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DR. ROCK'S m&r o&W-rTcr -S——" '—"W <*&- a FEMALE PILLS, THE MOST EFFECTUAL. Coated, Tasteless, and quite Harmless to the most Delicate Constitution, but Married Ladies should adhere strictly to the Directions. NO OBSTRUCTION STANDS AGAINST THEM. 1 Is lid, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d per Box, by Post (under cover) Id extra. 2 1 Of all Chemists, or direct from .'1> THE UNIVERSAL DRUG COMPANY, (NEW AND OXLY ADDRESS), 75, FLEET-STREET, LONDON, E.C. i DR. J. C0LLIS BROWNE'S Sf^MiCHLORODYNE « Bell I S S§ IpR5C. ,pr.a., I ffJfA, I uiEgS> We hare never used any other form *JL issM -i lyjr luHH of this medicine than Collis Browne's, t~ I JHl. THB ORBAI from a firm conviction that it is deci- t IF j'" I'i'ii'l SPECIFIC dedly the best,arid alto from a serine of ti FOK duty we owe to vhe profession and the ti Q CHOLERA, public, as we are of opinion that the "■ ftVflPwni'Tiv substitution of any other than Collia C^Olis, TMSaSS^SgSSam: thepar^jf t he ch emis^ uTnres crib» t J ASTHMA. Tendon, REPORT that it ACTS as a »SdDa^tali ke-wL^e sS f Sth^ A f^rrr I.u CHARM_,onedose generaUy sufficient. 5fi, JA. -OBOKCHITIS. Dp. gibBON, Army Medical Staff. Cal- O cutta,states:" 2 DOSES COMPLETE- fJ «g=^T, T nnr TVb T,pnnTOTi"a LY CURED ME of DIABRHCEA." the Vim°V> Uunavt. i r?T?rnvCT P From STMBS & Co., Pharmaceutical f>B.. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S Qf»fT. Chemists, Simla. Jan. 5,1880. ±J> CHLOH.ODYNE is the I £ IJS To J. T. DAVENPORT, London. PALLIATIVE in 5hl^ h coin?d Se w^rd CHLO^C Sl»,-We congratulate you upon "VTEtTRALGIA. GOUT, CANCEIt, DYNEthe SOI^EIN- ^^Idfor TOOTHACHE' BHBJJMATISM. VENTOlt, and, as the composition of -^Rpi f^u ov?r^eEast Asarem ed v T^R- J. COLLIS BSOW N K"3 Chlorodyne cannot possibly be disco- ^f iene^ utiiitv we inuch qne?tion JL* CHLORODYNE is a liquid »•- vered by Analysis (organic: substances whIther a better is imported, and we PA^N J* derying eummationi.and since the tor- h u lad to hcar of its findine a EVERY KIND^ttords a calm. PS- is en- ^lorpineverrAnelo-Indianhome file freshing sleep WITIIOUT KEAD- «lcnt that any statement to the effect KlSw™ ACHE,and INVIGORATES the ner- inat a compound is identical with Dr. now. releprat;e(i to the native bazaars, vous system when exhausted. Browne^s Chiorpdyno must be Jal™. and, judging from their sale, we fancy T\e, j. gOLLIS BROWNE'S This Cauaon is necessary, as^many their goiournthere wiU be but evaneB- | I CHLORODYNE rapidly euta persons dereive piu .n^ers fcj, false cer,t_ We could multiply uietarees ad 6hort all attacks of renrc^ntaUor^. infinitum, of the extraordinary efficacy Tr71pTT,'irps-V' SPASMS COLIC ThK. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S of DR. OOLLH BROWNE'S KYSTEKIA. 8 f npTvORODYNE. — Vi^e Chan- CHLOSODYKE in Diarrhcsa anaAj c'^iirv Sir "VV PVtE WOOD stated Dysentery.Ppasms,Cramps,Neuralgia TTITPORTANT CAUTION. — The SuSiclrtoaJtirtthit Dr. J.COLLIS tZ Vomitii« of Prelacy, and as al I IMMENSE SALE of thisEEMEDY kT? nWNF,v^nsITTTDOUBT^DLYthe general sedative, that have occurred hs.s given ri?e to many TJNSCi^UPU- TN'VEXTOiiof CHLOKO D Y N'E.that under our person a! obserratioyi during LOUS IMlTAlMONS. Be careful to tiVewhole story of the def'as.nt FTee- many yeajre. In Choleraio Diairhcea, observe Trade Mark.Ofall Chemists, man was deliberately untrue, ar.d he and even in the more teniole forms 1A. lid., Z». 9d., and 4s. Cd. re=rett« d to say it bad "ceen swora to. of Chcler»' itself, we have witnessed MANUFACTURES. r —Sea 'f'ivt T\mt,s, .Taly 13th. 1S64. its surpnmngly '•-QPtrolUng power. J.T,D4Y £ AxJ0ai..3j.(r..SiigwU-st.,W.C» — I WRITE at once for our Book on Cataract, its formation and effect, a complete history of a most wonderful discovery and a marvellous cure, should be read by all who suffer with the Eyes. Post free 3 penny stamps. Cataract Solvent, for preventing Blindness from Cataract and disolving the Capsules on the Eyes, without operation, post free 3s. The Wolsey Company's Br«r'>' Magnetic Establishment,273, Strand, Londrn, W.C. HARRY'S COMMERCIAL HOTEL & RESTAURANT, COFFEE, GRILL, AND DINING-ROOMS, OPPOSITE THE Custom House & Post-offics, BARRY DOCK. ROBERT HARRY, Proprietor. KITT & Co/s Rapid Cure. PACKAGES (with MIXTURE, PILLS, and LOTION) 4s. 6d. Cures in a few days all DISCHARGES, either Constitutional or Acquired, Kidney Troubles, Pains-in. the Back. CONTAINS NO MERCURY. Ii I TT k CO., MEDICAL HALL 39, BUTE-ST., CARDIFF. Where they may be consulted from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Entrance also at 40, side-door. [479 WOMAN'S FRIEND. RAYNES' SPECIAL MIXTURE, the most Powerful and Effectual Medicine known; the Recipe of a famous French Physician quick, sure, and certain. Never fails to relieve and cure, no matter how caused. Post Free to any address for 23 9d or 5s 6d per bottle. Full instructions with each.