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(kiss poij Hughes's BloodPills EXAMINE carefully every Box and be SURE that you are not deceived. SEE that t Trade Mark (shape of a Heart) is on eaehBox, and any other Pills offered you as a substitute are an IMITATION AND A FRAUD and net GENUINE, and do not contain the same virtues as HUG-HES'S BLOOD PILLS. —rnMni— s BEWARE of some unprincipled men who stoop so low attempting imposition by passing worthless Pills for the Genuine. This WARNING is due to the Public for their protection that they may secure the GENUINE Pills, and shun the shops where deception is ASK FOR HUG-HES'S BLOOD PILLS. With the Shape of a Heart on each Box. TAKE NO OTHER. The Genuine Bad Blood Hughes's Blood O curvy ad Blood Pills" are the Ocurvy only reliable Re- Skin Rash medy for Bad TTeadache kin Rash Blood, Skin Di- XXeadache sease, Scurvy, Torpid Lrver Headache, Ner- Xndigestion orpid Liver vousness, Indi- JLndigestion gestion, Consti- ~VTervousness nation, Sluggish T>heumatism .131 ervousness Liver, Kidney XVheumatism Disease. Most Biliousness Efficacious in T^idney Disease iliousness Female Com- XVidney Disease plaints in Young and Old. THEY CURE WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE FAILS. WITHOUT DELAY Get a Box of "Hughes's Blood Pills" with the shape of a Heart on. Take no other. Sold at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d.; by post, Is. 3d., 2s. lid. 4s. 9d. from Maker, JACOB HUGHES, Manufacturing Chemist, PENARTH. Small Prepaid Advertisements. Words. Once. ,Three f.Six times. times. 20 Words .0 6 1 0 1 6 30 Words 0 9 1 6 2 3 40 Words. 1 0 2 0 3 0 Each extra 10 words 0 3 0 6 0 9 These charges apply only to the classes of advertisement specified below, and are strictly confined to those which are ordered for CONSECU- TIVE insertion, and PAID FOR PREVIOUS TO INSER- TION. If either of these conditions is not complied with the advertisement will be charged by the Business scale :— APARTMENTS WANTED I He CTSES WANTED APARTMENTS TO LET HOUSES TO BE SOLD ARTICLES LOST MISCELLANEOUS WANTS ARTICLES FOUND MISCELLANEOUS SALES BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL PARTNERSHIPS WANTED BUSINESSES WANTED SITUATIONS WANTED HOUSES TO LET SITUATIONS VACANT. GOVERNMENT ADVERTISEMENTS. Parliamentary Notices, Addresses to Parliamen- tary Electors, and Notices in connection with Parliamentary Elections, &c. 12s. per inch per Insertion. LEGAL AND FINANCIAL ADVERTISEMENTS Prospectuses of Public Companies, Addresses to Local Board, School Board, and Parochial Electors and Notices in connection with same, &c., as per inch per Insertion. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS. 1 to 4 insertions Is 6d per inch per insertion 4 to 8 Is 3d 8 to 13" Is „ 26 „ lOd 52 „ 9d „ Jlpartmimts dfonteb. LADY would like Two or Three UNFUR- Aj NISHED ROOMS in a desirable neighbour- hood at Penarth.-Apply immediately, Miss JONES, 18, Clive-road, Penarth. WANTED, by Two Respectable YOUNG MEN DOUBLE-BEDDED ROOM and Comfortable Apartments in Barry Dock.-Apply, with particulars, to S.P., Barry Dock News, Cadoxton-Barry. §itimttoits Uaxant DRAPERY.—WANTED, a YOUNG LADY as Apprentice.—Apply to EDWARD GOULD and COMPANY, 12 and 13, Barry Dock-road, Barry. DRESSMAKERS.