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Barry & Cadoxton Local Board.



HHHE above Board are prepared to APPOINT X an INSPECTOR OF PLEASURE BOATS and SUPERINTEND all BATHING in BARRY ISLAND and BARRY HARBOUR. Salary, 50a a week. Applicant will have to devote the whole of his time to the duties of the post, and will be appointed for a period of Three or Four Months. Applications, to be endorsed Application of Inspector of Pleasure Boats," to be sent to me on jr before Thursday, the 31st instant. By Order, J. ARTHUR HUGHES, Local Board Office, Clerk. Vere-street, Cadoxton, 22nd May, 1894. COOPERS' THROAT AND CHEST BALSAM, —Instant Relief from Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, &e. In Bottles Is. each. W. R. HOPKINS, M.P.S., Family and Dispensing Chemist, Barry f 460 ARTISAN GAS-COOKING STOVE. SPECIALLY SUITED FOR SMALL FAMILIES NO COAL FIRES NECESSARY FOR SIX MONTHS. WILL Cook 41bs. Meat, two Vegetables, :!los. TV Potatoes, and good-sized Cabbage at cost for Gas of One Penny Farthing (Ii-d). THE CHEAPEST MINIATURE GAS-COOKING STOVE KNOWN. Joints up to lOlbs. can be cooked if necessary by this Stove. Two small Chops can be Grilled and a Kettle of Water Boiled with 2k cubit feet of Gas, costing One Half Farthing. Six separate Quarts of Water can be boiled each day at a cost of Threepence per week. Eight Quarts or Two Gallons per Day at a cost of Fourpence per week. The whole at Half the Cost of Coal, not including Wood, Lighting Fire. Attendance, and Cost of Labour. This Stove can be hired at a cost of Is per Quarter, or less than One Penny per Week, where the necessary Pipes are already fixed. Another Stove, with Two more Boiling Rings, rent Is 6d per quarter, or less than Three-halfpence per week. To be seen at the GAS AND WATER OFFICES, HOLTOX-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. SPRING CLEANING! AFTER Washing the Woodwork and Scrubbing the Floors with Cloudy Ammonia, or Carbolic Soap, Sprinkle a little" KILLEM" into the Crevices to ensure the destruction of any insects lurking in the vicinity. KILLEM "-ld., 3d., and 6d. ONLY OF H. J. OWEN, I CHEMIST, VERE-ST, CADOXTON-BARRY. BARRY DOCK NEWS," Friday, May 25, 1894.



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