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™■■■•' • •' -r —: — c.- Jlttblit ft otic*. R. G. PRICE & CO., Accountants, Auctioneers, Commission Almit, Vahurs; JSoilSe$f Estate Agents, J fat AfiU prepared-, to undertake any business en- trusted to therh. and carry out the same Wth promptitude and fidelity. Officeot-Aberdare. N.B. Money to any amount, either in large or |«HtlJ sums, lent on good Leasehold an l Freehold Cebiirit MR. EDWARD LAWRANCE, FIU)FES80R OF MUSIC (TJONSERVATORIUM OF MUSIC, LEIPZIG) AND ORGANIST OF ST. UAVID'S CHURCH, MERTHYR, VISITS ABERDAJIE Professionally Every Week. Terms fof PIAR^FOPTE, Singing, Harmony, Har- monium'lessons, &V;, &c., &c., may be known on application at 2, Court land-terrace, Merthyr. G. BAKER, PAINTER, GLAZIER,,PAPEHHANGKR, &c., BEGS to inform tjfc PUBLIC that he has commenced business in the above brunches, fct tladlyi-road.j AWrdal-e, where he hopes, by *triqt attention tossli ordefs entrusted to liis care, combined with moderate charges, to merit a share idflut,lic patronage und support. A well-selected btock of all kinds of PAPER hangings. AIR. RICHARD B. BOULTON, ..SURGEON DENTIST. 1, CHARLES STREET^ CARDIFF. TFEETH, the best that btfii he obtain; d, from 4J to 25 Guineas the complete Bet. > TVMIT/UWO years! eitn^rience. Established 1852. Recommended ^Y principal Physicians FEND Surgeons in CardiifVattd neighbourhood. No CHARGE for consultation. Attendance daily, from "ien till Four. Between Cardif fah 1 Abel-dare four trains run daily each way. ABERDARE BURIAL HOAHD. TO FARMERS, COHTKACTOSS, AND OTEEES. VFOTICE JS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Board invite aii& ate/prepared to accent TENDERS: 1st. For the PIECE ifF GROUND on Hif- ^AIN Common, allotted P(> the said Boaid, SITUATE ^LEAR the Cem' TT-ry, ancLrepntaining an area of leu FAERI'R, one rood, and tjwenty-lhrt e PARCHES, upon a yearly tenancy ,\THT^!same to lie fenced in tem- porarily by the son tendering on all sides, execpt on the sides ¡It,xt the Railway and nertt a t' tn ent No. 73. Tind r to be marked "Tender for Allotment." liqfl. For the GRASS now grow jot at the Cemetery, tender o be inniked Te'ider [pr Gll8S." 3rd. For DIGGING GWAVES at tin- Cemt teiy for F.vrlve NI'ths. Tend.-rto be marked "1 end. r Itor i>i,-ging urtivei." All THE Tenders to be Sealed, und to he delivered LO me by Ten ♦/clock, on W unc-diy, ih 13'B' day of July nt-it. The Board du not bind thetu- I Selves to accpt the lowest or any Tender. tt P. LiNTON, Clerk to the &»ird. Burial Board Office, 4,,Car ion-street Atierdare, j June ITFFCH, islo MOUKTAIB ASH LOOAL BOARD. TO SCAVENGERS & OTHERS. i XJOTICK |8 HEREBY GIVEN tbtfG the Mouri- .r4-* tain Ash Looal Board ipvite and are prepared to accept '!>ii(U»r4 for the SCavemyng and leam "Work req aiied in their district fofthc year ending Juiy 20th. 1871. ^pecii'cat in may life seen ajul forms of tender, obtained, at my office^ hi/ha Workman's Hall, Mou Hriu Ash, ou\anjN Alonday, I bursduy, or Saturday, beiore the\eniWr& are opened. Juiy 20th. 1871. ^pecii'cat in may life seen ajul forms of tender, obtained, at my office^ hi/ha Workman's Hall, Mou Hriu Ash, ou\anjN Alonday, I bursduy, or Saturday, beiore the\eniWr& are opened. S^Hed tenders to be\u/at or before 1 o'clock on Monday, ,j uly 4th, lo70, addressed to me, and en- dorut Tender for Scavenging and Team w..rk. The Board no not bind themselves to accept the 1o\\e.»t or any tender. H. P. I.INTOJF, Clerk to the Board. Workman's Hall, Mountain Ash, June 20th, 1870. & 4^4 a A a A A i a a .» » « "-4. | B U t J < Johns ait, Joh nsoii Co s t MsA PURE TEA, E < Frc ft-om all Artificial RjS«ji Colouring Jiluner, 2/- PER LB.