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[A CARD.] UA L. morris or to Messrs. E. G. Price cf Co.,) \BUILDEE, & CONTRACTOR, red. to VALUE PROPERTY for RE BUILDING PLANS 'Hoard, and undertake CONTRACTS IN6- &c., &c. cr/LA8' Clifton Street, Aberdare. 6 SOUTH WALES LINE." STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN -A- JR 3D I !F F AND THE tetes of America and Cardiff. Ith Wales Atlant c"Steam Ship Com- I New First-class full-powered Clyde I era 2500 Tons 500 H.P. J. ••• 2500 500 „ "EN 3000 „ 6O0 „ gwlarljr from Cardiff to New York, S8et»ger« at through rates to all the the in the United States and Canada. j^roahips are built expressly for thifl fittfcl up with all the latest conveni- le comfort and convenience of all Usengers. ormation, apply to E. G. PRICE, Emigration Offices, Aberdare, lJ'tant to Country Patients. TION BY letter WITHOUT FEE the Eminent Specialist for the cure of all bg Diseases, will, for the benefit of Country ^°t consult him personally, on receiving their Case, send his opinion, with advice and ">e most successful restoration to health and timonials to Dr. Henry Smith. has received up to date December 21st en Hundred and Twenty-four written from Patients who reside in the coun- of his successful treatment conducted dentfe enty. J. SMiTH, 8, Burton-Cre.-ceut, London, W.C. published, post free for Two Stamps, lPTIoks AND INSTRUCTIONS cure of Nervous Debility. By DR. HENRY e University ot Jena, Author of" The People's b," &c. TIONS and INSTRUCTIONS is a New ou the New Eclectic Treatment of all Dis- ervous System,^ v ervous Debility, Mental and fsion, Palpitation of the heart, Npises in the a, Indecision, Impaired Sight, Mepiory, .OM of Energy and Aipetite. Paina in the r, Self-distrust, Dizziness. Lore of Solitude, ars, Weakness, Muscular Relaxation, &o.t rp- Exhaustion Nerve Power. Gives INSTRUC. e development and strengthening the human acquire health anti strength, secure long life, infirmities ot old age. Also, the names of vliich I housands of Hr. Smith's Patient? have to health and vigour, atterj all other remedies itrated with Testimonials frem'gratoful patients. Mt to any address, on'reeeipt ot two stamps. H Smith, 8, Burton-Crescent, Loudon, W C JjJpBNSED VICTUALLERS* BE TEA COMPANY, By TIIP4B APPcUJfrKD AGENTS Tin '-T THE Public with Jl^. PURE, AND UNADULTERATED, the lowest possible prioes. <t 11:1<\ Pure. in amber wrappers. at 2s. per lb. est'Mi reft"in oran^e wrappers, at 2s. 6d. per lb. on m X6<^ in chooolate wrappers, at 3s. per lb. ?r Ih. °rQno Green Tea, In light-green wrappers, !^ian Tflr* Hne Black Tea, In dark blue and ii wrlb- ich p r- and 2oi., and in canisters of 21bs., il tn pao,tet bears trade mark;, name. & price; L8al«°T>\tRln tlle pURE Tea Company's Teas, r 0 — George F. Smyth, Manager, f "THIBET, LONDON BRIDGE, S.E- rovMOUKN INCJ. — Messrsf. JAY are n tr»w^ experienced drewimakers and mil- h»npJle part of the kingdom, free of ex- uinov w."0n the emorgencies of sudden or nn- tairn Vr immediate execution of monrnnig n]» them dcesses, bonnets, and millinery, ft fim. per and upwards from the niece, all igW.Iev' "'l the same price as if purchased at In Regent-street. Reasonable e«ti- ^jaTs|5is>AraoDS' £ 2t5. ■>« 249 and 251. Regent-st., Tendon. 'CH FEDTCINES, PREPARED BT RlMAULT & CO., 4ACEUTICAL CHEMISTS, 8, RrriB VIVIBNNB, PARIS. the MEDICINES offered to the d?!" ""Miy years p*»t, none have been so prene- .:J~y the Medical Profession, as those prepared ^ault and Co. "Parations we may especially mention ^ault & Co.'s Guarana. rov. 7.1872. spe ikimrof this production, asks :— tgu like Guarana P r*jy_ou tasted Guarana ? LQuarana agree witfo youP I-atl-ne will perhaps be asked all over Kngland • Ju*t as. in past centuries, our ancestors other what they thought of thoi>e novel it # an^ tett. Guarana (rrowi in Brazil, and a shrub, peeled, dried, &nd reduced to Owder of this vegetable production is sufRciPnt the most VIOLENT SICK HEADACHE. 