fILLS. Ko.3 -GEORGS'S PILLS FOR TREPILES. Important Testimonial) from Doctors, CMfAin., and I in: liii.i, frum all part* of the country, will be forwarded to any addrest on receipt of a stainped envelope. Sold in Boxes, Is. lid. and 2a. Sd., by all respectable Cheiriibts; by Post, Is. 4d. and Sh., in postage stamps. EVF.BY BOX IS PltuTICCTED BY THE GOVERNMENT tTAttt. KOTICE.—The title PILM AND GRIYFL PILLa" is Copyright, and entered at Stattviun' Hall Proprietor. J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.8., HIRWAIFC. GLAMORGANSHIRE. (jEORGE GRIFFITH^ JONES. Registrar of Carriages. OITICES 5, CANON STREET, -A- E Persons giving notice at this Office may mari-v either at the Register Office, Merthyr, or in any licensed chapel in Aberdare or Merthyr. H, W. GRIFFITHS, D.D.S., D E: N TFST, I DOCTon OF DENTAL SURG Eli 1", (Philadelphia Dental College, U.S.A.J 6, BBiD&E-STKEET, NEWPORT, MON, Attends at 3<r,Victoria-street, Merthyr, every Thursday, from 10 till 4 p.m. Patients auended at their residence iiy al)l)ol'tltmellt. ONE BOX OF CLARKES B 41 PIT T < is warranted to cure all discharges fmm ti Urinary Oruans, m cither sex. acquired m- Gravel, "nil l-:um ii, S Iwt Boxes, 4s 6d each, by all cheini t ? 111 Medicine Vendors or sent to -i. 8 il" stamps by the Maker, F. J. (JLARRF r** Houses. ■L0nd0". »nd all the Wholesale Local Agents—1 \V Fvivo ia r street Ah! J -i VAN9. H. Commercial- S i i?d J- u uu.i 13 vftiqin-stieet, ^Vberdafy. THE RIGHT THING IN THE BlGBS PL A CE. BE EC HAM'S PILLS AIlE admitl..d hy thousands to he worth absve a Hh rH 1 a BOX, for bilious and mrvoiift dtsordeis surh as HIIKI and pain at the stomach, sick; li endue lie, s'ddtness, fullness and swellness aftof meals, dizziness unci drowsiness cold chills, ililsitifigs of heat, loss or appetite,shortness ofhreath costive*, ness, scurvy, blotches on the skin, disturhe'd sleep fri^htfui dreams, and all m rvons aud fremhllD, sensations, &c., &c. T; p first dose will give relief 20 uiinotes. This is no fiction, for they have done it in thou sands of eas-s. The Proprietor of these Fills bave-t intr obtained (at great expense; a patent fNr them, he challenges the wlmle world to profluceaml-deisto eqoal to them for removing the above-named com- plaints, and restoring the patient to sound and lasting health. Every sntlerer is earnestly invited to try one bo o these Fills, and they will be acknowledged to be WOHTH A liUINEA. A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses of them carry <)6 all gross humours, open all obstructions, and bring about all that is re- quired. No female should be without them. There is no medicine to be found to egtial Heecham's Fills, for removing any obstruction or irregularity of the system. It tnkcf. accordtttK to the directions given with each box they will soon restore females of all ages to sound and robust heal tit., Beecham's Magic Cough PiHs. As a remedy for Coughs in general, Asthma Difficulty in Breathing, Shortness in the Breath* Tightness and Oppressior of the Chest, Wheezing* &c., these l itis stand unrivalied antlaoyou-c labour* ini! under any ot the/above complaints need »nly try ONE BOX, to pro^e that they are th« best ever offered to the pub/ie, Asthmatic and Consumptive Coughs, H,yrs, and opprdssion of the Chest, They speedily reinove that sense of oppression and difficulty of lifeathini:, which uigktly deprive the patient of rest. They give almost instant relief and comfort to thosf afflicted with the above distressing and, when neglecied, dangerous complaints. Let any persons troubled with any of the above com- plaints givd l;EKCHAM'S COUGH FILLSatrfal The most violent Couph. «ill m a short time be re* moved, Facts are more conclusive than arguments, and ta comment upon such facts as the above Would be superfluous. The extraordinary sale of Beecham'l Pills prove unmistakably tlmt they are one of the best and safest medicines at the present 0*u for disease and sickness will not be tound in any house, after taking a few doses of these excellent Fills. CAIJTIOS-The public are requested to