\ OHOICE QUJULNRIESFC "NEW SEASON'S," j» 2/8 — 3 '<* —$/y 3/a 4/- £ S upplied in Packets OAXY> FROM 2 ozs. toi-lb. and 3-lb. akid 6-LO. Tin Canisters. IF l 4 Sold yy Chemists, Confectioners, 4 SjWW Nfirc., in every Town. 3 LOCAL AGENTS. Ferdllre- EVANS, chemist, i4, CoxkSHereial'Htrttt RICHARDS, cLimist, 13, Cardiff-street i'>! Vuman—l{ ini/ i1 D.i, vhnn/nt, l.ui utjj-n.arf -ardiff-BAKER, C nfectioner, 154, Bute road —Rms, ch, mist, 284, Bute-street r"ruTn.,in-],L(!Yt), draper. Post Office Dov iais—LEWIS, chemist, 177, Hiyk-street Jlirw.iv—SIMS, chemist £ iantrissant LIF%VELLYN, chemist, Bull Ring ^•ltrViyT—BUTTS, confectioner,.High-street —LEWIS, cheiriht, Georye-town „ — STEPHENS, chemist, Sigh-street ■ fountain lf$h-JAMFO, chemist, 69, Oxford-street Pontypridd—DAVIES, chemist, High street ^hi/mnry—DIXON, chemist • refurest—Piuric, chemist, Park-street JOUNSON, JOHNSON & Co Tfa Merchants, 17, Bioomfield-street, City, London. I, Proprietor of the CEXTBAI. Kews to Xewspaper Pro- bs, Exc-lmtij'cs, Neva Rooms, rvices are supplied deijy. The owitig known l etween t am. iVoiQ the Tjondon Mornir.g nclvdea all news frsJu 8 a rn 13 newj ^iom p to 8 p,m I'' ^tu. This last ;l p«per is not ubiain: Jtie f^ti'grara is alw'siyn ii,r- wheri- I'' ^tu. This last ;l p«per is not ubiain: Jtie f^ti'grara is alw'siyn ii,r- Idr ;) i lii ion a.. when- pwu t 7 am. a telegram is for- ial News which appears in the 1.30-the openmu prices of the e London Corn, Csttle, nnd sing prices of the Stock Kx- at 8 8 p.w.. 8tu' close, e, Ot tor caeh daily Telegram, for each service or Telegram post of transmission. J<-RCH AN1S,Ot< HANKERS, d for a ch&rg« of 2B. each, m» in. By wung » wefnlly-pre- he quotfitioiiB of ZI) i r ift retpectinp each c..c be for. releerims to fior-SHuwribi rs* 1. fa nocsbo can Revbscnp- jeived. W C.j r»rrl«-d 4-m thp Proprii tors or Clubs vai Exeb8ovcs, | -=. s 1CVAN THOMAS, # J|| IRONMONGER, S BE SAPETf LAMP MANUFACTURER, S |Mj 7, CA RbH t-STREtil, AtitikDARE, |S j| moBt respectfully to call the attention of Colliery Proprietors and ±MgH^ X' Colliers to the superior make and/gTeat advantages in purchasing his &'•* LAMPS, over o^her makers, as any part pt the LAMP can, in case of breakage, i + a< £ s. a^TP be repaired at a small cost, on the shortest notice. a.^r3f £ m*>8 SPECIAL QUOTATIONSjtOR LARGE QUANTITIES. Tough hand-made Glasses properlp/ground to fit CLANY LAMPS, 5d. each. IMPORTANT TO f\vkWers AND PRIVATE FAMILIES. ties Jfq^bne should be without HA!«€«€Si'S BHWEH MACHINE, For washing IUitter from all traces of. Milk and Acid; also for cooling and making it firm in hot weather without touching with the hand, .and for removing the flavour of Turnips, and turning Salt Butler into Fresh for daily use, by the action of Cold water only also for pressing Juices from Fruits, mashing Potatoes, Turnips, and Carrots. This Machine mashes Potatoes into ornamental forms, at the same time bein$r as'fine as liour. Sole Agent for this useful Machine, Mr. EVAN THOMAS, Ironmonger, 7, Cardiff-street, Aberdare, where it may be seen, and its capabilities tested. Patronised by Ilie Gentry, Clerqy, and leading Tradesmert of South Wales. o K V A yr D A V I D, House, Sign, aMyOriiameiital Painter & Giasief, r. MPER-HANGER, &e., » H 1 frH /t 11 E E T, ABERDA RE Wholesale De^iejin Bristol Patent Plate and Ornamental Window 'G/mi, Railway Signal Lights,$6. o Experienced Workmen sent to all parts of the Country. «• ^—■——w——w £ m T H E ORIGINAL TIN S HOP, I 19, CARDIFF-STREET, A B E R DA R E T P ER KINS SHE E T IRON, Zili-C AND TIE SMITH, rr^AKES the present opportunity to thank the Public/of this town and neighbourhood, for their very I X Jiberwl patronage for many years past, and to announce that, with improved tools and machinery, he is enabled to execute all.orders promptly 0-tidfii a superior style of wcrkrnariship, and tiusts, by continuing to supply a good article at the lowest/remuneratifre price, to merit a continuance of their avouvs.. I The attention of all parties using Dairjf Ut«-n«jts is respectfully invited to his superior MILK P\NS and COOLERS, &c, which are made^ ot the very, best materi-sls His improved ZINC FRAMED HAND (iLASSES for GARDENS, and ^1X0 MEAl1 SAFES, &c always on hand, or made to order 'HI-;ACM- CKA TVAWFIAR53S> 417 BEKli, ENGINES AND PIPES REPAIRED. • New Pipe always on Hand at 4d. p-r Foot. 0 It D E 11 SAN n It ft P A 1 1' < > T IT E S 11 oil T E R T N 0 T I 6 t. N rp|)C Trad^ supplied, purchasers should f.