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CRICKET. CARDIFF SECOND XI. v. PEXARTH. The Cardiff Second XI. on Saturday last played Penarth on the Cardiff Arms Park. The wv-atlw* was perfect, and there was a fair number of spectators present when the visitors went to the wicket to fac-e tne bowling of D. Mullens and 11, Jones. W. hdgington and-Morgan, who wtnt in first, showed- fair term, -but the remaining batsmen could do- nothing against the deliveries of Mullens and Jones ana tne ■whole side were dismissed fur the poor totd of 40. Mullens took six wickets for 28 runs, and R. Jones four for 15 runs. Cardiff were .presented at the wickets first by G. W. Swain and IT. F. Thomas, who both played well, and 2G runs were scored before the former Was bowled by Morgan with 19 runs to his credit. With Smith in the Penarth score was quieklv passed, the total when the last wicket fell being 132. Score ^-Pn^h W P Edgington, 1 b w. b K Jones, H f. Morgan, b R Jones, 11; W M Douglas, c Biggs, b Mullens, 0 White (pro.), b R. •Tones, ]i \Y Cope, b Mullens, 0; T Benson, c W H » mith, b Miulens, 2 T Morgan, b Mullens, 2; H A K^rhr I lnT'v\rl Cowle^' b Mullens, 3; O Wolal irOU^. ;7^pMor*an» b Mullens, 7 extras. 0 total, 46. C«rd: f Second: <YV Swain, b F W H 4homas. e Morgan, b F Morgan 32; X Biggs, c Kirby, b Benson? 7 W ,Smith h Benson 2; Price, c Morgan, b Douglas, 18 Shield CM™, °TVb 3-7 A51^> « and b& "w u b Morgan, 14 F Forster c Morgan, b F Morgan, 3; D Mullens, b F MoS K. Jones, noo out, extras, 2; total, 132. BARRY v. CHARLES-STREET C.C. Played at Barry on Saturday last, and won bv thf? home team by ,«, runs. W. T. Liew«J]Vn rook three wiekets for five runs, and W. West six for se"T while B. i. Pomeroy (15), T Leui<(' i. rl r Edwards (13) batted will/' Oilman, b W West, 3; W W Ware h \V W I* G S Ware, b W We.st/o :WDB,>^fT i n J b W West, 0; M John, b Liewelh^O; F A w £ ? not out, 2 H J Faulks, b Llewellyn 0 • C B Pal er' c E Davies, b W West 1; E McFlligott, b W W^ LleiveLyn, 2; J Kiner. ruu out O- extras, 3; total, 15 T Wilson "bW Jj •: J Baker, if; B T Poirerov Meklhgott, lo; W T Llewellyn, b W J) Baker' p, Lewis, 23; G Ed-.vards, b OB Laker, lo HE liUon, h W D Baker o • — b°\V°n' }? L D b W Morse' b \V D Baker, 1; W West, 1 b w, b W D Baker O- e.\«,ras, o; total, 91. CADOXTOX PRESBYTERIAXS v. ST MARY'S (CARDIFF). Played at Cadoxton on Saturday last. :ond r»snI&Hl> in a win for the visitors by five runs. For tW Presbyterians, D. L. Taylor batsed well for I■> run". L). Grimths bowled splendidly, and accomplished the hat trick by clean bowling Seamere, SrniMi. and with three successive balls, np-rooting tit* middle stump each time. Score •—/?;' W WiUiams b Davies 0 J Dri^o'l, c and b LWellin, f' ,r V11,1?.?8' }l Llewellyn, Hi; J Robert*, o KJr^lemt! n o' ?> rui) out,3 Searoew, o bmith- l> Griffiths, 0; Griffiths, l» Griffiths, 0; Stevens, b Griffiths, 4; E Lueas. not out 0; extras, o total, G3. J Dure, b Dnscod o JMeikle, b Ciiliiiijore, 0 J Miles, b Driscoll, 0; E Llewellyn, b I>ris< o]]. 