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THE THREATENED STRIKE IN THE LONDON BUILDING TRADE. On Saturday a special general meeting of the mem- bers of the London lodges (28 in number) of the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners was held at the Hall of Science, Old-street, St. Luke's, for the purpose of considering the position to be taken by the society in reference to the movement now in pro- gress in the building trade in London for an immediate j advance of a halfpenny per hour on the present rate of wages. Mr. Harrison occupied the chair, and a depu- tation from the Executive Council of the society, I which is located at Manchester, was also in attendance. No person was admitted into the hall without pro- I ducing his card of membership. About 2,000 persons were present. The Chairman opened the proceedings by reading a copy of the memorial sent in to the Master Builders' Association by the Carpenters' Advance of Wages Committee, requesting an immediate advance of half- penny per hour in the rate of wages, and the corres- pondence which had taken place between the two com, mittees upon the question. The last letter of the masters' committee refused to receive a deputation, or to make any advance in the rate of wages this vear but stated their willingness to give the additional halfpenny per hour on the 1st of March, 1874, coupled with the conditions that from the same date the present rule of regulating extra pay- ment for overtime must be altered, and that one o'clock be the hour for leaving work on Satur- day instead of twelve o'clock as at present. The Chairman stated that if the London members decided upon standing out for the full terms of the memorial they would receive the benefit of the moral and pecuniary support of the Executive Council and all the branches of the society throughout the country, a sup- port which they did not receive during the struggle of last year. A long discussion ensued, and eventually the follow- ing resolutions were adopted, and followed by loud cheering:— That In the opinion of this meeting of members of the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners, th6 terms offered by the Master Builders' Association in reply to our memorial are very unsatisfactory, inasmuch as if we accept them it will be the means of placing us at the mercy of the employers, and deprive us of those privileges which we fought so hard to obtain last year and further, this meeting pledges itself to support our managing committee to resist these terms to the utmost." "That in the opinion of this'meetlng, In order to carry out the foregoing resolution, it is desirable to place a weekly levy on our members in the London District; the said levy to be paid to the managing oommlttee." On Saturday night a largely attended meeting of the delegates to the_Carpenters'^Advance of W a;:es Move- ment, representing both society and non- society men, was held at the Brown Bear," Broad street, Blooms- bury, for the purpose of considering the report and re- solutions to be submitted to the next aggregate meeting of the trade. After some introductory remarks from the Chairman, and the reading of the resolutions adopted at the meeting of the members of the Amal- gamated Society, Mr. Charles Matkin, the secretary, proceeded to read the report of the committee, detailing its work up to the present time. In the discussion which followed it was stated that the mssons had decided upon ceasing work on Satur- day, the 19th of July if the !d. per hour advance was not then conceded. The propriety of ceasing work on the same day as the masons was considered; but eventually the following resolution was adopted by a large majority:— That in the event of the master builders not conceding the terms of our memorial before the 1st of August next, we take aotlon on that date to enforce the same." It was also resolved that on no account should the trade revert to one o'clock as the hour for leaving work on Saturdays. It was further resolved, that the masters' committee having refused to receive a deputa- tion from the men, no arbitration should take place. The chairman, resolutions, and speakers for the aggre- gate meeting having been appointed, and some financial business transacted, the proceedings terminated.


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