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MRS. GRUNDY'S JOTTINGS Spring cleaning has commenced in the district. ■* An early dish. A Barry man has picked five or eix pounds of nice mushrooms this year. » Somebody has discovered that a man's heart is cheaper than a woman's. And a sheep's heart is cheaper than either. » Mr W. B. Gibbs, one of the new batch of county magistrates, sat for the first time at Penarth Police Court last Monday. The annual scripture examination was con- ducted in the Board Schools of the Barry district on Saturday, when there were good attendances and most creditable results were obtained. II: May Day is a red-letter day on the Barry Railway, for this is the day upon which the uniform staff are supplied with new livery. Very satisfactory. The total shipments at Barry Dock last week amounted to the handsome total of 114,734 tons 17 cwts. Mr John Morris, the venerable clerk of the Dinas Powis Highway Board, was present at the ,monthly meeting at Barry Dock last Wednesday. T Up to the end of April an increase of 128,830 'tons was shown in the coal and coke shipments at Barry Dock as compared with the corresponding ^period of last year. A noble deed. The working-men of the Barry District, under the auspices of the Barry Dock R.A.O.B. Dramatic Society, have handed over to Major-General Leo, J.P., the sum of L12 15s "being the gross proceeds cf the recent entertain- ment in aid of the funds of the local Nursing Association. The annual examination of the science and ;art classes in the Barry district is now taking !4place at Holton-road schools, Barry Dock. Major-General Lee, J.P., Dinas Powis, returned to the Mount last Wednesday, after a few weeks' -.stay in Spain. if A meeting of the Barry Ambulance Brigade, Of which Dr Kelly is the instructor, will be held at the Board SchoollBarry, naxt.Tuesday even- ing, at 7.50. ♦ » There is a man at Barry hailing from. the neighbourhood of the Beacons. He nearly became crazy when he saw an announcement in a contemporary this week that Breconshire will be a wreck I am asked to state that in consequence of the Trades and Labour Council holding meetings next Monday (Mabon's Day), the Barry and Cadoxton Liberal Hundred will not meet until the following .Friday. 0 (, 'The Cardiff" bruiser," Jack O'Brien, was at "Barry lust Saturday, and created a good deal of interest with his slinged arm, cut lip, black eye, and other "paraphernalia" of his recent fight .In London. o O Captain Lionel Lindsay, the chief constable of -the county, was at Barry Dock, last Sunday, and was conducted by a subaltern on a visit of in- ..spection through the notorious Gueret-etreet, a thoroughfare which is rapidly developing a repu- tation equal in every respect to the perfidious ".Mary Ann" at Cardiff. Miss G. Edwards, of Cardiff, one of the members of the Royal Welsh Ladies Choir, was present at -the Welsh Congregational Chapel, Barry Dock, 'last Sunday, and in the evening, at the invitation •«f the deacons, sang a solo, which was much 'enjoyed by those present. During her stay in 'the district, Mis3 Edwards was the guest of Mr jGeorge Parry, of Merthyr-street, Barry Dock. Police-constable David Roberts, a most efficient •young officer, who has been stationed in the Barry jDock and Cadoxton district for about six years, lias been promoted to the rank of merit class, and ttransferred to Ystrad, Rhondda. His place at 4Cadoxton has been taken by P.C. Thomas Thor- e,burn. ¥ The ball-room at the Artillery Volunteer dance aftr Cadoxton, last Friday night, was the scene of an amusing incident. One of the non-commissioned -officers so thoroughly enjoyed himself that after the ball" he sat down in the corner of one of the ante-rooms, and having nodded nods of calm repose at two or three friends who were leaving he suddenly lost himself in deep sleep. When he .awoke, about ten o'clock the following morning, ,he was alone in his glory," and his boots and -patrol jacket having been locked up, the" non- con." was obliged to make his way homewards in .the best manner possible. "The Irish Trades Congress at Dublin last -Saturday expressed an opinion that the time had arrived when there should be a general amalga mation or federation of the trades councils of the United Kingdom for the more effective -organisation, of the workers of the country. ♦ jk Captain Pomeroy, the Cardiff dockmaster, had a lesion in good manners taught him before the Lords' Committee last Friday. tie I have heard it said—but who is likely to know ? -that by one vote only (three to two) the Com- mittee of the House of Lords sanctioned the Barry Harbour Railway Scheme. !'1. Mr Keir Hardie, M.P., and Mr J. H. Wilson, M.P., who have been loving each other very much lately, will occupy the same platform at a labour demonstration to be held at Barry next Monday. ± A bit previous. Mr Inspector Rutter was described amongst the evidence at the Penarth Court last Monday as Superintendent Rutter, and the inspector at once sprang an inch in ,stature and importance. The population of XJ,6S5 in the Barry district represents 5.0 persons per acre of the urban sani- tary area. III Mr J. H. Wilson, M.P., has made a proposal to the Shipping Federation, suggesting a. minimum of living wage" for sailors. In this the hon. member has acted as the mouthpiece of the Sailors' and Firemen's Union. We are growing on all sides, there can be no doubt. Why, bless your heart, Barry boasts of a birthrate last year of 45'1 per thousand living, nearly 15 per thousand in excess of the birth-rate for England and Wales. The death of my good friend, the Rev William Seward, of Cardiff, last week, reminds me that the Barry district owes him a debt of gratitude as one of its first science teachers. Even Barry