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TRAPNELL AND GANE, 35 and 38, Quten Street, CARDIFF. The Oldest, Largest, Cheapest, and Most Reliable House Furnishers in Wales. SPECIAL SHOWROOMS, NOW COMPLETED, Are well stocked with every requisite, and, notwithstanding the recent enormous advance in raw materials, T. & G.. through having placed large forward contracts, are able to offer goods in every department A T OLD PRICES, which cannot be beaten, therefore, those requiring either to furnish a house, or to purchase a single article, should not do so before seeing our immense stock for themselves. DINING ROOM SUITES, zC4 10s to £ 25. DRAWING ROOM SUITES, R5 10s to £ 32. BEDROOM SUITES, from £6 5s to £55, in all sizes and all woods ENDLESS VARIETY OF CHAIRS, TAELE3, COUCHES, GLASSES. BEDSTEADS AND BEDDING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. A Splendid Full-sized BEDSTEAD, with Brass Rail complete, for 218. FENDERS AND tillE-IRONS AT ALL PRICES. Warehouse and Shoivrooms for CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, RUGS, Icc., 38, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, AND AT BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. d" A TRAPNELL AND GANE. CLOTHING, CHEAPEST AND BEST, MADE TO MEASURE OR READY FOR IMMEDIATE W EAR. BEST VARIETY IN THE DISTRICT IN Hats, Caps, Hosiery, Ties, Umbrellas, Gloves, Football Clothing, &c., &e. "¡J' BESPOKE TAILORING BESPOKE TAILORING Is now Replete with a Choice 8Blection of the in West of Eiigland, SCOTCH IRISH TWEEDS, VICUNAS, CUPLS, WORSTEDS, dIe. SUITS TO AIEASURE, 258., 308., 358.,10 60s. TROUSERS, 78. 6<1., 10s. 6d., 128. 6(1., to 21s. BEST FIT AND '?TEED. GUAr..k. LLOYD & Company, _tp The Cadoxton and Barry Dock Clothiers, 72, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. J 25, MAIN" STREET, CADOXTO S. .=-J- Fulton, Dunlop & Co., WINE, SPIRIT, ALE & PORTER IfEROipiS, 1 1 ,t l.UÜ l;tfi il'J't !lH 10} Duke-street, CARDIFF Windsor-road, PEN ARTH Wind-street, SWANSEA. 1 .It., V 4'1. Å.<J.l IMPORTERS AND BONDERS OF W[\E8 AND SPIRITS. Shippers of the Leading Brands of Champagne, including HEIBSIEOK'S, BOLLINGEP, i3, IRROY,31 &c., &o. Holders of a Stock of Magnificent OLD BRANDIES, comprising Vintages of 1820, 1835, 1350, 1858, 1865, and others. Sole Agents for Cardiff and District for DUNCAN GILMOUR and CO.'s HOP BITTER BEER (Non-Alcoholic). GENERAL PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. _LJ|_L_jlnL_ II !■ ■■ ■ !■■■■■ ■■■■ HIWM WIHI ■ J 1-1LI 11 II ■! coo <> ,J:J ]9 r. t2% '='=' 0 COD to .t .= t::I con :s- c:> .4 r;c LATEST IMPROVEMENTS. GIVEN. Makes Boots and „arnesa .L -apv 4 "T ~TT^ CI ? waterproof as a duck's back, g J 1 J and soft as velvet. Adds three times to the wcarnndallowe polishing. 17 GOLD MEDAL Exhibition Highest Awards. Tins 2d, 6d, 1/, and 2/6, of TTX10 T"0"ST>T"\Tan Bootmakers, Ironmon U U XS-OIJ^ gers, Saddlers, &c. COOPER'S THROAT A NO CHEST BALSAM, —Instant Belief from Coughs, Colds, bronchitis, Sore Throat, &c. Iu BotMcs Is. each. W. R- HOPKINS, M.P.S., Family ami Dispensing Chetiiist, Bairv f 460 THE FINEST AND BEST SELECTION OF WEDDING, KEEPER, AND ENGAGEMENT RINGS, ALSO JEWELLERY, CLOCKS, & PLATE, Of all Kinds at H. B. CROUCH'S, 16, St. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF See Window Before PurchasingElsewhere. BARRY AMATEUR ROWING CLUB. A Grand Variety Entertainment UNDER DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE, Will be given at TP MARKET HALL, BARRY, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, MAY 2, 1894. MISS E. GERTRUDE DRINKWATER, Of the Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir, MR. S. W. ALLEN. VENTRILOQUIAL SKETCHES, BANJO SOLOS, CHARACTER SKETCHES, &c., &c. Accompanist Mr. W. H. MILLER. Doors open at 7.30. Commence at 8.0 prompt. Carriages at 10.30 p.m. PRICES FOR ADMISSION 2s.; Is.; 6d Tickets may be obtained of any Member of the Committee, or of the Hon. Sec., Mr. A. Trevor Roberts, Thompson-street, Barry Dock. MMM ANNOUNCEMENT I "THE PRINCIPALITY FURNISHING COMPANY," 78, Holton-road, BARRY DOCK, Have just OPENED with the largest and best stock of all descriptions of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Etc.. in the District. BEDROOM SUITES, In Walnut, Hahagony, Ash, and Oak. DININGmROOM SUITES, In heavy solid Walnut frames, npholiticed in Leather, Velvet, or Saddlebags. BEDSTEADS & BEDDING, la lar,j-e quantities to select from. CARPETS, FLOORCLOTHS, LINOLEUMS, XITCHEN FURNITURE, MATS, RUGS, TOILET WARE, M. And an other description of House Furniture in endless variety. v- FOR CASH or on our new wm PUR. CHASE SYSTEM. No Bill gf Sale required. ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE. Intending Purchasers are requested to Inspect our Large Stock before going elsewhere. Whv go to Cardiff when you can obtain all yon require at home ? and spend your money where it is earned. Note the Address :— 78, Holtoq-road, Barry Dock. ILASTWIT-MAJOE. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD Will be Held in a Spacious Marquee at the above Place ON AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY, AUGUST Cm, 1894. President-A. J. WiLMAMS. Esq., M.P. Conductor—MoR&Ax MORGANS, Esq., Pontypridd. Adjudica.tors—Music Eos Morganwg" (Aber- dare) and Mr W. Llewelyn, Deri. Poetry, Litera- ture, &c. Rev Ben. Davies, Panteg, Ystalyfera. PRINCIPAL COMPETITIONS To the Choir, not less than 40 in number. tha.t will best sing "Then round about the Starry Throne (Handel.) 1st, 110 2nd. A2 10s. To the Male Voice Party, not le^s than 20 in number, that will best sing The Little Church." Prize, ;£ 5.. Good Prizes will be given for Solos, Duetts, Trios, Essays, Poems. Recitations, &c. PROGRAMMES to be had from the SECRETARY (Id. Each)- J. B. LLEWELYN, BOVERTON, COWBRIDGE. S" Rrfr cshmcnts will be Provided in a Large Tent on the Field. GRAND CONCERT IN THE EVENING. A MASS MEETING OF CARPEN- TERS AND JOINERS OP the Barry and Cadoxton District will be held at the VICTORIA HOTEL, BARRY DOCK, on SATURDAY NEXT, APRIL 28TH, at 6 p.m., to HEAR THE DECISION OF THE MASTER BUILDERS' ASSOCIATION to the Demands made by us on November 1st, 1893, to come in force on May 1st, 1894. r&r NON-SOCIETY MEN ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND. F. WALLS, Secretary. GERANIUMSJFOR SALE. ANY QUANTITY FROM Is. PER DOZ. OTHER BEDDING PLANTS FOR SALE, CHEAP. y A UGH A N, FERN HILL, ALBERT-CRESCENT, PENARTH. FLUSHING CISTERNS 4, TENDERS Required for the Supply of FLUSH- ING CISTERNS, and the necessary PIPING and other Materials, together with LABOUR, for the Houses at CADOXTON AND DISTRICT belonging to the MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS BUILDING SOCIETY. These Houses number about 63, all of which are at present connected with the Water Supply. This work to be done to the satisfaction of the Local Board Inspector, and also the Surveyor of the Society, or any Person appointed by him. The lowest tender not necessarily accepted. The work to be completed within One Month of the date of order, under a penalty. Applications to be