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INTERESTING SPEECH BY MISS JENNER, OF WENVOE. Miss Gertrude Jenner, addressing the members of the Melingriffith Brass Band at The Typica Wenvoe, last week, after the annual meeting of the Gwynfa Lodge of True Ivorites. St. David's Unity, in the course of her remarks, spoke as fol- lows :-To.morrow twelve months will have elapsed since this branch of the Ivorites' Club held its last anniversary meeting here. It is a long interval of time, and yet how speedily do our hours, days, weeks, and years come and go. What are we doing all the time ? Remember that Time is one of our greatest talents, that we shall have to render an account of to God-the great and universal Judge of all. Our great English poet, John Milton, born in 1698—nearly 200 years ago—has left behind him a beautiful sonnet on Time," that I should advise you, young men, and aU in this large audience, not only on my front green, but also all those who are outside on the Queen's highway—who have been listening to the Welsh airs so readily played by you here this evening at my request-to read and study and act upon for yourselves in daily life. Let us each and all be working for some definite and real purpose in life No doubt, we are living in a day of increased and melancholy lawlessness and, contempt of discipline, with domestic misery such as we ought never to have known of in Bible-loving Wales. How is it ? At this hour of the evening, after your long day's walk, and a long distance to go, I must not detain you very long; as I am a great advocate of early hours at any time, but especially when clubs meet at public- houses. But there are two points which I wish to refer to that are, in my opinion, the latest and the most uncompromising scandals and evils of our present day-shebeening in Wales and anarchism in England and on the Continent. Why not call them both by their proper names-" Devildomism in Wales and England, and on the Continent"! I do not know which is the worst, but they are both works of darkness, such as the devil delights in, and such as will triumph over righteousness and true holiness in daily life if we are not living for God's glory and guided by the law of the land, under our gracious Sovereign, Queen Victoria. These national sins have their origin in individual sins. Evil-doing spreads like a cankerworm amongst us, in our homes, our villages, and our towns, until at last we wonder whether we are living in 1894 or in the ancient days of 800 before Christ was born, which is placed upon record in God's Holy Word-the Bible. Look at our Sunday trading-our Sunday trains—our Sunday drinking -our Sunday work in our post-offices-and men who are spoken of as eminent Christians re- ceiving ten per cent. as results, in some cases, of what is termed mercantile prosperity God's fourth commandment to keep the Sabbath Day holy" is so broken, and is met with the most plausible theory that if we do not do the work, someone else will!" Let us take care that the judgments pronounced against Tyre and Moab and Israel for breaking God's commandments in 800 B.C. are not now hanging over us. Read them for yourselves in the prophesy of Amos, &c., and if you have not much time for reading generally, at any rate find time to read the Bible, and abide by its teaching. And now, one verse of li God save the Queen," as loyal Welsh subjects, and we will disperse at once, as it is late, and I accept your thanks, as expressed, and, of course, if, as wished, I will print my address sooner or later, and the audience dispersed.