notice thai the words Beecham's Fills, St. Helens," are on the government Stamp affixed to each box of the piHsj if not on, they are a forgery. Prepared onlv, and sold wholesale and retai the proprietor, T. Beecham, Chemist. St. HeleQ Lancashire, in boxes at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. eac Sent post free fiom the proprietor for 11, 15, or stamps. Sold ly all Druggists and Patent Medieiye Dealer in United Kingdom, N.B—Full directions are given with each box. DR. SMITH'S System of treatment by tho 01 Positive Remedies. For the Cure of every form' of Bebil ty and Nervousness. Importart New Work, 164 Pages, free by post, in Envelope, on receipt of Three Stamps, to p Postage, A WARNING AND HELP TO INVALIDS SLFFER1NG FROM DEBILITATING DISEASES, A SPECIAL MEDICAL WORK ON THE CAUSE, SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT OF DEBILITATING AND NERVOUS DISEASE," By DR. SMITH'S POSITIVE REMEDIES Tiiis PAN]Plij.LTgivt,s a LIST OF DEBILTTA. TING AND SPECIAL D-SEASES AND THKIR POSITIVE REMEDIES, describes the Causes Symptoms and Medicines used by the Doctor in his PRACTICE FOR THIRTY YEARS: It is written and published to enable INVALIDS to form a correct knowledge of their disease. By the aid of this book, sufferers from diseases caused by indiscretion will find frnif3r i escr'1 t'on °f 'he disease they are suffering inva i/lS"fi Instr,,cti0«s "hich Will enable the sr i mv L^"re' PERSONALLY CON, SULTING A MEDICAL MAN. Also whTchTlADVISE and INSTRUCTIONS b, which Thousands have been Cured of Diseases of the JVervous Blushing, K Hysteiia, Nervous Deb.bty. Timidity, Mental and Physical De- Self-distrust, prefsion, Cizxinpss, Palpitation of the Heart, Love of Solitude, Noises in the Head and Groundless Fears, Ears Muscular Relaxation,' &c., laecision, resulting; from ex- luopaiied Sight and haustion of Nerve Memory, Power, the etfects of Indigestion, Overtaxed Energies, Loss of Energy, Enervating Habits and Pains in the Back, J other abuses of the Constipation, System. In this work will be found everything COUNTRY INVALIDS should know to Securt Health, Strength, Energy, a Long-life, and avoid the ) nftrmitie pf Old Age. 50,000 Cases of Nervous Debilty Cured 2,500 Testimonials given. This is the Invalids' Hand-Book an Guide to the Cure of allDiseases- NOT ICE Sent, free b) post. tor Three Stamps tQ any address, in Envelope. NOTICE :-Books cannot now ne left it, the Post Office till called for, unless in the sender's own name. DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton CRESCEKT, LONDON, W.C THE LATEST MARVEL. The Latest Marvel. The Latest Ma. el. O EORGE'S COUGH BALSAM. George's Cough Balsam. A George's Covst. Balsaq), WONDERFUL EXPECTORANT, ANTI} spasmodic, Hnd Demulcent. A ONDERFUL EXPECTORANT, AKT spasmodic, and Demulcent, A WONDERFUL EXPECTORANT. ANTI* spasmodic, aad D, mulcept- /EORGE'S COUGH BALSAM. George's Cou<:li Balsam. George's Cough Balsam. IT CURES IVHUN OTHER REME&1& i fail. IT CURES WHEN OTHER REMEDIED ± fail. IT CURES WHEN OTHER REMEDIES fail. GEORGE'S COUGH BALSAM, George's Cough Balsa it. ™ lt -fir ^eorg«'8 Cough Balsam, The BE-T specific for Conghs CNUA A .I. chitis, Influenza, Hoarseness s, t»- s^ln,8» the r;iluable testimonials „round e;,ch be,)t^Uable ob-erve that th^v^rd^ « r parH*ul"r: «e stamred on everv I Sold in Uotu V! 10 WW*?*" fWtfov*' Christ, al is- ^d- a"° W. by «os» ^t^ists and patent medicine vendors in the wor.d ""D t! Pr,c,0I» A. GEORGE, Familt Chemist, Pentre, Pontvpridd. INFANT'S POWDERS, T1JFANTS' l'OWDEP^ Marrcllous ,,reih» L of the EURO PA II rE PRKSKR VERV ■lpon the Infant System! tlicy ;,r,' not niv U.e r^rv Best and Safest ^cdicine m,u, ,s (ati „ve tll(3 little ones durine the Anxious jiei-i,i r » ,i ..■ Ju <>t let'liung, but Miey act as a certain >npef tic Ko ■ '■ ,v. „ 11 r'i^, i'.l! malign, lironchUis, Diarrhoea, ^UMll-pux Sl,)irj((, „ M. *C., 4c. Soid bv DWi t Che,nist,. 10 p'sVktjfS, »i Is. I Jd, and 2s. 9o.; or tr, IA. tlu. .KOROE, Pentre, Pontvpri: Norn.—Head (lie m.j.ojtiuu antl in^ipii- iwt., iioniaisatJHu J y,i,L>T. -5 imi