-2 that th ? mark T. P. is on each article. J! THE CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR fiOft 1) HOUSBHOLO FUIINITU ItB LEWIS THdiVfAS, ] C A 11 I N E T- ill A K By 11 A ii U P il O L S f B R E li 4 CASOSi \.S TPVEST, AlfEBDAItE, 'F CARPETS, LINOLEUM, J'LOOK CLOTHS, MATTING^ dF THE &EST U s ALL o'uDftrts FHOMPTLY ATtkvdbd To :"t "1 i 82 A ttj E» Si -W I Et piiliE BRANOV; -is. *2(1. PER fiOTTLt. W. m 0 R t S, "WELSH HARP WINE AND SPIRIT STORES, ABERDARE, T>j EGS tH in orm the public generally that he h,s bee> appointed AGEMT for the ^]e »f M«sis. X) He„r» Brett and Go's Pure Brandy, which /<ir q-uahty and ch. apness 1 mlv b'P'Ti I In proof of the hit.Ii estimation in which tlvs geiuiine-artic e is Iv ld by the facu!t>HosnUa, B J j that the following lospit-ds and InstitntionsVa ve be/n SUj»p!.ea there with :-Bethle.n Hos, U B, l h ««I House Lun lie A.ylnm, Bro.npton HospitalO^ismoption Brtmk House Asylum,^ 1 k General Infirmary, Charing Cross Hospital, Wt County H^p.^l 3-lh«,n 11'"lon; ■l f 11 ospite 1. Guv's Hospital, Hi«l iford Hous- Lunatic Asylum, Hastmgs end ht b 1 »Jr_ (nary, Kidd nninst«; King's College Hospital Lancaster noensary, !VIinoton Work- mary, Middlesex Hospital, National Hospital, Northampton General Infirmary J J Jnp house Royal Free Hospital, Koyal Hospital, Putney.} St. Ihomas' Hosp-.tal, Un«o ?, ht..1 anua3 Workhouse, Surrey Lunatic Asylum, Sussex Lunatic Asylum, Westminster Hosp a L -:0: ALLSOPP'S PALE AND n U R T 0 1r ALES. W. M OR illS al-6 begs to state that he is prepared to supply the above Ales, of the brewing, which are in prim<r and sparking condttion, in any quantity, being one of the larg< 8 io of Burton ALs in South Wides. Wiasil HARP WISE AND SPIRIT STORES, ABERDARE. STATION Ell I" & FANCY VVAKEHOUsB, "ABERDARE TIMES" OFFICE, 3 k COM M ERCIA L- PL A C E# ABERDABE. J. T. JONES & SON, PRINTERS, Bt/oE^ELLEES, STATIONERS, &c., DFSKIE to inform the PU Bl|(>' that th have iust received a large and Varied assoftm?nt of PLAIN and FANCY STATIONERY anc| FANCY GOODS, suitable for PRESEN IS, &c., to which they invite atitl;tiol1; A larue Stock of Musical Instruments, including Concertinas, Flutes, OanjM, Tambourines, Drums; Har,ronicans Mouth Organs, &c. The largest and best Selected Stock in Town of HOME and FORKIGN M\DE TOYS. Dolls in great variety, Chess, Drafts, and Draft board*, Dominoes, k-c. Woikboxes, Money Boxes, Fancy Boxes, Rimtnel's Soap and Perfumery, Ink and lttkstaÜds, Conversution Cards, &c. Combs and Brushes of the best quality. Pipes and Tobacco Pouches, Cigar Cases. Ladies' Bags, Purses, Albums, &o., &c. -:0:- observe THE ADDRESS— "ABEHDARE TrUES" OFFICE, 31, COMMERCIAL-PLACE, ABERDARE. ,'I 'iU D 11 BISOBMBS'the Pills? I Axe the sources of the deadliest mtatadi s. Jfr• rciaxed or irritated stomach I § TSE EfiST I Astbtna. Debility^ Ti^'r Complaints. Secondary Symptom* i bilious Complaints. Diarrhoea/ ^'vei U I Weakness,from what- K Blotches on the Skin. Female Irregulantiee f TT iBe. ever cause, &o. &c. ■ g ConBtipation of the BoWela. Indigestion. Retention of Un«e | 1 CA U T1 ON !—N one are genuine unless the words" ma/u S « c!iscernible aa a Watermark in every leaf of the book oi airecc professor B plainly seen by holding it to the light.