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BARRY AND CADOXTON LOCAL BOARD DISTRICT. MERCHANT SHIPPING (FISHING BOATS) ACT, 1883. BYE-LAWS AS TO SEAMEN'S LODGING HOUSES, 46 AND 47 VICT., C. 41. WHEREAS, by the 48th Section of the TV Merchant Shipping (Fishing Boats) Act, 1883, it is enacted that "The Sanitary Authority within whose district any seaport -town is situate may,with the sanction of the President of the Board of Trade, from time to time make, revoke, alter, and amend bye- laws and regulations relating to seamen's Lodging-Houses in such towns, which shall be binding upon all persons and bodies keep- ing houses in which seamen are lodged, and the owners thereof, and persons employed therein. Such bye-laws and regulations shall, amongst other things, provide for the licensing of seamen's lodging-houses, the inspection of the same, the sanitary conditions of the same, the publication of the fact of a house being licensed, the due execution of the bye-laws and regulations, and the non-obstruction of persons engaged in securing such execution. the preventing of persons, not duly licensed, holding themselves out as keeping, or pur- porting to keep licensed houses, and the exclusion from licensed houses of persons of improper character, and sufficient penalties for the breach of such bye-laws and regula- tions not exceeding in any case the sum of £50. All offences under such bye-laws and regulations shall be deemed to be offences -within the Merchant Shipping Acts, 1854 to 1883, and be punishable accordingly." The Local Board for the district of Barry and Cadoxton, in the County of Glamorgan, hereinafter referred to as the Sanitary Authority, being the Sanitary Authority in and for the said Borough, do hereby, at a meeting held on the 6th day of February, 1894, pass the following bye-laws I.-The bye-laws made by the Sanitary Authority as to Seamen's Licensed Lodging- Houses on the 14th day of June, 1892, are hereby revoked. 2.—In the construction of the following Bye-laws, the masculine pronoun shall be held to include the feminine, and the singular to include the plural. 3.A Seaman, for the purpose of these Bye-laws, shall be understood to mean any male person, other than the holder of a certi- ficate of competency, or service as Master, Mate, or Engineer in the Merchant Service who, within four weeks immediately preceding the date of any transaction or occurrence within the scope of these Bye-laws, has been employed in any capacity whatsoever onboard a ship, whether British or Foreign but shall not include persons engaged in Fishing Boats or in Steam or other Trawl Boats. 4.—Any person who, not being entered in the Register kept by the Sanitary Authority as the keeper of a Licensed Seamen's Lodging- house, shall of himself, or by means of any agent or servant, hold himself out as keeping a Seamen's Lodging-house, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds. 5.—A house shall not be licensed as a Seamen's Lodging-house until it has been inspected and approved for the purpose by the Medical Officer of Health; and the Sanitary. Authority may, if they think fit, require any person who applies for a license to produce to the Sanitary Authority a certificate from the Chief Police Officer in the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board District to the effect. (a) that, so far as is known, he is a fit and proper person to have charge of such a house, or (b) that, so far as is known, no convic- tion militating against his competency for the charge of such a house has been registered against him in any Police Court within three years immediately preceding such applica- tion. 6.—The Sanitary Authority shall cause to be kept a Register of all licenses granted under these Bye-laws, and the suspension or revocation of any license shall be noted in that register. W 7.—A license granted to any person under these Bye-laws is not transferable to any other person, and any holder of a license who transfers or lends the same to any other person is deemed guilty of a breach of these Bye-laws. 8.—A license granted under these Bye-laws continues in force (subject to suspension or revocation as in these Bye-laws provided) for one year from the date of the grant thereof, but the Sanitary Authority may, at their discretion, refuse to renew any license. 9.—No house or part of a house which is in connection with any public-house or beer- bouse shall be licensed as a Seamen's Lodging- house, nor shall any license be granted to any person who holds a license for the sale of intoxicating liquor. 10.—No house occupied or used for the purpose of the business of a clothier or outfitter or slop dealer shall be licensed as a Seamen's Boarding-house, nor shall any license he granted to a person engaged or interested in the business of a clothier, out- fitter, or slop dealer. 11.—Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- bouse shall affix, and keep undefaced and legible, a notice with the words, Licensed Seamen's Lodging-house," in some conspicu- ous place on the outside of such house. 