3 ,*a'u*ble remedy against diarrhea, dgttntpru, flers proceeding from derangement of tlie ?? "• This powder is indispensable for all tCe 2s. 6d. per packet. Asthma. Asthma. GRIMAULT & Co.'s pigarettes of Cannabis Indica. '•Mis hitherto employed to reliova Asthma Vave "latlves in varied form", based on belladonun, ^/ootiana, or opinm. Recent experiments mud* f^spitals have proved that our Cigarettes ni»4e ^or Indian Hemp possess remarkable virtues 5"n»plf»int, all well as against nervout couijht, "i Iaii qf voice, facial neuralgia, P>V>e 1». 9d. per case. L & ■ Co.'a Syrup and Wine of -Qruvfraii Bark and Iron. >ine presents, in an agreeable form, the Active "ernvian Bark, the best of tonics, combined ie the principal bases of the blood. It rapidly "fretting ttomacK complaints caused by und6*808' and other discomforts to which ladies ail2 18 ak° excellent for pale, lymphatic, and nd Lftstly, it ncifet the appetite, promote' extremely beneficial to all persons whose impoverished by illness, or Ions and difficult • Price-Syrup, 2s. 9d.; Wine, 4R. 6d. ORIMAULT & Co.'a ggd Symp of Horse Radish. hett Iribititvte for Cod liter Oil. It has hy experiments mwio iu the principal H'>f- that this Symp has always produced results those obtained from the above-mentione<l Oil, rl« • 80 to t ike. 'nBtanoe cafa be adduced in which palf, !ym- ren. snbject toswelling of the glands, to erupt,i«n lo of the head or the face, or other evi. ences e 'tution, have takeu this syrup without doriv- "oom from its use. Price 4?. Cd. GRIMAULT & Co.'a Of Hvpophosphite of Limo. remedy for all affections of tho chest; it ^.effectually prevents cooturnal pers]iiiation, **« patient't nfrettntk. This symp i« the only ,„6r Binoe 1857, has invariably been attonded itT*ry ^ean'tB, a fact due to the purity of the r» J^d. Be Furo to observe that it bears e- QnmauU and Co. Prioe 2fl. »d. GRIMAULT A CO.'1i Qgetable Matico Capsules. ;t &I of Matioo, ooiuUiucii with the Balsam of administered in the form of C&psuleB, coated (Irmo a very active medicament, and is sllperior 'J °/ copaiba, liquid or Bolid, cubehf, rha tany or «w to all the opiateB known. "the most obstmste cates, and never fatigue the Dowels. Prioe 4s. 6d. per bottle. fiorr itt ttuititr ginoboul- F. NEWBERY & SONS, WGATE. STREET, LONDON. LO<JAIi AGENT. • J. THOMAS, Chemist, Aberdare. H. A. WELLSTED, BUILDER, PAINTER, PAPER HANGER, &C., Woodbine Cottage, Clifton Street, Aberdire. Jobbing of all kinds done expeditiously and Cheaply. i. — PAPER HANGINGS RANGING FROJl 3 £ D. PER PIECE. ALL ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. THOMAS WHITSUN JONES, A U C T I O N E E R House AND C O/M mission Agent, 35, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. — Auction Rooms and Second-hand Furniture Stores. WILLIAM DAVtES, (LATE TAFF vale railway,) FLOUR AND CORN MERCHANT HOUSE AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, Clifton Street, Aberdare. C. it. V t I) A L 1, OXFORD-ROW, GADLVS-ROAD, ABERDARE, I Accountant, Commission and Estate Agent, I RENT AND DEBT COLLECTOR. Agent for the London Assurance Corporation. NEW HATS FOR 1873. HENHY LEWIS, J I, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE, HAS JUST RECEIVED Several Crates! of New Felt and Silk Hats, w Also Several Cases of New SCARFS, TIES, COLLARS, GLOVES, &c., for the Season. CHRISTY'S BEST HATS ALWAYS KEPT IX STOCK. LLYFUAU CYMREIG, AR WEKTU CAN JONES A' I M A B 3 1, COMMERCIA L-P LACE, ABERDARE, Pris cyhoeddcdip. Pris, cynyg&lig £ e. d. £ s. d. Esboniad Burkitt nr y Testament Nesrydd •• •• ..1116 1 1 0 Eto vn rh w y in • • *• 1100 Esboniad y Parch Cbustmas Evans ar LyfrDadguddiad 0 2 6 0 2 6 Geiriadur Duvvinyddol ac Ysgryibyrol gun y diweddar Parcn J. 1. Jones ..0 6 0 0 6 0 Hanes y Nef a'r Ddaer. eto 0 13 0 0 13 0 Daearyddiaeth Ysgrythyrol, eto 0 13 0 0 13 0 Barhad mewn Gras, eto n ? 5 0 4 Hanes Alfred Fawr, &c., eto •• •• » 10 0 10 Tiaethawd ar y Geri Marwol, eto 0 0 3 0 0 2 Sylwadau P Williams ar y Bibl •• •• ..0 6 6 0 3 6 Eto, yn rbwyra •• *• 0 6 0 Corff Duwiuyddiaeth BrowD, o Haddington •• 09 0 0 7 0 Eto, yn rhwyrn 0 9 0 Gwytidydion sef Awdlau, Cywyddau, TraethodaiV &c., Eisteddfod Llan.. „ erchymedd •• •• -• n n r ° i 6 Traddodiadau vr Hynafiaid, gan Caledfrya •• 6 Hymnau Newyddion, gan J. Wilaon i •• •• n 0 3 HaDes Bywyd a Chyngorion Meddygol H.