sent to the SECRETARY OF THE BUILDING SOCIETY, Glebeland House, Merthyr Tydfil, of whom all particulars may be obtained. Dated this 25th day of April, 1894. BARRY DOCK LIBERAL WORK- MEN'S CLUB AND INSTITUTE. TENDERS WANTED. THE Committee of the above Club and Institute invite TENDERS for the erection of URINALS, &c. pi ins to be seen at the Office of the Liberal Club, 14, Thompson-street, Barry Dock. The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. All tenders to be in the Office by Noon on Tuesday Next, May 1st, 1894. ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL, BARRY DOCK. GRAND CANTATA PERFORMANCE, "David the Bqepqerd Boy," On Wednesday Evening, May 2,1894, BY SALEM WELSH BAPTIST CHOIR. President: « D> W. Lloyd Edwards. To commence at 7.30 Admission 6d. & 1/- PR9SEEDS IN AiD OF SALEM BUILDING FUND. LLANTWIT-MAJOR. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MR. W. THOMAS HAS been instructed by the representatives of the late Mr Thomas Chatterton to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the DUKE OF WELLINGTON HOTEL, COWBRIDGE, on TUESDAY NEXT, MAY 1ST, 1894, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such conditions and particulars of sale as shall be then read, the following very desirable and VALUABLE PROPERTY, Viz. :—AU that valuable and compact RESIDENCE, known as Crooked Shord, Llantwit-Major, Glamor- ganshire, now in the occupation of Mr Henry Chatterton, with good stabling, coach-house, and other outhouses, walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees, being No. 1,024 on the Parish Tithe Map, containing 1 rood or thereabout. Also that very valuable FIELD OF PASTURE LAND in front of the house (No. 1,025 on the Tithe Map), containing 3 acres, 1 rood, 13 perches, or there- about. Also that very valuable FIELD OF PASTURE LAND, being No. 1,027 on the Tithe Map, contain- ing 3 roods 23 perches, or thereabout. The above is beautifully situated, with a grand perspective view of the surrounding district, Bristol Channel and the English Coast, and within ea*y distance of the sea shore. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer at his Offices, 57, Vere-street, Cadoxton, or to MESSRS RANDALL, WILSON AND CAY, Solicitors, Bridgend. LOST, TWO GOLD RINGS, OPPOSITE LLOYD'S BANK, BARRY DOCK. Finder bringing same to EDITOR, BARRY DOCK NEWS? CADOXTON-BARRY, WILL BE WELL REWARDED. NOTICE OF JJEMOVAL. J. Edmonds, LATE OF THE HOLTON BAZAAR, BEGS to inform the Public that she has REMOVED to REMOVED to THE BAZAAR, 50, Thompson-street, Barry Dock. J. E. tenders her thanks to the Inhtbitants of the Surrounding District for their kind support during the past Four Years, and hopes, by strict attention to business, to have a Continuance of their Favours. Please Note the Address :— THE BAZAAR, 50, THOMPSON-STREET, BARRY DOCK. Asrent for P. and P. CAMPBELL, the Perth Dye Works; and REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS. MEDICAL. I MECHSLER'S COLD OTTRE; also stops or Cure Heariaches, Hay Fever, and Influenza. Thankfully acknowledged by Ar. G livlstone and Lord Salisbury. Fiee Sample and Pamplilct, three stamps; or Remedy, Is. 2^A. THE WOLSEY Co., 273, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. Proprietors of the CATAHACT. CINIK without operation, pain, or painting the eyes. Therefore danger averted. Pamphlet three stamps; or Remedy, 3s.; post free. Gequine Garden aqd Flower SEEDS. H. J. OWEN, CHEMIST, VERE-ST, CADOXTON-BARRY. — — BARRY DOCK NEWS," Friday, April 27, 1894. Friday, April 27, 1894.