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ITEMS FROM BARRY DOCKS. BARRY DOCK TIDE TABLE FOR NEXT WEEK. The following i& the tide table for Barry Dock for: the week commencing to-morrow (Saturday):— Day. Morn. Aft. h. m. ft in. h. m. ft. in. Saturday, 2 5. 14 35. 2 5. 38 35. 5 Sunday, 3 6. 2 36.10 6. 26 36. 10 Monday, 4 6. 52 37. 9 7. 17 37 8 Tuesday, 5 7. 41 38. 4 8. 6 37! 10 Wednesday, 6 8. 30 37. 9 8. 55 36 11 Thursday, 7 9. 20 36. 6 9. 45 35 8 Friday, 8 10. 9 34. 8 10. 34 33. 8 LAST WEEK'S SHIPPING AND SHIP- MENTS AT BARRY DOCK. The following is a report of last week's ehippinr and shipments at Barry Dock:- Number. Tonnage. Steamers arrived 39 40 7q<» DO. sailed 4»52,065 Sailing vessels arrived 5 4*547 Do. sailed 2 1)711 Steamers in Dock 28 47*334 Sailing Vessels do 22 32 781 v .To^al v 50 80,115 Vessels m Dock as per previous report 63 80,605 Decrease 3 400 Vessels in Dock corresponding week 1893 51 68,008 The imports at Barry Dock last week amounted to 4,886 tons 0 cwt; ditto same period last year 2,807 tons 0 cwt increase, '2,079 tons 0 cwtl The total imports for the week ended May 26th amounted to 61,819 tons 3 cwt.; corresponding week ended May 27th, 1893, 61,966 tons 12 cwt; decrease 147 tons 9 cwt. The total exports last week amounted to 127,229 tons 14 cwt. Corresponding week ended May 27th, 1893, 79,985 tons 7 cwt increase, 47,244 tons 7 cwt. Total to Mav 26th' 1894, 2,016,128 tons 12 cwt.; corresponding week last year, 1,834,644 tons 0 cwt. increase, 181,484 tons 12 owt. A BARRY-BOUND STEAMER IN COLLISION. The steamer Wolf, of London, about 2,000 tons arrived at Barry Dock on Thursday last, and pro- oeeded to graving dock, having sustained severe damage to her bulwarks, &c., through collision with another steamer during the homeward voyage. ACCIDENT ON A BARRY-BOUND STEAMER. The steamship Newcamen arrived at Barry Docks from Greenock on Sunday, and it was reported that on the voyage F. H. Shankland, the second engineer, had severely hurt one of his hands by being jammed between a large can and the piston Dr Livingstone, Barry Dock, attended the sufferer, and found it necessary to amputate the thumb, which was successfully done. ANOTHER MAMMOTH SHIP AT BARRY DOCK. There arrived at Barry Dock last week the fine steamship Westmeath, owned by Messrs R. M. Hudson, of Sunderland. She was launched from Messrs Swan and Hunter's yard, Wallsend-on-- Tyne, in May of last year, and is commanded by Captain Johnson, with Messrs Casey, Ross, and Bickerley as deck officers. Her dimensions are as follows :-Length, 445ft. breadth of beam, 53ft. 6in.; depth, 34ft. Her registered tonnage is 6,200 tons, with a carrying capacity of 9,000 t m Her engines were built by the Wallsend Slipway Com- pany, and are 600 nominal h.p., steam being derived by three large boilers working at 160 pounds pressure. On her trial trip she attained a speed of 13.4 knots. The Westmeath is also fitted with nine cranes for the rapid discharging and loading of cargo, and has besides nine steam winches on deck, and a powerful steam windlass and capstan. The Westmeath is a three-masted schooner, rigged with neither yards or boom, and the topmast can be lowered inside the lower mast if required. Amidships she has accommodation for twenty saloon passengers, and the forecastle for the sailors and firemen is fitted with separate mess-rooms and bath-rooms. She will leave Barry for Bombay with a cargo of coal. LAST WEEK'S SHIPMENTS AT BARRY DOCK. The export and import shipments at Barry Dock last week amounted to 132,115 tons 14 cwt.. mad. up as follows:— IXPOBTS. Tons. cwt. Coal and coke 127,170 14 Iron—. 11 0 General merchandise 48 0 IMPORTS. Pitwood 4,794 0 Building n.ateriata 82 0 General merchandise 10 0 Total 132,115 14 ACCIDENT AT THE DEEP-LOCK WORKS AT BARRY DOCKS. On Monday evening last while Thomas Leonard, a labourer employed by Mr John Jackson, in con- nection with the deep-water entrance works at Barry Docks, was tollowing his occupation amongst the excavations a huge block of stone fell on him crushing one of his legs very consider- ably. The injured man having been attended to by Dr Powell, of Barry, was carried to his home at 122, Barry-road, Cadoxton. ACTIVITY AT BARRY GRAVING DOCK. The s.s. Trelawney, of Cardiff, is having several plates removed at the Barry Graving Dock, after colliding with another steamer in the Mediter- ranean. fhe Barry Graving Dock and Engineering" Company are exceedingly busy this week, having as many as sixteen vessels on their hands for general repairs.