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Snral ittdligcIUI, RIFLE MATCH.—On Whit-Monday, a rifle match took place at Cowbridge between twelve members of the Aberdare Corps and a similar number of the Cowbridge Corps, when the for- mer came off the victors for the fith time by 28 points. The Aberdare men made the fair aver- age score of 41 points. The match was for a. luncheon. SCHOOL BOARD. — The fortnightly meeting was held on Thursday, when there were present Messrs. J. Lewis (chairman), R. H. Rhys, and J. Williams. The Clerk was directed to call the attention of the architect to the giving way of the boundary walls and fittings at Peny- wain and other schools. The Inspector's report in reference to Cwmdare School was read. The grant amounted to £126 10s., subject to a de- duction of jE12 13s. A letter was received from Mr. J. M. Hodson, the recently-appointed In- spector of Schools under the Board, stating that he hoped to be able to be present at the next meeting. A letter was read from Mr. James, master of the Ynyslwyd Schools, complaining of the difficulty in obtaining the arrears for school fees in connection with the different col- lieries. The Chairman thought the matter should be taken into consideration at the next meeting and in the mean time the Clerk was directed to prepare a statement showing the arrears due to each school. The Chairman re- marked that from the report of the schools' management committee he understood that Bible reading had been discontinued at the Aberdare British Schools. Personally he was in favour of the Bihle being read without com- ment in schools, and he thought, on taking over the schools, the same system of teaching was to be continued. Mr. Williams said he had never interfered, and never asked the question when visiting schools. The Chairman suggest- ed that it might be the master's fault. He (the Chairman) knew Dr. Price was in favour of the Bible being read he felt strongly on the mat- ter. Mr. Rhys said the question had not arisen since he had been sitting on the Board. He, too, was in favour of the Bible being read with- out comment; he regarded the Bible simply as a history of the Jews-like the history of Eng- land-and the New Testament as a continuation of it. The Chairman We won't discuss that matter. The Clerk read a resume of the new JJemejjtary Education Act, which comes into operation on the isi January next, after which the Board separated. SCHOOL TREAT.—On Friday, last week, the Rev. I. D. Jenkins, late Vicar of St. Fagan's, treated the whole of the Day and Sunday School children and choir to an excellent tea. About 700, including visitors, sat down. After tea, the compauy adjourned to the Park, where vari- ous amusements were indulged in. In the evening the Sunday School scholars and choir were presented with two valuable books each. Dr. Jones presided. The school rooms were very prettily decorated for the occasion. CKICKET. A cricket match was played on the Aberdare ground on Whit Monday. between the Aberdare and Porth Clubs, resulting in a victory for the former. Time did not allow for completing both innings. The following is the soure:- ABERDARE. First Innings. Second Inning. J.Mathias, b J. Thomas 7 b D. Powell 0 T. Price, b D Thomas 7 b J. Thomas "I! 4 J. Forrester, o & b J. Thomas 4 b D. Powtll g W. Price,cDaviesb J.Thomas 9 b J.Thomas 5 J. Marshall, b D- I homas 0 not out 2 D. A. Rhys, b J. Thomas 0 b J. Thomas 4 D. A. Rhys, b J. Thomas o b J. Thomas 4 J. Rowlands, b D. Thomas 4 b J. Tbomas 3 w ,X-Morrls- t J- Thomas 2 c sab., b Powell 3 J5 WiU.ams, c'and bJThomas. II o Thomas b J. Thomas 1 V. Williams, b J. Thomas 4 b J. Thomas 1 C. Kenshola, not out o b J. Thomas 2 ?y«s 3 byes 4 I. byes 4 leg byes 3 w,de# 5 wides 6 Total bo Total 48 PORTH. J. Thomas, c Keathole b Rhyt 1ft D. Thomas, c B. Wil iamg b *?"ester 9 not oat 4 W. Richards, b Forrester ••• 1 •••••••• D. Powll, run out 0 D. Thomas, c and b Rhys 0 D. Jenkins, c and b Forrester 3 Hurr, b Rhys 0 b T. Price 1 H. Evans, b ton-ester 0 not out .J i H. Themas thrown ont 0 stp. Mathews b Price.V. 2 Pride, b Rhys 4 run out 4 J5. Da vies, not out 3 b T. Price 2 byes 8 bye l wide. 6 wide 1 rr c Tota' Total ie JHE RATAL OCCURRENCE ON THE PENRUIW- LLECH MOUNTATN.—The adjourned inquest on the body et Llewellyn Thomas, aged 11 years, the boy who was killed through bring struck on the bead by a stone on the mountain near Bwllfa, on the 29th ult., was held at the Black Lion Hotel, on the 211d inst., before Mr The mas Williams, deputy coroner. The jury having failed to agree on theprevious day, the coroner very fully and lucidly explained the law bearing upon the matter. After a litHe more than an hour's deliberation thirteen out of the fourteen jurymen agreed upon a verdict. The father of the deoeased, and others interested, having been called into the room, the coroner said The jury have con. sidered this case very fully, and at least thirteen out of the fourteen have returned the following verdict: — I he jury are of opinion that the deceased met with his deatn through being struck on the head by a stone thrown down the side of the Penrhiwll«>ch mountain that the said stone was set in motion by Thomas Williams and that Thomas Williams comfritt,d a reckless act in so doing." Now, having regard te the surround- ing circumstances which I have put before the jury in regard to the matter, the verdict is one which amounts to manslaughter, and therefore Thomas Williams will be committ. d for man- slaughter accordingly. But I 'UD prepared to say at once that if he is prepared to find bail, I will allow him to be at liberty and may add that I have been led to understand that a tempts have been made to interfere with the jury in ceming to a conclusion. Of course, such attempts might have had an effect on some people, but I am pleased to fiod that they were unsuccessful so far as this jury is concerned I only speak of at- tempts, for h d it been established in my mind who those persons were who did so, I should con- sider it my duty as coroner to look further into the matter. I only say this as a warning to people, and need only add that this jury consists of such respectable m. n that these attempts could have no effect upon them I thank you Vtry much for the attention you have given to this matt.r, and you are now discharged. Thomas Williams was accordingly committed to the issizes on the coroner's warrant. AGRICULTURAL PROSPECTS AND THE GBAIN TRADE. Thf Mark lane Express of Monday night says The limited amount of rainfall hIJ8 b en dish,art ning to the farmer severtheless, each day s sunshine helps vegetation forward. Few complanta are now heard, and uoless some very unforeseen change takes ?!< harvest prospects are hopeful. The short sptll of wet weather has been succeeded for the most part by genial warmth which has advanced all cereals materially, and the weather ha?, on the whole, been t*v< to the wheat plant. The sia e of political affairs in the East exercises a market influence up n both monetary and commercial cirul s and should the worst eusije with the rapid diuiiuution of stocks abroad, and of the visible supply in Aoierou, a great alteration in the present iMiige of prices will in all probability take place, -!Ui the course of the markets has not at present b. en affected to any extent by political influences. Supplies of wheat from abroad have been fair, and no feeling of depression has shown itself. Millers jstill opt-rate sparingly, but transactions in this quarter are expected to show mora animation. Thtre has been & somrw hat dimii ishad inquiry by Continental buyers, but Paris prices seen) ty have hardened towards the ead of the week.









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