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BARRY AND PENARTH LOCAL HOARDS AND THE PARISH COUNCILS ACT. THE Official Circular issued last week by thq Local Government Board, explanatory of the provisions of the new Local Government (or Parish Councils) Eng- land and Wales Act is an interesting document, for it is calculated to remove a considerable amount of doubt and mis- understanding which seem to exist in the public mind as to how and when the Act will become operative. The principal feature of the circular, so far as it applies to the Barry and Penarth Local Boards, is that which applies to the annual election of members, which, in ordinary course, would take place in April, but which, under the new order of things, will not take place this year, inasmuch as Urban and Rural District Councils will take the place of all Urban and Rural Sanitary Authorities, and parishes in any rural district will be represented on the Board of Guardians by the persons elected as Rural District Coun- cillors, guardians as such being only elected in parishes in urban districts. The first elections, under the new Act, of Guardians and District Couucillors will be held on the 8th of November next, or on such later date or dates in the year 1894 as the Board may fix, and the persons elected will come into office on the second Thursday next after their election, or such other day not more than seven days earlier or later as may be fixed by or in pursuance of rules made by the Board in relation to their election. Upon the day on which the first guardians or urban or rural district councillors elected under the Act come into office, the persons who are then members of boards of guardians or urban or rural sanitary authorities will cease to hold office but until that day the perso s who, at the passing of the Act, were guardians or members of urban sanitary authorities for districts other than boroughs will continue in office notwithstanding any want of qualification, as if the term of office for which they were elected expired on that day, and except for the purpose of filling casual vacancies, or of electing additional guardians, where the number is increased, no further elections will be held. Hence the guardians and members of urban sanitary authorities who would have gone out of office in April next but for the passing of the Act, will continue in office until November, and will then retire, and the elections which would otherwise have been held in April will not take place. No further steps, therefore, will be taken with a view to any such election, so that a good deal of disappointment is naturally felt amongst intended candidates and others in consequence of the fact that the contests which it was intended should take place in April have been thus in- voluntarily postponed till towards the close or the year.