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MOUNTAIN ASR LOCAL BOARD. The usual fortnightly meeting was held on Tuesday, when there were present—Messrs. G. Brown (chairman), E. Evans, J. Griffiths, D. Coleman, E. Thomas, G. Wilkinson, D. James, T. Edwards, and D. Morgan. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. THE VACANT BEAT. A letter was read from the Local Government Board stating that they would grant an order to fill up the vacancy at the Board caastd by the non-attendance of Mr Daniel Williams, and the order would be issued as early as practicable. The Clerk stated that when he had heard the order was issu d he would let the Board know. RESIGNATION OF A MEMBER. The Clerk said he had written to Mr James Edwards, (who had left the Neighbourhood), and had received a reply from Mr Edwards in which be tendered his resignation. The Chairman remark d that as Mr Edwards was one of the members representing the Powell Dufirjn Company, he thought Mr Wilkinson should have the privilege of nominating a sub- stitute. Mr Wilkinson proposed Mr Little to fill the vacancy. Mr D. Morgan seconded the proposition, and it WBtagieedto. SHOOTS AND DOWNPJPES. ti The Surveyor said he had seen the p -rsons upon whora notices had been served to provide shoots, &c., and they had promised to do the work as soon as possible. WATEHING STREETS. The Clerk intimated that he had written to the Canal Company in reference to the supply of water from the canal for watering streets, and he had been informed that the company's charge for supplying water to a small engine was A:5 5s per annum; but they would supply the Board at £ 2 l2s 6d. p^r annum. It was decided to accept the offer, and that the Surveyor be instructed to see Mr Shepherd to arrange as to the spot for placing the pipe for supplying the water. Mr E. Evans said the Board bad ruined the well where they had been in the habit of obtaining water, and thought it should be placed in the same state as before A GRIEVANCE. A letter having been read from Mr Thomas Howells, 28, Woodland-street, complaining of a nuisance near his premises which was injurious to health, it was order-d that the Surveyor I ok into the matter and report thereon at the next meeting. SUKVEYOR'S BEFORT. The following report of the Surveyor was read To the Mountain Ash Local Board.. Genilemen,—I beg to report, that I have care- fully examined the various open drains, culverts, and privies, at the back of Giyngwyn- street, which cause the nuisance compUined ot in Old Llanwonno.road. There are thret privies for seven fdinilies, from No. 1 to 5, Glvngwyo-street, and owned respectively by Mrs Emma Jones JNo. I, Glyngwyn-street, is in a bad state, two especially being nearly full and ooza out over the slope and eventually into Old Ll «nwonno-road. There is also no provision for carrying away slop water from the said premise^ which runs down over the garden into Old Llafj won no. road. I find there are two public culverts running across the last mentioned road, and under the Tatf Vale Railway to the river. I would firstly recirnmend that you give notice to the owner of the privies to C'>yert them iuto water closets, and erect two additional Olles, with proper pans syphon-, and lay down 9 inch earthenware pipes, to connect them with the culvert. Also to lay down at the back of each house a stench trap, and a 6 inch earthenware pipe and junction to cany away slop water, and con- nect them with the same culvert. The slop water from No 1 to 6, Miskin-terrace, runs at present in two directions, viz., through two box draini, and into Old Llanwonno-road and causes a nuisance, and is injurious to the health of the inhabitants. I wpuld recommend you, secondly to order notice be served on Thomas Richard, No. 1, Miskin- terrace, and Emma David, Abernantygroes, Cwm- bach, viz., to provide 6 inch earthenware pipes, bends, and junctions, and connect the same with the public culvert. If the above recommendations are carried out the nuisance in Old Llanwonno- road will be entirely abated. These drains can be diverted and connected to the public culvert at point A shown on the ac- companying plan (which I b.g to lay before you) by means of pipes through thebsckofth-said premises for a distance of 30 yards. Toere is a sufficient fall for that purpose. I beg to report that I have examined the Pen- fold with a view to improve the same. I find that a portion of the slate roof n considerably damaged in consequence ofston s b ing thrown on the same, and also the present roof is too narrow to cover the carts, &c. I beg to lay before you, plans of proposed alteration and estimate of cost. I propose to substitute timber for slate.—I beg to remain, gentlemen, your obedient servant, J. L. MORBIS, Surv yor. OLD LLANWONNO-ROAD. It was resotved that the Surveyor's recom- mendations in regard to the above road be carried out. THE PBNFOLD. It was ordered that tenders be invited for doing the work recommended by the Surveyor. INSPECTOR'S REPOUT. The following was r. ad .To the Chairman and Members of the Mountain Ash Local Board. Ocntlemen,—I beg to report that the annual fair took place at Mountain Ash, on the 29th ult, it being a larger fair than usual. There being a collection of wild bea-ts-fifteen caravans-near the Navigation, a collection of wax work of six caravans, at Miskin, three shows in the town, five rifle shooting saloons, five photograph booths, 62 stalls. Also more pleasure-seekers than wi s ever seen at one time in Mountain .Ash, there being a great number of persons from the neigh- bouring villages, but very little disturbance, con- sidering the large number of people all passed off quietly. There was one slight accident, a little girl, aged 6 years, got under a horse's feet, and was trodden upon, they were on their way from a field to the canal for water. The horses belonged to Mr Day, the proprietor of the wild beast show, about 12 in number, only two persons with them, they were going very quietly at the time. Everything was done by the police that lay in their power to keep one side of the ma:n atretts open for public traffic. I also report two young men, named Alfred John, collier, Duftryn-road; and John Crumb, collier, Duffryn-road, with causing obstruction by playing ball in Margrave-street, on the 23rd May. Ibis ball playing is a great nuisance, and many complaints made respecting it.-I am, gentlemen, your obedient servant, C. RODMAN. THE FAIR. At the request of Mr J. Griffiths, the Clerk read the resolution passed two years ago, in reference to the fair, from which it appeared that the bridge and its approach were ordered to be kept clear of stalls, &c. The Chairman Has that resolution been re- scinded P The Clerk: No. Mr E. Thomas gave notice to rescind the reso- lution. At the suggestion of the Chairman, it was decided to leave matters in statu quo until next year. FINANCE. The finance report was read and adopted. It shewed a balance of £ 215 lis Id in hand. The Board then separated.



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