—*m* Sold at the rnanu ae J ^oXeg a^. B IIOLLOWAY, 244, Straftd, London, and by all Dealers m Met tern GATING by B Is. l|d„ 2s. 9d., 4s. m.f lis., 22s., and 33s.-There is ft .each bo/ I j taking the larger giaes.Very copious directions for use are amxea H Y T W R. 1 1^TEWVDt)iADtjR pythefnosoi, ctef}rddol a theuluaidd, wyth tudulen,- pristiri geinidg, cyhoeddedig yn Swyddfft'r ABERDARE TIMES. Teimlir gan ldwer fod angen am ryw gyfrwng npillduol, er gwrthweithio yr ymdreéh a wneir y dyddiau hyn, er dwyn Cymru o dan iau Pabyddiaetn a Defodaeth, ac er adnewyddu ofer-gampiau, ae arferion llygtedig yu mysg yr ieuenctyd. Mevvil cyfarfod o un ar ddeg o weinidogton Aberdar, cynulledig yn Swyddfa'r ABERDARK TIMES, Tachwcdd, I9eg, 1809, rhoddwyd atwgaeth unfrydol i'r Meistriaid J. T. jenes a'i Fab,- i ddwyn allan y TwR, i'r perwyl uchod cadarnhawyd yr anogaeth drachefn yn Nghynadledd Cyfundeb Gogieddol Aunibyuwyr Morganwg, a gynaliwyd yn Behesda, Merthyr, Ionawr i7eg, 1870. Golygid i'r Twit ar y cyntaf fOIl yrt gyhoeddiad misol yn ffurf misolion yh gyffredin modd bynag, wedi ymgynghoriad ag artiryw «yfei!lic>n-, yn marn pa rai, y mae genym trrvn hyder, yn gyst-al ar "7 ymvvrandawiad ar awgryniiadau oddiymaac oddidraw, yr ydym wedi dyfod i'r pendi-rfyniad* i newid ,j y cynllun y cyhoeddiad yn gvvbl felly, yn lie bod yn gynoedd'iad misol, bwriedir i'r TWE t'od yn Nc\v- ydaiadur pythefnoeol. Tybir y gellir wrth hyny ymeangu cylch ei ddcfnyddioldcb. drwv sicrhau iddo ledaemad mvvy lielaeth, ond ni fwriedir cyfnewid diin ar amcan gwreiddiol cyhoeddiad y TWH. Bydd y TWR o nodwedd ewir grefyddol ac anenwadol. Hyd y gellir, bydd yn dilyn yr un llwybr ac yn debyg 0 ran nodwedd j'r Christum Times, a'r Christian World, yn oe.sneg; feilv Ityddyn cerdded llwybr hollol wahanol i'r newyddiaduron Cymroi, Bwriedir i'r TwR lenwi cylch sydd hyd ymi] heb ei lenwi yn llenyddiaeth Cymru bydd yn safle i wylio gyda <ivfalwch, ac amddiffyn gycla ffyddlondeb divvyro crefydd efarigylaidd yn y wlad bydd hefyd yn gwylio ar syntudiadauyrhoU gyiundebau crefyddol o bob enwad, ac yn cronjClo eu gweithrediadau. Oddiar y TWR bwriedir hefyd wylio yn arbimig ar. symudiadau y Babaeth a Defodaeth. a dynoethi yn ddifloesgni bob math o dlvyll crefyddol. Gwneir ymosodiadau ditjaiiigymeriad o'r. TWK ar ofer-gampiiaiij ac arferion llygredi^ ei-eilli sydd yn tfynu yn eiri gwlact; ac telly, golygir iddo foif yn nawdd e i ieuenctyd ein Hysgolion Sabbathol, ad ereill, sydd yn rhy fynych yn cael eu llithio i ddilyn y lluaws i wneuthur drwg. Bwriadir a wylio yn y TWR ar symudiadau y byd a'r arriSerati yn wleidiadol, cymdeithasol, a tbeiilu; aidd. ghoddir gwersi yn. y TWR ar wleidiadaeth, .trafnidaeth deSulUaidd, a ntoeswersi ytt gytfredirt. Felly,, bydd yn gyfrwng hyrtod fanteisiol i gyudrthwyo newyddiad'tiron sydd ar y maes eisioesj yn gwneyd cu rhan yn nyrchanad y genedi. I Gan mai prif amcan y Cyhoeddwyr yw, nid enill ariati yn unig, ond lledaenu gwybodaeth fuddiol yn thhtith ieuenetyd ein cynttlleidfaoedd, atlirawon a phtant ein Hysgolion Sabbathol. Bydd i'r TVtif uael ei hetaethu yn ol fel y byddo amgylchiadau yn caniatad, a'i ddw/i allan yn wythnosol os bydd RklWad am byny. Byddyn "berffaith anenwadol, ac ànthyny taer gymliellir ft holl enwadau i'w kefnogi, a dyfod allAii.,fOl un g\Vr yn erbyn y gelyn pyftfedinol. Cofieri. iytai mewh undeb y mae I berth. Er tau allan unrhyw anmheuaeth ani ei anmhleidgarwch, bydd Gulygydd o fysg pob « n\vad, ac ni chyhoeddir dim am tin enwad na byddo y Golygydd yn gymeradwyo. Wele yii caiilyn enwau y G lygvvyt-: — Annibynwyr, Parcfi. W.