—G. W. Raynes, Cogan Drug Stores posite Penartb Dock and Cogan Stations). TRADE ADDRESSES. ESTABLISHED 1850. STOCK-TAKING, 1894. rpHE -J^ORTI FOURTH 1 GREAT. ANNUAL SALE. < Bevan and Co., LIMITED, "The Cardiff Furnishers," GREAT ANNUAL STOCK TAKING SALE! Will commence on SATURDAY, MARCH 10,1894, And will continue for ONE MONTH ONLY, During which period the whole of their Immense Stocks of FURNITURE, BEDDING, CARPETS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, &c., at .their various branches, will he offered at such prices as will effect a clearance. GREATER BARGAINS THAN EVER. DOZENS OF PIANOFORTES I SCORES OF ORGANS HUNDREDS OF SUITES I! THOUSANDS OF IRON BEDSTEADS !11 MILLIONS OF PURCHASERS REQUIRED Bevan and Co., LIMITED, 'THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," CARDIFF, NEWPORT, AND PONTYPOOL. TRADE ADDRESSES. u 111 er ent vi" p-Im.oO own as 7 -Ti Tq 51 ZF- .2 s- fan vendors'. ire c p ost Free frorn.the Sole!P AN 0 NY C9 ,3 9 S -r M.A.R Y'S T R E F T R D,1 F F.' NliItSE THOMl'eiu.N b l'u..L0 wjt au;)oiucely jtrevsnt Consumption if taken early and continued with uuti the constitution is thorouj^ly restored. Thousands ot young women die annually by neglecting this si'mple, yet the most remarkable, of medicines. The blood becomes impaired, hence decay of the lungs and other orjjaas mitiamlly follow. "\J~tliSE THOMPSON'S PILUB are specially suited for all ladies, regardless of age. The taking of those medicines advertised for the cure of disorders of both sexes have produced the most alarming result.s therefore, NURSE THOMPSON'S PILLS should be every lady's inedieinefor all purposes. Note from a correspondent I must thank: you, and con- gratulate mj- tlaugliter, a^ed 25, upon a marvellous improve- ment in boutiy health and personal appearance. Five months ago her condition was suoh as to excite not only pity, but alarm, amongst those interested in her welfare. We gave Nurse Thompson's Pills a fair trial, and, from a girl of feeble strength and sickly complexion, she llu developed into a rosy- faced well-developed young woman." The above is an extract of thousands of similar otters re- ceived by us. TRY THEM for Head-Ache, Paiax in the Back or Limbs Paintness, Sickness, Giddiness, Languor, Constipation, Flush- ings of Heat, Palpitation, Indigestion, Change of Life, Swollen Limbs, and all other IRREGULARITIES. f 256 I BAR R Y^OCKOYSTER SALOON 64, THOMPSON-STREET. Mr. J. Stroud BEGS to inform his many friends that he has OPENED a First-class Oyster Saloon at the above address, where he supplies OYSTERS OF PRIME QUALITY, FRESH DAILY. Also, Prime Selection of FRESH FISH EVERY DAY, (MONDAYS EXCEPTED), Orders Promptly Executed. None but Best Quality Fish kept in Stock. Note the Address THE BARRY DOCK OYSTER SALOON, 64, THOMPSON-STREET. W. E. V Å UGHAN AND CO., STEAM-POWER DYERS, FRENCH CLEANERS, &c., LLANDAFF-ROAD, CARDIFF. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS 2, QUEEN-STREET, ) rAT?nn?17 248, BUTE-STREET, j UAKiJ1-t 1 • 60, WINDSOR-ROAD. PENARTH. 53, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. 83, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR. 27, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. Parcels Received and Forwarded Regularly to the Dye-works by District Agents Parcels amounting to five shillings sent direct to works will be returned carriage paid one way. Trade books and price lists sent free on application. W. E. V AUG HAN AND CO. ARE CELEBRATED FOR CLOTHES AND DRESS CLEANING by FRENCH PROCESS, produci-j permanent colours, a superior finish, moderate charges, and promptness of dispatch. [227 J. H. ABBOTT, GENERAL IRONMONGER AND COMPLET HOUSE FURNISHER, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK EVANS AND PHILLIPS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HAY, STRAW AND CORN MERCHANTS, BARRY DOCK TOWN. NEAR CARDIFF. Dog Biscuits, Bird Sand, Millett, Maw, Canary Hemp, Mixed Bird Seed, Pigeon Vetches. Buck Wheat, Dari, Grey Peas, Tic Beans, Peas Round and Flat Maize, Poultry Wheat. FOR ALL KINDS OF if GAiiDEN jj I TOOLS, a t\ Va, TRY J J. PHILLIPS AND CO., THE PEOPLE'S IRONMONGERS, CADOXTON AND BARRY DOCK.