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FRED. MORGAN & COMPY., MARQUEE, TENT, FLAG, AND SUN BLIND MKEffS. OUR OWN PATENT IMPROVED ACTION SPRING ROLLERS. MILL LANE, CARDIFF. Telegraphic Address—" TARPAULINS, CARDIFF." OTTTVT INSURANCE OFFICE U IN (PIRE)- FOUNDED 1710. Sum insured in 1893 JS395,854,440 For all particulars apply to Mr. B. G. DA VIES, Agent at Cadoxton. ARMS, LEGS, EYES, SUPPORTS, BELTS CRUTCHES, TRUSSES, LEG IRONS. STOCKINGS made and fitted by ALLEN PEARCE 4, CHARLES STREET late 13, THE PARADE, CARDIFF. ONE B0X 0F CrARKE'S B4-T PILLS im warranted to care all discharges from the Urinary Organs, In either sex (acquired or constitutional), Gravel, and Paina Sa the Back. Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in Boxes, I&L ed. each, by all Ghemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World, or sent to any address for sixty ttampe by the Makers, TB. Lnroour UTD Mxsujrs COUXTM Dace CoitFAtrr, Lincoln. Wholesak) Agents, Bam&lt M 8eq, Loadon. aadall tht Whoistale Hottm. « FREKE'S Photographic & Fine Art Studios, 812 J)UKE'STREET' £ JARDIFP- MR ALFRED FREKE, ie producing specially fine PLATINOTYPE PHOTOGRAPHS which are absolutely Permanent and very Artistic. The best assortment of Views of Town and Neighbourhood are to be had at his Studios. jin kind? of Re-gilding, Frame Making, Mount Cutting, &c., done on the premises by experienced workmen. FREKE'S, 12, Duke-Street, Cardiff. KEEP WALKING AND WEAR BOLINEUX Co/s BOOTS. THIS SEASON Eclipses anything presented at Barry Dock for Variety, Style, and Quality. THE LARGEST STOCK IN THE DISTRICT TO SELECT FROM, And every pair the best value that can be produced. MOLINEUX & CO., The Barry Dock Boot Manufacturers, 92, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK, AND 95, Glebe-street, Penarth. FRED. CHAPPELL, WINE, SPIRIT, ALE, & PORTER MERCHANT, Thompson St, Barry Dock, AGENT FOR THE ANGLO-BAVARIAN ALES, IN CASK AND BOTTLE. Roath Brewery Co.'s Ales & St outs, IN 41, 9, 18, 36, AND 54 GALLON CASKS, 2 FROM IOD. GALLON. BOTTLED ALES AND STOUTS. PRICES ON APPLICATION. Barry's Hotel and Restaurant, ST. MARS-STREET, CARDIFF. TABLE D'HOTE DINNER Served Daily in Coffee-room from 12 to 4. Soup, Fish. Entrees, Joint, Poultry, Sweets, Cheese, 2s. In Commercial Room, Is 9d; Dessert, 6d extra. T. EVANS, SHOEING AND GENERAL SMITH (NEXT TO THREE BELLS INK,) CADOXTON-BARRY. Orders of all kinds punctually attended to Remember last Winter. Thousands will remember that the only remedy which would pive relief to their Cough or Cold was Thomasso's 'Perfect' LUNG HEALER Waste no money trying other so-called cures this winter, but prepare yourselves with THOMASSO'S PERFECT LUNG HEALER -a remedy which is admitted by thoussnds to be the only genuine cure for COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHIAL AFFECTIONS, AND ALL CHEST COMPLAINTS. One Dose Relieves. A Cure Certain. Thousands of Testimonials. Price 1!1.21 d per bottle, of all Chemists. Be sure you get the genuine with the name Thomasso's thereon. Refuse all substitutes. If there is any difficulty in obtaining this remedy send the amount in stamps to the address below. REMEMBER LAST WINTER when you had that attack of Rheumatism. Thousands can testify to the efficacy of THOMASSO'S "PERFECT" OIL. If you ask your friends they will tell you that this wonderful Oil gives INSTANT RELIEF. It is acknowledged by all who use it to be the most perfect of all outward applications for Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica, Neuralgia, Head- ache, Sprains, Bruises, and all Pains. Price 1/li per bottle of Chemists, or post free from address below. Refuse all spurious substitutes, and insist on having Thomasso's, which is put up in square bottles and bear a yellow label. Each person sending direct will receive free my new book on the cure of Rheumatism, &c. THOMASSO'S MAGIC FEMALE PILLS Remove Obstruction from any cause. Correct all Irregularities. Never Fail. These Pills are not made from Steel, Pennyroyal, Bitter Apple, or ..ny such i seless or injurious drugs, but from drugs far more efficacious. Be sure you get the genuine, with GREEN Label, or you will be disappointed. Of Chemists at Is lid and 2s 9d, or post free Is 3d or 3s. L. THOMASSO, WESTMINSTER BRIDGE-ROAD, LONDON. For Pleasant Hours by your own Fireside, pay a visit the OLD CARDIFF BOOK STORES, 12, QUEEN-STREET ARCADE, CARDIFF, B. GREY, Proprietor. Where you can obtain every description of Good and Useful Books, by the best Authors, in all classes of Literature. Over Ten Tons to select from. A Large Assortment of Novels and Cheap Music. The Cheapest Book Shop in Cardiff, 12, Queen- street Arcade (Working-street Entrance). Established over 25 Years. N B.—Parcels of Books, Music, &c., Bought or Exchanged. DYERS AND CLEANERS OF HATS, BONNETS, OSTRICH FEATHERS, Ladies' Dress and Gents' Clothing. ORCHARD'S, 35, ADAM STREET, CARDIFF. Hats and.Bonnets altered or re-made. New Hats and Bonnets made to Order. EDUCATIONAL. KENDRICK HOUSE, VICTORIA ROAD, PENARTH, (Close tc Railway Station). BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES Pupils Prepared for Local ExaminiMons. PRIKCIFAIIS THE MISSES WALLIS. Prospectus and terms on application. BARRY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS and PREPARATORY SCHOOL FOR BOYS, 8, Windsor-road, Barry. PRINCIPAL Miss BURBIDGE Prospectus on application. Next Term Commences April 16th, 1894. The Court School for Girls, CADOXTON-BARRY. Boarding and Day School for Girls. PRINCIPAL Miss SMALL. ASSISTED by an Efficient Staff of Trained and Certificated English and Foreign Resident Governesses and Visiting Professors. Prospectus on application. A separate School for Little Boys only. Next Term commences Monday, May 7th. JJASLAND gOUSE gCHOOL JpOR BOYs, p ENARTII. HEAD MASTER MR G. L. WYARD, Late of Regent's Park College, London. Prospectus on application. Summer Term Com- mences May 3rd. THE EMPIRE PALACE OF VARIETIES, CARDIFF. Two Complete Performances Nightly. Early one 7 o'clock to 9, late one 9 o'clock to 11. j ALL ARTISTES APPEAR AT EACH PERFORMANCE. OSWALD STOLL, i. FOR WORKING MEN.! THE NEW pS to) S PQ M IB E-4 < i3= -< 10/6. WATCH. 10/6. Two Years' Warranty. Also the GENTLEMEN' WATERBURY, 17/6 and 20/- All warranted Two Years'. Money returned if not satisfactory. Send P.O.O. and 4 1 d. for Postage to 2 HYMAN FREEDMAN & SON, 7, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. .'ISINFECTANTS pu -P" S ta'. Pet nal Gre PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, executed with neatness and dispatch, at the Barry Dock News Offices, Vere-street, Cadoxton.