- BdWards^ Ebenezer, Trefnyddion, Calfinaidd, Parch. P. J. Walters; Bcdyddwyr, Parch. T. Price..A., Pa.D. Wesleyaid, Parch. John Reeti. Eglwyswyr, Anfoner hysbysiadail ae archebion am y TWR mor fuan ag y byddo modd, at y Cyhoeddwyr, J. T. Jones & Son, Aberdare Times Office, Aberdare," fel y gwybydder pa nifer i anfon i bob man. r 3, CARDIFF-STREET, AtfBttDAltB. ESTABLISHED, 1849. > TIIir O |1\ I5i WATCIl. ONE of the most suitable^PRESENTS for Young Lads going to School, or returning from their Holidays, is the CELEBRATED GUINEA WATdH;, which is not only the greatest novelty of the djrjr, but ia decidedly the most marvellous success of modem skill and economy T K E o. XT I/W E.A. "W -A. T O IFT is STliONG and elegant in app raitee,/the movement is sound, well-finished, and jewelled in four holes. THOMAS EVANS wishes to c ilaie special attention of the YOUNG WORKING MEN of the district to HE GUI W B A W -A. T G ZHI which he most, strong!) recommends to tlv'm as best suited to their wants, and beyond comparison the hI it article that hita ever i.een offered for s.) small an amount. NoiTCR—KvpryWr.tch is examined and warranted correct, price £1 Is. Sent safely packed and carriage paid to any part of the Principality for Is. extra To be had at 3, CARDIFF-STREET, ABERDARE. "CK'O W N FN I^~AJB¥RD A'RET- MR. J 0 H;I JAMES, ? ;r .V" f-Eate of fhe jBute Arnis.J DtbtRRS to nrinoiince ia bi» :numerd*ifr!? friends, and the inhabitants tit be lias NEWLY OPl NECf the SrACIOUS^ aad COSfMODtOU8 tiOUSE, known a* the CRC/AVN HOTEL. MH. sy'dref. • He also Wishes to add that, (laving lately returned from America, after fhree yVnfs residence in the States, he is prepared, griituitottsly, ttf g:ve ally fnfdrmAtion in his power to Emigrants who Inteiid fnilkiilg th-ir home in that/adipirahle 6ounlry. ..———————————— 'i. HOST IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL WINE COXNSUMERS. STANDARD MEASURE WINE COMPANY, Head Offi Ice-BURY-STREET WAREHOUSES, LONDON, E.C. r —'— DEPOT FOR THE DITRICT, AT ((WM)) R A T T S CIIEMIST AND STATIONER, J | | C0MMER CIAL-PLA CE, lit, I Supply all Foreign Winat in IlRIlISIi STANDARD II 1 I MEASURE, each battle REGISTER!D on the outside II J | with ACTUAL quantity it contains, and CHARGED J for accordingly.. Standard Pint-and»tlalf Bottle contains 6 (iills, whereas the largest reputed Qdart contains only 5^ <>ills. The quality is umquklled; the.J'rice within the reach ot all. Wftiej now one of the necessaries rathlr thap^the luxuries of life, is, from i!s decreased price, fast coming into every day consumption; hen»e.^e necessity for a Standard Vlea^Ure Understood bjr all, by which it can be readily purchased; and what measure better than the Imperial Meaatil'S el our owu oouutry ? Wines IN ItÄLF-PINT BOTTLE. Containing five ordinary wine glasses. A most convenient Bottle for Light Wines, small cohsuiherB, and invalids. Bordeaux. •• •• •• from 4s. 01. per dozen. Spanish Pott. •• •• •• •» •• »» Alfo Dourd fort.» «• „ t5». 9d*, ,i. Cadiz Sherry.. •• 6s. 9d. t, WINES IN PtNt-AND-A-RALF BOTTLE. Bordeaux •• •• ••• •• •• from 12s. 0<i. per dozen. Spanish Port i.. •• •• •• 17. fid. Alto Douro Part 20s. 0d. Cadiz Sherry II 20s. OJ. „ -.0'- For prices and descriptions of all Wines, sold by this Company in half-pint, pint, and pmt-and-a- half Standard (Imperial Measure) Bottles, £ t so of Sparkling Winesj see Price List, to be had on application at above Depot. III- M ARTIFICIAL TEE T II R. W. GRIFFITHS, S-URGEON DENTIST, (And Assistant for a considerable period to Mr. T. REES,) RESPEC rFULLY Jnforins the Publi^ of Merthyr, Aberdafe, and Neighbourhood, that he may P-t be consulted professionally, from 10 a.fu. to 8 p.m. daily at 3A, Victoria-street, Merthyr. Ail operations in Dentistry Carefully and skilnilly performed. Artificial leeth, guaranteed to answer all the purposes of Natural Teeth, supplied at Moderate Charges. Children's Teeth Regulated. Con- sultations Free. The most careful attention paid to all orders. Chargt's strictly Moderate; ADDRESS— 3A, VlCTOKlA-SFKEFT. Is prepared from RICE, the Staple Food Jt more than Thi^ Hundred Million (300,000,000) of