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ABERDAilE PdLlCE COURT. TUESDA Y. — (Before R. H. IJ!í,p" ESfJ., and the Rev. W. Grijflth.) DRUNK AND DISOROBRLY.William Williams, co lier, was charged with being drunk and riotous in Commercial-street, Mountain Ash, onThnrsday, the 24th June. — P.C Williams proved the charge. Fined 5s and costs. HARD SWEARING.—Emily Spring WAS charged with assaulting Mary Summers, both married women, living in Chancery Lmf, Mountain Ash. — Mr Howell, from tile office of Messrs C I-I. and F. James, appeared for complainant.—-The com- plainant stated that, on Tuesday, the 21st June, the defendant seiz-'d her by the hair of her head, and afterwards by the arm, and threw her against a wall. Her husband then interfered, and com pUinant threw four stones at Iv r, and assaulted her twice aft r. One of the stones struck her on the leg. Complainant's husband gave corrohora- tive evidence. — Defendant, on the other hand, denied having assaulted the complainant at all. She alleged that complainant's husband eommitt-d an assault upon her by knocking her down, and then taking hold of her uy the hair of the head and bumping her h^ad against the ground. The quarrel, she said, arose concerning a pair of boots which complainant bought for her. She alleged that complainant cheated her out of a shilling by charging her a shilling more than she paid for them. She went to speak to complainant about it, when complainant's husband abused her. Several witnesses were then called in defence, each of whom spoke to the assault upon defendant by complainant's husband, and denied that defendant touched complainant. The Be:ich were of opinion thrft complainant's husband should have been summoned, and not the defendant. Mr Howtells wished to address the Bench in defence, but was told that it would be of no use, as the Bench had quite made up their minds, from the evidence before them, to dismiss the case. Dismissed accordingly. WOMEN'S SQUABBLE.Mary Price, hepr-houae keeper, Llwrdcoed, was charged with assaulting Elizabeth Beynon, on the 21st June. It appeared that the assault arose out of a dispute as to the right of way, the case having been heard at the County Court. Complainant stated that she was the wife of James Beynon, living at LIvvydcoed. On the day in question she was returning home from her sister's, and, in passing the defendmt's house, the defendant and her daughter black- guaTded her, and afterwards pushed her along before them down some steps, and threw rubhish over her from the tip. — Bridget Jones, who lived next door to complainant, said she saw Mrs Price and her daughter by Mrs Beynon's gate pushing her do ,vn the steps. There was a crowd in front of the house. After pushing her down, tiny went towards the tip and threw a quantity of rubbish over her. -There w;:s a cross-summons in the case. — liilzabeth Davies (d-ughter of the com- plainant in the previous charge) was charged with assaulting Mary Price. Mrs Price alleged th..t on the same day the defendant followed her and struck her in the face She believed she h id a stone in her hand at the time. She also threw rutibish over her until her hair was full of it. Esther Price gave corroborative evidence. The Bench fined each of the parties 2s 6d and costs, amounting to j 6s 3d, and advised them not to quarrel in future, if they came there again they would be fined very much heavier. DK^NTCENNESS.—William Burton was charged with being drunk and riotous P.C. Poynts proved seeing the defendant drunk and kicking at a rasn's door, Oil Sunday week. The Bench said he had been brought up before and he would now be fined -20s. and costs, or 14: days in defautt. DKINKIVG DURING PROHIBITED HOURS.— Charles Currie and William Lapping were charged with being found at the Prince of Wales beer. house, Titffouiider, during illegal hours, on Sun- day morning, the 12th June. P.C. Williams went there at a quarter to 8 o'clock in the morninv and found the two defendants in the hack smoking their pipes with a pint of beer nearly full before them. The landlord was present at the time and hid siitCe been fined for keeping his house open at the time mentioned. Lapping, in defence, said: I was taking a pair of shoes home for the Prince 'of Wales-Mr lthys: For the Prince of Wales ? Defendant: Yes (laughter), when I met Currie and we had a pint together The Bench said they Iwd 110 business to he there at that time in the mnruing, ahu they must pay a fine of 2s. 6d. and costs each. Lapping said he thought it a hard case to be fined for taking work home. The Bench informed him that he ought to consider himself wefl off as they had the power to fine him 40s. and costs. William Davies and James Richards were charged with being drunk and riotous. P.C. Melhuish proved the offence. Defendants, who appeared very penitent, stated that it was their first offence and hoped it would be their last.