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His HONOUR JUDGE FALCONER held his usual Court, at the Temperance Hall, on Wednesday and Thursday last. BOARD OF HEALTH ELECTioN.—The following gentlemen, being the only persons nominated, have been duly elected to serve as Members of I the Local Board of Health — Messrs. W. W. Wayne, J. L. Roberts, D. Davis, jun., and Gwi- lym Williams. CLUB FESTIVITIES. — The Women's Benefit Clubs, held at the Corner House, Llwydcoed, and the Blue Bell, Mill-street, Aberdare, had their usual annual festivals, on Monday last, Having marched to a place of worship in an order- ly manner, they returned to their respective places of meeting and enjoyed a well-prepared dinner. OUR BROTHER IRISHMEN.—There are men who generally associate the word Irishmen with a gorilla-looking customer fond of short pides, prates, wakes, and whiskey. The picture in Merthyr, on Monday, of a club procession, all Irishmen, would have undeceived them. No more orderly or better dressed body of men have patrolled the town for many years. THE SCHOOL-MASTER ABROAD.—The following is a copy of a letter received by a tradesman in this town in reply to an advertisement which appeared in a contemporary last week :— "Bristol Angst 10. 1863 sir i take thi lipartey of riten to kinow if you ar in gage With aney one if not i should pe happey to waite on you Pleas to rite By the return of post statin .the a mount of wages a for how long it will pe for Your Hunpel Servant G- T- a Married Man." THE FORESTERS OF THIS DISTRICT held their usual anniversary meetings on Monday last. As last year, a good many of the merry men of Sherwood Forest" were mounted and clad in costume imitative of the garb in which Robin Hood's predatory followers were supposed to have attired themselves. The severalCourts met, and marched in gay procession through the principal streets, attracting much attention. Each Court afterwards returned to its usual rendezvous, where a substantial spread was provided. It need hardly :be stated that the after-dinner proceedings were of the usual hearty and convivial character. EDMONDS' (LITE WOMBWELL'S) MENAGERIE.— This splendid exhibition of wild beasts, &c., vi sited our town on Tuesday and Wednesday last. The collection, we believe, is the most extensive of the kind travelling, and well deserved the liberal patronage which was bestowed upon it dur- ing its stay in the town. The greatest attraction, undoubtedly, was the young Gorilla, which was added to the collection in June last. It is cer. tainly the nearest approach to the genus homo we have ever witnessed, and well worthy of inspec- tion. The "Lion Huntees j, performances were of a truly sensational character, showing the triumph of man over the brute creation. The performances of the elephants also attracted much attention. The celebrated brass band of the establishment played a variety of pieces in a masterly style, to the evident delight of all hearers. THE TAFF BATTALION RIFLE COMPETITION.— We have before us a most liberal programme of a Rifle < Competition, open to all the Volunteers of the Local ] (Taff) Battalion, to take place at Head Quarters, ] Dowlais, on Thursday, 3rd September, containing no less than nine prizes, of which those of Col. Clarke and Mrs. Clarke are conspicuous, and in which we trace considerable foresight exercised for the prevention of any two or three crack shots carry- ing offtbe liön's "hare and giving indifferent shots and beginners all a chance, inasmuch as those entering for one prize will not be eligible to contest for others. Two members from each corps are allowed to compete for each prize, and we hope to find the full complement from the Aberdare Corps entered, and sincerely do we wish that the star of the 14th G.R.V. may be in the ascendant. An excellent plan we find has been adopted by Cap't. Powell to decide who of his corps shall enter for each prize respectively. All members wishinsr to shoot will, in the course of the coming week, enter into a competition at the targets of the Corps, at three ranges, viz., 2-00, 500, and 600 yards, and to the two making the greater number of points will be given the choice as to which prize they will enter for-the two next best the t 'next choice, and so on. QUICK DISPATCH.—The following has been sent to us as an example of the benefits the opening of the Swansea and Neath Extension Railway has conferred upon the public :-The day the line was opened a man living at Hirwain received a letter by post at 8.50 a.m., announc- ing the arrival of a cargo of potatoes at Swansea. He went to that town by the 8.58 a.m. train, arrived at the Wind-street station at 10.15 a.m., loaded two tons of potatoes, took them down to the low level line, put them in a truck there, had them raised by the hydraulic lift, left Swansea at 12.10 p.m., arrived at Hirwain at 2.5 p.m., and had part of the lot sold and delivered at 2.20 p.m.; thus five hours and a half after re- ceiving the letter part of the goods were sold and delivered at Hirwain, instead of two or three days as peviously, and at half the expense. THE NATIONAL EISTEDDOD.- Many of the friends of Eisteddfodau will be proud to learn that the Lord Bishop of St. David's, one of the cacst distinguished scholars in Europe, has kindly consented to preside on the fourth and last day of the forth-coming National Eisteddfod at Swan- sea. A meeting of the local committee was held at Swansea on Wednesday, when several impor- tant arrangements were made. Amongst other things, the committee decided upon securing for visitors to the Eisteddfod proper refreshments at a cheap rate, and appointed a sub-committee to take the necessary steps in the matter. It was also proposed by Mr. J. C. Manning, seconded by Mr. Thomas Hopkins, and unanimously adopted by the committee That it having been represented to the committee that it is the wish of many of the workmen engaged in the several works in the locality, that an opportunity should be offered them of visiting the Eisteddfod re-- solved, that the various employers in the neigh- bourhood be solicited to close their works, as far as practicable, for one day during the meeting that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to each, and that the following gentlemen be appointed to wait upon those interested, with that view, namely: Mr. Thomas Phillips, Mr. Thomas Rees, and Mr. Philip Rogers." LOYAL ORANGEMEN. — The members of the Grand Protestant Association of Loyal Orangemen, held their anniversary on Saturday last. Those who first formed the procession, the members of the Victoria Lodge, held at the Iron Bridge, pro- ceeded through Commercial-street, where they were joined by the members of the Prince of Wales Lodge, held at the Pelican Inn. From thence they proceeded along Cardiff-road, till they arrived at the Castle Inn, Aberaman, where I they were joined by the members of the Rose of Sharon Lodge of the same order. The procession thus completed then proceeded as far as the residence of J. Naysmith, Esq., near the Abera- man Works, and returned to St. El van's Church, Aberdare, were a very appropriate sermon was delivered by the Rev. E. Lewis, Vicar, from the words" Do unto others as ye would that others should do unto you." Along the whole route of the profession, the whole of the brethren con- ducted themselves in an orderly manner, and seemed duly sensible of their duty as good and faithful Orangemen. A comfortable evening was spent at *11 the lodge-houses; at the Victoria Inn, the Vicar gave an excellent address, showing that it was great wisdom in men to join together to assist each other in time of need. He plainly showed that it was the order of Divine Providence that we should differ in circumstances throughout life, and that such combinations as these were very commendable, inasmuch as they gave those labouring under disadvantages the benefit of enjoining, in a certain degree, the advantages which others had. He also said that he felt much interested in societies of this kind, and to prove by action as well as by word that he really did so, he very kindly presented the lodge with a sovereign, for the future en- couragemeut of its members. This Order, according to the number of its members, is second to none in the locality, in pecuniary worth, and, having now established a good funeral fund, we heartily recommend it to persons of Protestant principles, desirous of making a provision against a time when they may require it. -Communicated.





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