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BARRY DISTRICT BURIAL BOARD. MR MORGAN NICHOLAS RESIGNS HIS SEAT. The members of the Barry District Burial Board met at their monthly meeting on Tuesday evening last. at Holton-road Board Schools, present- Messrs J. Recs (chairman), J. A. Manaton, W. W. Adams. II. L. Jones, W. Copp. W. Harpe", J. Price, and W. Thomas, with Mr J. Arthur Kaghes (clerk), and Mr J. A. Owen (architect). THE MOXTHLY STATEMENT. The Clerk submitted his monthly statement which showed there had been eighteen interments during the past month, the total sum received being° £ 10 18s, while the expenditure amounted to £ 13. EXAMINATION OF BOOKS. The petty cash books of the clerk and caretaker were examined Mid passed, the former showing a balance in hand of C5 8s 4M.—It was also announced by the Clerk that a balance amounting to 4882 Os lOd was due to the treasurer. THE URINAL AT TEE CEMETERY. Mr J. A. Owen, architect, reported to the Board that the erection of'the urinal at the cemetery was proceeding satisfactorily, and would probably be completed before July l->th.—An improvement in connection with the urinal, and suggested by Mr J. Rees, was agreed to. PROPOSAL TO ALTER THE TIME OF MEETING. Mr Jose was not in attendance to move his resolution that the Board meet on the third Wednesday in the month instead of the third Tuesday, and the matter was deferred till the next meeting. RENT OF THE BOARD ROOM. A communication was read from the Barry School Board with reference to the rent charged for the use of the Board-room, and stating that the Board had determined to adhere to their charge of zC5 per annum, which included the cost of cleaning, lighting, &c.—The Clerk stated he had written the Board in the matter asking that in- stead of a fixed sum being adopted so much might be charged per meeting, but the Board had replied as stated above.—After a few remarks, Mr J. A. Manaton proposed that the amount be paid, and it was agreed to. WOODEN MONUMENTS. The Clerk reported in connection with the wooden monuments at the cemetery that in his opinion the Board had the power to order the removal of the same except in cases where the Board had sanctioned the erection of these monuments. He did not, however, know of an instance where sanction had been given, and thought a number had been erected without the con- sent of anyone.-It was stated the Board would act in this matter in future, and that the caretaker had received instructions to acquaint the Board of such erections.—Mr Harper I take it the Board will not interfere with the existing wooden monuments provided they are kept in proper order ? RESIGNATION OF MR MORGAN NICHOLAS. The following communication was received from Mr Morgan Nicholas, a labour member, and one of the nominees of the Barry Trades' Council at the last election of the Burial Board To the Chair- man and members of the Barry District Burial Board—I beg to tender you my resignation as member of your Board."—Mr W. Harper moved that the resignation of Mr Nicholas be accepted.- Mr W. W. Adams seconded and it was agreed to. THE TRANSFER OF LAND TO BARRY AND CADOX- TON. An order of the Glamorgan County Council with reference to the annexation of land to Barry and Cadoxton was considered, connected with which was the proposal to annex Barry Island to Cadoxton instead of to Barry, as originally intended.-The Clerk remarked that in the latter matter it was a straage procedure to decide to annex the Island to Cadoxton, as nothing whatever was said with reference to this alteration at the inquiry held on the matter at Cardiff a week or two previous, and no opposition, therefore, was entered against the proposals at the time. He did not think that the alteration of the original proposal would affect the Burial Board, so long as the Island was in the Local Board district. The Clerk considered it would be best to move in the matter in about six or twelve months time, when the whole of the public bodies in the district could combine and make strong application for the entire district to be altered so as to form one parish only. He did not believe the Local Board would like to do any- thing in the matter just now. as the election would soon take place.—Mr J. Price concurred with the clerk as to the desirability of forming the district into one parish.-Several members expressed dis- satisfaction with the alteration in the annexation of Barry Island, and it was at length decided that the Local Board be informed of this Board's feel- ings in the matter, ACCOUNTS OF CADOXTON PARISH. Mr T. Thomas sent in a certificate to the effect that he had audited the accounts of Cadoxton parish, and had found the same to be correct.- On the motion of Mr Rees, seconded by Mr Harper, it wa,s unanimously decided to tender a vote of thanks to the auditors of the different parishes for auditing the accounts. THE ALLEGED COMPLAINT AGAINST THE CEMETERY CARETAKER. Mr Copp explained that in connection with a matter brought on by him at the previous meeting, the Press had stated he entered a complaint against the caretaker of the cemetery in connec- tion with the pointing out of graves to visitors. He did not complain on behalf of himself, but brought forward the question as a complaint from the persons who had been refused information of this character by the caretaker. "THE VACANT CHAIR." A question arose as to whether Mr Henry Davies, late of Barry, was still a member of the Board, as he had not attended any of the meetings for some time.—The Clerk replied Mr Davies remained a member until his tenure of office expired. As Mr Davies had left the district, he (the clerk) had endeavoured to obtain his address, so as to ascer- tain his intentions with regard to the Board, but had failed to obtain the same.