People, and is unequaHed for Blanc-Mange, Custards, Pnddinps, Cakes, Soups# &c., and is the most 1s^hok6ome and easily digestible Food for Childreri j ami Invalids. Testimonial from jlDllra LANKESTER, M.D., F.R.S. Rice-Flour is Com-Flour, an regard this preparation of Messrs, Comusoo as superior to Wlythirig of the kirid now before the public." Testimonial from ARTHUR HILL HASSALL, M.D\ I find it to be perfectly pure and most carefully manufactured; it forms an exceedingly digestible and wholesome article of diet, t Testimonial from CH A K LES A. CAMERON, M.D. I << J have neter tasted anything of tlfe kind more agreeable in flavour or BO easily digestible." | detailed fey Family Gfcftdetif druggists, and Wholesale by J. & J. COLMAN, 108, Cannon Street. Loiidoii. L I OFILV ON THE pnx SAFETY THE PUBLIC ARE CAlfft&SED AGAINSf ".r THOMAS WHI T S UJOyES, ,'f AUCTIONEER H O U S E And FI\O /i VI I S S T O A gent 35, COMMERCI At-PLACE, ABERDARE. Auction llooms and Second-hand Furniture Stoi-es." |)«blic Hotias. i FLI *rJT CO.'S I B«1IISH AND FORKIGiV COMMERCIAL DSfaUlRT OFFICES. OBJECTS CO M M ERC IA L IN FO R :M A TIOX.—To remove j danger or doubt from contemplated credit transac- tions. CO M M ERC IA L IN FO R :M A TIOX.—To remove j danger or doubt from contemplated credit transac- tions. REGISTERED INFORMATION.-Not relied upon. Every itiqu ry is, wh/n received;, des- patfched to three or four corr§«f)ondeiits, or nwre if d emed requisite, The iyrformation registtrcd appended in addition. Jfhree stamps each in- quifry. LEGAL, ADVICE.—Shpplijd to Subscribers tree uf charge. \Cov^ist-l and Solicitors specially ief lined. AG ENTS.-In every Town and City in the. United Kingdom, theContim-nt of Europe and America. REGISTERS. — Contain ov; r One Million names. DEB IS.—Promptly upplied for, in accordance with inrtructions. Immediate settlement. References permitted to numerous commercial firms. Opinions of subscribers furnished free on application. TERMS.— £ 3 3a., £.5 5s., £10 10s., and upwards p r ;i.ntim. OfFiCEs:—33, Renficld-street, Argyle-street; Glasgow; London, E.C., 68, Cheapside Dubtin,. 10, Heury-strret Manchester, 88, Moosely-street, and 6, 8, and 10, Bond-street. Agencies: Application* invited. 6. S TEA M tOM M U N r C A Tf 0 K BETWKEIT I BRISTOL & NfATIl, Being the quickest and cheapest route to Brecon, Being the quickest and cheapest route to Brecon, .Builtli, -TPrecaatle, Rhayader, Talgarth, Llanidloes, fSenuy-bridge, Devyuock, Onllwyu, Merthyr,- Dow- !a:s, Aberdare, Mill Street, Hirwain, Gfyn Neath, Maesteg, Aberavon, Bn. v b'erry, Pontardawe, stalytera, and places adjaceiu. Con»i<>ei"wbie Reduction in Uate» lias bt,en arranjfeil be. tv.'e- n the Proprietor of the SU'aiu^r ami the various Rail- w iy C.iinpaines. Application to be tnade at tRe Statiuns on the Vale o Nenth ,Ltllway to Mr. ,\]OR^t'V, Nealb and !!r.-c»n Rail was >'r Morley, Nefcth and i^ccon Hailway; MrHKOtOH T<»N, Mid \V«lea R»il\v,ijy{ or to Jlr I. L. MAI i'H fc.\V S, (juay, Neath. T^a iEok-iiyli'T SCBKW STKAMKB •ni:ATYi ABBS:Y; DANIEL KVANS.tlounnainler Wi't take in (joud* on Mondays ar.d thuvadays, at the Wflali iiiick lii-ixtol, t'or t;.i- oUres ai.»* ,n' I, ,1,1 mi a- t lie '.ii.i.tii ol il\Y, ^70, U md, wea- thei an<! ;it(• r permittini;, w^tli lilieitv to tow l''rnui SliAiH. t'in ni altmrsl Jiasin j May. May. >Ull:>IOl. 4 Wednesday Jlmam 3, I'upsJay 1 morn 7, 9j morn 5, Thursday n.gfit II, ediiesday 2 after !), Moixtay li nipht t-l, SHlurdi.y mora 'S, t'ndiiy 3| morn IH, Wednesday 8 morn 17. Tuesday J morn 'ii, Snturdi\ lfj morn 19, Thursday iliglit 25, Wednesday 'I alter ~Hj Tuesday 1 mo.°n "-8, Saturday lij atler 27, Friday 4i| morn 31, fuescUy (i tuorn Horses, l'2s. 6d.; Cattle, 7s. oil.; IJOUI1 ?> I'lgs, IS IJ. Stieep, Is.; (Ji^s. IJs.: Phaetons. 15»., C.1^r.