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(GEORGE SANGER'S World Renowned Grand Equestrian and Zoological E S TABLISHMEN T, Universally acknowledged the only complete Exhi. bition of its kind travelling. Will Visit, ABEE.DARE. Wednesday t Thmsday, June 218t Sf 22nd. .The Exhibition will form Three Distinct Estab- lishments, namely— HIPPODROME rapiE, & CIRCUS. The Proprietor deems it necessary to further ,explain the magnitude of this A 1 Establishment of the World. There will be found Men, Horses, and Animals from all parts ot the explored globe, which will take part in the Grand PROCESSION That will parade the principal streets of the town only at one o'clock, weather permitted. Fancy Birds, Bird of Golden Cross and King Worshipper, Secretaries, Giant Kangaroos, Jaguars, Leopards, Tigers, Hyenas, Sloth, and Bear, Camels and Dromedaries, Balmoral Pipers in full Highland Costume, Ostriches, Horned Horse, aDd the Prairie Stag, the Kings of the Forest, the AFRICAN-BRED LIONS, « Grand Indian Carriage containing the Wonderful WHITE ELEPHANT, The same that was exhibited before th ir Royal Higbnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales and Royal Children, at Sanger's Grand National Amphitheatre, London, Feb. 10th, 1875. This Casriage will he draw by Six other Elephants, and attended by Indians in the true Costume. The whole ot the above-named Wild Animals and Birds will be exposed to view in the Grand Procession, and will be fed at the termination of the Morning Performance, free of any extra charge. The Riders, Gymnasts, Acrobats, Contortionists, and Vaultejw have been selected with the utmost care-—and footer that the Establishment may retain its present pre-eminency over all others, MR. and MRS. GEORGE SANGER and their Talented Daughter, Will appear at each performance. The Beautiful Stud of Thoroughbred RERFORMING HORSES are the very height of perfection. THE CLOWNS Are also the first in profession — ROBERTS. WEBB, CONNEAL, PADUY D'OYLE, The X3reat JAMES HOi,LOWA# and the Wonderful i LITTLE SANDY. For Wff, Humour, Dexterity, -and Skill, Holloway and jBandy are unapproach- able. See the Loudon Jyess. f In addition to forenatsed extraordinary Enter- tainments, the Wondertul ilerf of P E K F O R M. I N Gr\ E P H A N T S The same that created su& sensation in Paris for .-f4Q consecutive nights. r Reserved Boxes, 3s. Stalls, 2$. Pit, Is., Arena, 6d. 'Two Performances Daily, at 2.15 and 7 o'clock. .-At Glynneath Tuesday, June 26/h. Mountain yish, Friday, June 23rd. MEETSIR TYDFIL UNION. CONTRACT 3ROS SUPPLIES FOR THE WORKHOUSE, MERTHYR, AND THE AllER-DARE HOSPITAL. THE Guardians deeire TENDERS for the -L Supply of Sit4..s of.Beef, and Legs cut close to the rump. Mutton, Bacon. Bread, flour (pliria tie), Oatmeal (Irish).- Potatoes. 4 Coa^rCoke. Better, Cbeeae and Milk. ý Out-dot Supplies mt Merllyr, Dowlais, Hirwain, Aberdare,and Mountain Ash. Beef and Mutton. The Teuders for Bread, Meat, Bacon, Butter, Cheese, Flour, Oa,tauai, Malic, Potatoes, Coal and Coke, tobefor three.Months only, viz., from June 2.5th, lSl.6, .10 Sept. _23rd» 2876, both inclusive, Suretie.;nunttel. iu Xender. Samples where practicable. All good* to be djelivf red at the W 01 khouse, or Aberdare Hospital, aud the Contractors to state in their Tetvders y hethor thty ore prepared to deliver the good* at -either ot both places. Payments quarterly,but Bakers, Butchers, and Grocers may draw ou account, oace in the middle of the quarter. Tenders to be iknt IN on or before SATURDAY, June 24lb, 18;6, ii^.the iforas to be had on ap- plication, .to *he Master at the Workhouse, or at Aberdare Hospital, *who wili furnish all other particulars. Tenderq, -uiiiess .T»«ewred oo Saturday 24th at JO nut-be apem<d. By order, .M 'AMES, Clerk. «lgTKStr**t, Mertliyr, JVOe lOih, 1876. r0Od3 tOr^ sufJPJie^ OT work done for the VYotxnpuse or Hospital without a written Order, signed by theClerk. All accounts for the June quarter to be made up tQ the 22nd June, and sent in to the Master by I; that day. WAJITED, a Situation as LADY'S MAID, by a respectable person, aged 19.-Ad- dress, A.B. Po^t,Office, Aberaman. ANTED, a PRACTICAL BRICK MAKER to undertake th/ making of Fire Bricks by the thousand., COOT tan t employment.-Apply to D. DAVIS gr ,.80S! Blaengwawr Collieiv A bf rdare. v BOX OF CUKKES B 41 FILLS is warranted to enre all discharges from the Vrinary Oryan?, in either sex, acquired or constita. tional, Gravel, and Pains in. the Back. Sold in 4s 6d each' by a11 Chemists and Patent jiedicme Vendors; or sent, to any address for 60 stair,ps by the Maker, F. ,'fc. CLAKKE, Consulting Lhern'st, High Street, Lincoln.—Wholesale Agents, BARCLAY & SONS, London, and all the Wholesale .Houses. Local Agents—. EVANS, 14, Comm. rtial- .street. Aberdare, and J. RICHARDS, 12 and 13, Cardiff-street, Aberdare.

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