12.-Every keeper of a Licensed Seamen's Lodging-house, and every other person having, or acting in, the care or management thereof, shall at all times when required by the Medical Officer of Health or Inspector of Nuisances of the district, the Chief Constable or any Inspector of the County Police Force, or any Detective Officer specially authorised by the Chief Constable for the purpose, or any Officer of the Board of Trade, give them, or any of them, free access to such house. 13.—No keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall admit to, or suffer to occupy, any bedroom a greater number of lodgers than that fixed by the Sanitary Authority, or any Committee thereof authorised in that behalf, .and this number shall be legibly painted upon I the inner side of each bedroom door, with the prefix "Licensed for- and the affix Lodgers," and in no case shall any bed be occupied by more than one logder. 14.—Whenever the Sanitary Authority shall consider it necessary to reduce the number of lodgers to be received in any bedroom in any Seaman's Lodging-house, the keeper of the house shall, upon receiving notice in writing to that effect under the hand of the Clerk to the Authority, cease to permit such room to be occupied by any greater number of lodgers than that specified in such notice. 15.—No keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall permit any kitchen, sitting-room, or any other room below the ground level to be used as a bedroom. 16.-Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall cause the windows of every bed- room in such Lodging-house to be kept open between the hours of ten and twelve in the forenoon, or between the hours of two and four in the afternoon, unless prevented by the inclemency of the weather, or the illness of any inmate of such room. 17.—Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall cause the floors of every room in such Lodging-house to be thoroughly swept before the hour of ten a.m daily, and all floors which are not covered with carpet to be well and sufficiently washed on Friday in each week, before the hour of twelve noon. 18.—Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall cause all bed-clothes and bedding, and every bedstead used in such house, to be thoroughly cleansed, from time to time, as often as shall be requisite for the purpose of keeping such bed-clothes, bedding, and bedstead in a clean and wholesome condition. 19. -Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall, for the use of the lodgers received into such house, cause to be provided a sufficient number of basins' or other receptacles for water, of adequate capacity and suitably placed, and a sufficient supply of water and a sufficient number of towels for use in connexion with such basins or other receptacles. He shall cause such basins or receptacles to be kept clean and in good order, and the supply of towels to be renewed, from time to time, as often as may be requisite. 20.-Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall cause all solid or liquid filth or refuse to be removed once at least in every day before the hour of ten in the forenoon from every room in such house, and shall once at least in every day cause every vessel, utensil, or other receptacle for such filth or refuse to be thoroughly cleansed. 21.—In the event of any inmate of a Seamen's Lodging-house, whether a lodger or otherwise, being attacked by any infectious disorder, the keeper of such house shall forthwith give intimation of the same to the Medical Officer of Health. 22.-Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house, immediately after he shall have been informed or shall have ascertained that any lodger in such house is ill of any infectious disease, shall adopt all such precautions as may be necessary to prevent the spread of such infectious disease. Such keeper shall not, at any time while such lodger is suffering from such infectious disease, cause or allow any other person, except the wife or any other relative of such lodger, or except a person voluntarily in attendance on such lodger, to use or occupy the same room as such lodger. Where, in pursuance of the statutory provision in that behalf, the Sanitary Authority may order the removal of such lodger to a hospital or other place for the reception of the sick, such keeper, on being informed of such order, shall forthwith take all such steps as may be requisite on his part to secure the safe and prompt removal of such lodger in compliance with the order of the Sanitary Authority, and shall, in and about such removal, adopt all such pre- cautions as, in accordance with any instruc- tions which he may receive from the Medical Officer of Health, may be most suitable for the circumstances of the case. Where, in consequence of the illness of such lodger, there may be reasonable grounds for apprehending the spread of infection