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BURCHILL, OF BARRY DOCKS, AGAIN IN CUSTODY. THREATENED TO SHOOT HIS WIFE AND A SAILOR. ATTEMPT TO STAB A POLICEMAN. PLUCKY CONDUCT OF THE CONSTABLE. On Monday evening last, a well-known boarding- house keeper, William Burchill, aged (jj, Ii ving at B7, Travis-street, was arrested on a charge of attempting to commit murder. It appears, from information gleaned, that for some time Burchill had been drinking freely, and brawls between himself and his wife, (8ecelia Burchill, with some of their boarders had been frequent. About seven o'clock on Monday evening Police-constable William Smith met Burchill coming out of the Victoria Hotel in Holton-road, and he deliberately walked up to the officer and told him he intended doing something serious. Smith advised him to go home quietly, which Burchill apparently did, but before eight o'clock Police-sergeant Brown was called to the house, and the officer at once proceeded to No^ 37, Travis-street, in company of Police- ccnstaole "William Williams Arriving at the house, the police were informed that Burchill's wife had run for safety into the house of a neigh- bour (Phillip's boarding-house), where she was followed by Burchill, who knocked down and kicked his wife. and a Mrs Baker, who attempted to shield her. Soon afterwards Burchill got back to his own house, and rroeatedly threatened to blow out the brains of sailor named Henry William Gilbert, but the police again interfered. At this juncture Burchill, it appears, coolly walked out the house, went up the street, and bought a six-chambered revolver and a box con- taining several dozen cartridges. He fully loaded the revolver, went back to the house, and the row re-commenced. Going out to the back, Burchill fired off one or two shots, in order it would seem, to try the revolver. Satisfied as to the efficiency of his dangerous weapon, he returned to the house, and was proceeding to carry out his threats to Gilbert, when Police-contable William Williams sprang at Burchill in the passage and seized him. Burchill's son snatched the revolver and cartridges out of his father's hand and ran upstairs with them, concealing them in a chest of drawers. Burchill then unsheathed a large dagger, and aimed a deliberate blow at the constable's throat, but in the nick of time a couple of sailors seized his arm and warded off the blow. Burchill was then overpowered, and was conveyed to the Central Police-station, followed by an infuriated crowd of several hundred persons, who wanted to put lynch-Iaw in motion. Both weapons and a box of cartridges were afterwards taken possession of by the police. At the police-station Burchill several times expressed regret that he had failed to murder Gilbert. PRISONER BEFORE THE MAGISTRATES. At the office of the Penarth magistrates in Cardiff on Tuesday (before Mr O. H. Jones and Mr John Duncan) illiam Burchill was brought up in custody charged with attempting to shoot a sailor named William Henry Gilbert with intent to do him grievious bodily harm, and also with attempting to shoot Police-constable William, Williams of Barry Dock, and attempting to 3tab him with a dagger with a similar intent. Captain Lindsay watched the case on behalf of ihe police, but Burchill was unrepresented. Thø .11.1 —— urn- TT v% «.«=> ii uuaui jjLciiry Gilbert., who said on Monday, about 8 o'clock p.m., he was sitting in the boarding-house, 21, Travis-street, when he heard two reports of a firearm. He went out into the street and saw a crowd of people assembled. Upon going to the doorway of Burchill's house he saw him ir. the passage with a revolver in his left hand, and a small dagger, about 7in. or 8in. long, in his right hand. Witness went up to him and tried to induce him to put the revolver away, whereupon he said, "You son of a b- I will blow your brains out." A young man named Shiels came up the street with witness. Police-constable Williams was also there. The policeman took hold of by his arm, and prisoner than dropped the revolver, or somebody took it out of his hand. Witnes took the dagger from him and handed it to the policeman. He had not threatened him before. That was the first he had seen of him. On the way to the police-station he said if he could only get loose he would shoot witness, and he kicked him several times. The prisoner, upon being asked if he wished to interrogate the witness, said he would reserve his defence. Police-Constable William Williams, Barry Docks, said on Monday last., about 7.30 o'clock in the evening, he was called into a house at 39, Travis-street, by Mrs Baker. Burchill was not there. This