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CHURCH DEFENCE MEETING I AT BARRY. 1 RESOLUTION IN CONDEMNATION OF DISESTABLISHMENT. THE GOVERNMENT THOROUGHLY" ASHAMED OF THE MATTER. r A meeting of parishioners was held at the Church Hall, Barry, on Wednesday evening last, for the purpose of passing a resolution in con- demnation of the Bill for the Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church in Wales. The chair was occupied by Mr E. S. Johnson (one of the churchwardens), and those present included the Rev Canon Allen, M-4 (rector), Rev J. Le Du Heaume, B.A. (curate), Messrs H. C. Griffin, E. Makepeace, C. A. Makepeace, R. J. George, &c. The Chairman, in opening, spoke of the impera- tive duty on the part of Churchpeople to resist the present attempt to rob the Church of her endow- ments and her inalienoble rights. (Cheers.) The Rev Canon Allen proposed the following resolutions :— -1 That this meeting regards the proposal to disestablish and disendow the Church in Wales as cruel, unjust, and mischievous, and as utterly incompetent to attain the end it has in view, that is to say, the casting down of the Church from its histuric position. Canon Allen supported his motion with a power- ful address, quoting in the course of his remarks the emphatic pronouncements on the question in a manifesto issued by the archbishops and bishops of England, with the exception of the Bishop of Worcester, who withheld his signature solely on the significant ground of belief that the present movement on the part of the Government was not seriously meant. The venerable Canon continued his address by pointing out the serious results of taking property away from God and applying it to the secular purposes of the nation." (Loud applause.) Mr H. C. Griffin Beconded, and having referred to the ancient title of the Church in the Principa- lity, he described the attempt made in the Bill to pro^titnte the uses of the cathedrals and tithes as cruel and unholy. (Cheers.) The motion was supported by Mr E. Makepeace, who said the Bill was only brought forward to gratify the whimsical and fanatical aspirations of agitators and place seekers. (Cheers.) Mr C. A. Makepeace also supported, remarking that the measure had as its object the handing of a bribe to the holders of an unprincipled Welsh vote in Parliament. (Cheers.) The Chairman having spoken of the progress made in Church work in the Barry district, the resolution was put to the meeting and carried unanimously, it being also decided to send a edpy of the same to the Home Secretary and other quarters. Canon Allen further observed that the great outcry raised by the Church people of Wales, and England as well, against the present iniquitous measure had considerably tamed down the enthusiasm of the Government, and those who were responsible for bringing it forward were getting thoroughly ashamed of themselves for their part in such an unholy attack. (Loud cheers.) A committee will be appointed to undertake an organised system of Church defence in the Barry district.