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LOCAL & DISTRICT N EWS I CABOXTON-BARRY. j PROPERTY SALE.—The dwelling-house and shop at the juncture of Quarella-street and Keni-lwortb- j read, Cadoxton-Barry, belonging to Messrs T. Evans and Company, grocers, was sold last week to Mr Fred Case at B500. PHILADELPHIA WELSH BAPTIST CHURCH.—A public tea and entertainment in aid of the building fund of the above chapel will be held at .zion Chapel, Pontypridd-street, on Wednesday, June 13th, the r,ea, to commence at four o'clock, and the concert at 7.30, for which an excellent programme is in preparation. THE NEW GENERAL DISTRICT RATE. At a special meeting of the Local Board held at Cadox- tOft on Monday last, Dr O'Donnell in the chair, a general district rate of Is 6d in the £ was agreed upon for the coming year, and the Chairman and Mr W. Thomas were appointed to witness the affixing of the Board's seal thereto. THE RCCEXT WELSH SINGING FESTIVAL AT CARDIFF.—In our last issue we unintentionally omitted to state that the choir of Sion Welsh Independent Chapel, in this town, attended the united musical festival held at Wood-street Chapel, Cardiff, on Whit-Tuesday. Members of the choir of Bethesda Chapel, Barry, were like- vise present. BARRY DOCK. T. G. TIBBETT'S TEA TRADE still increases. It is his special study to please and give best value possible. Try the same priced Tea that you are iu the habit of buying- elsewhere, and judge for yourself. Note the Address :-T. G. TIBBETTS. The Grocer, Ceylon House, Holton-road, Barry Dock. ARREST.—Michael Alpin, an elderly seaman, •was arrested at Newport on Monday last on a -charge of being concerned in a robbery of sail and other gear, at Barry Dock, on the 19tb of last month. Police-sergeant Brown received the prisoner into custody, and brought him to B&rry Dock. "COUNTERFEIT COINS AND FALSE BALANCES."— This is the subject of a popular lecture which will be delivered on Wednesday evening next, at the English Baptist Chapel, Holton-road, by the Rev W. Thomas, of South Hackney, London. Mr Aifred Thomas, M.P., is expected to preside, and the lecture will be both eloquent and interesting. On Tuesday evening next the Rev W. Thomas will preach at the same place of worship, at 7.30. VOLUNTEER CUURCII PARADE.—The annual Church parade in connection with the No. 11 Company (Cadoxton-Barry) 2nd Glamorgan Artillery Volunteers will take place on Sunday morning next, when the Company will attend se Divine service at St. Mary's Church, Holton-road, and the preacher will probably be the Rev Canon Allen, M.A., rector of Barry. THE NEW WELSH CONGREGATIONAL CHAPEL.— Preaching-seryiccs for the first time in connection with the new Tabernacle Welsh Congregational Chapel, Holton-road, were held on Sunday last. The Rev T. C. Morris, Ton, Rhondda Valley, delivered eloquent and powerful sermons to large congregations both morning and evening. Collec- tions were made towards the building fund. ACCIDENTS.—On Friday morning last a German sailor, named Mausson, on board the s.s. Ellen, then lying at Barry Dock, was engaged in lifting a heavy coil of rope, when it caught in something øo deck and twisted Mausson's arm, dislocating it at the shoulder. Dr Livingstone was promptly in attendance.—The following day, about one 'clock, John Hobbs, living at 34, Travis-street, Barry Dock, was in one of the swinging boats off Thompson-street, when he fell out, and broke his fcjfr, leg. Dr Livingstone attended to the injuries in hoth cases. TRADES' COUNCIL. —A meeting of the Barry District Trades' Council was held on Friday evening last at the Victoria Hotel, Holton-road, prjsent—Messrs T. S. Thomas (president), in the chair, Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners; \Y. Harper, National Amalgamated Labeurers* Union; W. W. Fookes (assistant- t-ecretarv) and G. Motton (provisional), Operative Stone Masons' Society; A. Brown, National Society of Operative Plaglfe^drs; M. Shepherd {provisional), Amalgamated- Society of Railway Servants T. J. Chamberlain and Ivor LL Thomas, Typographical Association; and W. P. Clark, labour member on the Burial Board.—Mr M. Shepherd was appointed in place of Mr Ivor LI. Thomas (resigned) to audit the books of the ««eeretitry. —It was announced that the annual meeting of the Council would be held after the next ordinary meeting, and the secretary was directed to communicate with the secretaries atliiiated acquainting- them of this fact.