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lltisttllaittflus |ntell HONTE, FOREIGN, AND COLON COCKCHAFERS AND POULTBT.—In mall the country the cockchafer is for about II commonest of insects (says the Graphic). are they that trees particularly affected b sent of an evening the aspect of gigan surrounded by myriads of big drones or 11 The larva of the cockchafer is a molt deat and it therefore is asserted that in utilising aa food for poultry a double purpose wotu For fowls they form a moat valuable varia diet. The best way to oolleot large ni shake them down from the trees in the ea to put them in sacks, and dry them in oven. Village children will collect vaat n quite nominal Bum. A FRIVOLOUS OLD THINO.—School Be May I ask the name of the tsnant ?—T< Gubbins—that's me. But what's in a na) (noting the fact in his mem.-book). Gubl you. Have you any children ? —Tenan —Visitor. Does he attend school?—Tei Visitor. Dear me What is the excuse 1 He's married, and his wife thinks he can 1 ployed.—Judy. THE FIBST KIS8.-ln a late German si gives a rhapsodical description of the fi these ebullient words (says an Americi Am I really dear to you, Sophia ?" J and pressed my burning lipe to her roay J: did not say yea she did not say no; but my kiss and my soul waa no longer in J] touched the stars; the earth went fron feet." All of which is very pretty and bat v ry indefinite. What the practical to k tow is, if that is the transcendental saying that he was at that particular mon a paternal boot-toe. THE ADVANTAGES OF BICYCLES m TRIANISM. — A scientific bicyclist give Journal) the following statement.—The feet in a mile, and, if we take regulatio inches each, we should lift the body 2,2 accomplishing a mile, which, we may a 20 minutes. Now, if the body weighs and we lift it Hit times a minute, as cover a mile in 20 minates, it is easy to have done work equal to, aay, 120th power, reckoning the rise of the centre equal to one inch. If we oould walk wit the body that expenditure of power wou but we cannot, and each step we tak much expenditure of nervous energy bicycle rider expends his energy msrel; the treadles of his machine; he does body, which ia reating firmly on the sac driving wheel is three feet in diameter, culated. 528 revolutions would be neoes a mile, aad the crank, allowing for ali) about 26 turns per minute. If the m inches long, and the vertical stroke eigl thigh lifts only the length of throw of tl the work done is equal to, say, 416 foot-p is all utilized on the downward thruat c whereas in walking the fall of the bo The bicyclist haa thus practically no liftL his energy is all expended in driving forward, and, as there is less atrain on hii his nervous energy, is able to keep up much longer, and consequently cover mon he could do on foot. If the problem it the moat rudimentfcry manner, it ia eai the walker has to lift his weight at eac the bicyclist is supported, and expends his energy in driving his machine. WANTED TO KNOW .—If an artificial lives upon the second floor may be cal Flora ?—If, when you send a shilling t are making use of flash language ?—I true that fiery men are eaaily put out!— i the wheel Bhould be correctly describedi necessity 1 "-If buying asparagus at te bundle can be called dear stalk-ing 1—If t of a member of the corps de ballet ahould up as caper sauce ?-1f winking is really art? And lastly, but not leastly,—If may not, with a due regard for the fitness deacribed aa a regular nuisance ? "—Jut HE WAS THEBE !—" Sir will you give or øo, to a veteran who escaped all ti deBpesnte cavalry charges at Gfiliyshorgh.' escape? we asked. "I did." "You ee you were wounded? No, air, I was I "You were not even wounded?" But certainly your clothes were pierci leta?" "Not a bit of it. Nary a bul yet you want meney. No, sir! Ha been shot off, or a cannon ball torn you i: bullets been lodged in your body, we migl you ten cents, but aa it is charity must be John, bring ua a five cent. cigar." But survivor," peraiatedthia veteran. "The: a hall and charge ten cents fer the exhibit) hition be hanged," said he. Give me t I'll tell you how I didn't get killed." It 1 bait and was taken. Then he sidled tow as he remarked, I was on the very spo charge was made, I stood where the bul rain, but—'twas a month after it happene A LUCID EXPLANATION.—Henry (08wlJ Maria "I am afraid you are displeasec Maria No, dear Harry. I am not dis you I am only displeased at your disple displease of your displeasing with me."—J WEATHBB FOBICASTS.—The followii from New York has been received at office of the New York Herald:—" Dial tended by rains, galea and lightning, will Britiah and Norwegian coasts, affecting coasts, between the llth and 14th inst. I ture will follow." ANOTHER AMERICAN EXHIBITION.