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I JiOCAL & DISTRICT^EWS CADOXTON-BARRY. ¡ SHESEENING.— Thomas JoneS, labourer, was tiied 10s at Barry Dock Police Court, yesterday {Thursday)—before Dr Neale and Mr J. Lowdon- ifor frequenting No. 28, Llewellyn-street, Cadoxton, on the Hrd. instant, for the purpose of illegally ] dealing in beer. VOLUNTEER MAY-CH OCT.-The annual march 'Gut in connection with the No. 11 Company 2nd Glamorgan Artillery Volunteers (Cadoxton-Barfy) was to have been held on Friday evening last, the regimental band, under the command of Mr Paul Draper, Penarth, being in attendance, but owing to the unfavourable state of the weather the out- ing was postponed. THE BAKERS' HOLIDAY OUTING.—An advertise- ment in another column gives particulars of the first annual holiday outing of the Cadoxton and District Master Bakers' Association, which will take place on Wednesday, the 4th prox., to Tintern. The price of ticket (including fare throughout and dinner) is only seven shillings, aud arrangements have been made to run special G.W.R. coaches to and fro between Barry and Tintern on the occasion, calling at Barry Docks and Cadoxtcn en route. Mr J. H. Davies, Barry- road, Cadoxton, is the secretary, of whom, and other members of the association, tickets may be obtained. MOUNT PLEASANT ENGLISH BAPTIST CHURCH. -The members of this church held their anni- versary services on Sunday last at the Market full, Cadoxton, when numerous congregations were addressed in a powerful and telling manner by Mr E. Fonnell, of Newport, whose sermons, delivered in an attractive style peculiar to that gentleman, were much admired. The collections were in aid of the church funds. At these ser- vices the musical arrangements were rendered very effective by the excellent singing of the choir conducted by Miss M. Holloway, the organist. On Sunday afternoon the Rev T. Pandy John, Barry Docks, delivered an interest- ing address. WELSH CALVINISTIF'. METHODIST ANNIVERSARY SERVICES. — Anniversary services in connection with the above church commenced on Saturday evening last at Sion Chapel, Pontypridd-street, in this "own, when the Rev J. E. Davies, M.A., London, impressively introduced, and the Rev J. Pulestcn Jones, M.A., Bangor, delivered a magnificent sermon to a good congregation. On Sunday and Mcnday the special services were continued at the same place, the preacher on Sunday being the Rev J. E. Davies, and on Mon- 43y the Rev J. E. Davies, and the Rev Puleston Jones, both crentlemen delivering highly impres- sive and edifying sermons. A collection was made at each gathering in aid of the building fund. It should be added that the Rev W. Williams, pastor of the church, preached an able sermon at the same place on Sunday evening. Another correspondent writes :—The preaching throughout the meetings was powerful and above being praised by man, for God evidently clothed His servants with power. The Holy Spirit led and enlightened them, and abundantly blessed their ministry. The collections this year were considerably more than those of previous years. The improvement in the singing of the above chapel, under the conductorship of Mr John Williams, Oban-street, and Mr D. W, Thomas, Vere-street, as organist, deserves commendation, both gentlemen giving their services gratuitously. BARRY DOCKS. A PROMISING COUPLE.—Yestarday (Thursday) at Barry Dock Police Court-before Dr Neale and Mr Lowdon)—Elizabeth and Martha Hapdcock, Barry Decks, were fined 2s 6d each for being drunk and disorderly. RAPID COALING.—The steamer Racine left Newport by last Monday evening's tide, reached •ifatrry ou i.lie snme tide at 9/ p.m.. and left by Tuvsday morning's tide at 9 a.m., with 2,114 tons civgo and bunkers. MISSIONARY SERVICES. — Missionary services will be held on Sunday next at the Welsh Con- ifre^ational Chapel, Barry Docks. The Rev W. Owen, who is on a visit to this country from China, where he has been a missionary for several years, will officiate. Collections will be made in aid of the foreign mission fund. T. G. TiGBETT s TEA TRADE still increases. It is Lis special study to please and give best value possible. Try the same priced Tea that yo* are in the habit of buying elsewhere, and judge for yourself. Note the Address :-T. G. TIBBETTS, The Grocer, Ceylon House, Holton-road, Bawy Docks. NEW JEWELLERY ESTABLISHMENT. — Mr F. J. GREENES, Jeweller, &c., Vere-street, Oadoxton, is abotC Opening his New Establishment, No. 118, Holton-road, Barry Docks, with a Magnificent Collection of JEWELLERY of every description, fine collection of CLOCKS, WATCHES, &c., &c. REI'AIRS neatly and promptly executed on the premises. HABITUAL ABSENTEEISM. — The Barry Dock magistrate." yesterday (Thursday; fined James Neagle 2s vel for failing to send his child regularly 11 I to school. — David Jones was charged with a similar offence in connection with his daughter, Mary Elizabeth, and was also fined 2s 6d.— -Jenkin Adams was ordered to send his daughter Sarah regularly in fubure. WESLEYAN ANNIVERSARY.—The anniversary services of the Sunday school were held at the English Wesleyan Chapel, Holton-road, Barry Docks, on Sunday last, the congregation in the evening being a crowded one, and the services were rendered additionally attractive by the presence of the Barry District Orchestral Society, which rendered valuable assistance to the choir. The training of the children was entrusted to Messrs Heath and Phillips: and Mr A. Thomascon- icluct,ed the choir. The preacher on the occasion waa the Rev H. G. Payn. PRIMITIVE METHODIST SUXDAY SCHOOL.—Tn connection with the above, anniversary services will be held in the Public Hall, Thompson-street, Barry Docks, on Sunday next, when sermons will be preached by Mr F. Oldfield, Cardiff, and Councillor J. Ramsdale, J.P., Cardiff. A selection of hymns and anthems will be rendered by a string band and chorus of 130 voices, besides recita- tions, solos, duetts, &c. In the afternoon a flower jBsrvico will be conducted by the teachers and scholars, and the chair will be occupied by Mr J. Lowdon, J. P. On the following day (Monday) a public tea meeting will be held in the same kail, to be followed by an interesting meeting, when addresses will be delivered and the report of the Sunday School given. Solos, &c., will be rendered, the conductor being Mr S. Draper, and accompanist, Miss Gertrude M. Gibbs, A.L.C.M. ABOUT DOGs.-Yesterday (Thursday) at Barry Docks Police Court—before Dr Neale and Mr J. Lowdon-Charles Marsh, newsagent, HgUon-road, was charged with keeping a dog a license on the loth instant. The chairge was preferred by Police-sergeant BroWn^ irtrt defend- ant produced a document from the inland revenue showing he had taken oub a license for the dog in question, and the case was dismissed. —Eugene Buckley, Barry Dock, also appeared on a like charge, but defendant stated the animal was under aix months old, and produced the dog and other evidence to confirm his statement. Dismissed. -John Welsh, labourer, Lombard- street, Barry Dock, was fined 7s 6d for keeping a dog without a license.—Michael Courtenay, wholesale beer dealer, Gueret-street, was charged with keeping a dangerous dog in his possession. Kathleen Cousins, Thompson-street, said the dog attacked her on the 16th instant, while she called at defendant's house. Courtenay did not appear, and the Bench made an order for the dog to be destroyed. PRESENTATION TO A LOCAL BOILERMAKER.— On Wednesday. week last, at the Barry Hotel Assembly-room, Barry, Mr William Fowler, Barry Docks, member and late distriot representative of the Barry Branch of the Boilermakers' Iron and Steel Shipbuilders' Society, was the recipient of several valuable and well-cho'sen presents as recognition of the faithful services rendered to the aocietjyiuring a connection therewith of thirteen years. The testimonial consisted'of a beautiful dining-room clock, a gold chain pendant, a gold diamond brooch (for Mrs Fowler), and an emblem jirom. the Bx&utire Council of the society, each article bearing appropriate inscriptions, the presentations being suitably made by Messrs F. A. Fox, district delegate E. Summers, president of the- local branch; J. H. Jose, D.S.; and W. Howell, secretary, each speaking in the highest terms of the straightforward character of Mr Fowler, and his excellent services to the society. A luncheon preceded the presentation, and a musical programme was also gone through, during which Mr John Williams, Barry Graving Dock, presided. ANOTHER BUFFALO BENEFIT SMOKING CONCERT. —A largely-attended