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MR A. J. WILLIAMS, M.P., AND CHURCH DIGNITARIES ON DISESTABLISHMENT. THE HOS. <xENTLEMAN\S TIECilNT UTTERANCES AT BARRY DOCK. CORRESPONDENCE FROM THE VICAR OF PEXMALLK. To the Editor of the B^RRY DOCK NEWS." SIB,—In your report of a Liberal meeting held at Barry Dock on Thursday, the 17th ult.. Mr Arthur J. Williams, M.P. for South Glamorgan, in referring to Disestablishment, is reported to have said that He was prepared to say that men of the highest character, men of knowledge and high station as high as any archbishop or bishon—sucii as Canoii Scott Holland, Rev Prebendary Eyton, and others, ha-<l thnmclten mfctcmr of tin Iit'h. Having a little doubt as to the wisdom of allowing the public to accept that statement on. the authority of a newspaper report-sometimeq, in the nature of things, inaccurate—I ventured to test it so far as Canon Holland was concerned by the very simple means of writing to ask him if he had declared himself in favour of the Bill at present before Parliament. As to the Question cf KliUK.. fact, his answer is conclusive—as an indication ol his attitude towards the whole matter, it will be j of interest to many of your readers and. since Mr Arthur J. Williamq, M.P., recommends him as "of the highest character, Knowledge, and station— as high as any archbishop or bishop "—I will hope that they who are endeavouring, with Mr Williams, to bring about what we, Churchmen, regard as a grievous and intolerable wrong, wilt not only read. but "inwardly digest" what he writes. I shall be glad, therefore, if you will give it publicity in your next issue.—Yours, &c., Penmark Vicarage. EDWAUD MORGAN. (; DEAR. SIR,-I have never been called upon to say a word about this Bill, whether of approval or disapproval. I have always confessed that I understood why the Welsh Nonconformists should think some such measure just. But I own that I am profoundly grieved that they should not think: well in doing an act which, however just they may deem it, must of necessity be a hard and harsh one towards a Church already very poor, t& show a larger spirit of Christian goodwill and human generosity towards the oldest national institution in their laud, and towards a body which serves, with them, a common Ma.srer.- Yours truly, « S. HOLLAXD.~ — MR ARTHUR WILLIAMS, M.P., AND THE WELSH DISESTABLISHMENT BILL. LETTER FROM THE HON, GENTLEMAN. To the Editor of the "BARRY DOCK XEWS." SIR.—In looking through the report of my address at Barry Dock. I observe tha.t the letter from Prebendary Eyton to the Wrntmln»ter GazOttr which I quoted, is attributed to Dr. Pereival, the head-master of Rugby. I am also reported to have said that they, and Canon Scott Holland, had declared themselves ia favour of the Bill. I believe I said that they had declared themselves in favour of the principle of the Bill." I certainly intended to say so, because they had not, so far as I knew, expressed any opinion as to the details of the Bill. It seems a small matter, but in these Ca8e$ one cannot be too accurate, and I should have said that they had declared themselves in favour of Welsh Disestablishrnent.-Yonrs, &c., ARTHUR J. WILLIAMS* House of Commons Library, June 12th, 1834.