—A been started at New York for holding i World's Fair" or International Exhib manufactures, products of the soil and year 1883 has been suggested as a per executive committee have resolved that it able to fix a date until a site haa been I that it should be a spot on New York Isl part of the buildings may be permitted to enduring remembrance of the exhibition. VENERABLE PENNIES.—The Pall Meal markes"A penny saved iø, accordin proverb, a penny gained. This, howeve variably the case; and those who are holdii coin wiU do well te take note of some obser on the subject of too venerable pennies bj Master of the Mint in his report for th Notwithstanding the deciial of the old oo in 1869, and the deciaion of 'My L< Treasury, of which due notice was givi who have been in the habit of collecting that it could not be received at ita full ni after the 30th of July, 1873, applioatioi tiaued to be made at the Mint even past year from tradesmen and others, 1 fn the country districts, to be relieved amounts of eopper coin remaining in Some of the applicants appeared to hi pence of a particular reign or year under impression that the coin possessed some aj but it was neoessary to reply to all such r copper coin had, under proclamation of May, 1869, ceased to be a legal tender fron that year, and could not be received al value. Such applications afford additioi of the length of time required for the COE drawal of a large coinage which has bee years in circulation." PKEPABINO FOR THE RESTORATION OF A A very unusual scene has just been witn village of Shapwick, Dorsetshire. The pi haalong been eut of repair, and steps t progress for some time to raise funda to ret difficulty has been experienced in gettii money for the purpose. With a view of ] mounting the financial obstacle, it was p agreed that the unakilled labour in connec restoration should be done by the able-bo< the parish. Consequently, the other the Shapwick men, under the leadership and the superintendence of the architect, i perform their part, and they worked with ness that at duak everything had been don the building for the incoming of the r traces of gallery and pews had been de flooring and paving atonea carried out of and the whole edifice reduced to the skeleton-like condition. TAKING IT OFF.—Jones (who had made charcoal atudy for a grand historical pictui what the Why, what have you beet Mary: Oh, I ain't touched nothin', air air, and ."—Fun. THE NEW LAW ON FRIENDLY SOCIETIS to amend the Poor Law Amendment Aci respect te members of friendly and bene haa been issued. The 23rd provision of Act has been altered, and it is now enac1 enactment is in operation, that the provi section shall not apply to any moneys whi or pauper lunatic, having a wife or oti dependent upon him for maintenuce: maj to receive as a member of any friendly aociety; but such moneys, subject to any for keeping up his membership, shall be pa by the uffictrs of the society to or for the i ot such wife or relative, and where a paup< lunatic haa ne wife or relative dependent claim by guardians of any union snail be sonietf for expenses incurred in his relief until the guardiana or relieving officers ah dared the relief to be given on loan, and within thirty days, notified the same to th branch, in writmg, of which the pauper lunatic is a member, and as such entitle< any payment. A USSON IN HOMANITT.—The Japanc kind to animals. Professor Morae tells 1111 is never Been to throw a atone at a dog or crows come into the city of Tokio and lo houses. They pay for their kind treatme act as scavengers, picking up what rice or £ to the ground. In a crowded thoroughfare a dog lying asleep in the middle of the ros disturbed him. but carefully turned out fro once threw a stone at a dog to see how he The animal rose to his feet to let the stem looked surprised, and took only the same second assault-quite different from the wa) dog would be likely to act. By the sides oi at the loot of hills, stone monumentll are have been there for hundreds of years, bei that teach consideration f r the dumb b anregenerate Anglo-Saxon may here lean practical humanity. RELIGIOUS DENOHINATIONS IN THE AB turn as to the religious persuasions of th missioned officers and men of the Britiah I that of a total of 94.842 men, 62.860 bel Ohurch of England, 20,872 are Roman f,125 Presbyterians, and 3,985 are Protestai lenominations. Of the Church of En 21,314 were in receipt ot good conduol ) 790 held third-olass school certiucatwa 5, Catholics received good conduct pay, and ;hird-class school certificates of the Pn 5,224 were in receipt of good conduct pay, lad third-class school certificates. Of the lominations 1,205 received good conduct pi leld third-class school certificates.

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