smoking concert was held on Saturday evening last at the R.A.O.B. Institute, Thompson-street, Barry Docks, for the benefit of Primo T. Heavers, who met with an accident a few weeks ago. The chair was occupied by Primo L. B. Goule, and the following pro- gramme was gone through in a creditable man- ner :—Pianoforte overture, Nr H. Norman song, Happy as a king," Primo J. H. Whittle song, "Soldier and a man," "Sir" D. W. Jenkins; song, "Accidents," Primo W. Liles; song, Mr J. McMillan; song, "My pretty Jane," Primo J. Williams song, "Dan Murphy's door," Mr C. Russell song, The pigs," Mr B. Davies song, Mr J, HoweH; song, Bro Alty John song (encored), Mr J. H. Morris song and dance, Master Owen Mooney song, The bugler," Mr G. Evans; song, "Little brown jug," Bro C. Walker; song, "Irish schoolmaster," Mr J. H. Whittle mouth organ selections, Mr J. Winch song, "The wedding jubilee," Mr J. Piddell; song, Mr J. Evana. By the kind permission of Bro Alf. Orton, of the American Pavilion, the Sisters Abbott, Bros Kennedy and Delmere, and Mr Atkinson contributed largely to the enjoy- ment of the evening with songs, recitations, &c. At the close Primo \V. Liles thanked the company present for their attendance on behalf of Primo T. Heavers, and a hearty vote of thanks accorded the chairman was suitably responded to. An expression of appreciation was also tendered to Mr H. Norman, the accompanist, and the meet- ing terminated with the singing of the National Anthem. PERFORMANCE OF THE QUEEN OF THE SEASONS."—A grand cantata performance was given on Wednesday evening last at the Barry Dock Public Hall by members of the Band of Hope of the Welsh and English Churches at Barry Docks. Mr E. Lloyd, Cadoxton, occupied the chair, and amongst those present were the Revs E. Morris, and J. H. Evans, Miss Morris, Dr Six- smith, Mr D. Lloyd, Mr W. H. Price, Miss S. B. Thomas, Mrs Hurst, Mrs Llewellyn and Miss Edwards (Radnor Villa), Miss E. V. Llewellyn, Mrs L. G. Jones, MrT. John,Miss L. John,MissEvans,&c The Chairman said he was very pleased to find so many children connected with the band of hope movement, being a hopeful augury of a creditable future career. (Cheers.) He was also pleased to see so large an attendance on the occasion, showing that the efforts put forward on behalf of the little ones were appreciated. (Applause.) The following programme was gone through in a highly admirable manner :—Pianoforte overture, Miss A. Davies; duett, "Fal-la-la," Misses Davies; and song, "Dear little dolly," Miss Elsie Schweitzer. The cantata, "The Queen of the Seasons, is a very interesting and entertaining production, being taken part in on this occasion by Miss Louisa Evans as queen fairy, Miss Elsie Schweitzer; the seasons, Miss L. Clarke, Miss Eveline Watkins, Miss Agnes Harvey, and Miss Lizzie Planks assisted by Miss Short, Miss Parry, Miss Diamond, Miss Clarke, Miss L. Davies, Miss L. John, Masters D. Jones, J. Molineux, Arthur Jones, and several others. The choir, which numbered nearly 100, was under the accomplished conductorship of Miss A. Davies, who, with her two sisters, the Misses Davies, deserve unbounded credit for the great pains and skill they exercised to bring the children to such a high state of efficiency, the whole of the artistic proceedings being gone through without a single hitch. The sing- ing was very good, and the different parts were well sustained. Miss A. Davies also was the accompanist. The hall had been nicely decorated with flowers, flags, and bunting by members of the choir. The usual votes of thanks were accorded at the close.. The proceeds are to be devoted towards giving the members of the band of hope a picnic to Llantwit Major. The band of hope movements in the parish have been organised during the past few months by the Rev J. H. Evans, curate, and several young ladies. EAST BARRY. BARRY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (ENGLISH). -On Sunday next, the Rev D. Henry Rees. minister, will officiate. Services-Morning at 11 evening at 6.30.—Advt. BETHEL ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL, HARBorR- ROAD.