0; D Tavlor b Driscoll, 10 D b Driscoll, ij; A Hil], 1 b w" Williams, 4 W Lewis, b Cullimore, 2; A Dunn b Williams, S; J M Miles, not out, 5; extra- S;. total, 58. ST. FAG AX S v. WEXVOE. This match was played on Saturday last on the. ground of the former, and, thanks tbiefiy to thli'" batting >f Messrs Powell and Poole, and the bowliiur of \»aite, resulted in a win for the visitors by 13 run- Score: St. Rev J Baker, c Deere. b NV ite. Ii; H Thomas, b Waite, 1; T. Cross b Graham, 8; H C Roberts, b Graham, U; 0 H Ktmpthorne, b Waite, *j R B Meredith, b Waite, 0; L J Morgan, c Farim-r, b Crabb, 13, W J Littleton, b Waite, 3 D Ambrose, b Waite 0 J Davi8v b Crabb, 0 A Sergeant, not out, 0; extras, S; total, 54. Wtnrue: T Graham, c Meredith, b Roberts, 3; E Xeli h Meredith, 2; W P Powell, b Morgan, 27 J P Poole, b Roberts, 19; A Wait-, c Kempthorne, b Roberts, 4; C Deere b Morgan, 0; F Hopkins b> Morgan, 0; C Crabb, b Roberts, 0; H Xdl. b Mat-gran, 1; E Farmer, not- out, 1; M Febrey b, Morgan, 2; extras, 8; total, ;!7. GARTH 2XD v. PE^APiTFI :!XD. Playeu at Penarth on Saturday la it. when the botita, team won by 00 runs. Towards this total T Dewsw compiled an excellent 44, and also took three wipkrti for eight runs. A Stevenson !>o\v!ea finely for tht. same team, securing five wickets for the cheap [-ot of eight runs. Score:—h'nrth nd: Wnrd, h Dewar 0; Thomas, c Bishop, lJ Stevenson, (I: Brown fif Stevenson, 0; Haynes, b Thomas, 2; Collins, e W b Dewar 5; Herbert, c Thomas, b Stevenson, 3; Leavan, b Stevenson, 0; Wills, 1, Stevenson 0 Samuels, b Dewar, 3 Rays, b Shepherd, 5 Phillip. not out, 2; extras, 5; total, 25. 1"durth 2nd: n- Shepherd, b Samuels, 24 A H Lee, e Bvavan, i). Samuels, 1; E G H Jones, e Wills, b San.uels, O; T Dewar, b Brown, 44; W R RawJe, c Brown", b Samuels, 0; T C Jan es, b Brown, 5; G Thomas, br Samuels, 18; E Kirby, c Beavan, b Samuels, 20;'A Andrews, c Brown, b Samuels. 1: H Bishop, not out, 5; A Stevenson, b Samuels, 0; extras, 3; "total, 121. BARRY COXGREGATIOXAL v. BAREY TOWN 2xn. Played on Saturday last, and ended in a dt-:elt11 V8 win for the former by 98 runs. The Town played a very strong eleven in antieipatioll of being t.be first to lower the colours of their opponents (who :M yet hold an unbeaten record), but the voung club proved superior at all points as the result indicates. Ap- pended are the scores:—Barr>t Tovn: P Kavanagb 0 D Edmunds, 0; W Murphy. 4; J John, 0; T Richards, 3 P Knott, 3 — Willett, 4 W Bray» 0; L. Willett, 0; J Jones, 0; D Lewis, 2; extras^ 1 total, 17. <hrvtrryjii t ionu 1 txt* C Munn, 36; W Williams, 1: W Ash more, 5; T Saunders, 0; H Roberts. 3 J Davies, 5 T Davies, 8 W Hollowly 14; J Cant, 3; A Mein, 25; R Miller, 5; extras. 10; total, 115. DINAS POWl"; 2Kns V. BARRY DOCK .TenoRs.- This match was played on Saturday afternoon last at Dinas Powis. ScoreDinas Powis, 45 runs; Juniors, !»5 runs. J Matthews bowled well for the Juniors, and Waite, Johu, Seig, and Hutchings also batted well for the visitors. TO-MORROW'S FIXTURES. BARRY COXGREGATIOXALS v DIXAS POWI-Q- To be played at Dinas Powis. Leave 2.30 p.m. train from Barry. Bat-?-.tl team J. W. Cant (captain), T. Saunders, W. Holloway, C. Munn, A. Mein, W. Ashmore, T. Davies, H. Roberts, R. Evans, W. Williams, and Another. Reserves—R. Miller, F. John, and J. Davies. BAIIRY V. BROADWAY WESLEYAXS.—TO be played at Barry. The following will be the home team :— W West (captain), D Williams, T Lewis, W Morse., W T Llewellyn, Edmond Davies, T Wilson, H E Tilston, R Knott, D Ingram, and B T Pomeroy. BARRY 2XD Y. ST. JAMKS 2vn.—To be played at the Buttrills, Barry, the following being the Barry team F Bray (captain), E Phillips, G H Richards, W Xiehols, L Willett, A P Kavanagb, D Edmonds, Ivur John, J Jones, Ibberston, and B A Willett. CADOXTON PRESBYTERIAN V. MOUNT HERMOX C.C.-To be played at Cadoxton. home team D J Griffiths (captain), J Miles, D L. Tavlor, A Dunn, J Dure, J Davies, E Llewelliii, A Park, J Meilde, A Hill, aud A Giddings. Reserve, W Meilde.