through the admission of lodgers to any room or rooms in such house or through the admission to such room or rooms of the maximum number of lodgers authorised to be received therein, such keeper, after being furnished with the necessary instructions from the Medical Officer of Health, and until the grounds for apprehending the spread of infec- tion shall have been removed, shall cease to receive any lodger in such room or rooms or shall receive therein such number of lodgers, being less than the maximum number, as the exigencies of the case may require. Such keeper shall, immediately after the death, removal, or recovery of any lodger who may have been ill of any infectious disease, give written notice thereof to the Medical Officer of Health, and shall, as soon as conveniently may be, cause every part of the room which may have been occupied by such lodger to be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected, and shall also cause every article in such room which may be liable to retain infection to be in like manner cleansed and disinfected unless the Sanitary Authority shall have ordered the same to be destroyed. He shall comply with all instructions of the Medical Officer of Health as to the proper cleansing and disinfection of the room and articles. When the same shall have been thoroughly cleansed and disinfected in accordance with such instructions, he shall give written notice thereof to the Medical Officer of Health and, until two days from the giving of such notice shall have elapsed, and unless and until by such cleansing and disinfection the necessary precautions for preventing the spread of disease shall have been duly taken, such keeper shall not cause or suffer any other lodger to be received into the room which, in the case hereinbefore specified, may have been exposed to infection. 2-']. — Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall provide, in a suitable and con- venient situation for the separate use of lodgers, a proper urinal, and a properly- constructed water closet or privy receptacle, in the proportion of one such urinal and closet or privy for every twenty lodgers and he shall cause such urinal and water closets or privies to be kept in good order and in a thoroughly cleanly and inodorous condition. 24.-Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall cause the yard in connection therewith to be kept in good order and thoroughly clean and free from any accumula- tion of filth or other refuse. 25.—No keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall permit persons of different sexes to occupy the same sleeping room, except they be a married couple, or parents with their children under ten years of age. 26.—No keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house, nor any person having or acting in the management thereof, shall knowingly lodge, or knowingly harbour, any thief or reputed thief, or any prostitute or reputed prostitute. 27.-Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall keep a. Register in which he shall enter the name, age, and nationality of every seaman lodger received into such house, the name of the last vessel such seaman lodger was discharged from and the port of discharge, together with the name and port of registry of any vessel he may join while resident in such house, or his declared destination on leaving. 28.-Every keeper of a Seamen's Lodging- house shall place a copy of these Bye-laws in a conspicuous position in the common sitting-room of such house, and shall enter upon the space left for the purpose at the foot of that copy a scale of the charge per day for board, lodging, and necessaries, to be made by him; and he shall not make a higher charge than is provided by the scale, on any pretence whatever. 29.—Upon the Licensing Authority being satisfied that any person to whom a license has been granted under these Bye-laws has been guilty of a breach of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854, or the Acts amending the same; or has kept a house in which drunkenness gambling, or immoral or fradulent practices prevail, or has been a. party to such proceedings, or neglects to remove from the lodging-house any persons of known immoral character who may have entered therein, or is failing to comply with these Bye-laws or any of them, the Licensing Authority may suspend or revoke all licenses granted him for Seamen's Lodging-houses. 30.-Every person offending against any of the foregoing Bye-laws, except when otherwise expressly provided, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding Five Pounds for every such offence. 31.-These Bye-laws shall take effect from the First day of April, 1894. The Common Seal of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board was here- (L.S. 1 unto affixed in the presence of V J P. J. O'DONNELL, Chairman. WILLIAM THOMAS, ) 1(R BENJAMIN LEWIS, } MEMBER3' J. ARTHUR HUGHES, CLERK. Sanctioned A. J. MUNDELLA, President of the Board of Trade. 21st March, 1894.