—June 3rd-Studeat, June 10th—Rev. W. E. Robinson, Cwmbran. June 17th—Rev Rowe Evans, Neath. June 24th-Rev W. B. Jones, Ynysybwl. The above ministers will (D. V.) supply the pulpit during June. Services at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. All seats free. A hearty welcome to all. THE REV PULESTON JONES AT THE PRESBY- TERIA" CHURCH.—At the Presbyterian Chapel, Barry, anniversary services were held on Sunday last. The fact that the Rev J. Puleston Jones, M.A., of Bangor, was the principal preacher drew large congregations to listen to the highly-gifted discourses of the eloquent blind divine, who held his hearers in a state of spell-bound interest at each gathering. The Rev Christmas J. Lewis, the pastor, occupied the pulpit in the afternoon, and delivered an excellen t sermon. A COAL TRIMMER KILLED.-On Tuesday after- noon;} last, at Barry Police-station. Mr H. LI. Grover. deputy-coroner, held an inquest on the body of Thomas Taylor, a Cardiff coal trimmer, who was killed at Barry Docks on the previous day. It transpired that deceased, who was a wingman in the employ of the Ocean Coal Com- pany, bad gone to remove the brake of an empty truck. To William Hunt. an employee of the S-loucester Wagon Works Co.,and Lewis Williams,a foreman trimmer, deceased had stated that it was m accident, and that he had no occasion to touch :he brake, that work being outside the scope of lis duties. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental death." DIN AS POWIS. MARRIAGE OF THE RECTOR'S SON. — The marriage of Mr Arthur Llewelyn Edwards, youngest son of the Rev Canon Edwards, M.A., rector of St Andrew's, Dinas Powis, to Miss Lucy fi-ertrude Brook, of Torquay, took place on Wednes- day last at the latter place. MONTHLY MEKTISGs.-The monthly meetings of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists were held on Tuesday and Wednesday last at Dinas Powis. Amongst those present were the Revs W. Daniel, Barry Docks; W. W. Williams, Barry; W. Williams, Cadoxton; Messrs T. E. Evans, J. Lloyd, James Davies, etc. On Tuesday business was transacted, and it was decided to start a fund to support the Methodist cause in the Vale of Glamorgan, and the Rev W. Williams, Cadoxton, was appointed to call a committee meeting to -farther consider the matter. On Tuesday evening jmd Wednesday preaching services were held, and sermons were delivered by the Revs T. Rees, D. D., Merthyr; Richard Morgan* Aberdare E. Rees, Porth; W. James, Aberdare; and VY. Lewis, Pontypridd. PENMARK. THE LATE MR J. S. GIBBON, J.P.-It is still claimed on behalf of the Penmark labourer, Edward Samuel, who is now at Barry, that he is the rightful heir to the estates of the late Mr J. S. Gibbon, J.P., of Newton House, near Cow- bridge, and Messrs J. Morris and Son, solicitors, Cardiff, are, we understand, prosecuting his claim to the title. PENARTH. QUOITS: COUNTY POLICE V. PONTYPRIDD.— This match was played on the County Police ground, Penarth, on Thursday last. resulting in a victory for Pontypridd by 15 points. Neither of the teams were representative. LOCAL BOARD FINANCE COMMITTEE.—The finance committee of the Local Board held their monthly meeting on Wednesday evening last, when the customary business was transacted. GOLF.—The Glamorganshire Golf Club cup com- petition was played at Penarth on Saturaday last, and resulted in a tie :—Scores—J.Pitchford 10F> les3 —7O R. Cheeaeman, 103 leas 3D—76 W, H. M. J Tucker, 91 less 13—78 R. H. T. A. Rickards, 08 less 1G—82 A. B. Summer, 105 less 20-86; P. Hagarty, 10:> less 18—87 G. A. Woods, 113 les3 25— 8S C. B. Stoddart, 1)7 less —92 J. F. Grimes, 125 less 26—99. Several others retired or were over 100 net. QUARRELSOME WOMEN.—Elizabeth Webb and Kate Lewis appeared before Mr Howell and Major Thornley :at Penarth Police-court on Monday last, and charged each other with an assault. The evidence pointed to the customary circum- stances attendant upon feminine warfare, and the Bench decided that justice would meet the case by binding over both women in the sum of L10 to keep the peace for six months, and each to pay her own costs. DEATH OF MRS G. FRANKLIN.—On Monday afternoon last there passed away at 15, Windsor- road, Penarth, Mrs Franklin, wife of Mr G. Franklin, agent of the Penarth and District Bill- posting Company and of the Penarth Star and Coycm iVeics. Death occurred after a very trying illness, borne with great fortitude, and three young children are left to mourn the loss of a loving and dutiful mother. Much sympathy is felt for Mr Franklin and family in their great bereavement by the surrounding inhabitants and a large circle of friends and relatives. The funeral took place this (Friday) afternoon, and was well attended. VOLUNTEER CHURCH PARADE.