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THE IVORITES' EISTEDDFOD AT ABERDARE. This Eisteddfod was held in the Market-place, Aberdare, on Monday last. A platform was erected at one end of the building, and covered over with a light roofiag of canvas and timber. The walls were decorated with suitable mottoes, all in Welsh, and a number of benches fitted up for the accommodation of visitors. Soon after the hour announced fer the commencement au audience assembled which justified the expecta- tions of the promoters, in preferring the most commodious place in the town. The sum offered in prizes amounted to £150, and this large sum attracted an unusual number of competitors. Mr D. E. Williams, of Hirwain, in the absence of Mr D. Davis, Maesyffynon, presided; Mr David RObser (solicitor) acted as conductor; Professor Parry, U.C.W., and Mr John Thomas, of Llan- wrtyd, were the musical adjudicators the R v W. Thomas (Islwyn), adjudicated the poetry; and the Rev. J. Jonea (Mathetes) adjudicated the essays. Among those present were the Rev Canon Jenkins, the High Constable (Mr T. W. Evans), Messrs D. Davies, D. P. Davies, &c. The eis- teddfod was for the benefit of the Ivorite Society. About half-an-hour after the announced time to commence, the conductor called upon Mr Thomas Howells (Hywel Cynon) to open the proceedings, which he did by singing the" Mareh of the men of Harleoh," with great success. Llewelyn Alaw (Mountain Ash) accompanied on the harp. Mr Williams, on being called to the chair, said he had been called upon to occupy that very im- portant position in consequence of the absence of Mr D. Davis, of Maesytfynon, in North Wales, where he had gone in consequence of the illness of Mrs Davis. When he was asked to come and on hearing the reason of Mr Davis's absence, he could not refuse, because-and he need Bot tell it to those who knew him best-he was at all times ready to help every cause (hear, hear). He could not know call the Ivorites his brethren, but he hoped to be able to do so next year. He should with great pleasure join one of the lodges at Hirwain, for he thought the society ought to be supported. He was glad that the annual eistedd- fod in aid of the funeral funds in past years had proved a succ ss, for the object was a noble «ne, and good things had been accomplished by it in the neighbourhood of the iron and ooal works. I where, he was sorry to say, accidents were so frequent. He was glad so many cases had been I met by the funds already, and only. was afraid that very little provision, as a rule, was made to meet them. Mr Williams then repeated his observations in Welsh, after which the bards were called upon to read their lines to the eisteddfod. This was only responded to by Mr Jonathan Reynolds, of Merthyr, who delivered a humorous piece which caused much amusement. A singing competition (10s) for the best singer of Gogon- iant i Gymru (glory to Wales) took place, with some sixteen competitors. The prize was woa by John Lake, of Aberaman. Fifty competitors then sent in productions in cumpetitton for the best epitaph on the late Mr. Griffith Williams, of Trecynon; the prize was jEl. The adjudicator said the prize winner was Deigryn Ifor (Mr T. Williams, Pontypridd). The next item on the programme was a juvenile choir competition, who should sing bast the well known hymn, "Nis Rhoddwn fyny'r Bdbl" (we won't give up the Bible); the first prize was &6, and the second j63. Three choirs competed for the first and second Prizes, and ended equally between Salem Choir, Mountain Ash, and Betiirlem, Treorky, Saron Choir. Aberaman. was unsnccr aafnl introducing English words into their compositions prize, 92. There were fifteen poems sent in, and the prize was won by Twin o'r Nant (Mr. David Evans, auctioneer, Poutypridd), who was decorated with the ribbon by Miss Christmas, of Aberdare, Miss Marian Williams, R,A.iVJ,, London, then sang Bedd Gelert (Gelert's Grave) with great success. She was accompained by Mr. D. Bowen, of Dowlais, who presided at the piano during the day The adjudicator then stated that two productions had been sent in in competition for the best drama on the meeting of Sir Owen Glyndwr aud Sir Lawrence BerkrolW. The prize, £10 lOi, was awarded to Mr. David Reeg Williams, of Cffn Coedy Cymraer (Aifeiri.) For the twelve best I stanzas to the Memory of the Rev. Robert Eilai, of Rhos Cottage, was the adjudicator, and direoted that the cash bedivid. d betwc n Elizabeth ( Miss E. Williams, ot Hirwaill), and Mary Ann JOlldJ (Aberoaiuaid). There were seven competitor^. Mr. Jonathan ReynolJ^ adjudicated in a safety lamp competition. I here were two competitors, the prize ofi2 being wou bY theophiius Thomas, of Gadlys. The next Will a choral competition "Y Gwanwyn (The spring) for 95. Two choirs coin- peted, and Mountain Ash choir was declared the victor. For the best essay upun" Tile duty of working men to become number:! of Fri-ndly Societies. "JK2. Mr. David Powell, of Tredegar, was the successful competitor. The next corn petition was for £ I 0 10s, given for the best essay upon h The status of the working men in th. British Constitution." There were six com- petitors, and Mr. Evan Powell, of Tredegar, carried off the prize. A brasi band contest then took place for t7, the competitors being confined to a selection of Welsh airs. Two bands, Cwmbach and Hirwain, came forward, and the Hirwain party was successful. The next was a competition ot congregational choirs, none to compete who had won a prize of £30. The sum offered in this instance was £ 20, and the piece selected "Y Gwlithyn ("the dewdrop"), with, Llewelyn Alaw as harp accompanist. Three choirs, Nazareth, Aberdare; Nantgarw, Mountain Ash and Siloh, Peutre, took part, and the choir from Mountain Ash carried off the prize. Mr. W. Hopkin, U.C.W., then sang in a very effective in inner Fy Ngwlad, "and was loudly applauded. The competition for the chid prize of X70 for the best rendering of the anthem" Bendigedi-, fyddo Arglwydd Dduw Israel was a very spirited one, and the result was anxiously awaited. Three choirs competed, vizHirwain United Choir, eonducted by Mr.. Richard Morris, the Treorky Choir, conducted by Mr. David Rosser (Eoscynlais) and the Aberdare United Chuir, conducted by Mr. W. Pnillips (Gwilym Cynon). The prize was divided between the Auerdare choir and the Treorky choir. A prize of 10s was offered for the best singer of Tros y Garreg (Over the stone) Four competed, and the money was divided between Miss Al orris, Aberdare, and," Llinos, Rhondda." In the evening a grand concert was given in the Market-place, when the following well-known artistes to ik part:—Miss Marian Williams. R.A. ViM London; Miss Aunie Williams, UC.W.; Mr. Haydn Parry, Aberystwith Mr. James, Sauvago, R.A.M London Mr. W. Hopkin, U.C.W. and the Aberdare Uuited Glee Society. Mr. D. Bowen, of Dowlais, was the accompanist. There was a large audience.





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