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RADE ADDRESSES. NAISH'S SW IETS ARE PURE ;TABLISHED 1854. ALF. E. NAISH, WHOLESALE MANUFACTURING CONFECTIONER, WHOLESALE BRANCHES- 59, Bridge-street; 8, Castle-road; and Oxford-lane, CARDIFF. Travellers call weekly throughout Penarth, Barry, and District with Samples of Pure, Wholesome, and Reliable Goods. 'I EDWARD REES, j AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, AND AUDITOR. (ESTABLISHED 1877). I MORTGAGE & FINANCE BROKER, HOUSE, .LAND & ESTATE AGENT. I GENERAL BUSINESS TRANSFER BROKER AND VALUER. Agent for all the best Insurance Offices-Fire, Life, General Accident, Plate Glass, Employers' Liability, Boiler, Engine, and Steam Power, Farming Stocks, Cattle and Horses, and Guarantee Fidelity Offices. VALUATTONS FOR PROBATE, &c., &c., &c., Over 20 Years Experience in the Management i of Large and Small Estates. 138, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK, AND 45, TERE-STREET, CADOXTON. Barry Dock, Barry, Cadoxton and District Pro- perties Let and Sold. Rents Collected and Pro- perty Managed. Personal attention given. Prompt Settlements. Highest References given. Several Splendid Shops and Premises, suitable foi' any business, to be Let and for Sale, in best positions in either district; also Villas and Cot- tages. N. B. — Parties desirous of Letting or Selling 'w*. JMjfcfefp'" Business Premises, Villas or Cottages, or wishing to dispose of their business either by auc- tion or as going concerns, should send particulars to E. Rees, at 6, Travis-6treet, Thompson-street, Barry Dock. "'?' .*> -—, n > VT* ■ Anderson's, GOLF, TENNIS, AND CRICKET REQUSITES. LARGEST SELECTION. WRITE FOR LISTS. OUR ONLY ADDRESS IN WALES, 8, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. UNDER DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE. LLANTWIT-MAJOR. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD Will be Held in a Spacious Marquee at the above place ON AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY, AUGUST 6TH, 1894. President-A. J. WILLIAMS. Esq., M.P. Conductor-MORGAN MORGANS, Esq., Pontypridd. Adjudicators—Music Eos Morganwg (Aber- dare) and Mr W. Llewelyn. Deri. Poetry, Litera- ture, &c. Rev Ben. Davies, Panteg, Ystalyfera. Fancy Work Mrs Thomas, Boverton Court, and Miss Thomas. Plymouth House. PRINCIPAL COMPETITIONS To the Choir, not less than 40 in number, that will best sing Then round about the Starry Throne" (Handel.) 1st, £ 10 2nd, £ 2 10s. To the Male Voice Party, not less than 20 in number, that will best sing The Little Church." Prize, £ 5. Good Prizes will be given for Solos, Duetts. Trios, Essays, Poems. Recitations, Fancy Work, A:c, PROGRAMMES to be had from the SECRETARY /Id. Each)— J. B. LLEWELYN, BOVERTON, COWBRIDGE. RffrethmcnU Provided in a Large Tent on the Field. fiEAUD CONCERT IN THE EVENING. CLARENCE TEMPESASCE HOTEL AND DINING ROOMS, 10 AND 17, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. HOT DINNERS DAILY. Accommodation for Visitors. Well-aired Beds. PROPRIETOR-C. F. ROSSER. R. IT JJEATH AND goxs> CARDIFF, pONTYPRIDD, AND T ONDON, piANOFORTE AND Q RGAN M ERCHANTS. (FROM SOUTH WALES DAlLY NEWS, 9TH*JANU ARY, 1894.) "VERDICT OF NINE HUNDRED."—Under this title Messrs R. J. Heath and Sons, Queen-street, Cardiff, pianoforte makers, organ builders, and music warehouse-men, have collected an imposing array of testimonials and Press opinions relating to the quality of the musical instruments supplied by them. The firm is so well known in Cardiff, and, indeed, throughout South Wales and the West of England, that it is hardly nace.-isary here to dwell upon its influence and com- manding position. This collection of testimonials serves, however, to do something more than certify to the excellence of the instruments furnished by Messrs. Heath and Sons. It shows, in a sense, how steady is the growth among the general public of a desire for a knowledge of music, and how increasingly numerous, even in the homes of the working classes, are pianos, organs, and harftioniums. The great majority of the letters in this list relate to pianos, and while many of them have reference to most costly instruments, con- 'taining all the late3t improvements, supplied to the well-to-do, the greater nnmber relate to serviceable instruments pursued for the homes of the wage- earning lotion qfipe community. This growing love for go refining airalrt as music is a most faveurable sign. For though in the Principality music has for generations been thfe chief recreation of the people, it has for the most part been choral music in connection with churche" and chapels that has occupied attention. Instrumental music is now, however, receiving its fair share of attention, and all those in true symyathy with the art must trust that the movement, will go steadily onward. These testimonials have been received from every quarter of the Principality, while not a few come from other portions of the United Kingdom, and some from South America, India, and other distant countries. All speak most favourably of Messrs. Heath's business methods as well as of their instruments. R. J. JLJEATH AND gONS INVITE INSPECTION. FULL ILLUSTRATED LISTS AND VERDICT POST FREE. DR. HALL'S I GREAT DISCOVERY, WITHOUT MEDICINE. COME, AND I WILL CURE YOU. Important Notice to the Peoplr of Harry and District. Dn. HALL has Opened Consulting Rooms at 17, Graving Dock St. BARRY DOCK. Ox TUESDAYS—10 TILL 1 3 TILL 9. ADVICE FREE. DR. HALL will CURE COSTIVENESS in ONE DAY, or return money in full. DR. HALL will CURE ASTHMA and BRON- CHITIS. James Jenkins, 3, Seymour-street. Moors. Cardiff, ill for eight years, at times unable to go to bed, cured in a short time. (Write or see him.) DR. HALL will CURE GRAVEL PAINS in the BACK. Frederick Witcombe, 22, Norah- street, Roath, Cardiff, has been a great sufferer from Kidney Trouble, Gravel Pains in his Back for 12 years. Cured in one week without Medicine. DR. HALL will CURE any kind of FEVER. Henry Criddle, of Monachty Lock, Maindee, near Cardiff, Cured of Rheumatic Fever in two days. Whv Suffer ? DOH. HALL will CURE PILES. John Hardwood, 100, Cyfarthfa-street, Roath, Cardiff, says he has been a great sufferer from Astnma and Bronchitis, also very bad with Piles, Sluggish Liver, and Indigestion for 12 years, but I am glad I bought it. for it has made me a new man in a very short time. Oils for Rheumatism and Gout, 2s. 3d., post free. Special Ointment for all kinds of Skin Diseases, Is. l&d. per box. Great Deaf Cure, 2,9. Dr. HALL will CURE any of the FOLLOWING COMPLAINTS :-Lumbago. Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica, Costiveness, Piles, Sluggish Liver. Kidney Trouble, Gravel, all kinds of Skin Diseases, Sore Lee-s, Running Wounds, Bronchitis, Asthma, also Consumption. NOTE.—I have cured hundreds of people through correspondence alone. If not able to come, write with stamped envelope for reply. Address all letters to the Head Depot for this Country, 64, CYEAETHEA-STREET, OFF CASTLE ROAD, ROATH, CARDIFF. The Professor is in attendance at the Head Depot Saturdays and Mondays, 9 till 2, 5 till 9 Wednes days, Thursdays, and Fridays, 5 till 9. NOTE.—No connection with any other address in Cardiff. TRADE ^Jkmkw»ES. GREAT SPRING- STJIIEK, SHOW 0 Ifen's, Youths,' &Bo|peliable' Clothing JOTHAM & SONS', MARY STREET, CARDIFF. JOTHAM & SONS' ESTABLISHMEN' t only the Largest in Cardiff and District, but is the most ExMpve for the Outfitting Trade in South Wales or thlyFgst of England. OVER 15,000 (Fifteen Thousand) sdgp^'FEET OF SHOW ROOMS. SPECIALTIES IN aK DEPARTMENTS. Immense Stock. Splend ariety. Best Value. SEPARATE ROOMS FOR THE lip, TAILORING BRANCH. JOTHAM & SONS' JUVENILE DEPARTM N lonished with a magnificent Display of the Best Manufactured r offered to the Public. .,> JOTHAM & SONS' ARE KAnERSjfpm, AND SHIRT MAKERS. OUR ONLY ADDRESS JOTHAM & SONS', 26 & 2#St. lary-street, Cardiff. National Telephone Co.'s No. 609. SSlTABLlSHED OVER 55 YEARS. CULLEY'S BARRiIDoCK HOTEL, OPPOSITE RAILWAY STATIO«yM$& DOCK OFFICES SPACIOUS COFFEE-ROOM. PUBLIC REST^WRANT. tfvt SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS.. FAMILY WINE MSD,SPIRIT STORES, JOINING THE HOTEL. CARDIFF ESTABLISHMENTS i THE EXCHANGE 4RESTAURANT, CARDIFF DOCKS THE PHILHARMONIC RESTAURANT, ST. MARY STREET. R. P. C IT L LEY & Co., WINE MEECHANTS, THE EXCHANGE, CARDIFF. j [141 BARRY tfOTEL, j 1:! G-RANI) COFFEE, SMOKIXG AND A LA CARTE BILLIARD,, ROOZ4S, DAILY SUITES OF FROM 12 TO 2. AP A l,T I E OPPOSITE BARRY RAIL VyAY STATION. Saddle Horses and Carriages of every Description Supplied. .t 1 „ „„ J- A. DAVIES, PROPRIETOR. Address—BARRY, and not Barry Dock. Bassett Arms Hotel, (FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL), HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK, (MIDWAY BETWEEN BARRY DOCK AND CADOXTON RAILWAY STATIONS.) f ( .t..t WELL AIRED BEDS. F i EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION. BILLIARDS. • GOOD STABLING. THOMAS HOPKIN, PROPRIETOR, TRADE ADDRESSES. SPRING, 1894. 29 and 30, St. Mary Street, 292, Bute-street, 1, St. John's Square, Cardiff. DEAR SiR, We beg most respectfully to inform you tha we have now completed our arrangements for the Spring Trade, and have secured an assortment which comprises all the NEWEST AND BEST WOOLLEN GOODS and every reliable make of Cloth that can lay claim to style and novelty. y I v, Owing to our extensive purchases we are placed in a most favour- able position for securing best goods at exceptionally low prices, and it will really require only the most casual comparison of our qualities and prices to convince the most captious. r With regard to fit and style we can wi^onndence assure you that, to the best of our knowledge, our staff of cutters is unexcelled. The taste of everj customer is carefully studied, and first-class workmen are employed in our spacious workshops on the premises. Soliciting the favour of your commands, which will have our mos careful attention, We are, Sir, Your* Obedient Servants, MASTERS AND CO., THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS. CABDIFF. CARDIFF. I IR 8,41 "^REGISTERED TRADE MARX. JOHN JAMES & CO. ARE NOW SHOWING THE LATEST FASHIONS FOR SPRING AND EARLY SUMMER. t —————— THE LATEST MODELS IN MANTLES AND JACKETS, at a Very Low Price. A LARGE VARIETY OF FASHIONABLE MILLINERY (Trimmed and Untrimmed) HI and BONNETS. OUR.POPULAR DRESS DEPARTMENTSpecial Qualities in ENGLISH, SCOTCH, FRENCH, and GERMAN FABRICS. Patterns Cut. J. & R. MORLEY'S HOSIERY. DENT S GLOVES. RIBBONS, LACES, &c. HEAVY DEPARTMENT .—DELAINES, PRINTS. FLANNELETTES, MUSLINS, FLANNELS SHEETS, HOUSEHOLD LINENS, QUILTS, LONG LACE CURTAINS, kc. CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, OIL-CLOTHS, RUGS. MATS, &c. A LARGE STOCK of BAMBOO GOODS in CHAIRS. TABLES, STANDS, BRACKETS, &c. System of Business :— THE BEST ARTICLE AT THE LOWEST PRICE. ANY 'GOODS BOUGHT, Not Approved Of, EXCHANGED, or the MONEY RETURNED STRICTLY CASH. NO CREDIT. JOHN JAMES & CO., 28, 29, and ^30, High-street, and 30, 32, and 34, Castle Arcade, CARDIFF. RENOWNED FOR FASHIONABLE GOODS. Hosiery, Wool, & Fancy Store. H. N. BESFORD, 114, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK, BEGS to announce to the Inhabitants of the -D District she has a large variety of HOSIERY. KNITTING, and FANCY WOOLS. NEEDLE- WORK, &c. Cords and Materials kept for Crochet Work in Coloured Threads and Moulds. Knitting Wools from lid. per oz. Berlin Wools 21ä. per oz. Plain Colours, 2Jd. per^oz. j 2 W OMAN'S FRIEND. RAYNES' SPECIAL MIXTURE, the most Powerful and Effectual Medicine known the Recipe of a famous French Physician quick, i sure, and certain. Never fails to relieve and cure, no matter how caused. Post Free to any address for 28 9d or 5s 6d per bottle. Full instructions with each.—G. W. RAYNES, Cogan Drug Stores opposite Peoarth Dock and Cogan Stations). j 4 I ROYAL HOTEL, CORNER OF BARRY-ROAD AND MAIN-STREET CADOXTON-JUXTA-BARRY. i Jj^AMILY AND) COMMERCIAL HOTEL. CENTRAL, AND PLEASANTLY SITUATED. J GOOD STABLING. FRED C. WILLIAMS 114] PROPRIETOR. WAYERLEY TEMPERANCE & COMMERCIAL HOTEL, 50, MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON. FURNISHED SITTING and BEDROOMS for JL u- Ladies and Gentlemen: also Good Accom- modation for Commercial Travellers. Dinners 12 to 2 daily. j D. DAVIES, Proprietor,