— Fined 5s. and costs each. OLD OFFENCE.—John Davies was charged with assaulting David ltees on the 20th March last. Complainant said he was an engineer at High Duffryn Colliery, and had about a mile to walk home from work. In parsing the AhergWawr tip, about 9 o'clock in the evening, he noticed a man and woman standing close together. The man came up to him and accused him «'f having thrown stones at him. He denied having done so. Defendant thereOpoft stood hick about three or four yards and struck him a severe blow on the nose with a stone (the mark was still visible). Had never seen the defendant before. He took out a summons at the time. Defendant stated that the summons which lie had received referred to the 20th June. The Bench intimated that in that case he was entitled to an adjournment. De- fendant, however, wished to have the case disposed .of at once, lie then stated that he had mver struck complainant with a stone, and was ill in bed at the time. IIi3 father and mother could proVe this. The defendant's witnesses not being present, the case was adjourned for a week. STEALING A FLANNEL AFRON.—Ann Lewis, a widow, was charged with stealing a flannel apron, the prop rty of Thomas D dy, landlord of the Uird-in baud beer-house, Monk-street, Margaret Daly, wife of Thomas Daly, said I remember 'he 7th June. I had a flannel apron on one of the casks in the cellar about half-palt 10, a.m. Next morning I looked for it and it WIg gone. Pri- soner was in the house that morning. I left her with the children and went out I returned and she was then ill-left the hou<e in the care of my daughter. Prisoner left shortly after I returned. The apron was worth ,'is. 4d. I eiso lost a cord trousers belonging to my son, which I missed on Wednpsday morning. Robert. Wei ree, assistant to Mr Burkie, piwnbroker, Whitcombe-place, said the apron was brought to be pawned between 12 and 1 o'clock on the 7th June, he believed, by the prisoner. She gave the name of Ann Lewis. He could not swear to the prisoner. P C. Melhuish arrested prisoner in Glo'ster street about half-past 10 that morning..Told her the charge and she said "I don't deny taking the apron; the other things were my own." He produced the apron winch he received from last witness. Wehrle, recalled, said she pledged :J yards of lindsey and something else at the same time. Prisoner had nothing to say in defence and she was committed for trial at the adjourned sessions oil Friday. AN OLD TOIJ«K. — Morgan Hughes, tailor, an old offender, was charged with being drunk and riotous on the 15th June. P.C. Jenkins proved seeing him drunk in Canon-street about 10 o'clock on the night in question. Some women were passing along the street at the time and defendant took hold ot one of them. Witness then walkd him oft to the station. Mr Rhys asked the de- fendant how many times he had been brought lip befoce. Defendant coolly replied that he ha I not kept account, but hoped this would be the last. tie appealed to Mr Rhyit to deal leniently with I' him as they were both from the same parish. He was finsd 10.. and 5s. 3d. costs, or 10 days in ( default. He was cautioned not to come there again or he would have to go to prison. The fine was paid by the defendant's mother, an old woman who, evidently, could ill afford to do so. CNPROVOKED ASSAULT.—Edward Matnwaring, of Loughor, was charged with having committed an assault upon Edward Main waring (his nephew), living at Cwmhach. Defendant did not appear, and service of summons was proved hy P.C. Wil- liams. Complainant stated that on the night of j the 26th June he was sent for to a house in Cwmbach, where he met his uncle (the d; fendant). His uncle asked if he owed him any money. He replied that he did, and the defendant then struck him. He believed'he had come up from Loughor for the purpose'of abusing him. He gave the de- fendant no provocation. He was a mason and the defendant owed him £\ 1. He applied last week fur a settlement. Fined 10s. and 9s. 9d. costs, or 11 days in default* Disinterment OP BODIES AT GWAWR CflAPBt. Mr T. Phillips, from the office of Mr D. RUMer, applied for a summons against the Rev. Morgan Phillips, of Gwawr Baptist Chapel, Aberaman, for removing and disinterring the body of a child of Rees Evans. It was alleged that Mr Phillips had not complied with the terms of the license granted him hy the Secretary of State for the removal of human remains in the burial ground of the above chapel. The summons was granted.








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