—WANTED, GOOD BODICE D HANDS, also Apprentices. — Apply to EDWARD GOULD and COMPANY, 12 and 13, Barry Dock-road, Barry. BOATMAN WANTED for the BARRY ROWING CLUB, Evening Tides. Wages. l."»s per week.-Apply CAPTAIN WHALL, Board of Trade, Barry Dock. WANTED. GENERAL SERVANT. — Apply MRS TOWNSEND, Barry-road. Cadoxton- Barry. < V\.T ANTED, a strong Person as GENERAL n SERVANT for Boarding House.—Apply MRS. EDMONDS, Registry Office, Holton-road, Barry Dock. PAINTERS.—Wanted a Good Plain BRUSH HAND.—Apply PAUL and SON, Thompson- street, Barry Dock. J" IVERPOOL VICTORIA LEGAL FRIENDLY -J SOCIETY Established 1843. The Best Society of its kind in the United Kingdom. WANTED CANVASSERS and COLLECTORS. Interest in Book allowed. Good Character in- dispensable.—App j A. C. KIRK, District Manager, 1, St. John's-square .Cardiff. SHARP YOUTH WANTED as an APPRENTICE. Also YOUNG LADY for Fancy Counter.— Apply D. L. EVANS, Draper. Holton-road, Barry Dock. \\7~ANTED, an EXPERIENCED GENERAL TT SERVANT, able to Cook. Also HOUSE- MAID and GIRL (14).—Apply MRS EDMONDS, Registry Office, Holton-road, Barry Dock. fpO HAIR DRESSERS.—Wanted immediately a -L RESPECTABLE BOY to Learn the above age 15 or 1<>.—Apply SEIDEMAN, Hair Dresser and Chiropodist, Thompson-street, Barry Dock. ^omzs, rtf., ^0 Jfet TO LET, in REGENT-STREET, Barry Dock, No. -L 13, 9s No. 17, 8s per week. Superior Residence.-Apply at No. 18. TO LET, AELYBRYN, Cadoxton Common- Nine Rooms, Hot and Cold Water Supply; all! Conveniences.—Apply MORGAN BROS., Vere. street, Cadoxton-Barry. TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET to Christian People 23 per week.—12, BROOK- STREET, Barry Dock. .u_- BARRY.—TO BE LET, FURNISHED HOUSE, B well situated Two Sitting-rooms, Three Bedrooms, Dressing-roon., Bathroom (hot and cold water), Kitchen and; Officps very conve- nient.-W., Barry Doch -uvi Cadoxton-Barry. aiX-ROOMED Ho-USE and .GA,jDBN TO LET U in Bridge-stree t (facing y^non). Cadoxton. Newly Painted ai id Papered, ^PPJY SPICKETT, Hatch House, Cado xton. TTNFURNISHE) ) AFitH%TS TO LET Front Bedrc »om, ^titchen, and Oven Grate 3s. 6d. per week.—U! ROMFIELD-PLACE, Penarth. 0 LET. No. 16, Bagl&n*$"*entre, Rhondda. JL Good positic >n, suit .j grocer, &c.— Apply MRS JAMEE t, :16, :;L,b t-road, Ponty- pridd. COMFORTABL1 5 'or One or Two Gentlen iea. 'v. » and use of Bath.-For Terr as J-Jf let, Barry Dock. TO LET, A L( >0/ OMPSON- STREET, BAI er week —Apply Office," ry Dock. COLCOT ARMS *AKRY Blacksmith's Si /.rden, Eight Years' Lease.— gES. TO LET.—HOUP ses, to Let, or for S '^ply S. LEWIS, Buildei HOUSE and$; part of High-str c Bed- rooms, Sitting ROt Large Cellar. Rent, 10s jply F. SMALL, Builder, Roi SMALL VVAREE INITY OF BARRY DOCK W. etroleum, Firebricks, etc.—Ap[> Co., 153, Bute-road, Cardiff. W. GILl Co., AUCTIONEERS, Vali Hotel Brokers begs to inform their s customers that they have some hundreo xotels and Public- houses for Sale below a, a few. I "VTEAR Aberdare.—Two good Free Double-licensed JL* Houses to Let; lonj; lease.—W. Gill, 119, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. CARDIFF.—Grand Frje Double-licensed House to Let; centre of town taking j645 weekly immediate possession.-W. Gill, above address. CENTRE of Cardiff.—Exceptional Opportunity. C Handsomely fitted Corner Double-licensed House 13 years' lease.