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THE CHURCH CONTROVERSY. "A PUIEST" AGAIN CHAMPIONS THE CAUSE OF THE ANGLICAN ESTABLISHMENT. ALLEGED UNBLUSHING EFFRONTERY AXD FALSITY Ti tha Uditor of the "BARRY DOCK NEWS." DEAr. SIR,—Anything to equal the unblushing effrontery and falsity of A. E. P. Ross'" letters to you it has happily never before been my lot to meet with.' even amongst those presumptuous people who how the knee to, and kiss, the foot of his" lord god the pope." He is not even content to allow you to exercise your editorial discretion in placing a heading to the various items published in your columns, but undertakes to correct, direct, and inform you, or rather tries to misinform and misdirect you. Does he expect that we must all accept his dicta as quite incon- trovertible ? Does he presume to imagine that you and I and the vast majority of your readers are satisfied to remain in darkness and the shadow of death," not seeking the truth, nor caring for it, while he is filled with it—inspired, in short, as a chosen exponent of Divine truth We love our own souls no less than he does his, though, thank. God, not so blindly. Catholicism and Roman Catholicism are as much the same thing as representation and mis-representation are, and no more. Again, he refers to the Huguenots, charging them with "rebellious and atrocious cruelties," which he says he has shown they practised f orsooth, when where? Or can it be true that he is so grossly ignorant as not to know what the expression" shown signifies ? He merely awrted, he did not show anything against them. Rebellious and atrocious cruelties What an expression A cruelty is always atrocious, more or less, therefore it is a meaning- less redundancy to speak of an "atrocious cruelty." But, to let that pass, what on earth is a rebellious cruelty ? I confess it sounds odd to my Anglican ear. However, to the Romanist it is atrocious and rebellious not to submit oneself body and soul to the pope, and no words, no matter how redundant, can be found sufficiently strong to express his holy horror of such a course. Testimony to the loyalty and honour of the Huguenots has been borne even by those who did not agree with their religious opinions, but loyalty can be strained beyond its proper limits, therefore it is not to be wondered at that these brave and peaceable people were roused to defend their lives and hearths against the blood-thirsty tyranny and unlimited brutality of their ungodly papist oppressors. But while we are on this subject let me remind your correspondent of the homely proverb What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander." Out of his own mouth let me answer, judge, and condemn A. E. P. Ross." He says the Huguenots did not suffer merely because they were sectaries," etc. Though I deny this statement, let me for the nonce assume it to be true. They brought on their own doom," he says. I do not hesitate to substitute papists in England, Roman missioners, and Jesuits, in the days of Elizabeth," for Huguenots, and thus truth- fully to assert of the former what A. E. P. Ross falsely says of the latter. My statement, there- fore, is The papists in England, Roman missioners, and Jesuits in the days of Elizabeth did not suffer merely because they were sectaries," etc., and they brought on their own doom." The truth is that all through the reign of Good Queen Bess" the papists were plotting and contriving every conceivable nefarious scneme to murder that noble woman and her loyal supporters, and to destroy the civil and religious liberties of England. God was on the side of truth and righteousness, and brought to nought their plans by delivering traitors up to justice and destroy- ing the Spanish .Armada, thus frus- trating the hellish Ii Triple Alliance" between Satan, the Pope, and the King of Spain. Nor even then did the predecessors of Cardinal Vaughan's lambs in England cease their devilish machinations. They still continued to serve the evil one to the top of his bent; the gunpowder treason and plot was the result. That opened the eyes of intelligent British Christians to the character of those who claim for themselves the exclusive title of Catholics and dub the Bishop of Rome Vicar of Christ." A. E. P. Ross was long in taking any notice of the medal struck by order of the pope in commemoration of the bloody massacre of the poor unsuspecting French Pro- testants when I mentioned the matter. I wonder how he will comment on his dear friend Guy Fawkes' career and exploits—perhaps now he is Blessed Guy Fawkes How Englishmen ought to love pope and papists Surely it is base ingrati- tude not to do so In conclusion let me say that this last communication of A. E. I-. Ross simply bristles with falsehoods. I wish to have this letter in time for insertion this week, and, therefore, must reserve further reference to them for a time. Suffice it to say that that function in Clifton ^co- Cathedral-that consecration of a jwo-bishop— seems to have turned your poor correspondent's head. Surely then it must have been a brilliant affair.-I remain, dear sir, Yours in the One Faith, "A PRIEST OF THE UNDIVIDED CHURCH.