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HOPE OF BARRY LODGE OF ROYAL HEARTS OF OAK. AxxrAL DIXXER AT THE BARRY HOTEL. The annual dinner in connection with the Hope of Barry Lodge. Royal Hearts of Oak Yearly Dividing Friendly Society was held on Saturday evening last at the Barry Hotel, when Dr Xeale, J.P.. the surgeon of the lodge, presided over a respectable and well-ordered company numbering about a hundred members and friends. The chairman was supported at the cross table by Major-General Lee. J.P. (who presided during the greater portion of the evening. Dr Neale being called away). Mr D. T. Alexander, Dr Kelly. Dr King. Mr W. Peterson, Mr J. Watts. Mr E. King (Clifton-street). Mr Robert Griffiths (secretary of the dinner committee), and amongst those present were Messrs F. Walls. LI. Thomas, C. Gilbert. J. Wade. Talhot. T. Kathrens (X.G. of the Cadoxton Lodsre). Clarke, T. Wilson. Mueford, P.C. Mugford, W. T. Xicholls. L. John, Rees Williams. J. Botting, F. Clarke. D. Pugh, kc. The room had been very tastefully decorated for the occasion by Mr King with light bunting. Chinese lanterns, streamers, flowers, plants, suitable mottoes, &c., lending a most pleasing effect to the interior. Mr J. A. Davies, the respected host, also provided a capital dinner. which was thoroughly enjoyed by the company, after which an appropriate toast list. interspersed with songs. &c.. was gone through. The Chairman having submitted the Royal toast, it was received with enthusiastic loyalty.—After a song by Mr J. Evans, the toast of the evening was proposed by General Lee. who. in the course of an interesting address, said gatherings of this kind brought all cla sses of society together, so that they might know each other more intimately and practically than could be possible otherwise. He believed the more society knew each other the more they would realise that all were actuated by the same aim, that of the greatest good for the greatest number. (Cheers.) The esteemed General then spoke of the advantages of the friendly society system, and deprecated the idea of granting State aid as an old age pension, believing, he said, that English- men might be rplied upon to look to themselves to help themselves. He wished the Hope of Barry Lodsrs continued success. (Applause.)- Mr T. Wilson. secretary of the lodge, in responding. said the total income last year amounted to £ 247 14s 9jd, aud the expenditure. €216 lis Id. the balance in hand at the end of 18.93 being JE60 17s Oid. In connection with the sick fund, the expenditure amounted to £ 1.">9 odd. leaving the total value of the lodge at the end of 1893 at de92 Os 9d. Since the establish- ment of the lodge in 1S89. the total amount of ex- penditure was £ 593 18s 5d, of which £244 8s 4d was spent in sick pay alone. The prospects for the present year were hopeful, the balance in hand upon this year's receipts being 7C21 Is 7d, and the total strength of the lodge at present was 169 members. (Cheers.)—Mr J. Hicks gave a song, and Mr Mugford submitted the toast of the trade of the district, with which was coupled the name of Mr D. T. Alexander, who replied with a warm speech, during which he said the Barry district last year had fared as well in matters of trade as any commercial community in the whole country. (Hear. hear.) Having referred to the enterprising spirit which animated the directors of the Barry Dock and Railways Company, Mr Alexander said if those gentlemen carried out all they had pro- jected Barry would undoubtedly developer in a few years into one of the largest ports in the country. (Cheers.) It behoved, therefore, those who were responsible for the carrying out of local administration and the government of the town to maintain the efficiency of the past. and it was the daty of the ratepayers to place on that body the best business men that could be found in their midst to administer their local affairs. and do th-ir wtmost to promote the interests of the community a.nd the place. (Applause).-Song (encored), Mr B. Robins.—At this stage, letters i.f apology for absence were read from Messrs R. Evans, D. Roberts. F. M. Harris, the Rev Canon Allen, E. W. Waite, and S. S. Bedingfield, 5cc.—Mr F. Walls proposed, in graceful terms, the toast of 4. The Visitors," and spoke of Mr D. T. Alexander as member-elect ot the west ward of the Barry district on the Local Board, although he must meanwhile issue a manifesto acceptable to the labour party. (Laughter.) The speaker, in speaking in complimentary terms of each of the visitors, referred to the fidelity with which Mr W. Paterson fulfilled his obligations to the working-classes and the ratepayers on the principal local public body. He also said Dr King stood high, as gentleman and profes- sional man. in the estimation of those present, and especially amongst the members of the Hope of Barry Lodge of Hearts of Oak. Dr Kelly, he added, had also greatly distinguished himself as ceaductor of the ladies and gentlemen's ambu- lance classes in the district. (Cheers.)—Dr Kelly was the first to respond, and in a felicitous speech, said in the event of Mr Alexander being elected on the Local Board, he would be a decided acquisition to the public men of the district. (Applause.)— Mr W. Paterson also responded, and paid a high tribute to the public and private worth of General Lee. (Cheers.)—Mr Gilbert contributed a song.— Mr Mogford proposed a vote of thanks to Mr C. King for his kindness in providing the tasteful decorations of the room.—Mr F. Clarke seconded the compliment, which was cheerfully accorded, and Mr King neatly acknowledged.—Mr Roger Jenkins was the next singer, and he was encored.— Mr W. T. Nicholls then gave the toast of The Chairman (General Lee), and spoke of the kind readiness with which the gallant gentleman had taken the place of Dr Neale upon being unexpectedly called away upon professional duties on that occasion. The toast was received with 1 liearty enthusiasm and musical honours. General Lee, in replying, expressed the pleasure he felt at the good greeting extended to him by the company and spoke a word of praise of Mr King upon the taste displayed in the admirable class of decora- ) tionj which graced the room. (Cheers.)—Song, Mr J. Evan? (encored).—Mr F. Clarke submitted "The Press," and Mr J. R. Llewellyn (Barry 1 Dock News), in response, referred to the fact that «nder the new Local Government Act an unpre- cedented opportunity would be afforded the work- iag classes of securing for themselves direct repre- santation upon the new district and parish councils. (Cheers.)-Song. Mr J. Chivers, who was also encored.—Duet, Messrs J. Evans and B. Robins.—Mr F. Clarke submitted the toast of the Host and Hostess and Mr Mogford urged the a duty on the part of all young men to join a j friendly society, and remarked that in most instances where charitable collections were made Ir the recipients were persons who had not availed c themselves of the advantages offered by friendly aocieties.-Song, Mr John Evans.-Other toasts followed; and it should be added that Mr Ivor Thomas was an efficient and obliging accompanist during the evening..





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