\Je^kins, yr hwa a fu byw 169 o flyny Jdoed'i •• h i » X i S Eto, yn Saesneg. Ni ddylai neb fod heb hwii ..i ••• Meddyginiaeth Anifeiliaid Howellfi, yn Saesneg Eob Ceiriog, sef casgliad o Ber Ganiadau yr enwog Fardd Huw Morris, gan y Parch. Walter Davies, Manafon, 2 gyfrol 1 0 0 6 0 Athioniaeth Trefn Iachawdwriaeth gan Walker, yn rhwym Sin n n I Traetbawd ar y Prynedigaeth gan Dr. Lewis •• •• Traethawd ar Swyddogacth Barn, a Darfelydd, gan y Parch. W. Jones* 0 16 0 16 /» a i.' 0 8 0 0 8 0 Oratoria Mor liberias i: nin noo Drycli i Blentyn, gan y diweddar D. Evans, Penygr^ig. y dwsln 0 0 0 0 J Rhodd Mam, y dwsin t » "nor nofi Ty tad yr Iesu.nru olygiadau ar> ISef, yn rhwym 0 2 6 "2b Udgorn Sion, (Llyfrau Tonau) •• •• •• "*0 4 0 0 3 6 Clorian y Cysegr ••• •• •• n n r n i « Eglwys Crist, gan y Parch. II. Jones, Caerfyrddiu n 9 o Hanes Bywyd Due Wellington •• •• ..0 2 6 0 2 0 Geiriadur Arfonwyson, awdwr Trysorfa yr Athrawon, at wasanaeth yr Ysuol Sabbatbol •• •• Anianyddiaeth sefylltii ddyfodol I)r. Dick "nin n n o Cofiuut, Parch. W. Havard • •• •• ••• J ? Hanes Ninefwh, yn rhwym ••• ■■ "'nin n o « Catecism y Parch. D. Daviea, Pantteg, y dwsm -J • n a t a Eto, y Parch. W. Davies, Ubyd y Ceiaiaid, eto u u 0^6 00 is prepared from RICE, the Staple Food of more than Three Hundred Million (300,000,000) of People, and is unequalled for Blanc-Mange, Custards, Piiddill-F-, Cakes, Soups, &c., and is the most wholesome and easily digestible Food for Chilclien and Invalids. Testimonial from EDWIN LANKESTER, M.D., F.R.S. Rice-Flour is Corn-Flour, and I regard this preparation of Messrs. COUOAN'S as superior to anything of the kind now before the public." Testimonial from ARTHUR HILL HASSALL, M.D. I find it to be perfectly pure and most carefully manufactured; it forms an oxcerslingly digestible and wholesome article of diet." Testimonial from CHARLES A. CAMERON, M.D. I have never tasted anything of the kind more agreeable in flavour or so easily digestible." Retailed by Family Grocers and Druggists, and Wholesale by J. & J. COLMAN, 108, Cannon Street. London. IMPORTANT NOTICE. a SINCERE VOICE OF WARNING ZX AGAINST QUACKS, or an unerring f |> euide to the Nervous and Debilated, by J. L A YV II 1^ > Pulvermac her. An infallible means of deteot- ing the Quack Doctor, and thus preventing the DYER AND SCOURER, above class of Patients from falling into his tmti. V e-rnrrT arfkiURF clutches, a dfnger into which they are likely to 12, DUKIj,.STREET, ABERDA be entrapped? through his specious and enticing ——— forms of advertLØeglents and Treatises. Men and Boys' Clolfhes carefully Cleaned and The well known name and position of the Pressed at the shortest notice. author is a sufRoient guarantee of the truth of his statement. Carrnts. Dru<*erpts, and Hearth Rugs Cleaned. n~ oS ° To be bad of any Bookseller, or direct of J. L. Ladies,' Cloth Jackets, Mantles, and Kid Gloves Pulvermaoher, Galvanio Establiahment, 108, Cleaned and Dyed, I Regent Street, W., London. STATION Eli Y & FANCY WAREHOUSE "ABERDARE TIMES" OFFICE, 31, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. JONES & SON, PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, &c., DESIRE to inform the PUBLIC that they hav« just received a large and varied assortment of PLAIN and FANCY STATIONERY tfiid FANCY GOODS, suitable for PRESENTS, &c., to which they invite attention. I A large Stock of Musical Instruments, Induing Concertinas, Flutes, Banjos, Tambourines, Drums Harmonicars, Mouth Organs, &c. The largest and best selected Stock in Town of HOME and FOREIGN MADE TOYS. Dolls in gtefft variety, Chess, Drafts, and Draftboards, Dominoes, Roulette Games, &c. Workboxes, Money Boxes, Fancy Boxes, Rimmel's Soap and Perfumery, Ink and Inkstands, Conversation Cards, &c. Combs and Brushes of the beat quality. Pipes and Tobacco Pouches, Cigar Cases. Ladies' Bags, Purses, Albums, &c., &c. ——— :o:———— OBSERVE THE ADDRESS- "ABERDARE TIMES" OFFICE, 31, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABEliDARE. BRYANT & MAY'S NEW METAL POCKET BOXES FOR WAX VESTAS AND VESUVIANS, VTITH PATEHT S-f-fciUjT Gr COVBUS. These Boxes are supplied with M M an Assortment of Portraits, y>"iiKiii» Sldfjll including, amongst otheiB, Bfijj the followmg:- PATENT. mm Prince of Princess of W&I Marquis of L Princess Adelina pfÍti, Christine V, son- Bright, keng Disraeli. ,,cken,3 re=. dy jvingstone, ody Sir W.OS tt, R. Burns. S tt Emp r of GermanY, Empress of Crown Prince, Count von Moltker, Bismarck, Gambetts, Trochu, Jules Favre, Garibaldi, Napoleon III., Eugenia, k Ay;p rrince ImPer," Xarshal Bazaine, LOND M. General U-hrich, &c., SOXilD EVERYWHERE -A.T ONE PENNY. R. C. LEACH ( BILL POSTER AND TOWN CRIER, 03, C:,trfliff-street, ABERDARE. IW All orders promptly attended to. No connection with any other Bill Poster. MESSRS. MASON & co., STOCK and SHARE DEALERS, 12, Great Win- chester street, London, E C. Holders of Mining Sh&re^aifficult of sale in tli,, open market may find purchasers for saim: through Messrs. Mason ånd\Co'ellg-enc\ Every description <>f Shares bought and sold at the best market prices Daily Price List on application. DR. HUNTER'S Special Lectures to Youn^ Men,on HEALTH, ITtJfcESTORATlON, AND HAPPY MARRIAGES.—When to marry, with advice to those who eonteinplate marriage, pointing out certain impediments which render married life unhappy, and directions for their speedy removal. >Sholdd be read by all who hlue health, strength, and manhond, and wish to attain a happy old irge.-Post free oh receipt o two stamps.—Address, Secretary, Institute o Anatomy, Birmingham. Established I860. SECURITY IN CREDITING. FLINT AND CO.'S BBITiSfl ASU FOREIGN COMMERCIAL INQUIRY OFFICES. Head Officei-—58; CbeapSide, and I, Bow Lane, E-C. Branches—Manchester, 88, Mreet"' T* ?nt'. 10» Bond-street; Blackburn, 3, l»cK<M» «reet Leicester, 4-2 Helroir-street ■ Kdinburph: /2, funeea-street New- castle, 53, Urey-Street; .1;ub\fn et-' Arnyle-atreet; Cork, 70, houth AId.ll, Bubhn, }u Heriry- street. [N the interests of trade, and at a heavy EX- penditure of time and capital, these Offices have been established. The Agents and Correspondents,.both British and Foreign, have been selected with oare. Constant bommunication is maintained with the various Bureaux des Renseignements of the Con- tinent, the Intelligence Onices of the United States, and the British-American, indittu, Aus- tralian, and other Colonles- A trusted confidenHal vehicle Of/lufor.natioti; a plain answer to a plain question ^s gifren. Truth in the report, safety "V™6 transaction, is the end desired am' sotight fprt". What Members are entitled to for £ 3 3s.- ENTITLED TO-40 Inquiries^'on Great Briuiin— three etamps/each Inquiry —every inqvliry sent to three or four cor- respondents ..j „ Gazette weekly, and index quarterly (register contains over a million names.) Any additional number ot Inquiries at is. ga. kaell. Legal advice at any time, or any num ber of times, free.of charge, on any commercial question. Debts applie(i tor sunj. ct to the follow- ing coniniistioll 5 per cent. from £ 2 to X20 2.1 per cent, from jE20 to £ 100, and M per cent. beyond or subject to prior special urrango- ment. „ Monthly settlements. Facts fer Members — This Office make each and every inquiry (no matter how closely it to.lows on a previous inquirv) the subject of a fresh investigation. References to inoi e than 10,000 firms Our system of Debt Collecting is much approved 1. Our Registers and Reference to Correspond- ents at once show Debtors ability to pay. 2. No spending goo} money after bad. 3. Special facilities in County Courts. 4. Judgment against Debtor m 12 days. 5. Attendance to prova debt unnecessary. 6. Commission. 5 per cent. under £ 20, 2 1 per cent. above. 7. Prompt Remittance. A carefully revised list of Swindlers, with their latest aliases kept at this ottioe. r4, NOTtCK.