^i;e^, -3s. Live Stock, shipped And landed at the risk, 01 the Owner. All u«MMts o be atoii^jiile iiiu. 1'jtrket tft ton '■ i v luck, p.ui Agents—THOMAS & So: Welsh i.;ack, Bristol J. L. MXTIHEWS, Quay, Neaih. (SHOI'T SEA PASSAGK.) EVERY WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY TO AMERICA. 8 Y THE SPLKM>H) MAIL bTHAMER? of the ALLAN LINE, tunning in connec- tion with the GRAND TRUNK aud other Rail- ways, and forwarding Passengers <jn easy terms to all Stations in CANADA and tho WESTERN I STATES.— A May 20 i Scandinavian June i6 European „ 31 North American „ '21 1'runsian .June 2 (Peruvian „ 23 Hibernian „ 7 jNova Scotian 28 Nestoriau „ &{6ravian. » 31) Getinany „ 14'/ Calling at Londonderry klwland) every Friday to embark passengers and/her Majesty s mails and from Portland to Liverp'ool every Saturday. Cabin Passafje to POliT^AN^, BOSTON, or NEW YORK, Jt;ls 18s. and including Provisions, but not Wines or Liquors, Which' Can b'e obtained on Loard. Steerage Pa-sage to either Portland, Quebec, Boston, or New York, £ (> (is., including a plentiful supply of cooked Provision Rajgaye taken from the Ocean Steams nips TI> tIlt Railmaj Cars treeof Jtixpetise. Pan:phlci-8 on Canada supplied grati. Shortest Route to San Francisco, via the Union PaCitiC Kail road. Through tickets issued oil the most favourable terms. For Freight or Passage apply, in Glasgow, f .T. & A. Allan. III Loudun, to :Hont..omcrie and Qreenhorne, 17 Gracecauroh-street to ALLAX BROTHERS Co.. Alexandra-buiidings, James-street, Liverpool and 85. Foyle street, LoVidouderry. A,iy "Formation required cone rnin^ t.Caniida can be O'btaílh'dtr',m Mr. DIXON, 11. Adiim-street, Adeiphi, Londnu Agent for the Canadian Government. Read the Warning f 'oice. A S)'KCtAL wonk FOR PKIVATE IXSTUI7CTION. A By HfcNKV SiVtlTH, Vt-n.. of the fniversity of J-uu, author 01 the "People's Guiae to Health," ''Lecture « ounj Men,"$.c. THK WARNlKO VOICE, a medical work (160 pa^esj giving the New Special treatment for the perlect cure of Nervous Debility, Ftttntut Dreams, Mental and Physical Depression Palpitatir/n at the ll^Hftrt, ^oisc. i. the Head i and Kara Indecision, lmpai/ed M^^or.t,'Indigestion, Prostra- tion, Lassitude, t;epreseiou of Spirits, LOPS of Energy and Appetite, 1'ains itr the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Selt-Dis- trust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless hears, &c contains the Directions by rfiich Many I housand Patents have been restored tot heajfh after ELECIWICi'fT and all other PALSELY-C^IfliRB lU.MKDIKS without bad failed. Illu>traletf ,«?th aud Testimonials from grateful patkms. with nfSaiis of cure used in each c" free by post t6 irny address,secure from observation 60 i 'P "Ve^niestly recoma.end this book to one io s#arch Ad1lrPss^r0'IH?'Smith, ^lirton-crescenf, Loudon, W.C. IMPORTANT TO COUNTKY PATIENTS. ro^bULr .» I.oxuon pnwctAK tv.nuooi FF.T:. —Or SMI I'H will, for »•<!> ?eT>.efit °f P^rson" stillorinj. fruir. Nerc'ous I)tbllity, tic on receiving a description ol their case, send his written 6p n oil, wiih aduce ami directions, lor th ,,MK(UI tre<nnent and cure. Address i'r. U. «M-I I H, 8, Eurtott-Cres«ent, London W C. FITBLIR ITOTICW. G L KN"F I EL D" STARCH. "1 EXCITSltELY USED iN THE ROYAL LAUNJjllY. > and HER MAJESTY'S LAITNDKESS says, tljat it is THE FINEST ST A11011 SUE EVr'xl USED. AWARDED \PRIZS MJSDATI FOA ITS StlJ^MtlORITY WHEN YOU ASfi: FOR GLENPIELD STARCII, See that y:u get it, as inferior kinds are often substituted WOTHEKSPOON & CO. GLASOOW & LONDOX. THE DIS EST A B L IS 11 it E NT OF THE CHURC11 f IN WALES. A New Edition (tfc'e third) of HIS HONOUR JUDGE JONES'S PRIZI5 ESSAY ON THE CAUSE* WHACH HAVE PRODUCED DIS- SENT IN WALES^ is now being completed, by the kind permission ^rf the Author, who has added a., new and very interesting Pref ace-thereto. A copy of the volume,done up in paper wrappers, will be sent post free for Six Shillings. Copies may be had a few days later, neatiy bound in cloth,, g-ilt .lettered and red burnished edges, free per post, for Seven? Shillings, in Stamps or P. O Older, from Jo UK PRYSB, PRIKTER, LLANIDLOE S Publjshmg Arrangements.