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LOCAL AND GENERAL NOTES. I PROPOSED SWIMMING CLUB AT PHXARTH. An application of an opportune and commendable character has been made this week to the Penarth Local Board. It is for permission to establish a swimming club in the town in connection with the public baths. In the latter respect Penarth is ahead of many places of similar character, and gentlemen having been found enterprising enough to initiate a project for the formation of a swimming club, we hope they will receive every encouragement at the hands of the local authority. RESIGNATION OF ONE OF THE LABOUR MEMBERS OF THE BURIAL BOARD. In face of the recent allegations of the president of the local Railwaymen's Society at the last meeting of the Barry Trades' Council, Mr Morgan Nicholas has taken a very wise step in resigning his seat on the Burial Board, for until the stigma created by the statement made by Mr Makepeace is thoroughly removed public confidence} could not be expected to contin e repose in the accredited representatives of labour in the district. We hope now the Trades' Council will lose no time in considering the new phase of things, and we venture to believe they will have no qualms whatever in recommending Mr Nicholas, after the manly step he has taken, for re-election upon the Burial Board. EXTENSION OF THE BARRY AND CADOXTON DISTRICT. At the quarterly meeting of the Glam- organ Local Govern- ment Committee, held at Cardiff last Thurs- day, under the chair- manship of Alderman Walter H. Morgan, the following order was 11 t5 made, under the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1804 :—(1) The part of the parish of Sully which is in the Barry and Cadoxton Local Government district shall be united with the parish of Cadoxton-juxta- Barry. (2) The area known as Sheeping Moors shall be united with and form part of the parish of Cadoxton-juxta-Barry. (3) The parish or extra parochial place, Highlight, shall be united with the parish of Wenvoe. (4) The order of the Local Government Board, dated February 28th, 1878, uniting the said place of Highlight to the parish of Merthyr I Dovan for representative purposes, is rescinded. HARRY TEMPERANCE CUOIR. For some time past a pressing need has been felt in the Barry district for an united choir which shall adequately voice forth the sentiment and musical talent of the Temperance party. Such a choir has at last been formed, and is now under special training for the important work which lies before it. Curiosity has been mani- fested as to the purpose for which the choir has been brought into existence, in consequence of which the committee have thought that an explanation should be offered as to the real object in view. The formation of the Barry Temperance Choir is due to the influence of a committee which met some time ago in Cardiff for the purpose of extending the National Temperance Choral Union. After due enquiries in Barry, a few suitable gentlemen (some of whom had been previously connected with the Cardiff and Newport Blue Ribbon Choirs, and all enthusiastic temperance musicians) were found who were willing to undertake the work, and so far the result has altogether exceeded their expectations, a large choir having come together, the choir being now in training for the National Temperance Festival to be held at the Crystal Palace on July 10th. Though late in entering, Barry has the privilege of sending fifty voices towards the five thousand that will take part in the first concert on that occasion. On Wednesday, July 4th, as announced by us last week, it is intended to give a grand concert in the Market Hall, Barry, when the pieces to be sung in London will be rendered by the choir, and it is hoped that all friends of temperance will prove their sympathy with the movement by their presence at the concert, and their hearty support of the work of the choir. After the visit to London, the nex; great event for which preparation will be made will be the South Wales Temperance Festival at Cardiff in September. Those temperance singers who have not yet joined the choir, but have expressed their desire of doing so, will then have the opportunity of availing themselves of the capital musical training which preparation for the festival will entail. It is not intended to hold Saturday evening enter- tainments, but temperance meetings being arranged by already existing organisations, the choir will be pleased to render all assistance in its power to further the cause of temperance generally. Some influential gentlemen of the I neighbourhood have already promised their patronage and help, and friends connected with various places of worship have willingly lent their buildings for practices. While acknow- ledging this, we would like to remind our friends that in order to make the choir as representative as possible of all denominations, and to establish it on a thoroughly permanent basis, the sympathy of all temperance workers is required, and when this is enlisted, with the strong temperance party of Barry behind them, and the able leadership of Mr John Hicks, there is every prospect that, ere long, Barry will be able to boast of one of the finest temperance choirs in the county.