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BARRY CHAMBER OF TRADE. The members of the Barry District Chamber of Trade held their monthly meeting at Harry's Hotel, Barry Dock, on Thursday, the 14th inst., when there were present—Mr D. T. Alexander (president), Dr Kelly. Messrs T. Parry, J. Radcliffe, F. P. Jones-Lloyd, G. Gamett, H. C. Griffin, jun., E. Rees, A. W. Newman. J. Phillips, J. Price, J. E. Levers, — Levers, J. R. Llewellyn, J. M'Gill, R. Treharne Rees (secretary), J. R. Stephens, <5cc. ADVERTISING THE DISTRICT AS A WATERING- PLACE. Mr Benjamin Lewis suggested that the taking of further steps in this matter be deferred for some months, as it was now too late to render the scheme of any service for this summer, and the matter might be fully gone into during the winter. —Mr Jones-Lloyd stated he had already taken some steps to ascertain what could be done with a view to advertising the district as a watering-place, and an offer had been made by the publishers of JfV9 iene and another health paper to publish an illustrated sketch of the Barry district, provided the public of Barry agreed to purchase 5,000 copies. Dr Kelly felt that whatever was done in the way of publishing a sketch of the district might be done at home. He also felt that the publishers of the British Medical Journal or The Lancet might be induced to call attention to Barry as an attractive watering-place. (Hear, hear.)-The President said he fully appreciated what had been done by Mr Jones-Lloyd, and agreed with Dr Kelly that if the most influential health papers were to notice Barry, it would do a great deal of good.-It was then resolved to appoint a com- mittee to go into the question and submit a scheme to the chamber, the following members being delegated to constitute the committee :-The President, Dr Kelly, Messrs F. P. Jones-Lloyd, W. R. Hopkins, B, Lewis, J. R. Llewellyn, and the secretary. THE PROPOSED EXTEXSIOX OF THE POSTAL DISTRICT OF BARRY. Mr J. R. Llewellyn brought forward the question of the desirability of memorialising the authorities to extend the postal district of Barry so as to include the villages of Llancarfan, Moulton, Penmark. Fonmon, Llanbythery, Llancadle, &c., which, being in the Cowbridge dis- trict, were very badly served at present in regard to the time of delivery and des- patch of letters every day, and the speaker sug- ge3ted that the inhabitants of the places named be invited to hold meetings to express their opinion of the scheme and forward the same to the Chamber of Trade, so that representations might be addressed to the proper authorities.—Mr Jones- Lloyd seconded and the President, in supporting, said he considered the proposal was a very desir- able one, knowing, as he did. the district named so intimately for the past thirty or forty years, and if new arrangements, such as were proposed by Mr Llewellyn, could be secured he thought it would be to the mutual advantage of Barry as well as the inhabitants of the villages in the upper portion of the Vale of Glamorgan.—Mr B. Lewis suggested that the Post Office authorities might be asked to grant an earlier delivery .and later despatch for the places named, leaving it to the authorities to make any new arrangements they thought proper. -The President felt that the suggestion of the mover of the resolution was a more desirable one, because an opportunity would then be given to the inhabitants of the district to express their opinion before the Chamber approached the authorities.—The motion having also been sup- ported by Mr Newman, it was unanimously agreed to. THE ANNUAL TRIP. Mr B. Lewis moved, and Mr Jones-Lloyd seconded that Miuehead and Dunster be selected for the annual trip of the Chamber this year, the former remarking thar, the bakers of the district had alre.tdy decided to have an excursion to Chepstow and Tintern on the first Wednesday iu July.—Mr Newman proposed, as an amendment, and Mr Llewellyn seconded, that Chepstow and Tintem be the places to be visited by the Chamber but after discussion, the original motion was carried by a large majority, the President and Secretary being deputed to visit Minehead for the purpose of ar- ranging for the trip thereto, probably on Wednes- day, the 18th July. WHITMORE BAY. A letter having been read from Mr Robert Forrest, St. Fagan's, in connection with the cargo of coke tipped some time ago on the beach at Whitmore Bay, Barry Island, it was now reported that the coke had been nearly all cleared away. COUNTY COURT FOR BARRY. The Secretary read a letter from Mr A. J. Williams, M.P., statinsr that he was in communica- tion with the Lord Chancellor, and assuring the Chamber he would do all in his power to press forward the claims of Barry for the establishment of a separate county court for the district. BARRY AND THE ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE MEETINGS. The President stated he had had an interview with Mr A. J. Harris, clerk to the Cardiff Board of Guardians, with reference to the proposal to hold periodical meetings of the Assessment Committee of the Union at Barry, and he had since received the following letter on the subject from that gentleman :— Cardiff, 14th June, 1894. DFAB SIR,-Below I send you copy of Section 8 of the Union Assessment Committee Aot, 1862:—" The Committee shall hold their first meeting at the Board room of the Union on a day to be fixed by the Board of Guardians, and the subsequent meetings of the Committee shall be holden at such times, and at such place, and upon such notice and requisition as tb-y shall from time to time appoint; and any guardian of the Union may be present at any meeting of the Committee, but shall not be entitled to take part in the proceedings thereof."—Yours faithfully, Mr D. T. Alexander. ARTHUR J. HARRIS. -It was unanimouslv resolved to apply to the Cardiff assessment committee to hold periodical meetings at Barry. THE NEW POOR LAW UNION QUESTION. It was reported that the joint committee of the Chamber ef Trade, the Local Board, and the Guardians for the division would meet on Thurs- day afternoon to draft a scheme for making Barry and the neighbouring parishes a separate Poor Law Union. This was all the business.