-Nos. 9 and 10 batteries (Penarth detachment) of the 2nd Gla- morgan Artillery Volunteers assembled 200 strong on parade on Sunday morning last. Colonel Fisher was in command, the other officers present being Captain and Adjutant Eyre, R.A., Major Fleming Thomas, Captains Dalziel, Handcock, S. A. Brain, Cooke, R. Ingram, and M. Ingram, Surgeon-Captain J. H. Rees, Lieutenants Tweed and Bradly, Quartermaster A. Sheppard and Sergeant Majors Atwill, Atkins (Cadoxton) and Daly. Headed by their band, under Mr Paul Draper, the men marched from the Drill-hall, High-street, to St. Augustine's Church, where Divine service was conducted by the Rev. W. B. Sweet Escott, B.A., the acting chaplain. CABEY GETS DRUNK.—Tne Penarth magistrates (Major Thornley and Mr Howell) had before them on Monday last a case in which a young man named Robert Pearce, cab driver in the employ of Mr Buckland, carriage proprietor, Salop-street, Penarth, was charged with being drunk and disor- derly while in charge of a horse and carriage on the 9th instant. P.C.'s Tucker and Allen stated they saw defendant about ten o'clock on the night in question. He was in a very drunken state and used most obscene language while driving pas- sengers. They consequently took charge of the conveyance, and took defendant and the carriage to Mr Backland in Salop-street.—Defendant admitted he was treated by a fare to a drop in Cardiff, but he was not drunk, and could drive anyone safely to any part of Penarth, and was willing to try the experiment with the policemen. (Laughter.)—Major Thornley said the offence was a serious one, and defendant would ba fined 10s, or seven days. LLANDOTTGH. AN OFFENDING CYCLIST.—John Pile, a young man, was summoned to appear at Penarth Police- court on Monday last—before Major Thornley and Mr Howell—charged with riding his bicycle along the footpath at Llandough, and was fined 5s 6d. FIRE AT THE MERRY HARRIER.-About three o'clock on Eriday morning last P. C. Brown, whilst on Penarth Hill, saw smoke issuing from the Merry Harrier Inn, Llandough, belonging to Mr Tom Clode. The constable at once apprised Inspecter Rutter, whe, with his brigade, reel, and hose, was soon on the spot. Here it was seen that the stable and premises at the rea.r were ablaze. Whilst the hose was being fixed the horses and cattle were removed to a place of safety. After playing on the flames for a couple of hours, the fire was got under. Considerable damage, however, had been done— harness, machinery, vehicles, fowls, pigeons, and a dog having been burnt. This is the second time a fire has occared here. About five years ago the old hotel at the back of the present one was com- pletely razed to the round. LLANMAES. CHCRcn DEFENCE.— On Thursday evening the 14th inst., a pubic meeting took place at the Parish School, Llanmaes, when the Rev. S. H. F. Nicholl (rural dean) presided. After addresses by the Rev. D. E. LI. Jones, of Llandow, and the Rev. D. Evans, rector of the parish, the following resolution was unanimously carried:— "That this meeting of the inhabitants of Llanmaes desires to protest against the Bill for the disestablishment of the Church in Wales as an unjust and cruel measure." WENVOE. THE REV. LOFTUS HOPKINS, who is in, charge of this parish during the absence of the rector, the Rev G. H. Jenner, who is doing duty at All Saints, Winterbourne Down, near Bristol, was formerly curate to the Archdeacon of Monmouth, and has been assisting the Rev J. Cullin, formerly diocesan missioner to the Archbishop of Canter- bury in North London during the last year. On Wednesday last Mr Hopkins was presented with an address and testimonial, signed by the leading men in the parish of St. Matthew's, Clapton, the presentation being made by Mr John Hurband. M.P. (North Wilts). Mr Hopkins' father (Captain Hopkins) is an old brother officer of Captain Pengelly, dockmaster, of Penarth, in Her Majesty's Indian Navy.






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