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REVIEW OF PUBLICATIONS. Ii NIGHT AND DAY." Dr. Barnardo devotes a large proportion of his space in the May issue of Night and Day to illustra- tions from photographs of a great variety of cases of rescue through the agency of the Homes. Some twenty-four engravings of boys and girls, admitted apparently from all over the kingdom. show conclu- sively how wide is the range of effort which the Institutions undertake, and also how necessary these efforts are. Cruelty, destitution, homeless- ness, and child-suffering appear to demand now as much as ever unceasing care and attention. It is no wonder that the homes have, as is abundantly evidenced in this issue of Night and Day, friends and supporters from all over the world. His Grace the Primate of All Ireland testifies to the value of the work done, while gifts and letters are recorded from correspondents in most out of the way localities. Some of these gifts are of the most remarkable character, and the paragraphs relating to them constitute a real revelation as to the benevolent sympathy which is felt towards the institutions, not only by the wealthy, but by an enormous number among the middle and lower classes. Dr liarnardo states, in recording the departure of his first emigration party for the current year of 234 trained lads, that he has now sent to Canada and the Colonies no fewer than 6,805 boys and girls, of whom 98 per cent. have acquitted themselves satisfactorily. It is hoped that several additional hundreds from amongst the nearly 5.000 children in the Homes will be sent to Canada during the summer. It is announced that a self-denial week for the benefit of the homes will be observed from the 4th to the 12th of August next. The annual meeting, one of the most attractive entertainments of the year in London, has been fixed to take place in the Royal Albert Hall. on Saturday afternoon, 23rd June, when Lord Brassev will preside. "GREAT THOUGHTS." Weekly Id. London A. W. HALL, Great Thoughts Office, Hutton-street, E.C. We con- gratulate the managers of Great Thoughts upon the enterprise which provides for the reading public, at the low price of one penny, articles such as those on Shakespeare in this present issue, and papers from the pen of a literary artist, so deservedly popular as Dr Conan Doyle; the great novelist is at his best in these sketches written under the title Before my Bookcase." They combine the discernment of the dis- criminating critic with the fresh, sweet wisdom of the child. The article on Charles Kingsley as a Christian Socialist, from the pen of Mr Keeble, is most creditable, and the paper by Mr Holmes on Analine Dyes, under the head of Great Industries," is very interesting and instructive. A peculiar charm breathes like the scent of lilies through Miss Priestley's analysis of Dinah Morris while the description of the Royal College of Music lately opened by the Prince of Wales, will be welcomed by not a few. Other interests are provided for by the article describing a visit to the library of the British and Foreign Bible Society and the various Bibles contained therein. HELPING WORDS." June, Id. London A. W. Hall, Great Thoughts Office, Hutton-street. E.C. The Rev A. Styleman Herring, who has conducted over a thousand open- air services, and may, therefore, be presumed to know something of the subject, has contributed a bright and useful paper on open-air preaching to this month's number, which contains, in addition, a variety of articles and stories in accordance with its title. Mrs Weigall's serial story, The Doctor's Household is concluded, and a new one by Mrs M. S. Haycraft, is promised for the next number. A short story by Rev. P. B. Power, Lessons from Nature," by James Crowther, mothers' pages, young folks' page, and other items make up a good number. MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS." June, Id. London A. W. Hall, Gr cat Thoughts Office, Hutton-street, E.C. The contents of this month's number are as varied and useful as ever. Health in the Home is the title of an article by Dr. Alice Ker a complete story, Why my Uncle remained a Bachelor," contains a good temperance lesson Miss Willard's Call to Service is full of strong appeal, and Mr Richard Kerr's article on Hidden Beauties of Nature reveals some wonders of the microscope. To these may be added the editor's Chit Chat" and Sunday Talks a paper on Contrasts by Lady Hope, Household Hints, Facts and Figures, and many other items. The centre plate, Contemplation," isan additional attraction. LEACH S PENNY KNITTER. LEACH S PENNY KNITTER. We have to hand Leach's Penny Knitter, which is issued monthly, price one penny, and published by R. Cartwright, 8, Johnson's Court, Fleet-street, London, E.C. The Knitter is complete with illus- trations in connection with the knitting industry. For the household it must prove a valuable publi- cation, each month dealing with all kinds of ornamental knitting, and how to make many use- ful articles of clothing and different things for the home, rendered simple and easy by the clear directions given, each pattern being also illustrated. Leach's Penny Knitter can be obtained from news- agents, &c., and should be a very popular journal. "THE LADY'S COMPANION." The Lady's Companion is a weekly magazine for the family. It is useful, interesting, and profit- able, and treats on home decoration, fashions, fancy needlework, cookery, health and toilet, dressmaking, domestic management, and gives answers to correspondents on all subjects, &c. Every week appears an absorbing and complete story, and the entire contents are thoroughly entertaining. A special feature is the article appearing regularly on Women's Employment," dealing with different work suitable for the weaker sex, in which some valuable information is given. The price of The Lady's Companion is one penny, and is published by R. Cartwright, 8, Johnson's-court, Fleet-street, London. WORK." The illustrated journal for mechanics, Work, published by Messrs Cassell and Company, Limited, La Belle Sauvage, London, E.C., the monthly part of which is sold at sixpence, continues a valuable periodical, and should prove popular amongst the particular class for which it caters, dealing as it does most lucidly with the manufacture of articles of household and other furniture, machinery, different woodwork, &c. The reader cannot but interest himself in his perusal of Work, and will, no doubt, take advantage of the complete informa- tion so cheaply provided. FOOTBALL THE RUGBY UNION GAME." Although the football season is at an end, several hours may be interestingly and pleasantly spent in reading the popular publication, Football: The J lug by Union Game, edited by the Rev F. Marshall, and published by Messrs Cassell and Co., Limited, La Belle Sauvage, London, E.C., at sixpence. In Part 9 is continued the entertaining article on County Eootball, dealing with prominent clubs and players, the number being complete with well-finished portraits, including that of the well- known editor of Football, the Rev F. Marshall, II as president of the Yorkshire Club, 1890-1891. Such a valuable and high-class publication as Football: The Rugby Union Game, should have an II extensive circle of readers.