-This was ail the public business. BUFFALO BENEFIT SMOKING CONCERT. — A smoking concert was held on Saturday evening last at the R. A. O. B. Institute, Thompson-street, Barry Dock, for the benefit of Bro Joe Cook, who has been ill for some time. There was a good attendance, and the chair was occupied by Primo J. Williams. The following was the programme —Song, "Irish Castles," Primo W. H. Whittle; song, "Gathering shells," Primo J. Williams; so!i2, "Going home to Dixey," Primo R. N. Davies recitation, Paddy and the butter," Mr J. Mac Mil lan song, "Rickety rackety crew," Mr W. Parry song, Rollicking Irishman," Bro Stu,y song (encored), Sir W. D. Jenkins song, Mr Makeptace song, "Merry party," Primo Butler song. No one to share his sorrow," Primo Beety song, Vacant chair," Bro Osborne song, "You should have seen them go," Bro Alty John duett, Larboard Watch," Bros Piddell and illiams song, The baby," Bro Cottell. The second half of the programme was ably carried out by a party from Mr Orton's theatre, songs being given by Mr Alf Orton, Miss Orton, and Master Jess Orton. "Treorky Fair" was given by Primo W. Liles, which was much appreciated. Mr Norman ably Accompanied on the piano, and Sir D. W. Jenkins on the violin. A vote of thanks was accorded all who had taken part in the proceedings, and the singing of "God save the Queen terminated the meeting. MARRIAGE OF OtiR F RED. LIHAPPELL.—UUR readers will, we are sure, unite with us in offering hearty congratulations to Mr Fred. Chappell, wine and spirit merchant, Thompson-street, and Miss Florence Ellery, late of Culley's -Hotel, both of Barry Dock, upon their recent marriage. The interesting event took place on Sunday week last at St. Mary's Church, Cardiff, the ceremony being performed by the Rev Mr Ward, M.A., curate, in the presenee of a numerous company of relatives and friends of the contracting parties. The bride, who is a daughter of Capt. Ellery, of Fowey, Corn- ■wall. and was pleasingly attired, was given away by her brother, Captain Joseph Ellery, the bridemaids being Miss Lillie Kendrick and Miss May Kendrick, nieces of the bridegroom, who was attended by Messrs Albert and Sidney Chappell, the former dieting as best man. Mr H. Chaippell, of the Wenvoe Arms Hotel. Cadoxton, father of the kridegroom. was also in atteaidajoee. On leaving the sacred edifice, Mr and Mrs Fred. Chappell (experienced the customary demonstration of good wishes. The wedding party afterwards partook of breakfast at the temporary residence of the bride, in Penarth-road, where the iiealth of the newly married eouple was drank with enthusiasm. Mr and Mrs Chappell, who will reside in Thompson-street, left Cardiff in the course ef the day en route for their honeymoon. EAST BARRY. BARRY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (ENGLISH).— Next Sunday, the Fourth Anniversary Services of the Church will be held. Rev John James, of Stapleton-road, Bristol, will preach morning and evening, 11 and 6.30. Collection towards Church expenses. BETHEL ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL, HARBOUE- JU>AD.—May 6th-Rev. Owen Owen, Porth. May 13th-Rev. E. Roberts, D.D., Pontypridd..May 20th—Rev J. H. Horn, Baptist College. Cardiff. ¡ May 28th—Rev. T. Davies, Bethel, Cardiff. Tbe above ministers will (D.V.) supply the pulpit daring May. Services at 11a.m. and 6.30 p.m. All free. A hearty welcome to all. SALE OF LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. —A sale of jpftta free. A hearty welcome to all. SALE OF LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. —A sale of valuable leasehold property, situate in Viccoria- oad, Barry, took place on Thursday afternoon 4aaû at the Barry Hotel. The competition was j conducted by Mr William Thomas, auctioneer, Cadoxton, and there was a goodly number of bidders. Of the six houses offered four were sold, the buyers being Mr David Roberts (shipping superincendent), Mr Isaac Hudd, and two other crentlemen. The solicitors to the vendors were Messrs Reed and Cooke, Bridgwater. THE AMBULANCE BRIGADE.