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WILL LADAS WIN THE DERBY? Mr Jerome K. Jerome, the editor of To-day has received the following letter under date of May 17. Sir,—I am in recipt of your letter of yesterday, and I anticipate you will not enjoy what I have to say half as much as I have done your varied writings; landscape advertising barred. In your issue of the 12th, you compli- ment Lord Rosebery on selecting his theme from the pages of "To Day," how I would have con- gratulated you had he quoted his author." No one enjoyed Lord Rosebery's speech more than I did. and if any doubt had previously existed in my mind as to the effectiveness of this ferm of advertising, he dispelled it. Much has been made of this being an American idea, but boards have been used in fields by my firm ten years and by other English advertisers in a small way much furthur back, but like all good things it is being spoilt byao many now taking it up; this facb alone is sufficient to assure me it is time to stay my hand and look out for pastures new," and I would like to suggest to anv Landscape Spoiler," that if for reasons best known to himself he is wishful to retire from the field, now is an auspicious time to declare his intention. I am fully convinced there is very little interest taken in the matter by the general public, and it is to them I call, and if the few who are desirous of keeping thi3 "A Beautiful World," would worry their minds more about the ugliness and squalor of streets where people have to dwell, they would be better occupied than in trying to gratify their present whim, and by so doing depriving farmers,, fishermen and others from getting a little help. There has been a lot of exaggerated rubbish written and spoken as to what advertisers intend doing they have to exercise judgment as to what amount to spend on any one system, and I question whea. Ladas wins the Derby if the amount of her gain* for her illustrious owner would provide with sails all the boat-owners who have applied to me. I am sorry to have disappointed so many and benefitted so few. Again it is against the interest of any advertiser to put up the expensive boards too closely, and my fixers, I am sorry to say, have erred in this respect in some few instances, which will have to be rectified as my agreements expire. They have orders to avoid interfering with any nice bits of stuff," as a Liverpool lawyer once described a lovely view to me, and this reminds me how differently landscape effects individuals. I was about two years ago having lunch at the Hotel at the head of Lake Coniston, and a lady and gentle- man were seated at the same table. Their con- versation was not conducted in a whisper, and I was interested when she remarked to her companion- See my dear, that is the Coniston Old Man," and his answer which was brief bears out my argument, for it ran-I. What that wretched thing.Yours faithfully, THOMAS BEECHAM. Our readers will readily conjecture the place of origin.