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AN EXCITING SITUATION. She was a fair young creature of some eighteen summers-more or less. She wore a slightly alarmed look and a brown braided jacket at eighteen and eleven-three, sale price. She occupied one corner of a compartment car. But she was not alone. No! A beetle-browed ruffian sat in the further corner and glowered darkly upon the hapless girl. He wore a long black cloak. A slouch hat. And a general air of mystery which would have befitted a sausage factory, By the feeble light ef the lamp above, his eyes seemed to shine with a devilish malignity as he gazed across at his helpless companion. Or victim ? Ah! The train sped on into the deepening mist. It would stop no more until-until it reached I- Junction. What tragedy is this ? What tale of horror are we about to unfold ? Reader, have patience. The black-browed ruffian looked craftily across at the luckless girl from beneath his coal-black lashes. Her eyes fell beneath his piercing gaze. Rapidly, silently his long, lean right hand dis- appeared in the breast of his coat. The girl raised her eyes and saw the action. Her hair stiffened her very heart's blood seemed to freeze within her, and she sat in mute horror gazing at the villian with terror-stricken looks. He was feeling for a concealed weapon. There could be no doubt of it. In another moment all would be over, and she, a bleeding corpse upon the floor, with this murderer, this madman, gloating o'er his dread handiwork. Oh. for the power to think, to pull the commu- nication cord to scream for help which must co me to late The assassin removed his hand. The light glinted upon the burnished metal of his pistol. He raised it deliberately and— Bang! The girl sprang quickly into the air with a single cry, and then sank back upon the seat. Dead No; the man had only taken out his brandy flask, and the train had gone over a fog signal.