—W. Gill, above address. BEERHOUSE, centre of Cardiff, to Let; fortune B for good man C35 weekly long lease.—W Gill, above address. "VTEAR Maesteg.—Free Double-licensed House to ii Let; 28 years' lease greatest bargain ever offered.-W. Gill, above address. CARDIFF DOCKS.-Nice Corner Double-licensed C Public-house nine years' lease; only d6600 part purchase money remain.-Gill, above address. CARDIFF.—One of best Double-licensed Houses C ever offered taking a great deal over JUlOO per week handsomely-fitted, with every accom- modation tied for beers.-Gill, above address. O K Will Take One of the most Handsomely- fitted Country Double-licensed Houses near Cardiff good lease.-Gill, above address. [302 flrmtittg. PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION executed at the Barry Dock News Office, Holton-road, Barry Dock. BILLHEADS for Shopkeepers and others B printed at the Barry Dock News Office, Holton-road, Barry Dock. CARDS of every description printed at the NJ Barry Dock News, Offices, Holton-road, Barry Dock. CIRCULARS printed neatly and quickly ab C the Barry Dock News Offices, Holton-road, Barry Dock PHIL PHILLIPS, Pawnbroker, Wholesale- JL Jeweller, 24, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, ad- vances Money on Plate, Diamonds, &c., at a Low Rate of Interest. MONEY TO LEND to Farmers, Tradesmen, and others, Town or Country, at 4J per cent. per annum, in sums from d650 to £1.000, upon personal security for a term of years to suit the Borrower also upon Mortgage at 3 per cent.-MR WOOD, 56,. Tasman-road, Stockwell, S.W., London. J;Ristdhtnt{Jus. LANGSHAN EGGS from Prize Bred Birds IL splendid Winter Laying Strain. Price 5s per Sitting.-Apply GRIFFIN, 51, Holton-road, Barry Dock. FOR SALE, Good Useful PIANO, by Brinsmead. —i >ply any morning, or after five o'clock ia. afternoon, Miss WOOD, Wilmount, Barry. BARGAINS IN CYCLES. — Northern X,. Humber, Referee. Triumph, Reform, San- spariel, Condor, Merit, and all leading makers for Cash or Deferred Payments. Diamond Frame Cushion Tyres, £ 5 10s.; Pneumatic Tyres, £ 7 15s.; Youths' Cushion, Z4 15s., guaranteed. Second hand Northern X, Cushion Tyres, £ 5; Rudge solid, £ 3.—S. B. DAVIES, Cycle Agent, Westoa Hill, Cadoxton-Barry. MRS HARVEY, 21, Richard-street, Barry Dock. Experienced Certificated Monthly Nurse. TNDIGESTION.—Lady has Genuine Receipt for X Cure of this Distressing Complaint, costs 4d. to make seat free Is.—Address" Box" 10'Jb, Advocate Office, Belfast. LEFT OFF CLOTHES Bought and Sold by Mrs BENJAMIN MORCIANS, 2, Evans-street,. Barry Dock. (Two doors from the Victoria Hotel.) 1- "J14TR ALLEN PEARCE, HERNIA SPECIALIST, -LtJL 4, Charles-street, Cardiff Hours, 10 to 6. For many years Fitter of Surgical Appliances to the Bristol Infirmary, Bristol and Clifton Unions, Stapleton Lunatic Asylum, &c. CHAFF-CUTTERS, Turnip-cutters, Pulpers, J Engines, Mills, Horse-gears, Sheep-racks, Cattle-cribs, Ploughs, Horse-hoes, Harrows, Rollers, Drill", Cheese-presses, &c., Carts, Traps, Trollies, and every Agricultural Requisite.—JNO HIBBERT & SONS, 10 and 11, Castle-street, Cardiff. GLASS SHADES and STANDS, all sizes, cheap, for clocks, statuettes, &c.—J. GORDING, Naturalist and Taxidermist, 42, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S and all kinds of LEFT-OFF CLOTHING bought in town or country, distance no object, by MR. and MRS. S. L. GREEN, Dumfries House, 32, Caroline-street, Cardiff. Established 40 years.