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LOCAL AND GENERAL NOTES Now that the Barry Local Board have in SHOULD SEWER MEN their employ constant SMOKE WHILE AT handa engaged upon WORK. sewer-work, it would, perhaps, be well if consideration were given to an idea which is gaining popularity in I different populous parts of the country. It is that the men be allowed to have an occasional "whiff' while so employed. The Bermondsey vestry have just issued instructions to their surveyors to permit men to smoke whilst employed on sewer-work and similar jobs where the surrounding air is not of the freshest. On the Continent, workmen generally "blow a cloud" whenever they think fit, and would doubtless think prohibition a hardship yet Britons have to be content with a chew of the cudat most. The Local Board have at last been suc- A SITE SECURED FOR cessful in obtaining land BARRY PERMANENT for the erection of per- PUBLIC OFFICES. manent public offices for the district. The posi- tion of the property, so far as the populative area is concerned, is un- questionably central, lying at a convenient distance off the main road at Barry Dock, and easily accessible from all points. Another argument in favour of the transaction is the fact that the rental, commencing at £ 20 a year, finds its maximum at the moderate figure of jE60 a year. The site is an acre in extent, and will be utilised for a public library as well as public offices. It is not intended to undertake the work of erection at once, the object of the Boar<? being to secure land before the oppor- tunity, passed out of their hands, and to con- struct the proposed buildings when they felt- justified by circumstances. One of the most in fluential organs of the PENARTir ESPLANADE Press of the Principality AND THE has taken up the case HAWKING NUISANCE, of the freedom of the Esplanade at Penarth for visitors on holiday occasions especially, and has denounced the practice on the part of hawkers making use of the same to the inconvenience of the public. The Western Mail of Tuesday stated :—There was a. case heard at Penarth Police Court yesterday which had far more public interest than petty sessional issues usually have. It was the prose- cution of a man for hawking on Penarth Esplanade in contravention of the Local Board bye-laws. If there were only one such offender at Penarth on bright and sunny days nobody would complain, but when their number and the persistency of their attentions become in- tolerable the nuisance they create must be sup- pressed with a strong hand. f The report pub- I lished in the Barry BARRY SCHOOL BOARD Dock News last. AND THE week of the pro- ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, ceedings of a pri- I V vate meeting of the Barry U.D School Board, held a few days previously, to again consider the question of an application made to the Education Department for the recognition of the Roman Catholic School at Barry Dock as a public elementary school, has aroused a considerable amount of interest, and even dissatisfaction, in the district. There seems to be a growing feeling that the Roman Catholic authorities are being harshly dealt with in the matter. It will be admitted, even by the School Board, that the Roman Catholic School was built as a bona fide public elementary school at a time when school accommodation in the Barry district was very deficient indeed, and it is maintained that a great hardship is being thrust upon the school now through the action of the local education authorities in regard to with-holding therefrom the neces- sary qualification entitling it to an annual Governmental grant. When the matter was first brought before the public about two years ago, local feeling was passive, even indifferent but now, seeing that the school continuedto be maintained, oid that efficiently so far as cir- cumstances permit, there is manifestly a grow- ing desire that the case of the Roman Catholic School managers should be heard fairly and impartially. It is felt that, whereas in Cardiff no opposition is offered to applications made to the Education Department for the classifying of denominational schools in the category of public elemetary schools, it seems hard to deal arbitrarily with an institution at Barry which was brought into existence, as we have stated, at a time when the rapidly-growing population of the district so greatly needed adequate school accommodation. The question will be raised at the next meeting of the Barry Trades* Council, wheh the conduct of the Labour member will be taken into account on the matter and we learn that steps are being1 taken to convene a ratepayers' meeting to fully consider the question.