—A meeting of the Barry Ambulance Rrigacie was held on Saturday evening last at the Board School, East Barry, Mr D. Roberts in the chair. The following officers were appointed:-Lord Windsor, presi- dent; Mr R. Forrest, J.P., Mr J. Lowdon, J.P., Mr D. T. Alexander, Mr R. Evans, and Captain R. Davies, vice-presidents; Mr E. Summers, Princes-street, Barry, secretary Mr D. Roberts, treasurer; Mr G. Ralph, instructor Dock- constable J. Mayled, assistant-instructor; Dr Kelly, surgeon with a committee, of which Mr D. Roberts is chairman. Exercises are held frequently, and all holders, of both sexes, of ambulance certificates, are cordially invited to join the brigade. "STAR OF BARRY" LODGE, I. O. G. T. On Tuesday evening last an open session was held in connection with the above lodge, Bro. Stanbury, district secretary, occupying the chair. The members of the "Rose of St. David's" Juvenile Temple visited, and entertained the lodge. After a very interesting address by the chairman, the programme was proceeded with, the following brothers and sisters taking part :—Dean, Kelly, Hollo way, Jones, Miles, and Dure, Sister Holloway being the accompanist. Each item was well received, and the programme generally reflected credit on the superintendent, Sister Watkins, and the secretary, Bro W. E. Lewis, for the manner in which the children had been trained. At the close a vote of thanks was passed to the officers and members of the temple, and to the chairman. DINAS POWIS. ILLNESS OF MR BIRD.—Mr F. G. Bird, Dinas Powis, who has been suffering for the past week from inflammation of the lungs and typhoid fever, continues in a very low state. On Saturday his condition was critical, and on Sunday evening he was slightly better, although not out of danger. Mr Bird was on Tuesday considerably better, and his friends now entertain hopes of his recovery, CARDIFF. CALL AT THE OLD DOLPHIN, Church-street, Cardiff, for Soup, Hot or Cold Luncheons, Wines, &c., of the best quality. LLANTWIT-MAJOR. MINISTERIAL.—The Rev W. Davies, Llantwit Major, has received unanimous calls to the follow- ing churches :—Rhyddings Hall. Swansea Pont- rhydyfen and St. Dogmell's, Pembroke. It is understood that Mr Davies has accepted the call to Swansea. PENARTH. THE PUBLIC BATHS.—A special entertainment was given at the public baths, the Esplanade, Penarth, on Wednesday and Thursday evenings last. THE COAL SHIPMENTS.—The shipments from this dock last week were as follow :—Monday, 5,065 tons Tuesday, 5,763 tons Wednesday, 5,628 tons Thursday, 8,472 tons Friday, 9,552 Saturday, 4,105 total, 38,590 tons. "THE LORDS OF CREATIOX.This was the subject of a. lecture delivered by the Rev D. M. Jenkins, of London, at Windsor-road Congrega- tional Chapel, Penarth, on Wednesday evening last. Mr W. B. Gibbs, J.P., presided. DEATH.—We regret to record the death of Mr Blindell William Bovey, eldest son of Mr John Bovey, of Cardiff and London, which took place at his father's residence, Penarth, on Saturday last. Deceased, who was only 22 years of age, was well-known on tae London, Baltic, and Shipping Exchanges. DISHONEST SAILOR SENT TO PRISON. — On Thursday afternoon, at Barry Dock Police Court (before Mr S. Batchelor and John Duncan), James Welsh, seaman, was charged on remand with stealing two shirts, a Dungaree suit, and a coat, on Whit-Monday, the property of John Arnott, Arcofc-etreet, Penarth, with whom defendant had been lodging. Welsh said he meant to have paid for the clothes on securing a ship.-Sent for fourteen days' hard labour. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES.—The 23th anniversary services of Tabernacle English Baptist Chapel, Plassey-street. Penarth, were held on Sunday last. The Rev TxPandv John, Barry Dock, preached eloquent sermons throughout the day to large and attentive congregations. Special hymns were sung by the choir, and collections made in aid of the church funds. On the following Wednesday evening a grand cantata performance, entitled "Jacob and Esau," was given by the choir of the chapel. The sacred edifice was well filled, and the singing, &c., much enjoyed. The pro- ceeds were in aid of the building fund. THE BOAT CLUB.—In connection with this club a smoking concert was held on Monday evening last, when a good gathering of members partici- pated in the proceedings, which were exceedingly harmonious. A capital array of musically- inclined members lent their services, and con- tributed items. What the selections lacked in finish they made up for in earnestness, while "style was a power which never failed to evoke the heartiest merriment. Amongst those pro- minent in this respect were Messrs Weichert, W. Harry, R. E. Dyer, W. H. Morgan, H. Smith, A. S. Mead, J. L. Kerpin, R W. Dyer, F. Brooks, Nigel R. Lewis, and W. G. Dalziel. FINANCE AI(D LIGHTING COMMITTEE. — A meeting of the above committee was held on Wednesday evening last, present — Mr J. Y. Strawson (in the chair), R. Beavan, Messrs E. B. Riley. H. Snell, J. W. Morris (clerk). E. J. Evans (surveyor), and Jenkin Llewellyn (collec- tor).