- I't this office, a Debt, after ap- lication is made, is not left to die a natural death. Promp, efficient, and voluntary advioe ia given to Subscribers as to best means of recovering same. If in London, a clerk waiia upou him (in the country, by post) and obtains from him such in- structions as will enable us to recover debt with- out any further trouble to Subscriber. aaj WJth— out any attendanoe of fc>ubscribjra being aeces- sary. TERMS :— £3 3a., £5 3s • and £10 10a. and upwards, per auuum. N. B. Banks and their branches contracted for. q:7. All telegrams, Accounts for Collection, Com- mercial Inquiries, and all othtr communica- tions to the London Office onlv. Drafts crossed National Provincial Bauk of Eng- land, to Flint & Co., London; EDUCATION. AB ERDARE COMMERCIAL AND CLASSICAL SCHOOL, CONDUCTED BY THE REV. J. JOSEPH GEORGE. 5, -/■— MR. GEORGE respectfully informs the Parents of Prfpils and the Public gene- r«lly that School Duties will be RESUMED on MONDAY, January 13th, 1873. TEKMS:— £ 1 Is. and 15s. NOTICE. GEO R G IMPARK E H, (Son of the late David Barker,) PLASTER E R, & c., 69, YNYSLWYD STREET, ABERDARE, DESIRES to inform the friends of his late father, and the public generally, that he intends carrying on the business as hereto- fore, anl hopes, by strict atteution to all orders entrusted to his care, con.bined with moderate charges, to merit a share of public support. Cement arid Sartd supplied upoh reasonable terms. HAYJMIS WQRSDELL'S PILLS ^I^HE extraordinary cures effected by this old JL standing remedy are so numerous that their publication is almost an impossibility. A selection; however, accompanies each box. The best proof of their efficacy is to be found iu the fact that those who have once tried them are careful never to, be without them, feeling con- vinced that wh^ro thfjy are to be had doctor'S BILLS AEE UNNECESSABT. Sold by all Chemists and other Dealers in Patent Medicines at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. §d. W holesale Depot, 22, Bread-street, London. Sold by the Trade in all Parts. K AYE'S WORSDELLIS PILLS HAVE relieved and <5ured thousands afflicted in almost every possible way. They purify the blood, and go at once to the root of disease. Impurities of the Blood. These wonderful Tills are valucl at tJ". hurablrsthenrtlis as veil as 111 tlic l>"U:-cs of comt'uit ami v > u,.ii:. Thrv wwk a thorough ].uriScmioa throughout the wlmle sysfi-m, withuiit di ordering the natural action of IInv or>r in^ ami or'iuli^ate tlio-e ponns 01 complaints whicli consign h:¡if of thouraiids to art eailv grave. y" Bronchitis, Diphtheria-Boughs, and Colds. No (li9oa»ng arc m e frcquei^. and fc^r more than affectwjis of the rl.-pirat.nVorgans no condition ::iv, rito inore fatal nialalien thart a" Simple Cold." lht-t "ipion s nviy always e refKoved by these renowned lill-, ,c ,1 1 t-c-y quickly of blood; moderate tIle h i. • d bioathing, and enable the wind-pipe aitd luug, to per- ni their functions with ease and regularity. Debility, Loss of Appetite, Headache, and Lowness of Spirits. These Pills will, in a f w days, effec t a truly wonderful change in 1 lehilila'.e'l Con tiialions (l;o mutter iheir exciting ft-t th. en ate a healihy appetite cortect indiges- tion. remov.' of bile, oven ome giddiness, contusion, M. k he iilne. "1 all those glo niv forebodings arising from a lhll.1 ili: cii.^oracicd di6 The Medicine for Females, Young and Old. For overcoming all obstructions and restoring suspended ■wreri i s tli< te is no inw-icine to be compared to these Pillf". Uiivrviliv "IO!, I'd as the one grand remedy for Female «''•iuv'a 'nt i iu>e 1'ills cannot fail, thoy strengthen the system, ■I'-rl aV-a h. inir about w hat i- required.. To females entering to w».m:inhood, or at the turn of life, they are invaluable, .m!r m p .t l.-ct safe-mnnd npr onst rropsy, headaches, palpita-. n:i7f tiie heart, and all nervous affections often distressing at 1 hose pciiods. Nervous Disorders. Any of the nerves effocts diass^rouslv both il,p bzjdy and tli uiii.d. To the nervous invalid are ,¡ n! 1<1 necex-ity, y 'II j;>\li" tone.and vieour to the infernal Mfrai s, and eoiiKequcrtly to the rie-zvjus system which per- :alles and connects tLI Ill, rho "Pills and Ointment are sold at Profesa^ir .•tablishnient, I,1. Oxford Stit et. London: also by neirlv verv ro»pi ct i'ole Vendor of liedicine thro- jrhout the rivilist u Vurld, in li'ixos and nt Is. l £ 'i., 2- 0 i 4 Gd., 1 22s., nd 33s. each 'J he ,Jl\;¡11e..t Im el 1' contains four duzen; I), ci the smalle-t Put 1 f Ointment one ounce. • •Il dir.ctions fire afflxeil to each Box and Pot, ami be hud iu any hnyuHi?e, even in Turklti, AiaUe, Aimeiiian, l'eisian, wr Claac3e, « GLKNFIELD a nr1!! on'^ u90^ 'n o 1 A Her Majestys Laundry. If there'are any Ladies who have not yet used he GLENFIfiLD STARCH, they are respect- fully solicited to give it « £ trial, and carefully follow out the directions/printed on every pack- tage, and if this ts done, They will say, Ijike e Queen's Laundress It is the finest^SjfARCH they ever used. WHEN YOU ASK FOR GLENFIELD STARCH, See that you get it, as inferior kinds areofhn substituted for the sake of extra profits. Beware therefore of spurious imitations. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS. THE extraordinary power and medical proper- ties of the extract of Burdock surpasses everything yet known in medicines in its singu- lar influence over the blood, which it purifi s, strengthens, and enriches, and thus gives health and strength to the greatest sufferers. '1 he Bur- dock Pills remove all Pimphs and Blotches on the body, and clear the blood from all impure matter, from whatever cause arising. THE BLOOD, STOMACH, & LIVER. In those Pills will be found a most efficacious remedy for all derangement of the digestive or- gans, and for torpid action of the liver und bowels whicti produce indigestion, and the several vari- eties of bilious and liver complaints. They speed- ily remove the irritation and feverish state of the stomach allay spasms—correct the morbid con- dition of the liver and organs subservient to diges- tion -promote a due and healthy secretiou of bile, and relieve the constitution of all gOuty matt, r and other impurities, which, by circulating in the blood, must injuriously affect the action of the kidneys. Thus, by removing the causes pro- ductive of so much discomfort, they restore the energies both.of body and jriind and by the use of Burdock Pills the foulest blood is purified, and every disease the uver, stomach, and head, is cured, and brought ujftler subjection by the ex- traordinary curfetire 'power of the Great Blood Purifier, Thomp^tuf's Burdock Pills. PILES, GRAVEL, AND PAINS IN fHE BACK. All suffering from those painful compL. nts should be aware that they proceed from the tl >1 state of the blood, when the Burdock Pills shotuc he immediately taken, as they apeedily cure the most obstinate complaints after all other i-emedies have failed. COUGHS, ASTHMA, SHORTNESS OF BREATH, AND ALL COMPLAINTS OF THE CHEST AND LUNGS. Kvery disease of the chest and IUllgs may be truly attributed to the morbid matter existing in the blood, which itself into incipient and pectoral complaints, and when neglected or impro,perly treated, their ravages are so rapid that fatal diseases are the result, such as decline, asthma, bronchitis, or pulmonary consumption. The Great Blood Purifier, Thompson's Burdock Pills, should be freely taken on the slightest symptoms, as they go to the root of the diseases, by cleansing the blood and regulating tbe bowels, that life may be prolonged and Illness prevented. FEMALE COMPLAINTS. The Burdock Pills are a medicine long known for their very uncommon virtue in removing those obstructions, and other disorders mope especially incidental to the younger portion of the female sex. Thev remove all obstructions, heavi- ness. fatigue on slight exertion, palpitation of the heart, lowness of spirits, weakness, and allay pain, head-aches, giddiness, hysterical diseases, &c. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER CURES THE FOLLOWING COMPLAIN IS. Indigestion, wind in the stomach and bowels, palpitation of?the«lieart, liver complaints, bilious obstructions, asthma, tightness on the chest, lum- bago, piles, gravel, pains iti the back, scurvy, sore eyes, :bad legs, sore throats, sore heads, white swellings, scrofula, king's evil "secondary symptoms, tic doloreux, retentiouof urine, rheuma. tism, debility, dropsy, jaundice, diabetis, female irregularities, weakness, worms, fits, St. Anthony's dance, and fevers of all kinds. Those Pills may be had from all.Chemists, and Patent Medicine Vendors, in boxes at Is. l|d. 2 and 2s. 9d. per box, or direct from the estab- lishment, No. 34, High-street, ^Swansea, for 15 stamps. Horniman's Pure Tea is the Best <&' Cheapest. The valuable properties of tea exist only in the yoxmq leaver HORNIMAN'S TEA, selected from the cJwjffi spring crathcring, without the usual mineral powder on the leaf,—is very strong and delirious in flavour; being: sold 'vnte in PACKETS, uniform quality and renkcheapvess is guaranteed. LOCAL AGENTS .&be..dare,1- vans, chemist Mountain W hite, chemist Jonos, chemist fontt/pridd.James, chemist Thornns, chemist Dowlais Hancock, chemist Merthyr K^es, chemist IMw T'ale ..Jones, chemist btepbeus, chemist Brecon Hughes, bookseller Hirtcain George, chemist Swansea..Richards, chemist Hornimau's AGENTS in every town, 2,!538 Chemists, &e. CARDIFF TO NEW YORK. M TVRECT STEAM COMMUNI- CATION BKTWEEN THE B II I S T C) L CHANNEL AND TH K AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND CANADA. The SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP (JOMl'ANV'S New, first-class, full-powered, Clyde [.built Stejuafcliips, GLAMORGAN 2,500 TOils. 500 h.p. PEMBROKE 2,500 Tons 500 h.p. CARMARTHEN ./3,0 0 Tons 6O0 h.p. Or other First-class Steamers, will sail regularly -• between CARDIFF AND NEW YOHK The Steamships are built expressly for the Trade and littcd-up with all tho lates: improvements for the comfort and convenience of Cabin and Steerage Passengers. 0 Steerage passengers provided with mattresses. A Stewardf-ss carried for the female emigrants. The PEMBROKE will sail on Saturday, the 21st June, to be followed by the GLAMOltGAN. for furtuer particulars, apply to BRISTOL Kiid^'tt X James, It, King re«t SWANSEA lit- hnnbon & Va. NEWPORT .O. W. Joues Heard A Co. CLOUT EST tilt .W. Lauey & Co. HON I'Y POOl T \Vaite 4 Son. POr\1'\l'dllJU Alexander Brothers MlElinivTT\'Dt'VL!whf Pre^vell. I. Ca*t!e-s'reet Nl Elt 1-ii Y R TU)1'l! J ,3> C- ree AtiKtlUAlib Iiaac' I'liomas, 24, Seyitv>ur street »«»'»" h«« or at the Company's Office, 1, Daek Claamber3 j CardiS JOHN LAUGHLAND, Manager "4 '¡ SPECIAL NOTICE. THE TEE T|H. MR. RICHARD B. BOULTON, SURGEON DENTIST. C A MBRIAN -PLACCltOCKHEtlBTOWN, CARDIFF, Attends at Mr- Ty "W". EVANS'S, Chemist,- Commercial-street, ^ABERDARE, the first FRI- DAY in each month, from One to Six o'clock. Established over Twenty Years. Recommended by the principal Physicians and Surgeons in the county. Artificial TEETH un- rivalled for beauty,! comfort. &c., from 4! to 25' Guineas the complete set. Filling, Extracting, &c. Dates of attendance r—June 6th', July 4tb, and Augusttst. 94 FOR the blood is the life.See Deuteronomy, chapter, JL. :11" verse 23. CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTUfif, The great Blood Purifier and Restorer, For cleansing and clearing tht- blood from all imparities, can- not be too highly recommended. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Skin Diseases, and sores of tUhiadw t is a never-failing and permanent cure. It Cures Old Sores Cures Ulcerated SorM on tbe neok- Cures Ulcerated Sope Legs Cures Blackheads/or Pimples on the FàH Cures Scurvy Scutes Cure^CancerouB Ulcer Cures Wood 4<ld Skin Diseases Cut es §landalar Swrllinps Clears Hj^'Blood from ail impure V stter, Krom whatever arising. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and war- ranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. Thousands of testimonials from all parts. Sold in Bottles, 2s 3d. each, and in cases, con- taining six times the quantity, lis each-auffirient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long-standing cases,-by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 27 or 1.32 stamps by F. J. Cparke Chemist, High.street, Lincoln. Wholesale All Patent Medicine Houses. SHORTEST., QUICKEST, AND SAFEST ROUTE: TO AMERICA.. GUION LINE: United States! Mail: Steamers.. One of the following or othar first-clasB full power Steamships will be despatched. <rpm LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK EVERY WED- NESDAY AND FRIDAY Captain. Captain. Wyomisct. Jas Price Minnesota. T. Freeman Wisconsin.. W. C. Green Manhattan J. Price IDAHO .James Morgan Montana Morgan N F.VADA W. Forsyth DAKOTA Junes I Are intended to sail as follpwn :—- Nevada Wednesday, 4th June. Wyoming Wedtieeday. 11th" Id'iho V Wednesday, 18th „ Minnesota Wednesday, 25th „ Calling at QUEENSTOWI? the following day to embark PassengeYs < < Rates of Passage from Liverpool to New York Cabin Passage £ 15 15a., .£18 18s., and 921. Steerage Pisolige. t6 tis. The latter includes an unlitnited supply df pro, visions, cooked and served Up by the Company' stewards. > For passage, apply to GlilON & CO., 11, Rum ford-st rest, 25, Water-street, and 115, Waterloo-road Or JAS. SCOTT & CO., Queens town, Ireland;' WM. HARRIS, 16, Harriet-Street, Titsfcynon,; Aberdare; HENRY M. gROGAN, 2 SeyfiiOHr-> Place. Aberdare. _• BENSON'S Watches, Clocks, Gold jawellery, SILVER AND ELECTRO PLATE. J TO THE QUEEN ftVPOlMMfeN'T AND TO b.,1t.H.1HBI ROYAL i-AMILV, PRINCE OF, ¡, nc, WALLI. Prize Medals.-LONDON, DUBLIN, AND l-ARIS. > watohbs Clocks Of all Iciadi, t> 1 to tOO Qf all kinds, at 2 to 1000 yuine • Guineas. ) Lover, vertical Church, Tujrret Horizontal. Duplex Carriage, Chtme Chronometer, Chi oograph Dining *ad Uravibf Room Kevless. Centre Seconds Hall, SHop Repeaters, Indian, &c. '.ibrary, Bracket, A# ~T tLVER AND KLBCTBO GOLD JEWELLBKY, PLATE, The latest fashions. Ail the new designs. l-racelets, Brooches • Dinner Services Earrings, Lockets Tea and Brdakfut SwncM Necklaces, Chains Cruets, Baskets Itings, Studs Ipfcstajids, Claret Jugs 1'ins, Cresses, tb. Spoons, f'orks, Ac Illustrated Catalegue *f Watches, Clocks, .T«w«Herv, to post free for 2 stamps. Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, and Plate, sent to all parte of the world Silver and Electro Plate Catalogue post free 24. Watches repaired by skilled workmen. Old Silver.-Ifvvel- lery, Watches, ac., exchanged. Merchants, Shippers and Cltibs sl1pphed. Steam Factory and City Shew Jldofnx— LUDGATE lULL & OLD UOND STREET, LONDON i, Published for Two Stamps TO THE "NERVOUS AND ttBBltlTATRO. Redd the Kew Publication by Pit. J. A. BARNK8, M 1>, (U.S.) entitled Nervous debility, or words o^ WARNING. A Treatise on the Caus'-fri' Symptoms, and treatment of Nervousness, and Exhausted Vitality. The Author has for years given his exelwgive at' tention to the treatment of Nervous Debit itv> Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation ( the Heart, Noises "in the head and ears. Indecision, Impaired si^ht and memory, Iniligt^1 ion, Prostra- tion, Lassitude, Depression Loss of encwv and appetite, Pains in the back and limbs, Timidity, Self-distrust, DiMineW, Love of solitude, GroundleV^ fears, *nd m^rty other ailments which, if neglected, brini the ^«et€a to an early death.. This valuable wVk< "as beeii trulj called •' Words of Warning," is.illusti aled with cjses and testimonials, and not oaly gi^es the cause but tilft means of cure. Hundreds of cases which lvuva been thought hopcleas have been restored to ,per. fect heatth and vigour after all otlier means Lid failed. i to THF; M ARftlKH AND SINill.F, this h.Kik i* invalu- .Iole. Sent ^ost free, on receipt of two Ktuiiips.jCor by ,1t:1: ter p^st three >tavnpg. { A'l lres. Dr UAttN 1' I, Lopitrirfle ware, liarn-'bir. fcondon.M. Important to Country Patients DR. BAM N-2S any be emmu fed' -ly'ot letter in all prirate »»'< rontiii^alMl Ca-<c_)i and., (L»r. t'.M» iCDefit of niTTona «>«ITVreri» wb.) caunnt yi^it ii, mi, nt; lV!J^ mi receiviu^ a dcsc.riptitfu 01 ttinr earlo^i«i^ st^'iipuTi envelope for repily, l>e re.idy to u'ive lui^.upin^iii upou tii £ nature of tizeca-c.and tbe priucipti* ot treatment necessary to etftict a permanentc-.ire- ,< x Address. Or. Barnes. L Lo-'isdi'e lillian" StrmikW I Lou don. N. t ,1, .» j ..u (i-i ,^wm » J