—Important to Author*; M.OFFATT AND COMPANY State Publishers, j .and Agents for the Dublin Steam Printing Co., beg to announce that they .have resolved to Charge no Commission for yiibllshiiig works printed hy tlicih until the author has been refunded his original outlAV. .'J'hcÿ would a!so state th&y they print, in tlw first style, greatly vtidcr the itsifki charges. Their Publishing Arrangements will enable them, to promote the interest of all Works committed to their charge, as th'fcy have very considerable ex-• petience of the channels most, likc]y to ensure success.. Estimates and all particulars furnished in course of post. Those about to Publish may rely on. finding Economy and Despatch in all departments. co Aloffatt and Co.t, Rook List sent free on applica- tion to Publishing Oilieea: (i, D'Olier-street, Dublin. 34, Southampton-street, Strand, London, W.C. Trice One Pen my ]1 IontUy. Regidacdfor TvayisiHUoion .i1J1'UdJ, THE CHURCH RECORD. Edited by the -1- Rev. THOSIAS E. SCOTT, M.A. \y MOFFA'TT AND COMPANY, LONDON AND DVJiLIN. to R K S B Y ALEXANDER VANCE. — s. d. 2 he History and Pleasant Chronicle of Little Jchan 3 6 T/>.r C'lnmanti-s. 7 C: The Rooli ,,1' th^JKniyht of Tower I 6 Romantic 6 U. llehenicti Sacra 15 0 (the Introductory Chapter maybe had separately, Od.) j MOFFATT AND COMPANY, LONDON AND DUBLIN. Price TWopc1:ce Begistcred,for Trawmtstwn Abroad, PLAIN W O ft D s-, A Christian Miscellany.; Edited by the Rev. HAMILTON MAGEE Assisted by Ministers and Member of different Evangelical Chuc.chcs. v MOFFATT AND ^O^IPANY, LONDON AND DUBLIN. NE W B O O K S-N O W R E A D Y. 1 —■ s. d.' ITcirs of the Soil. By M rs. Lorenzo N. Nflnn 10 G Concerning Earthly Lore, etc. By a Country Parson 2 6 Harmony in llâiflion. By a Romon Catholic Priest. 1 6 Tona a;i.'l other Sonnets By Wade Robinson 2 (5 Life of St. Patrick. By Joseph S. Sniitlison n <; Ma rah s (Sir Henry) Clinical Lectures 2 ti Meui-cal Li'ttviinatwn 1'ypers of University of luiblin, 1 0 Queer Papers. «?y Marney Prady 0 6 'lhe Church undo/' tbk Tudor*. BY JJ. Dun- lop, Ivl.U. l.A.y' 3 « Th: Philosophy cf tile Rath. By D. Dunlop, i A 3 6 The Life of St. Patrick Edited by Rev. J. Lynch, P. P 0 6 Timc ?rill Tt:l¿. By N.J.N 3 6 AIOL'TATT AND CO., State, Publishers by Appoint- menta (Aaents the Du!Iin Ste mfr tit.fCompti 34 SoutliHinpton-st., Strand, London. 6, D'Oher-st., Publin. THE RED-H.URED MAN'S WIFE; or, THB Anful Proceeding of St-agtin. Varayy, the Market roller. The hist and best story written. By the late William Ca/leton. Will commence in the May Number of '/THE CAKLOW COLLEUlS M\C-A51TN F." Price fid. MOFFATVA^D CO., State P111>1 shers, 3 1 SoutUairipiou-sttC Sirand Londou. 6, D'Otler-st. OuMin. To be had by order qf all Booksellers in Town and Country. F I R Lt BRICKS rpilfi tewllfa Colliery Company Limited, ar ■ prepared to supply FlllE BRICKS of a superior quality, uianufectured exclusively of pure Graig Clay. AlsoSecond quality BRICK, for building- purposes, i For terms, apply the Offices at the Company 15. Bute Crescent, Cardiff D*. HUNTER'S Special Lectures to Younrf Men, on H EALHLITS RI S FOR ATION, AND HAPPY Ai A Rt,,V hen to marry, with advice to those Who contemplate marriage, pointing out certain/impediments which render married life unhappy, and directions for their speedy removal. /Should b,' read by all who vulue hialth, atVynjth, and manhood, and wish to attain a happy old age. — P«>st free on rec-ipt of two stamps—Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham.^