people are given in marriage," the rate under this head last year being 5-57 per 1,000. Logically, this means that five persons and the fifty-seventh part of one joined the majority in 1893; and I happen to know who that fifty- seventh part of a man was A sugared plum for the ratepayers. The Barry and Cadoxton Local Board Finance Committee have adopted a general district rate of eighteen- pence in the £ for the year ending September, 1895. How we live. Last year, 3,223 animals were killed at the public slaughter house at Cadoxton. Of these 2,240 were sheep, 495 beasts, 367 pigs, and 121 calves. sic What shall we do with our boys and girls ? There were 522 births in excess of deaths at Barry last year. t In 1889, there were 983 houses occupied in the Barry district; in 1890, 1,720 houses; in 1891, 2,007 in 1892, 2,626 and in 1893, 2,890 and there are nearly a hundred houses more in course of drection. Ambitious Barry # For the third year in succession no case of in- fectious disease has entered or occurred at Barry Docks. ) The rateable value of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board area for the general district rate at the close of 1893 was £110,544 6s 6d. Lord and Lady Windsor, who have been staying for some time at Florence on a visit to Sir Augustus and Lady Paget, have started on a driving tour in North Italy, accompanied by Lord Rowton, who was Lord Beaconsfield's private secretary. o o Mr Money's men were called out on strike last Tuesday for want of more money. ) A well-known thoroughfare off Thompson-street, Barry Dock, has now assumed the somewhat high-sounding name of the Rue-de-Gough." I might inform a correspondent that this .sobriquet cannot be translated into Hebrew or Shebeening. ♦ The Dinas Powis Highway Board are rapidly developing a reputation for wrangling. ♦ It surely cannot bo true that the president of the Barry Dock Amalgamated Society of Con- firmed Bachelors has contracted to find six wives for half-a-dozen male residents? I am very sorry to learn that Mr G. H. Taylor, the popular stationmaster at Barry Dock, is on the sick list. Many friends join me in wishing him a speedy recovery. At an entertainment held at Moulton last week, one of the young ladies present put a farthing's worth of needles in the collection. Someone naughtily suggested she gave them as the widow's mite—and a single young lady, too. óI Observer" of the Errning Express refers to a Barry Dock News reporter in the following flattering terms :—" It is not often that pressmen drop on such windfalls as a journalist at Barry. This day week this fortunate individual picked up a bundle of Bank of England notes under the railway subway near Barry Dock Station. The young journalist was so unaccustomed to such an ex- perience that he at once came back to the office, and innocently inquired what he was to do with the "flimsies," and suggestions towards solving the problem were notlong in coming either The fowls of the air are evidently believers in the Free Church principle. In a certain parish church not far from Barry, it is not at all unusual to see birds fluttering about through the interior, and recently one of the feathered tribe-a barn- door fowl, not so high-flown as the rest—actually laid an egg in the pulpit. ¥ The Penarth magistrates again tried to solve a very difficult problem last Monday. Were they drunk ?" asked Mr Lewellen Wood of a witness in the Webber case. I don't know, Sir," was the reply; "they had had a drop, but I am not a judge of what it is to be drunk." Had they too much drink," ? continued Mr Wood, when Inspector Rutter settled the question by saying they behaved like mad ¥ Analysis shows, says the Western Mail, that Penarth water is four times as hard as Cardiff water. This means four times as much soap for the Penartbites, but we believe that the latter's chief complaint is that the water does not contain a fair proportion of alcohol. The crinoline has come. A specimen is being shown in a Regent-street shop in London. It is made of cream-coloured alpaca in petticoat style, with three little frills near the waist, and at the hem is a steel. What the Barry Spinsters' Society will do in the matter I am anxiously waiting to hear. ¥ How is it that some of the dress suits here to-night hang so baggily over the wearers ?" asked a gentleman of his next door neighbour at a certain entertainment at Barry this week. Alas! master, for they are borrowed promptly replied the latter, and for some time the first-named was lost in a maze of thought. I A man at Penarth has a fox terrier, and the fox terrier has pups. One night last week the man tied up the terrier, and during the night the pups gnawed through the strap, and released the old 'un," as they wanted to play school. ¥ Mr T. S. Thomas, president of the Barry Trades and Labour Council, will deliver an address from platform No. 1 on the occasion of the May labour demonstration at Victoria Park, Bristol, to-morrow (Saturday). ¥ ¥ Her many friends will be pleased to know that Miss S. J. Harris, one of the assistants at the girls' department of Cadoxton Board School, is gradually recovering from her serious illness at Waunarlwydd, Swansea. ¥ A numerous array of the Gueret-street throng profiled into the prisoners' box at Barry Dock Police-court last Thursday to answer charges of drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Colonel Wood, of Gwernyfed Park, Breconshire, the president of the South Wales and Monmouth- shire Qnoit Association, has sent £5, and Dr W. Bevan, Nantyglo, a vice-president, £ 1 Is., to the secretary, Mr T. Ward, towards the fund of the association. These two gentlemen contributed similar sums last year.







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