—Several bills were presented and passed.- An account was also presented from the ex-sur- veyor (Mr Court), but was referred to the Board. The collector's statement showed the general distrct rate during the past month yielded JE30 Os lid outstanding, J673 18s 7d. Private improvement rate collected, J665 14s lOd outstanding, £ 2.758 Os 3id amount paid to treasurer, JE95 14s lid.— The Surveyor reported the gas company had not repaired the broken lamps, and the clerk was instructed to write to the company again. r, PBNARTH AND DISTRICT STARR-BOWKETT BUILDING SOCIETY.—The twelfth annual general meeting of the members of this society was held at the office, 56, Windsor-road, Penarth, en Thurs- day evening last, Mr C. Joliffe presiding. The annual report and statement of accounts were unanimously adopted, and the following officers were re-elected, viz., Messrs C. W. Williams and Walter Morgan (directors), and Messrs Samuel Thomas and J. H. Illingworth (auditors). At the close of the annual meeting the thirty-ninth appropriation took place, Messrs J. M. Gibbon and E. Allen acting as scrutineers. The ballot resulted in the drawing of Register No. 66, which represented Mr J. Kelly, station- master at Grangetown, who is thereby entitled to an advance of £ 200 free of interest, re-payable in 12 1 years. LECTURES ON MENTAL SCIENCE AND HEALTH. —On Tuesday evening last Mr Thompson, of Scarborough, delivered the first of a course of lectures on mental science and health, his subject being tf Hie Art of Reading Character." During the lecture he gave a brief history of physiognomy, Y, answered some objections against the study, touched lightly upon its uses, and then, by means of some beautiful limelight portraits and sketches, showed how to read the fane. Some of the features specially mentioned were the neck, chin, and mouth. There was a good audience, which seemed to be much interested. The style of the lectures is simply, plain, clear, and pleasing. At the close of the lectures two ladies and two gentlemen were examined on the platform, the delineations. of which were pronounced quite correct by both the subjects and their friends. From what we can gather, these lectures will prove a great success. Mr and Mrs Thompson have a great reputation, and are known as able exponents of human nature in nearly every large town and city in the kingdom. They have lectured in Swansea, Cardiff, and Newport many times with brilliant success, and the Welsh papers have spoken highly of their ability and character of their lectures. ST. LYTHAN'S. 1 CONCERT.—On Wednesday week last, a concert was held in a large outbuilding adjoining the rectory, which had been tastefully decorated for the occasfion by Mrs and the Misses Johns, St. Lythan's Rectory, and Mrs Anthony, Wenvoe. County Councillor Clifford J. Cory, J.P., occupied the chair, supported by the rector, the Rev. J. Johns, and several of the local gentry. A splendid programme was gone through. Encores were accorded to Messrs Beer, Jones, Britton, Harris, and Sorby also the Misses Morgan. Mr S. T. Jones greatly added to the evening's amusement with his humourous recitations, which were given in his finest style. Mr T. Watts, R.A.M., ably presided at the piano. Before the concert closed a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mr A. J. Beer. of Cardiff, and his party for the kind assistance they had rendered during the evening, special mention being made by Mr Clifford Cory of the Misses Morgan. After the concert Mr Beer and party were entertained to a sumptuous repast at the rectory, bringing a most enjoyable evening to a close. The proceeds wore in aid of a fund towards repairing the church tower and the churchyard walls. MICHAELSTONE-SUPER-ELY. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENT.The benefice of Michaelstone-super-Ely, with St. Bride's-super Ely, in the gift, of Mr G. M. Traherne, has been offered to and accepted by the Rev J. Sinnet Jones, vicar of Pentyrch. Mr Jontss was appointed to the living of St. Georee's-super-Ely by the same patron in 1889, and to Pentyrch a few months 'us ago, on the preferment of the Rev. Theophilus Rees to St. Melion's by the Bishop of Llandaff. Michaelstone is of the value of L298 a year and a i rectory. COWBRIDGE. MARRIAGE OF MR BEXSON AND MISS Gwn. We are pleased to announce that the marriage of Mr W. T. Benson, cashier and accountant at the London and Provincial Bank, Cowbridge, to Miss May Gwyn, of St. Marychurch, took place on Wednesday last at the parish church of Llandough amid the heartest good wishes of a large circle of friends. We hope next week to be able to give a more detailed account of the interesting event. LLANCARFAN. COMPETITIVE AND LITERARY MEETING.—On Whit-Monday a most entertaining and successful meeting was held at the Baptist Chapel, Llancar- fan. The building was crowded to excess, the meeting being presided over by the Rev Mr Lewis. After an introductory song by Miss M. Evans, Cowbridge, the competition commenced as follows :—Singing, What a Friend we have in Jesus," 1st prize, Miss H. Davies, Llancarfan 2nd, Miss D. Williams, Cowbridge. Recitation, 1st Psalm, 1st prize, Miss H. Davies 2nd, Miss H. Hopkins, Moulton. "Angel's song," 1st prize, Jenkin Lougher, Llancarfan 2nd, Miss E. Davies, Llancarfan Recitation, "Reach the van," 1st prize, Miss A. Hopkins 2nd, Miss H. Davies, Llancarfan. Knitting, best pair by Miss A. Edward, Llantrithvd 2nd (given by Mr S. Price, Llanbethery), divided between Miss E. and C. J. Davies, Llancarfan. Englyn to Spurgeon, best, J. Morgan, Llantrithyd. Singing, Bells of Aberdovey," prize divided between Miss B. Evans, Cowbridge, and Miss D. Lougher, Llan- carfan. The best tea cosy, Miss H. John, Lydmoor. For the best love letter, Mr Rowlands, Pontypridd. Essay, "Sunday School," Mr G. Davies; duett, "Two Sailors," Mr M. Thomas and Ap Emlyn, Cowbridge. Song, "Flee as a bird," prize divided between Miss B. Evans, Cowbridge, and J. Loughor, Llancarfan. For the best apron (hand-made), Miss M. John, Lydmoor. Handwriting, 1st prize, Miss M. John; 2nd, Miss James, Whitton Rosser. Recitation, "What is noble," Mr T. Thomas, Llwynhelig, Cowbridge. For the best love letter from a lady to a gentleman, Miss M. Morgans, Llantrithyd. Trio, "Duw bydd Drugarog," Mrs J. Liscombe and W. and T. Loughor, Llancarfan. For the best three verses to the Organ" (Mesur Triban), Mr J. Morgan, Llantrithyd. The best impromptu ppeech, Mr D. Lewis, Llancarfan. Anthem, The Lord is my strength," Cowbridge Choir, which rendered it so well that the audience im- pressed upon them to give it a second time, followed by hearty and enthusiastic cheering. The choir was under the skilful leadership of Mr J. Evans (loan Mere). This completed a most enjoyable and interesting meeting. NURSTON. TEA MEETING.—The annual tea meeting in connection with the Congregational Church, Nurston, was held thereat on Wednesday, the 16th instant. The weather proved rather unfavour- able, but in spite of this many children came together and enjoyed themselves' thoroughly. After indulging in several games, they partook of tea at the chapel, the good things partaken of being supplied by Mr D. lestyn Jones, Barry, who also sent nuts, biscuits, &c., to be distributed amongst the children, for which the little ones thanked him warmly. The sisters spared no effort in order to make the tea a success. In the evening a meeting was held for the children. Alderman Meggitt, of Barry, occupied the chair, and proved a model chairman, entertaining the children with several touching anecdotes. The following children recited and sang :-Catherine Rees, Rebeccah Williams, Sophy Williams, Catherine Anne Williams, Gwladys Harry, Alba Harry, Gwen Raymont, Anne Rees, Willie Rees, Mary Ann Morgan, Mary George, and C. Rees, and also Mrs Rees, Fonmon. The choir and a group of little children excellently ren- dered several hymns. Mr Williams, of Barry, presided at the organ. Mr Williams has kindly taken his own organ to Nurston, and visits there twice every Sunday to play it. The Rev W. E. Evans, pastor, proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Alderman Meggitt, which was passed with acclamation. He also thanked Mrs Harbottle, Fonmon, who supplied a quantity of milk free of charge, and Mr James, Fonmon, for his help. A very enjoyable time was spent.









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