-Orders promptly attended to. BARNETT'S, 80, HOLTON-ROAD, THE NOTED CHEAP HOUSE for Men's and Boy's Suits, Trousers, Coats and Vests, Ready-made and to Measure. Genuine Second-hand Working Clothes. Large Stock of Sheets, Quilts, Blankets, Bed Ticks, Ac., to be Sold Cheap.—Note Address, 80, HOLTON- ROAD. 2S. D.—Large-sized Twill Sheets cannot be JL A equalled at 3s 6d elsewhere don't miss this opportunity.—BARNETT'S, Holton-road, Barry Dock. 1 78. | | D.—Massive Solid Silver Gent's Albert, < XX stamped on every link: cast 15s; pay- ments taken.—BARNETT'S, 80, Holton-road, Barry Dock. 2S. 1 J D.—175 Men's Large-size Working Shirts XX (Wool); usual price, 3s lid reduced in order to clear cheap.—BARNETT'S, Holton-road. OS. -J D.—Men's White Moleskin Trousers, lined, 0 XX all sizes, well finished splendid value for your money. Clothiers' price, 4s lid.—BARNETT'S, Holton-road. ,J Snperior-finished Black Worsted Men's Suits, 18s lid, all sizes; nicely bound, in splendid condition. Come early.- BARNET T'S, Holton-road. ^AA Pairs of Men's Wool Socks. Usual price, 8W ML/V per pair. Quite new.—BARNETT'S, S"0; Holton-road. 6kd, Genuine Bargains. -1 S. D—Barnett have a Large Stock of Men's X XL Flannel Drawers, any size which are usually sold at 2s. 6d. per pair. 1 1 —50 Solid Silver Seals, stamped good (*> X A as new cost 5s, 6d. also a few at 2s. 3d. each.—BARNETT'S, Holton-road. 1 /?D.—Pair of Handsome Field and Marine 7*^ vl Glasses in good leather case. !No worse than new. Cost 50s.—BARNETT'S, Holton-road. 2S' 1 I DvrHalf-Dozen Best Finished Dessert XX Knives (rivetted handles). Made by noted Sheffield firm. Cheap.—BARNETT'S,80, Holton-road. DON'T forget Barnett's take weekly and monthly payments on any article in the shop. No extra charge.—BARNETT'S, 80, Holton-road. Arms, Legs, Eyes, Supportsr Belts, Crutches, Trusses, Leg Irons, Stockings, MADE AND FITTED BY PEARCE & COMPANY, 14, STATION TERRACE, CARDIFF (Opposite Taff Vale Railway Station). (Wlta!Jans Sc ardltcrg ^zqveisitts. THE BUTE WORKS SUPPLY COMPANY CARDIFF. Telephone: No. 45 (Post Office and National). Telegrams: Gething, Cardiff. WAGONS.—New to Latest Regulations, 50 with one end, two side and two bottom doors, wheels with wrought bosses, large capacity (12in. longer and 4in. deeper than usual), ready for lettering. Fifty to Hundred End Tip 10-ton Coal Wagons .to New Regulations, equal to new, prompt delivery. LOCOMOTIVES-One good Second-hand Saddle 1 ank Loco, six wheels coupled, ready for instant work and cheap for cash, or three years' purchase-lease. 14in' Cylinders, by Avonside Engine Company, now at Cardiff. RAILS.—Bridge, 14 to 120 Flange. 1 to 100 f pounds per Double Head, 30 to 82.. ( yard. Bull Head, 50 to 96 .) 1 SLEEPERS.—Wood, Iron, and Steel. A quantity of Metre Gauge Steel Sleepers for sale, cheap. PORTABLE RAILWAY.— £ 11 per 100 Yards of Railway (Steel Rails and Iron Sleepers) complete. INGOT MOULDS.-About 164 tons, cheap to clear. Sizes on application. Printed and Published for the Barry Dock Newspaper and Printing Company, Limited," by JOHN ROWLAND LLEWELLYN, at. Vere- street, Cadoxton, Friday, March 16, 1894.






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