house is next door to where Burchill lives. About 8 o'clock witness was going along the back of Travis-street, when he saw the defendant going into his own house through the back door. Soon afterwards the officer heard two shots fired in quick succession. Witness ran round to the front and saw a large crowd of people outside his house. He then tried Burchill's front door, which was locked from the inside. He afterwards went to the next door to get into Burchill's backyard, and the crowd shouted "He is out." Witness came out and saw Burchill with his son at the door. Witness said, What is the matter, Burchill, ?" Then Gilbert, the last witness, came up, and prisoner said to him, You son of a b- I will shoot you." He then took his hands from behind his back, and witnessed noticed a revolver in his left hand and a dagger in his right. The officer rushed at him, and catching his arms, held both arms up. He went back a bit, .md held the revolver in front of witness, saying, I will shoot you, you b Witness struggled with him, and gat his arms up a second time, and the revolver either dropped or was taken out of the prisoner's hand. He then brought his right hand round with the dagger and said. I will stick you, you son of a b- Witness parried his blow, but the dagger grased his right wrist. He held Burchill while the dagger was taken away. Accused was very violent. With the assistance of the crowd witness handcuffed him, and took him to the police-station. Upon going to the prisoner's house subsequently the officer found a revolver and cartridges. Police-sergeant Brown was there. This morning ho charged him with intent to shoot "Willam Henry Gilbert with intent to do grievous bodily harm." He said, "What with?" witness Eilso charged him with attempting to shoot him with a revolver, and also with attempting to stab him with a dagger. He replied, "I know nothing." By Burchill: I saw you with the revolver." I held your hand up, and the revolver was then in it. rhere was a crowd of people outside. I did not bake possession of the revolver, because in the struggle somebody took it out of your hand, or it tell. On the application of the police, the accused was remanded until Thursday, at Barry Docks. An application by the prisoner to be admitted bo bail was granted, and he was ordered to find two mreties for £ 25 each and to allow himself to be bound over in a sum of £50. BURCHILL AGAIN BEFORE THE MAGISTRATES. Prisoner was brought up in custody, oo remand, it Barry Dock Police Court yesterday (Thursday) j on the charge of intent to do grievous bodily harm to Henry William Gilbert, Travis-street, and also to Police-constable William Williams, by means of a revolver and dagger on Monday, the 11th instant. Mr F. P. Jones-Lloyd appeared for the prosecution, prisoner being undefended. Burchill asked Gilbert whether he saw any- one in the passage with him {Burchill) at the time of the occurrence.—Gilbert replied that he did not notice anyone.-Burchill repeated this ques- tion in different forms, but Major Thornley re- minded prisoner that the Bench did not want to sit there all day.—Burchill then asked Gilbert what he saw when he (defendant) first came to the door Your hands were partly behind your back, a revolver in one hand, and a knife in the other. P. C. Williams, questioned by Burchill, said the revolver was pointed with the left hand, and he heard two shots fired. Frederick Oxley, 17, Travis Street, said he heard prisoner say he would shoot someone, and saw him attempting to use the dagger. Witness asked someone to take the revolver out of Birchill's hand, and this was done. Jatnes Harrison, 10, Kingsland-crescent, heard one shot fired. He saw the iirearm presented by defendant at the constable's head, and P.C. Williams caught Irild of Burchill's arm. He also heard Burchill remark he meant to shoot some one. James Lewis, seaman, Sydenham-street, corro- borated. Police-sergeant William Brown also gave evi- dence, and said he found a six-chambered loaded revolver and a box containing 44 cartridges in prisoner's house. In answer to the charge, prisoner said he had nothing to say. For the defence, William Burchill, son of the accused, said the prisoner had no revolver on him, neither did he (witness) put the revolver in the drawer. Josephine Burchill said prisoner and her step mother lived happily together so far as she knew. Bail was applied for, but was opposed by Mr Jones-Lloyd, and the Bench remarked they would not grant bail on any account. Defendant kissed one of his daughters on leaving for the cells, being:committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions.