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TRAPNELL AND GANE, 35 and 38, QUBen Street, CARDIFF The Oldest, Largest, Cheapest, and Most Reliable House Furnishers in Wales. SPECIAL SHOWROOMS, NOW COMPLETED, Are well stocked with every requisite, and, notwithstanding the recent enormous advance in raw materials, T. & G., through having placed large forward contracts, are able to offer goods in every department A T OLD PRICES, which cannot be beaten, therefore, those requiring either to furnish a house, or to purchase a single article, should not do so before seeing our immense stock for themselves. DINING ROOM SUITES, 24 10s to £25. DRAWING ROOM SUITES, 25 10s to <632. BEDROOM SUITES, from R6 5s to £55, in all sizes and all woods 7 • ENDLESS VARIETY OF CHAIRS, TABLES, COUCHES, GLASSES. BEDSTEADS AND BEDDING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. A Splendid Full-sized BEDSTEAD, with Brass Rail complete, for 21S. FENDERS AND FIRE-IRONS AT ALL PRICES. Warehouse, and Showrooms for CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, RUGS, &c., 38, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, AND AT BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. TRAPNELL AND GANE. p. CLOTHING, CHEAPEST AND BEST, MADE TO MEASURE OR READY FOR IMMEDIATE W EAR. BEST VARIETY IN THE DISTRICT IN t Men's, Youths', and Boys' Suits, Trousers, Hats, Caps, Hosiery, Ties, Umbrellas, Gloves, Football Clothing, &c., &c. BESPOKE TAILORING Is now Replete with a Choice Selection of the NEWEST CLOTHS in of England, SCOTCH AND IRISH TWEEDS, CüRLS, MELTONS, BLACK WORSTEDS, OVERCOATINCS, &c. SUITS TO MEASURE, 258., 30;0; to 7s. 6d., 1 Os. 6d., 12s. to s. -D BEST FIT A' LLOYD & Company, The Cadoxton and Barry Dock Clothiers, IT- 72, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. I 25, MAIN STREET, CADOXTO N. Fulton, Dunlop & Co., WINE, SPIRIT, ALE & PORTER POP'S, Duke-street, CARDIFF Windsor-road, PENARTH Wind-street, SWANSEA. 1 S v .i IMPORTERS AND BONDERS OF WINKS AND SPIRITS. Shippers of the Leading Brands of Champagne, including lEIDSIEOK'S, BOLIII&ER'S, IRROY'S, &c., &c. Holders of a Stock of Magnificent OLD BRANDIES, comprising Vintages of 1820, 1835, 1850, 1858, 1365, and others. Sole Agents fc:; Cardiff and District for DUNCAN GILMOUR and CO.'s HOP BITTER BEER (Non-Alcoholic). GENERAL PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. PIANOS AND ORGANS. j CHEAPEST AND BEST, FROM 5/- MONTHLY. ON NEW HIRE SYSTEM. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., F 49, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. Sole Agents for the Celebrated NEUMEYER PIANOS and ESTEY ORGANS for South Wales. N.B.—Illustrated Catalogues Free by PO:it on Application. NOTE THE ADDRESS— 49, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. lAHiCQ know of the most womlr-rful mfiMciiif ever Ha'lGS Boots aim .-time 8 cfilJlLW liUi.'overnl for all irregularities ami olwtmctioi: T\ 4 f TjlCJ' -waterpcooj *aduck's back, -Vr.l. however oh.-tf.insile or long-stajxlm' Tlions- 1 W t\ I J SJl) «nfr, is vp'r.ih I AH1CQ hr,'v(' l"v:l roiu-vetl by tlrg inirrcu.Mu* ana son a» ve.\ ec. LMUIlO n:mvly, an-1 thu'oby suvcl trouble, iUiHfw. ui,<l Adds three times to tlo iArftvtlv harmless, axtonishintrlv eUectiiAi, wear a nd allows poli-hine. 17 u'siirt<"1 J." :}v 1h',n',n',)s ?f1 XumeT- tmTMT T* i •» rr- U > on A un*o j -\t wl U**t im<»ni:i Is. PILLS ALONK A Kb t>bKL&3S GOLD MEDAL Exhibition Highest A wani*. ,lh ilisnppointuiptit. Stampel ailitrwwf.il mveK'ixB Tins 2<! 6d 1/ and2/f-. '">f for l«t. The only'effectual remedy ou earth. Try ami "D XT BBI JU Estab-1851-1 ARTISAN GAS-COOKING STOVE. SPECIALLY SUITED FOR SMALL FAMILIES NO COAL FIRES NECESSARY FOR SIX MONTHS. .1 WILL Cook 41bs. Meat, two Vegetables, 31os. W Potatoes, and good-sized Cabbage at cost for Gas of One Penny Farthing (ltd). 1 4 THE CHEAPEST MINIATURE GAS-COOKING STOVE KNOWN. Joints up to lOlbs. can be cooked if necessary by this Stove. Two small Chops can be Grilled and a Kettle of Water Boiled with 2t cubit feet of Gas, costing One Half Farthing. Six separate Quarts of Water can be boiled each day at a cost of Threepence per week. Eight Quarts or Two Gallons per Day at a cost of Fourpence per week. The whole at Half the Cost of Coal, not including Wood, Lighting Fire, Attendance, and Cost of Labour. 33T This Stove can be hired at a cost of Is per Quarter, or less than One Penny per Week, where the necessary Pipes are already fixed. Another Stove, with Two more Boiling Rings, rent Is 6d per quarter, or less than Three-halfpence per week. To be seen at the GAS AND WATER OFFICES, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. PERKINS BROTHERS AND CO., General Ironmongers; AND COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, ST. MARY-STREET AND WYNDIIAM-ARCADE, CARDIFF, Whose Splendid Showrooms now contain one of the finest selections of Household Furniture to be seen in Cardiff and South Walee, •pURNITURE. JpURNITURE. JjWRNITURE. JpUR^iTURE. JjlURNITURE. JjlURNlTURE. DRAWING-ROOM SUITES. I FURNITURE. FROM ttiurniture. fir GNS. _r JWRNITURE. O JpURNITURE. FURNITURE. 50 GNS. JjlURNITURE. DINING ROOM SUITES. JjWRNITURE. FROM ^JWRNITURE. FURNITURE. £ 4 10s TTIURNITURE. T0 40GNS* BEDROOM SUITES. J^IURNITURE. FROM FURNITURE. 00 -ILI FURNITURE.£ 3TO10F URNITURE. JjlURNITURE. 50 GNS. URNITURE. BEDSTEADS, FURNITURE. WITH |7^ URNITURE. BRASS JC Furniture, RAIL ttiurniture. F FROM JjlURNITURE. JgS 1 X URNITURE. BEDDINaPa LOWEST SASH PISCES.' VBimi FUEL PERKINS BROTHERS & Co., St. Mary-Street & Wyndham I Arcade, Cardiff. THE FINEST AND BEST SELECTION OF WEDDING, KEEPER, AND ENGAGEMENT RINGS, ALSO JEWELLERY, CLOCKS, & PLATE, Of a)l Kinds at H. B. CROUCH'S, 16, St. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF See Window Before PurcbasingElsewhere. COOPERS' THROAT AND CHEST BALSAM, —Instant Relief from Coughs, Col».s, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Ac. In Bottles la. each. W, R. HOPKINS, M.P.S., Family and Dispensing Chemist, Barry r 460 MORTGAGES. FUNDS available for IMMEDIATE ADVANCE on GOOD LEASEHOLD SECURITIES in Amounts to Suit Borrowers. WILMSHURST AND HOLMES, MORTGAGE BROKERS, 119, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. CADOXTON-BARRY. SALE OF LEASEHOLD RESIDENCE AND COTTAGE AT CADOXTON. MESSRS. JENKINS, CLARKE, AND CO. have been instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, Bank-buildings, Cardiff, on FRIDAY, 22nd day of June, 1894, at Seven o'clock in the Evening, all that LEASEHOLD MESSUAGE AND PREMISES, Situate at Cadoxton-juxta-Barry, known as MEADOW VIEW," With the large Gardens held therewith and the Cottage at the rear of same. The Property is held under lease dated the 21st October, 1889, for the term of 99 years, from the 15th day of May, 1889, and subject to the annual ground rent of jE7 14s. Meadow View faces the main road, has two sit- ting-rooms, three bedrooms, bath-room, kitchens, and the usual Offices, and is now vacant. Early possession can be obtained. The Cottage is let at the low weekly rental of 4s. For Further Particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Cambrian-chambers, Westgate-street, Cardiff, or to JOSEPH HENRY JONES, Esq., Solicitor, 14, High-street, Cardiff. June 1st, 1894. Presbyterian Church, Barry. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES, SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 1894. Rev J. PULESTON JONES, MA., THE EMINENT BLIND PREACHER, WILL OFFICIATE.